Dancing Shayna

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: He took a potty break and when he came back she was gone.

I sat at the table nursing my Pabst, rubbing my ankle and watching Shayna dance. I swear that woman was conceived on a dance floor and was born to spend her life on one. I didn't look around to verify it, but I would have been willing to bet that most of the eyes in the place were on her and her partner. Not that he had anything to do with it. Shay made every man she danced with look like Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly even if they had two left feet.

Normally I would have been the one out there dancing with her, but I had sprained my ankle at work and was in no shape to do much in the way of walking let alone dance, but I had promised her a night out. Even in the best of shape I couldn't keep up with her on the dance floor so I was used to her dancing with others.

Most of the people there were regulars and they knew the signs. Once I sat down after dancing with Shayna and didn't get up for the next set they knew that they could come over and ask her for a dance. Shay would ask me if I minded and I of course never said no. Over the course of an evening I would dance about two thirds of the dances and the others would get the other third. I didn't really mind since I loved watching her move as much as I loved being out there with her.

As I watched her move to the music I was remembering how I met her. It was at a high school dance. She was there with a guy from the football team and he had no rhythm at all. He could move okay on the football field, but on a dance floor he might as well have been a tree stump. Shayna was getting frustrated with him and it showed. I had been watching her and even with the tree stump she looked good. As I watched I was thinking that it was a shame that she didn't have a partner who could do her justice.

I had come to the dance stag, not because I couldn't get a date, but because I had been expecting to have to work that night so I didn't make any plans to attend. Then a girl quit and the boss had to reshuffle the work schedule and I ended up with the night off. It was too late to come up with a date and knowing that some girls went to the dances stag I decided to go.

There were about a dozen girls who came alone so I was able to find plenty of dance partners. I liked to dance and thanks to a mother who had made me take dance lessons I wasn't half bad. Not in Shay's league, but then who was?

I knew who Shay was, but I didn't know her. She had transferred in from out of state at the start of the tenth grade, but there were 242 kids in our class and you couldn't know all of them. Add to that we didn't run in the same circles. She ran with the 'jocks' and the so-called 'in' crowd and I came to school, did my time and right after class I headed for my part time job.

Anyway, back to Shay and the stump. Everyone in the place could see that she was frustrated and she was overheard saying that she must have been out of her head to have come to the dance with Jimmy. Bear in mind I'm not bad mouthing Jimmy here, just saying that he could not dance well enough to suit Shayna.

I was talking to a couple of guys when the band started playing a tango. Someone tugged on my sleeve and I turned to see Shayna standing there.

"Frank, right?" I nodded a yes and she said, "Can you tango Frank?"

I said that I could and she took my hand and led me out onto the floor. Didn't ask me to dance with her, just took my hand and pulled me after her. I'm not going to say that it was magical moment, but we did move rather well together. When the song ended I walked her back to the table where she had been sitting, thanked her for the dance and then went back to the guys I had been talking to.

Five minutes later Phil Reed said, "Here comes your new girlfriend again." I turned and Shayna walked up to me.

"Got a minute? She asked me.


"Can I talk to you in private?"

"I suppose" I said and she led me a little ways away from the group I'd been talking to.

"I have a problem; two problems actually. Jimmy couldn't tango and he apparently got pissed when I asked you to be my partner. Bev Holbrook said he grumbled for a couple of seconds and then suddenly said "Screw the bitch. She can walk home" and he took off. I need a dance partner for the rest of the night and I need a ride home. Can you cover the dance partner part?"

"I can do both if you don't mind being seen in the ratty wreck that I call a car."

"As long as it doesn't leak when it rains."

"It hasn't yet, but I'm making no promises for the future."

I spent the rest of the evening as Shay's dance partner and when it was over I drove her home. When I walked her to her door she said:

"I had fun. What do you say we do it again sometime?"

"I'd like that."

"Call me. We're in the book."

"It may be a while. Depends on my work schedule."

"That's okay. Just make sure that you call some time."

That was the start of my relationship with Shayna. Our dating was a bit irregular because I didn't have a steady work schedule. It changed from week to week so Shayna and I never did reach the boyfriend/girlfriend going steady stage and because of my irregular schedule she couldn't depend on me for her regular date nights which were Friday and Saturday. Her parents wouldn't let her date during the week and since three out of every four weeks I could count on days off in the middle of the week she dated other guys on the weekends.

I would have loved to be her steady, but the only way I could do that would be to quit my job and I couldn't do that. My parents let me get a car when I was sixteen and they had paid half, but I had to take care of the plates, insurance, gas and upkeep on my own and that meant having a job. I was able to make sure that my boss scheduled me so that I was able to have the night of the senior prom off and I was able to ask Shayna to go with me well ahead of time and she said yes.

The night of the prom was sheer magic as far as I was concerned. Shay and I danced every dance together and once we were the only couple out on the floor when the band played a samba. When the prom was over we hit a couple of after prom parties and at the one at Tim's house Shayna said:

"I have a surprise for you baby."

"You do? What?"

"On my seventeenth birthday I promised myself I was going give up my virginity on my eighteenth birthday or on senior prom night whichever came first. I was eighteen last Saturday, but the guy I was dating was nothing special and I knew I was going to be at the prom with you so you get the prize. That is you get it if you want it. What do you say?"

My mom and dad didn't raise any stupid kids so you know what I said to that and I quickly found us a motel. Shayna didn't know it, but I also started out the night as a virgin. I had no experience, but I had seen at least a dozen porn videos so I did know what to do. I wasn't as quick to get off as I'm told some first timers are, but I credit that to the fact that I had been beating my meat on the average of a half a dozen times a week and the last time had been just two hours before I had picked Shay up to take her to the dance. I had also read a lot of Penthouse Letters so I thought I had a fair idea of what a woman would like.

I was determined to make Shayna think I was special so as soon as we were naked and had all of the kissing and hand work out of the way I surprised her and went down on her. Shay had said that she was a virgin and I had no reason to doubt her, but I was a virgin also and that didn't necessarily mean I was totally inexperienced. I'd had a tit or two in my mouth and I'd fingered a few pussies. I'd gotten a hand job from Nancy Wilde and a blow job from Beverly Abbeg so it was possible that somewhere along the line Shayna had had her cookie munched on. I hoped she hadn't because she would know that I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing and I didn't want that. I wanted her to think that I was THE MAN!

Everything that I had read had said that the clit was the key and so I went looking for it. I found it, latched onto it and Shayna went wild. She screamed, hollered and grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her pussy. She bucked, rolled her hips, moaned and in general made me feel like I knew what I was doing. Finally she pushed me away and said:

"In me, I need you in me now. Hurry damn it, I want you in me."

I slid my hard cock into her sopping wet pussy and she went wild again. I felt like I was at the rodeo and trying to hang on for the ten second ride. Thank God it took a whole lot longer than ten seconds. I assumed that all the bucking and thrashing she was doing was her experiencing orgasms and if that was the case she must have had several. I finally came and fell on the bed next to her gasping for breath.

"God" she said, "I had no idea. I want to do it again. Can we? Can we do it again?"

We could and we did.

After prom night things went back to the way they were before. I got maybe one weekend off in three and Shay always went out with me on the Fridays and Saturdays I could get off even if she had to break a date with someone else to do it and we always ended the date making love.

I talked with Shayna about going steady and being exclusive, but she said no. She did it gently, but it was still a no.

"I would love to baby, I really would, but I can't just sit home on Fridays and Saturdays just because you have to work. I could do it if you only had to work the weekend once in a while, but you usually end up working most of them."

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