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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A brother and sister, in late blossom, get to spend a week alone down in Florida. There's some young stuff as a side story, but not that young, and as always handled in a very Losgudian manner. The endnote is worth reading.

I'd gotten caught late at the office. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I was ready to just drop into my chair, skip dinner, pretend to watch t.v. as my eyelids fluttered closed, and wait for my wife Dana to nudge me awake a few hours later and tell me I should just go to bed.

The scenario didn't happen a lot, but often enough I could read the map for this particular evening.

When I got in the house, Dana came up and gave me a kiss, and then apologized. "I'm sorry, but the kids got hungry, so we had dinner without you." It was late enough on a school night they were both safe in their beds, long asleep.

I'd called a few hours earlier with my own apologies, and told her not to wait dinner on me. Finally back home, I waved at her, "No, no, no, it's okay. Blame corporate America. I'm too tired to be hungry anyway. I'll just make a sandwich and be fine."

Dana gave me the glare. "No, you're not doing the chair thing again tonight, mister. You need a decent meal. I've got a plate for you to warm up. You go get out of that monkey suit, give the kids a kiss goodnight, and then get your butt back in the kitchen. My job is to feed you proper."

Well, that wasn't really her job. We had a modern marriage. Dana's job involved teaching kids all day long. But if she wanted to spoil me for the evening, I wasn't about to complain.

When I sat down at the kitchen table, I was treated to a plate of her special lasagna--which only got even better through reheating--and some garlic bread, a fresh salad, and a very full glass of wine. Dana sat down and joined me, enjoying only a smile and a full glass herself.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," I exclaimed as I ate.

"My pleasure, my dear."

Finally I used my napkin, and pushed my chair back from the table. "Hon, that was delicious. Sorry I wasn't here for the original unveiling. Did I miss anything else while I was taking it up the ass for the man?"

Dana chittered her lovely little laugh. "Not really." Then she perked up. "Well, your sister did call."

"Oh yea?" I played my best poker face. "What did she have to say?"

"Well, apparently she's booked a week or so at some investment condo your aunt down in Florida owns on Anna Marie island. She was inviting us all down to stay with her. I had to decline, of course."

"Really? How come? Not that we can afford it anyway."

"It was the same time as when we're going up to the Cape for my family thing."

"Oh well, shame about that."

I took a long draught of wine, savoring the woody redness in my mouth before swallowing in the ensuing silence.

"The thing is," Dana began, "well, I think you should go."

I cocked an eyebrow.

Dana shrugged. "I know how my family gatherings are pretty overwhelming for you."

That was an understatement. Her family was great, but there were so many of them. A sister, two brothers, and all the in-laws in between.

"Besides," she added. "Us kids have always been close. Lily is your only sibling, and the way you two were so estranged for so long, I want to encourage this reparation of your relationship that you guys started last year. I think that's important."

"But," I said.

"I can manage the kids alone," Dana answered. "I think this will be really good for you guys. I mean, these things are important. I want to foster this renewal. I want our boy and girl to have this other aunt who is in the picture."

"Okay," I shrugged, acceding to my wife's wishes. "I'll give Lily a call tomorrow, if that's what you want."

"It's definitely what I want," she nodded ferociously.

That matter settled, I stood up and gathered my dishes.

"Just leave them," Dana said.

"Oh, it'll just take a minute to wash them."

"Leave them in the sink." Her words were a command. "I'll take care of them in the morning." She stood up, came over, took them out of my hands and placed them in the sink.

That left me empty-handed. I shrugged. "Okay. Care to join me in the livingroom? Guess I'll go visit my chair for awhile."

Dana grabbed me by the wrist, shaking her head. "No," she emphasized, "no chair tonight."

She pulled me out of the kitchen, hitting the lights as we left. Dana led us on a tour of our house, stopping in each room long enough to kill the switches. She dragged me down the final hall to our bedroom, where she threw me down and proceeded to fuck my lights out!

Though Dana and I were still active in the bedroom sense, it was a fraction of what it was before kids and jobs and time and the usual bullshit clouded the picture. But that night was ferocious. By all legal definitions, my wife raped me. With the caveat that I never once said no. I was too busy gasping and groaning. Afterwards we cuddled fiercely, slipping towards sleep, and then Dana was out like a light.

That's the way she's always been. Once under, Dana was a log until the alarm. I lay there in the dark, still sort of panting, until she turned over on her side. After about twenty minutes, despite the late hour, I got up and quietly tip-toed out of the room.

I went to the far reach of the house, and dialed the phone. The number rang forever, then finally picked up.

"Scored," I said.

"What?" the sleepy voice said.

"I said, scored."


"Exactly. Reporting back."

"My god," Lily perked up wide awake. "You're kidding?"

"Nope. It worked. Perfectly."

What my wife didn't know was that the end of the estrangement a year ago between Lily and me had involved a quirk of fate whereby we'd become lovers. On a basement sofa late at night when everyone else was asleep we'd fallen together in the mutual understanding that what'd always driven us apart was that we both wanted to be together, in the precise way disallowed a brother and a sister. That ascertained, we'd broken that barrier at like light speed, having the most fantastic sex known to man and woman. Or so it still seemed to us. Since then we'd only managed a couple encounters.

"God, Wayne," Lily giggled. "One minute I'm sound asleep, the next my thighs are soaking wet!"

The next minute I started hearing slurpy sticky sounds over the receiver. "Are you doing what I think you're doing?"

"Better believe it," Lily panted.

"I'll be there so soon, darling," I whispered, "I'll take care of my baby sister."

There I was, in the livingroom, in the dark, on the phone, listening to my sister bring herself off. I was hard myself, but it'd happened so fast that then Lily was whispering, "Mmm, baby, so good, bless you for calling, but god I gotta get back to sleep."

We did that kissy-kissy thing at the piece of plastic we were each holding, and then hung up.

I went back to bed with a huge hard-on I didn't feel like doing anything with. My plan was to slip back under the covers and maybe touch myself inconsequentially until I drifted off.

My plan was going as intended, until Dana turned over and sleepily whispered, "Where were you? Did you call your sister?" Her hand met my hard-on. She took a firm grip of it, then pulled me over on top of her, positioning my cock at the entrance of her still wet cunt. If I didn't say no before, I sure wasn't going to say no now! Nothing better than slow, sleepy and nearly incoherent sex.

Several weeks later I was at the airport, escorting Dana and the kids to the security point for their flight up to the Bay. I gathered the guys for a group hug and kisses. "You all going to miss your old Dad?"

The elder, our son Patrick, spat out, "Heck no! It'll be great not having you around to boss us around all the time." I gave him a pretend slap on the top of his head; he grinned back at me.

Patricia wrapped me in a gangly 12-year-old girl hug. "I'll miss you, Daddy."

When the line finally started moving, Dana grabbed me and gave me a kiss so full of tongue something in my pants started to move. "See you soon," she whispered in my ear, poking her tongue in there for good measure. She touched my swelling, then backed away. "Have a great time with Lily, on your all's honeymoon."

I rolled my eyes, and sort of sputtered out my mouth.

"I'm kidding," she said, smiling at me. "I truly think it's so great that you two have finally reconnected. You know how family is so important to me. You see the phone bills, with me always calling my brothers and sister. I want you two to have fun."

We kissed longly, until the kids started objecting, booing and going, gross! Then I waved as the three of them moved through security and away from me.

I was back at the airport the next day for my flight. Up in the air I went, and then a few hours later I was in Tampa/St. Pete. Lily had arrived a few days before, so the plan was that she'd meet my flight with her rental car. With the rest of the horde I hurried down the corridor, past security, into the common waiting area. I kept looking around, but I didn't see Lily. I did see a lot of lovely women waiting for someone. It seemed disproportionate to the general population, but maybe that was just Florida. I supposed Lily was running a little late, had run into some traffic or something. I was disappointed. But it was fun, glancing around, like being in an ice-cream shop, watching all the flavors walk off with the cone holders.

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