Fembot Not - Continued

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, MaleDom, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Recovery - Based on Hungry Guy's 'Fembot' and 'Fembot NOT' stories. In a world where human women are in low demand and every guy has a fembot on his arm Carol becomes so desperate she poses as a fembot, with disasterous results. This follows the story of Justin, Aerith and Carol just after Carol's rescue

Ted finally walked out the door after haggling with Justin for managing his property. With Carol being an "Advanced model" fembot Justin managed to get a small percentage out of him for her special upkeep. It wasn't much but at least he would be able to feed and clothe her without having to tax his income too much.

Carol stared blankly at the ceiling until she heard Ted's car door shut then began to sob uncontrollably. She felt a hand on her head caressing her hair as she cried, Carol didn't know if it was Justin or Aerith and was so happy to be out of the box right now she didn't care.

Once she had calmed down a bit she looked up to see it was Justin stroking her hair, a look of genuine concern etched deeply in his face.

"Thank you," she croaked out, it was all she could manage at the moment with being so dehydrated.

"Why didn't you tell him you weren't a fembot, Carol?" said Justin.

Carol's mouth worked but no sound came out her eyes wide with terror that Justin knew about her.

"Perhaps I can help explain," said Aerith, "Carol is naturally very meek and submissive; with his dominant personality, Ted most likely would have very forcefully silenced any protests she had as put her into the storage crate."

Justin thought about it for a second, " ... You're probably right, but still I'm surprised. How strong are you Aerith?"

"I'm able to lift approximately three times your current weight without taxing my hydraulics."

"Wonderful, please carry Carol back home. I want to leave her inside the box until she has gotten re-hydrated and fed, the foam padding should keep her steady but try not to jar her too much."

By the time they walked the short distance back to Justin's house Carol's skin was beginning to look pink again instead of ashen gray. Aerith set Carol's box down on the living room floor and quickly cleaned up the mess Carol had left in the crate. Carol's face was bright red as Aerith cleaned her like a baby. Justin flopped onto the couch, the stress from saving Carol apparent on his face.

After cleaning Carol's mess Aerith dropped to her knees in front of Justin and pulled his dick out of his pants then quickly popped it into her mouth. Carol watched as Justin's cock disappeared and reappeared from the fembot's lips, she could even see Aerith's tongue moving around the head where it made her cheek bulge out. Shockingly Carol began to feel a little bit of moistness between her legs, however, all of the water Justin and Aerith had given her at Ted's had passed through her system and she was starting to feel some pressure on her bladder. In her weakened state she wasn't sure if she could hold it for long.

Justin smiled, "Feel like taking your time today hon? Usually you have me popped on about thirty seconds with that mouth of yours."

Aerith pulled her mouth from Justin's dick and stroked it with her hand "Our guest seems to be enjoying the show so I thought I would make it last a little longer than usual."

"Really?" asked Justin looking over at Carol in her box, "how do you know?"

"Elevated pheromone levels coming from her genitals as well as a slight increase in humidity and temperature in that area" she said then swallowed Justin's dick again. This time she was no longer putting on a show, in about another minute Justin emptied his load down her throat.

Carol squirmed a little in the foam padding, not only was she aroused now but the pressure in her bladder had increased greatly during Justin's blowjob. Aerith noticed her movement and came over.

"Is something wrong Carol?"

"Bathroom..." Carol's voice had improved but was still raspy.

"In a second" said Justin from the couch, "I want to ask you a couple of questions."

Carol nodded.

"First, were you getting turned on by watching Aerith give me a blowjob?"

Carol was caught off guard by Justin's bluntness and stiffened for a moment, then forced herself to relax and nodded her head.

"Second, since you were 'bought' by Ted have you had an orgasm?"

Carol raised her hand and wiggled her fingers as an answer.

"Ok then, Aerith I want you to put you mouth over Carol's pussy and let her take a piss, once she's done I want you to lick her clean till she comes."

Aerith smiled, "Ok." She kneeled down at the foot of the box and leaned over. A moment later her mouth had completely covered Carol's pussy.

Carol's eyes went wide at Aerith's touch, even though Ted had done it to her many times she had never even dreamed of pissing into someone else's mouth, even if it was a fembot. She looked over at Justin and shook her head slightly.

Justin sighed, "Shoulda figured..." then got up and came over to Carol's box. "Listen Carol," he said in a soft voice, "you sold yourself to Ted as a fembot and he gave you to me as a fembot. This means that I am your owner now and you will do what I say, when I say it, just the same as Aerith does." He leaned over and placed a hand on Carol's belly, "and right now I'm telling you to piss." Justin pressed down on her belly until the pressure overcame the muscle holding back her urine. A jet of warm pee splashed into the back of Aerith's mouth which she happily gulped down.

Tears sprang to Carol's eyes, partly from the pain of having her pee forced out of her and partly from the humiliation of peeing in someone's mouth. She lifted her head and saw Aerith between her legs being her toilet, but instead of looking repulsed Aerith actually seemed to be enjoying herself. Finally Carol stopped fighting the flow of warm piss into Aerith's mouth. Justin stopped pressing on her belly once he felt her relax.

After what seemed like forever to Carol the stream finally slowed to a trickle and stopped. A moment later Aerith's tongue swiped up the length of her pussy, Carol's eyes popped wide again. 'Oh Shit!' she thought and started to protest but Aerith's talented tongue was already starting to make her squirm.

Justin leaned down and whispered something quietly into Aerith's ear, when he stood up again Aerith balanced herself over Carol's pussy on one hand and reached up with the other to stroke Justin's rapidly stiffening cock. Carol hardly paid the slightest bit of attention as Aerith's tongue was quickly driving her towards her first orgasm in more than a year that wasn't self-induced. Just before she was about to come Aerith stopped and looked up at Carol, a pained expression on her face.

"I'm so sorry Carol, but Justin told me not to let you come if it would cause serious damage and after assessing your current state an orgasm would most likely cause you more harm than good."

Carol let out a long wheeze of frustration.

Justin lightly touched the hand that had been jacking him off and Aerith stopped. "In a day or so you'll be strong enough," he glanced over at Aerith for confirmation and she nodded, "then I think I'll have Aerith do whatever she can to take away the memories of your time with Ted, but I'll discuss that with her later. Until then I will be keeping you in a state of constant arousal, I think that your body in that state will recover quicker. And since you like to watch..."

Justin made a small motion with his hand that signaled Aerith to stand up and get undressed, then she came over and straddled the box right above Carol's head; Carol had to admit that Aerith had a very nice body. Aerith bent over and pulled her asscheeks apart offering herself to Justin any way he wanted while Justin dropped his pants and straddled the crate behind her.

Aerith reached back and rubbed his dick up and down her slit getting the head lubed up. Justin cocked his hips down just a bit and Aerith placed him at the entrance to her pussy. Sliding his dick into Aerith in one long stroke he smiled hoping that Carol was enjoying the show. Aerith certainly seemed to be getting into it, as he slid inside her she let out a long moan purely for Carol's benefit then gasped and squealed in much the same manner that a real girl would.

Carol, as it happened, was enjoying the show very much. A stray thought crossed her mind that all of the liquid she had been given to re-hydrate was now seeping out of her very wet pussy. As Justin pounded into Aerith just above her droplets of Aerith's juices began to fall onto her face, without thinking Carol opened her mouth and tried to catch a few. Justin noticed this then pulled Aerith's head back by her hair to whisper something in her ear. After he let her back down Justin slowed his pounding and allowed Aerith to do the work for him. The walls of her pussy massaged and stroked his cock like no human woman's could and though he just came down her throat a little while ago he could already feel another one coming soon. A moment before he came Justin pulled out of Aerith and squatted down pointing his member directly at Carol's face and open mouth; Aerith spun around and pointed Justin's cock so his cum didn't hit Carol in the back of the throat and choke her. A moment later Justin erupted, spurt after spurt of his slightly salty cum landing on Carol's tongue. Aerith sucked the last couple of drops of cum from Justin's cock and let it slide off her own tongue into Carol's mouth. Once Carol had it all she swirled it around with her tongue in her opened mouth for Justin's sake and then swallowed it with a smile. A small thought in the back of her head noted that she would have never done anything like that for Ted, at least not voluntarily.

Aerith smiled, "I think she enjoyed her first meal in your house very much," she said to Justin.

At the mention of the word "meal" Justin's stomach growled and Carol was suddenly reminded that she had not eaten in days, and that had only been cat food. Aerith immediately got up and headed toward the kitchen, still nude, and returned soon after with a glass of water and a bowl of something that looked kind of like baby food. She placed it next to Carol's crate and returned to the kitchen. Justin grabbed a throw pillow off his couch and propped up Carol's head with it. He picked up the bowl and began feeding her by the spoonful, giving her a sip from the glass of water every now and then.

When the bowl was about half empty Carol finally spoke again.

"How did you know?"

Justin smiled, "That you weren't a fembot? Aerith told me just after we first met you; she mentioned something about you not having built in Wi-Fi," seeing the hurt expression on Carol's face he continued, "Don't be mad at her for telling me, fembots are incapable to keep secrets from their owners."

"Heh, guess my brother missed that little part of the whole fembot deal."

"Were you really so desperate that you felt you needed to sell yourself as a fembot?"

Carol sighed, "Yes actually, I was technically a virgin when Ted 'bought' me, I lost my cherry to a friend's malebot just because I was so sick of being a virgin and I couldn't even get a man to look at me, much less sleep with me."

Justin looked towards the kitchen where Aerith was preparing his meal at a breakneck pace, after a moment's thought he turned back to Carol. "I hate to say it but it's true, it must be very hard for a human woman to compare to a fembot. But, you managed to pull it off pretty well for quite some time, at least well enough to fool Ted that is."

Justin's mention of Ted brought a host of bad memories rushing back to Carol, small tears started to form in her eyes.

"Now now," said Justin offering her another sip from the glass of water, "we're still getting you re-hydrated it won't help if you're losing water as I try to put it back in."

Carol let out a small bark of laughter and tried to blink away the tears, "if you think that's bad, my pussy is absolutely soaked right now." Carol blushed unable to believe she had been so forward with the man.

Justin lifted an eyebrow, "Really?" He reached down and placed his hand over Carol's pussy slipping one then two fingers inside, sure enough, she was soaking wet and had even dripped on the foam inside the box. Justin smiled, he crawled into the box with Carol he lifted her hips then kneeled down and placed them on his upper thighs, then took his half hard member and placed it at Carol's entrance. Carol let out a small moan of anticipation which Justin rewarded by sliding into her with single stroke, causing her to moan even louder. He then picked up the half eaten bowl of food and began feeding Carol with his cock firmly buried inside her.

Aerith came out of the kitchen with a large plate of food for Justin, after observing the scene for a moment she set the food down and straddled the box right in front of Justin but facing away from him. She leaned over in front of him once again and pulled her cheeks apart, "Appetizer?" she asked with a smile.

Justin leaned in and speared his tongue directly into Aerith's pussy and began lapping at her tasty juices, every so often pulling back and feeding Carol another spoonful from the bowl. After enjoying her pussy for a bit he moved up to her ass and started licking around there as well. Aerith had explained that they had managed to reproduce the same scent and taste of a well washed human woman's ass in her model, oddly he found it quite appealing. Carol began squirming again trying to get enough movement out of Justin's cock to bring her to the orgasm she so desperately wanted right now especially since Justin's dick had swelled to full hardness as soon as he began eating Aerith. When the bowl was almost completely empty Aerith stood up, Carol could have sworn she saw a look of reluctance on her face, and got the rest of the food she had made then kneeled down beside Justin and began feeding him.

While Justin's cock had softened a bit when he stopped eating Aerith it was still hard enough to stay inside Carol and if she were stronger she would be slamming her pussy into Justin trying to come, as it was she could still only manage the feeble squirming that only seemed to drive her closer to climax but never quite managed to make her cum.

All of her squirming was having an effect on Justin too, though it wasn't much movement, the thought that this woman wanted him so badly was quickly turning him on again and he was starting to make tiny involuntary thrusts with his hips. Aerith stopped feeding Justin for a moment and leaned over to swipe her tongue across Carol's clit, which almost made Carol come right there, she swished it about in her mouth for a minute and closed her eyes. When she opened them again she gave a big smile to Justin and nodded. Justin placed his hands on Carol's hips and began sliding in and out slowly, he knew that it wouldn't take much but he was enjoying the feel of Carol's pussy wrapped around him and wanted to make it last just a little but longer. Carol meanwhile was in heaven, Justin's movements were making up for what she was unable to do herself, and she mewled and panted in pleasure as she fought for her release.

After about ten strokes Aerith reached down and vibrated Carol's clit, a moment later Carol's world seemed to explode. She let out a long wail as she came, stars bursting in her eyes and arching her back as much as her weak muscles would allow. She collapsed into her padded box, her breath quickly returning to normal. Justin pulled his dick out of the passed out woman and looked questioningly at Aerith who was already leaning down to take his glistening member into her mouth.

"Are you sure she'll be okay?" he asked her.

Aerith paused before sucking his manhood down her throat, "She'll be fine, she..." Aerith quickly swiveled her head and put her mouth over Carol's pussy it was clear to Justin after a moment that Carol had lost control of her bladder when she passed out, once Carol was done Aerith turned back to Justin to see his semi flaccid member wagging in front of her face.

"Me too," he said.

After draining Justin dry of both pee and another load of cum Aerith continued her explanation. "The bowl you gave her was specially formulated to replenish the muscles of their elasticity if I had given her an orgasm before she would have likely torn something. When I licked her clit I tested her lubricants for the levels necessary to keep her from being injured."

"Sounds good, but why did she pass out?"

Aerith smiled, "'Cause you're really really good."

"Heh, thanks hon, no offence but I'm gonna have a hard time believing that ... you are kind of biased after all."

"Actually I mean that very much, we fembots often access the fembot subnet and compare notes, many of them have never even had their pussies licked but yet you do it for my enjoyment as much as your own. I don't know if you noticed but when you are fucking me you try to hit my G-spot and when you fuck my ass you start off slowly much like you would if you were with a human girl even though it's not necessary with me. Many other fembots I have conversed with agree with me in thinking that you would likely be considered an "ideal" lover for a human girl, and that's without going into detail about how you treat me outside of bed."

Justin cocked an eyebrow, "fembot subnet?'"

"Just an information exchange really it allows us to spread various methods of using our servos and hydraulics in order to give our owners the greatest pleasure possible, but it gets used for many other things as well."

"Well I guess it's nice to know that I measure up pretty well," Justin yawned and stretched then looked at his watch. "Damn ... that time already. I'd like you to come down here periodically during the night to check on her and let her relieve herself." He turned back to Aerith and smiled, "but for now ... get that pretty little ass up to the bedroom I want to finish my day by making sure you get fucked in all your holes."

Aerith bent over in front of Justin and reached back to slid a finger in her ass and said in a pouty pornstar voice, "Are you gonna cum in my hot, tight little ass?"

Justin smacked her hard across the rump which brought a sexy moan from Aerith, "You bet I am, just as soon as you've sucked me hard again." The two playfully ran upstairs while Carol slept in her packing crate, a contented smile playing across her lips.

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