Drinking With Dad: Caught!

by SexyBeast

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Incest, Sister, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lindsey catches her sister and father in bed and doesn't want to be left out.

(Author's Note: This story follows "Drinking With Dad: Aftermath.")

Lindsey knew her sister was getting lucky from halfway down the hallway. She knew Nikki was loud from the time she came home after school and heard Nikki with her boyfriend from the kitchen downstairs. Being a curious teenager, Lindsey crept up the stairs and listened outside the door, imaging what was going on in the bedroom. She was still a virgin back then, but she had a pretty good imagination and touched herself a she pictured herself in the action. By the time Nikki and her boyfriend emerged, just minutes before their parents were due home, Lindsey was on the couch downstairs watching MTV. When Nikki saw her there and realized she must have heard everything, even from the living room, she turned bright red and avoided talking to her sister for almost a week.

Stopping outside the hotel room she was sharing with her sister, she recalled that long ago afternoon, but she didn't need to eavesdrop on her sister to get horny. The groping at the bar downstairs took care of that. She'd actually been hoping to take a long hot shower and take care of herself.

Toward the end of the reception, one of her cousins introduced her to one of the groomsmen, a hot guy who was a couple years older than her and just out of college. His name was Brandon and he was tall and broad with dark hair. Lindsey was interested in having a little fun, even if he did look a little like her dad did in old pictures, so she went along with the group when they retired to the hotel bar for a nightcap.

Shots came out, along with other mixed drinks, and before she knew it she was in a dark corner of the bar with Brandon making out while his hands were all over her breasts. Lindsey was built, a petite, curvy twenty-year-old, and a lot of her friends called her "all boobs and butt". Guys loved those boobs and were drawn to them like magnets. She didn't mind if they guy knew what he was doing, but Brandon was fairly drunk and his grabbing was pretty random. Drinking always made her horny, though, and he was a good kisser, so she let it roll. When they rejoined the group they were greeted with all kinds of comments and looks, but she didn't care. When it came to public displays of affection, Lindsey's policy was the raunchier the better. She liked the idea of putting on a little show.

The party broke up and when Brandon asked her to his room she accepted. He was sharing with a college buddy, but he swore his friend met a girl himself and the room would be theirs. He was on her as soon as they were in the door and they awkwardly stumbled toward the near bed while kissing and touching each other. They fell back onto the bed and his hand went right up her short, tight blue dress. Lindsey was feeling it, so she parted her thighs to let him rub her through her flimsy little panties. Being touched down there turned her on, even if he was clumsy.

"Slow down a little there, champ," she said when he tried to worm his fingers under her panties.

"Come on, baby, you're so sexy," Brandon said, while kissing her neck.

"You're not bad yourself," she moaned, slipping her hand inside his shirt. His smooth chest was solid and she thought, 'Maybe it's okay if I let him get a little further.' Lindsey didn't consider herself easy, but she was an active college girl and didn't mind having some fun.

Brandon took another tack and pulled a strap off her shoulder and then tried to peel her dress down, but it was stretched tight over her chest. She let him tug the zipper halfway down her back while she caressed her way down his chest and to the front of his pants. She felt something growing down there, but couldn't tell how much he was packing.

Just the big, silly grin on his face when he pulled her dress down almost made her push him off. Lindsey was not wearing a bra, so her big breasts burst right into view. He pawed the big, firm mounds, pulling at her long, puckered, pale nipples. While she liked it rough, just grabbing and pinching didn't do it and she cried out when he pinched her too hard.

"Ouch! Don't be so rough," she told him. While he tried to figure how to handle her, she worked on his belt and got his pants open.

Reaching into his tight boxer briefs, she found a nice, hard good. He was about average, but a nice size and she thought she could have some fun with him. Since his drunken fumbling wasn't doing much for her, Lindsey pushed him onto his back and bent over, sweeping back her short blonde hair as she took him in her mouth. On the first go she deep throated him and then sucked hard as she drew back to plant a kiss on the head.

"Oh shit, girl," Brandon moaned.

Lindsey smiled, enjoying putting him in his place. She gave him a couple more licks and then took him back into her mouth and sucked him slowly and noisily. Giving head was all about putting on a good show, she believed. She still wasn't sure if she wanted to fuck him, but then he pulled her dress up and started touching her pussy again. Whether he suddenly figured out what he was doing, or she was just hornier than before, Lindsey really liked what he was doing down below and since she was getting so wet she thought it might be worth giving him a ride. Brandon pushed two fingers in and out of her, hitting her g-spot every time. She started moaning into his cock and wondering if he had a condom in the room.

The click of the door unlocking went unnoticed, but Lindsey could not miss it when Brandon's friend walked in and stopped in his tracks, saying, "Whoa, sorry, dude!" She looked up with a mouthful of cock and saw a cute guy her age looking down at her with a big smile. When he didn't turn and walk out the door she thought he might be getting some ideas.

"Get out of here, man!" Brandon shouted, scrambling for something to throw at his friend.

"It's okay. I really should be going," Lindsey said, releasing his cock and pulling up her dress as she sat up. She pulled the straps to her shoulders and reached for the zipper. She could only get it halfway up on her own.

"No, you don't have to. He was just leaving."

"Really, my sister must be wondering where I am."

One of her heels fell off in their scramble onto the bed and she picked that up, along with her purse, and stumbled past the cute guy as she tried to walk and get her heel back on. She paused at the door and turned back.

"Thanks for a good time. Maybe I'll see you again sometime."

Lindsey waited outside her hotel room door and listened to her sister moaning and the bed violently slamming the wall. This time when she imagined what Nikki might be doing she had a lot more to draw on and she was jealous that her sister was having such a good time when her hook up had fizzled out. For a moment she considered going back down to Brandon's room. 'Maybe a threesome with cute guy and Brandon would be fun, ' she thought. It wasn't like it would be her first time with that. Instead, her attention was drawn right back to the action in her hotel room.

"Dadddyyy ... Dadddyyyyy ... yessss ... fuck meeee... " Nikki cried.

'Wow, she's into some kinky stuff, ' Lindsey thought. She got pretty crazy herself, and he had some daddy issues, but she couldn't recall calling anyone Daddy in bed. Just because she liked older guys didn't mean she was looking to fulfill some incest fantasy. Hearing her sister's cry made her even more curious to know what was going on. She had to see what was making Nikki so crazy.

Lindsey slipped the keycard into the lock and got the green light. Holding her breath, she eased the door open and then closed it as quietly as possible. As she eased into the room she thought Nikki was so into her lover that she could have done jumping jacks and her sister wouldn't notice. She leaned against the wall and watched her sister bouncing up and down on top of some guy. 'Why is she using my bed?' Lindsey wondered.

All she could really see were his legs, toned and lightly covered with graying hair. 'I guess I'm not the only one into older guys, ' she thought. 'Maybe Nikki does have some kind of daddy fantasy or maybe this dude gets off on younger women calling him that.' Whatever it was, the sex seemed incredible. She could tell the guy was holding on to Nikki's breasts while she rode him.

Now that she could see what was going on, Lindsey was even more jealous and even hornier. She planned on just taking a quick peek and slipping out, but instead she kept watching and pulled her short dress up and touched herself. Pulling her panties aside, she found her stiff little clit and her fingers little over the tender nub. She tried her best to be quiet.

"Dadddyyyy ... Dadddyyyyy ... yesssss ... ohhhhh ... it'ssss soooo goood!" Nikki wailed.

The guy was grunting and moaning too and he grabbed her hips, like he wanted to slam her onto him even harder. He gave a loud cry and Lindsey saw him dig his fingers into her flesh. Lindsey was pretty sure the guy was cumming. Nikki responded with an earsplitting cry and it looked like she was cumming too. Lindsey couldn't believe how hot watching these two was and was dying to know who her sister's mystery lover was. She didn't see her chatting up any older guys at the wedding. She rubbed her clit harder as she scanned the clothing scattered around the room for clues. When she saw the gold cufflink hanging off of the crisp white shirt on the other bed she stopped cold. She knew those initialed cufflinks because she and her sisters all saved up to buy them for their father when they were kids.

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