Pride and Certainty

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, .

Desc: : Man discovers his wife is cheating with her ex boss. His retribution.

Let me tell you my sad story as a warning to all you men out there that are like I was just a few short weeks ago. I was so proud of my relationship with my wife of some 33 years and totally certain SHE would never cheat on me. We had such a good relationship-oh, sure we had the normal arguments when we were younger but as we aged, we grew into our relationship and our disagreements nearly disappeared. We were nearing her retirement (I had been retired for several years) and looking forward to travel and our golden years.

I was like most of you men out there in a secure long-term relationship. I looked in contempt at the men whose wife or long-term girlfriend had been cheating on them for a long period of time. I thought they were so dumb and unobservant to not see what their friends and co-workers saw. How could they be so damn blind that they didn't know their woman was cheating and do something about it? Well, let me tell you, the old saying IS true-Pride Goeth Before a Fall.

As I have already said, I had been retired for several years-8 years in fact-when I first got an indication that all was NOT right in my world. When I retired from the Army we stayed in the same city and home we were living in. I had grown up near the Army post I was stationed at-in fact; we were living in a house my Grandfather built on the farm. My friends and family as well as my wife's were all within just a few miles of us and life was great.

The only problem was when I retired, my wife said she just wasn't ready and wanted to work a couple more years. Well, I thought, no problem. There were a lot of jobs around the farm I needed to do to get it back into the condition I wanted. You know; the jobs you put off that are not critical but need doing sometime. Well, the first three years I worked outside a lot clearing brush, repairing fences and buildings and beautifying the yard and grounds. People began driving down our dead end road just to see our showplace home. I was so proud.

After I got all the hard work done, I wanted my wife to quit so we could begin our retirement in earnest and do the traveling we both still wanted to do. There was so much of the good old USA we wanted to see. We wanted to be able to just drive around and stop whenever and where ever we took the notion and stay as long as we wanted. The problems now began. Jolene said she just couldn't quit right then as they were short handed and she didn't want to leave them in the lurch. I agreed.

Later, she had other excuses why she couldn't quit. She was in charge of the computer system at the office and used many reasons-they couldn't find a qualified replacement, they were being bought out and she needed to stay to integrate the systems, then she needed to stay to get them through a software change. Her excuses not to quit just went on and on. Finally, after I had been retired for 8 years I put my foot down.

One weekend I again brought up the possibility of her retiring and us beginning our travels. She once again began to list reasons why she couldn't do so at that time. I finally looked at her and said "OK, fine but this spring I am going to be gone a lot. I'm not getting any younger and I am going to begin traveling with or without you."

Jolene looked at me in shock and said some rather scathing things. This began the first of our serious disagreements since I had actually retired. I couldn't understand why because we had wanted to travel together for so long.

I waited two months and heard nothing from Jolene about her retirement date so I asked her. BIG mistake. Jolene looked at me and said, "I told you two months ago why I couldn't quit now and nothing has changed." We spent another unpleasant weekend.

Monday evening when Jolene got home I told her I had made plans for my first trip. I also told her it wasn't too late for her to decide to come with me. This was in February and I was to leave the first of April. I was planning to be gone for about 5 weeks, traveling from our home in the Midwest to the Florida Keys, then up the East Coast to DC and across into Pennsylvania where I would stay a week with our oldest Son who was stationed there in the Navy. From there I would return home for the summer before beginning more travel in the fall.

Whew, did the crap hit the fan that night! I stuck to my guns and refused to drop my plans. Finally one night two weeks later Jolene came into the house red eyed from crying and told me she guessed I would get my wish anyway. I admit, I didn't know what she was talking about but she enlightened me. Her job had been done away with. The last company that had taken over her firm was consolidating her job into another office. Their computer expert would handle a group of 5 offices. April 15 would be her last day.

Now, as you might expect, as a loving husband I was sorry my wife was upset and I tried to comfort her but I was also so, so happy that we could now travel as we had dreamed of. The next day after she went to work I changed the dates of my trip so we could leave on her retirement day for what had become her retirement trip.

Well, the day finally came and I was invited to Jolene's office for her going away party the morning of her retirement. They were having a lunch and reception for her, and then we were to leave directly from her work at approximately one p.m. for our long awaited retirement together.

I arrived for the festivities in a jovial mood but was a little taken aback because Jolene seemed so sad. Finally the catered lunch was over and Jolene was going from friend to friend saying good-bye. I went to the rest room and when I got back to the meeting room her party had been in she was gone. When I entered, two of her friends got a strange look on their faces and they watched me as I began asking where Jolene was.

Finally one of them came up to me and said "Jim. Just relax and have a seat for a few minutes. Jolene is going around the office saying good-bye to the guys that kept working so the rest of us could have her luncheon together."

I sat for another 15 minutes and saw we were already 45 minutes past our scheduled departure time. We would be late arriving at our first destination unless we left now. I got up and began searching the building for her. I came to her manager's door and started to pass it by as it was closed when I heard her voice inside. At first I was hurt, then I rationalized what I heard her say. She was telling her manager "I said don't worry, we'll still have our Friday evenings. That will never change if I can help it."

I thought at first she was talking to him, then remembered for three or four years, she and her closest friends at the office went out Friday evenings to talk about the week, their families, husbands or boy friends and to "unwind". When I remembered that I relaxed. She was obviously just telling him she had to reassure her friends she wouldn't dump them when we became old retired folk. As I was starting to knock on the door I heard a phone ring.

Jolene answered the phone and said, "Oh, Shit. Sarah says she thinks Jim is hunting me. I have to go before he breaks in here and gets nasty. See you in a week or so." Well, dumb me; I thought she just forgot she was going to be retired and traveling for more than a week and misspoke. I hurried from the door and ducked into the nearest men's room so she wouldn't get upset finding me listening outside the boss's door.

Jolene saw me coming out of the rest room and said, "Oh, there you are! I went back to the meeting room and couldn't find you. I'm ready to go now." She took my arm and we left.

The next week, I felt wonderful. I was finally traveling with the woman I loved seeing beautiful scenery, eating great meals, having romantic interludes. I thought Jolene was so happy too. We were like newly weds. Great sex every night, she dressed sexily and for a 50-year-old woman, she looked fantastic. Neither one of us had let the fat and flab build up like so many people do. We were maybe 10-20 pounds heavier than when we married. We looked good and felt good.

We arrived at our first intermediate destination-Biloxi Mississippi. We planned to spend 5 days there gambling, golfing, deep sea fishing and relaxing in the sun. We arrived on a Thursday and that night after a really romantic meal I took Jolene back to the room. I pulled her to me as the door closed behind us and for the first time on the trip she resisted. She put her arms between us and pushed me away. "Jim. Please. Can't we just relax and sleep tonight? I'm really tired from the long drive today and my poor pussy is just a little sore from the constant pounding you have given it these last few days. I need a break."

I was hurt I admit but she had a point. I let her rest that night. I couldn't sleep after we went to bed so I got up and left her a note that I was in the casino. I stayed at the tables until nearly 3 a.m. and won a bundle. I hated to quit on a streak but I was finally tired so returned to our room. I dropped right off to sleep and when I woke up Jolene was gone. It was almost noon. I looked-no note, nothing. I was a little upset but let it go.

I sat in the room drinking coffee until 1 p.m. then, angry again, I left for the dining room for a lonely lunch. While I was eating my lonely lunch, I looked up and out the door into the lobby. I would swear I saw Jolene standing by the elevator arm in arm with a familiar looking man. Their backs were to me and I decided I had to be wrong because when they got into the elevator I saw them turn to each other and kiss just as the door completely closed.

Whoever the woman was I had to admit she was hot. She was dressed in a thin white blouse and tight jeans. She had perfect tits and a wonderful ass.

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