Who Let the Dog Out? Woof, Woof!

by The Purvv

Caution: This Bestiality Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Bestiality, beastiality sex story, sex with dog story.

Desc: Bestiality Sex Story: It's only fair to warn you that this story is probably only attractive to those who like to read an occasional bestiality story, as it contains sex with a dog.

My friend Snoid related a story to me that was told to him. He wouldn't tell me the guy's name, but insisted that the story was true. I took the words from Snoid and put them into a story form that readers of The Purvv have come to know.

There is no way that I could verify its factualness but, assuming that it is true has me wondering about the thoughts of my readers. In trying to picture their reaction my first thought was of the animal lovers. I assume, by their past declarations and reactions of things, that they will be appalled and insist that such things, if real, are acts of cruelty to animals. I have my own opinion, which I don't feel that I should push on others, but in playing Devil's Advocate I would ask those who would say this, why they would think it's cruelty. Of course the animal in question was never given a choice and could never have voiced its feelings, but suppose, just suppose, it could be shown that the dog enjoyed the activities as much as the humans involved?

There are also going to be others who are simply appalled that humans would do sexual things with animals. I'm sure religious writings forbid such activity and if that is the objection, I understand. However, if not, I'd like to hear from those that think it terrible.

Of course there are going to be those that get turned on (isn't that what this site is for?) and to them I have many questions. Such as if they've ever tried doing anything themselves and, if so, did they succeed? With what type of animal? Was it enjoyable? Is it still happening?

Have you ever been an audience to a bestiality episode? How many get turned on at just seeing two animals going at it?

As you can see, I have a lot of questions about the feelings of my readers here.

Most importantly, right up front, let me warn that there is sex with an animal in this story and if reading such things bothers you, please pass by this piece.

PS: Thanks Mr. Snoid, for everything!

Woof, Woof!

The incident occurred in the summer of 1979. As we don't really know the young man's name, we'll call him David. He was 20 years old and home from college for the summer. On the day it all began he was hanging out at the volunteer fire station, where he assisted as a volunteer paramedic/firefighter.

It was early afternoon and he and his partner Phil were in the ambulance, on their way back from a late lunch at a local fast food place, when they received a call. After acknowledging to the dispatcher that they were available, the following message came over the radio:

"Medic 352, respond to an unknown medical emergency at 1235 Cross Court."

"Medic 352 responding," Dave replied, switching on the top emergency lights, but ignoring the siren, as is the procedure for such a call.

As soon as they arrived at the scene they saw that the address was located in a new single-family-home development. Gathering their equipment, they hurried to the front door and knocked. From within they barely could make out a voice, calling out to them to come in. Cautiously, Phil opened the door, but there was no one there within the immediate area, to greet them.

"Hello," Dave called out, "Anybody here?"

A female voice responded, "In here, in the bedroom!"

Closing the door behind them, the pair walked down the hallway until they came to an open door of one of the bedrooms. What they found shocked them both; a sight that they had never seen before and wouldn't again for the rest of their lives. Inside the room, on the king-sized bed, they found a young woman, either in her late teens or just past that. She was completely naked and hunching on all fours. And as if that sight wasn't enough of a shock to the guys, to their utter amazement there was a huge German Shepherd atop the girl from behind; fucking her!

Either of the two paramedics could have been knocked over with a feather and couldn't help but to stare at the girl for at least a full minute before Dave finally managed to become the brave one.

"Did you call, miss?" he asked, hesitantly.

It was obvious that she was very, very embarrassed as she kept her head down as she spoke.

"Y-yeah, er, I did ... I er, c-can't get him out of me," she whispered. Keeping her long blond hair covering her beet-red face, she quietly, but pleadingly asked, "Can you do anything to help... ?"

With that, she looked up into their faces. Dave was truly taken in by how gorgeous the girl was; as good looking as any girl he'd seen on campus.

He later found out that her name was Sally; she was 21 years old, about 5'6" and weighed roughly 130 pounds. She had nice hips and breasts which were, he guessed, about a size 38B. Much later still, he found out that she was a true blond ... unless she dyed her pubic hair also. She had green eyes and was very, very pretty.

Kneeling there on all fours, her breasts swaying back and forth while the dog thrust his cock in and out of her, Dave thought she was simply beautiful.

By then, both of the paramedics had approached nearer to the action. Trying to ease her embarrassment, before squatting down next to her, Dave threw a quilt from the bed over the upper part of Sally's back. It draped over her sides, at least covering her breasts. The lower part of her body was already occupied by the humping animal.

Phil looked at Dave as if to see if he had any answer to how to help. His partner nodded, seeming to understand the problems involved. He took over the questioning and it was soon revealed what had happened. Although she was grunting beneath the animal's thrusts, the girl was able to explain to them that this was her first time. She had wanted to try fucking her Dad's shepherd. She got him hard by stroking him and then letting him mount her.

Because she had never done this before or seen a dog's cock hard she didn't know about or have the slightest idea what a dog's "knot" was. After he was in her this knot swelled up and she got "caught."

She first found out she was stuck when she thought she heard someone come into the house and she tried to get loose. Upon realizing her predicament, she panicked and, not knowing what else to do, she was able to reach the telephone on the adjoining night table and call 911.

Their arrival and immediate presence didn't seem to faze the shepherd in the least. As the girl looked at them in anguish, the dog kept on fucking her. It had only been about five minutes from the time that they had first arrived and all during that time he was fucking fast and hard into her, but then, suddenly, there seem to be a wild, furious, franticness. Finally, he stopped his thrusting. His tongue was hanging out and his breathing was heavy.

"I think it's over," Dave told her. "I, er, think he just came."

"I, er..." She started to talk but was too embarrassed.

"If he did, he'll come loose soon," he assured her.

Sure enough, the dog had most certainly cum in the girl. As soon as they heard a sucking sound and a 'plop', some of the liquid oozed out from inside her pussy and trickled down her thigh. Immediately after, the animal hopped off of the girl's back and down off the bed. Ignoring the two men, he left the room.

At the same time, Sally dropped her body onto her stomach and then shifted about to get off of the bed and stand. As she maneuvered the quilt around so she could stay covered, Dave not only got another look at her wonderful body, but also caught sight of that dog's cum running down her thigh. 'What a turn-on!' he thought.

He realized that he not only had a tremendous hard on from the whole episode, but now that he could concentrate and move, he also realized that he was very wet inside his pants.

There was a long awkward silence between the paramedics and the young woman. It was obvious to them all that the men were no longer needed. After assuring her that they would not be making any report, Dave and Phil clutched their equipment, said their goodbyes and turned and left.

"Thanks so much." They heard her soft embarrassed voice as they walked away and she followed them to the front door, where she let them out.

Once they were out in the open air, she closed the door behind them and they heard the deadbolt lock being snapped.

The two men stared at each other with the same look of amazement that they held since they first walked in on Sally. Finally they left her porch and got into the ambulance.

As Dave drove away, the first thing that Phil said was, "That was weird!" An understatement if ever there was one.

Yet, though neither would admit it to each other, both of them had been totally 'turned-on'; more than at any time in their lives.

All things considered, Dave was never the same after that incident. During the following two weeks, the vision of the girl on all fours, getting fucked by a dog, kept running through his head. He pictured the animal thrusting and panting, Sally's breasts swaying back and forth and the totally lusty look which had overtook her face. Every day ... all day long ... his mind kept returning to the memory.

He was becoming overwhelmed with the pictures in his head, and obsessed with the thought of seeing her being fucked with that dog again. He felt that he just had to see it one more time, before he returned to school. He was in the final week of his vacation.

On Thursday morning, while beginning to pack some of his clothes, he made a decision. He only had four days left at home, and he felt that he'd never forgive himself later on, if he didn't at least give this a try now.

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