A New Beginning

by Jack Spratt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Life's roll of the dice took away Darlene Lee's reason for living. In a fluke accident she lost her partner in life; throwing her into the woes of depression. The need of one of her new neighbor’s opens a small crack in the door of life that gradually results in a reason for her New Beginning.

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This has been one of the most dreaded seasons for me. Memories of much better parts of my life flood my mind, and that usually bring me to tears. Everyone has heard of stories from rags to riches, mine is the opposite. Circumstances too painful to recall brought me to this situation in my life, all of which were out of my control.

In the Raven Valley trailer park I am a bit of an oddity, single, actually a thirty-seven year old widow with no kids, many find me the focus of local gossip. I am proud of my body, my breasts, although not the largest, are still winning the fight against gravity; the rest is still toned, still attracting the odd whistle from the visually impaired. There have been no male visitors to my abode which, oddly enough, is the reason for the gossip; the rumors are I am a lesbian. Hell that would be an improvement over my mundane life. Fortunately my collection of toys and my fingers keep me from going off the deep end.

The park consists mainly of single mothers, some drug addicts, and a number of very good people on the low end of the economic scale. For the most part they attempt to keep their sites in relatively good shape, but as in all areas there are a few that would qualify as pigs.

My abode is one of the larger units, not new, but was well maintained by the previous owner, she lost her husband and found it just too much to keep up on her own. There was actually no particular reason for me to even be looking in a trailer park for accommodations, but something drew me here, maybe the movement of the planets, who knows; the fact is I am here and relatively content for the most part.

My world fell apart with the loss of my husband and close family in Louisiana, a result of the hurricane. We had just moved to a new suburb to be close to the water, Ralph, my husband, was to have increased our insurance and to make sure a larger flood rider was in place. The disaster happened two days too early, when all was said and done the mortgage company and the cost of the funerals have most of the available insurance money, leaving me with enough to escape the area and end up here. The balance is invested and provides me with a monthly stipend more than enough to take care of my needs. During the last three months I have rarely left the trailer park, keeping to myself and my thoughts of what has happened and trying to make some sense out of it. There is no answer.

The only thing that did come about is a deep dark secret of mine, something I had kept hidden all my married life, Ralph was the greatest man in my life, and he always kept me sexually satisfied. There wasn't a day go by that he didn't tell me he loved me as he left for work, and told me he would prove it when he returned. The day the levy gave way he never returned, they found his body tangled in the branches of a tree, witness said he had rescued a young girl but after handing her off to a fireman a branch whipped by catching him on the head and he disappeared into the current. I have a citation for his bravery that hangs in my bedroom. But I digress.

From a very young age, I learned to enjoy oral sex. Believe it or not, I was eight when my brothers and I started. While playing doctor one day with Don, my twelve year old bro who was supposed to be babysitting, he placed his cock in front of my face and told me to take his temperature and to make sure he was healthy. Recalling it now, it seems like it was yesterday.

"How do I take your temperature?"

"You have to suck my cock like an all day sucker, and if I am healthy you get to swallow all my boy cream."

"What do you mean?"

"All boys have cream in them and it comes out of their cocks, sometimes I have to rub it real hard to get rid of it, but the guys at school told me the best way is to have a girl suck it out."

At eight, I had always trusted my brother as he was my bud and never did me any wrong. Staring at his four inch cock it looked innocent enough; the head of it was covered with a loose skin. The sucking part had never come up before when we played doctor before.

"How come you never mentioned this before? How do you take a girls temperature?"

"It is a little different than guys, I have to stick my finger up your bum and push hard, with my mouth sucking on your pee-pee."

This is another new revelation, Don always sticks his finger in my pussy, but not very deep, it bumps into something. He never stuck his finger in my bum or kissed my tinkle.

"You're going to stick your finger up my poop hole?"

"Yes, I'll make is slippery with Vaseline, that is the secret for girls."

I know the difference between boys and girls, as we've played doctor many times. It's fun touching Don's cock; it's soft when we start, and then gets hard, and he really makes funny noise when I'm the doctor, especially when I'm rubbing it up and down. Even though I'm the youngest, stupid I'm not. It doesn't sound right.

"You do me first. I don't believe you will put your finger in my bum hole and kiss my pee-pee."

"Take you panties off and lay on the sofa, I'll get the Vaseline."

Don has seen me naked for as long as I can remember. Mom had him bathe me when I was younger, and often he would get in the tub with me. Even at that young age I would play with his penis as he scrubbed the dirt off me. There was never any embarrassment associated with our nudity, so taking off my panties for him created no problem, so I was soon lying on the sofa with just my T-shirt on, my legs spread for what is to come.

"Here it is; it will feel cold when it touches your bum hole."

"I don't care."

When it hits my asshole, it feels like ice. Don did stick his finger in me, really deep. When he started sawing it in and out of me, it was different, actually it feels good. It makes me think I need to go poo. Closing my eyes to enjoy the feeling, Don scares the hell out of me when his mouth covers my pussy. Now that is a crazy sensation. These are feelings never felt before. Over the last few months I've been experimenting with my pussy, rubbing it. It really feels good, but Don's tongue pushing against me feels even better. The sensation is indescribable. Closing my eyes, a new awareness of exhilaration runs through me. Don's tongue is coaxing feelings from my pussy that are totally new. Combined with his finger in my asshole, the experience has my body trembling wanting more and more. Than it happened, my body seems to freeze in an arced position, the tingling feeling crescendos, drawing me upwards, then an explosion in my mind, it is my first climax. Sweat is pouring off my brow.

"What happened? Did something break; I have never felt like this before."

All I can see is the top of Don's head and his eyes; his mouth is still on my tinkle. Humm, it really feels good. Then he stops and looks up, his mouth is wet.

"That is the feeling you will give me when you suck me. Isn't it wonderful? Guys do it all the time with their hands rubbing their cocks, but sucking makes the feeling even better."

Considering the reaction he created in me, it is only fair I give him the same pleasure in return, besides, his stiffy does look cute. With the normal feelings coming back I sit up, Don is standing in front of me, his stiffy at my mouth, opening wide he slips it in. There is a faint taste of pee plus something a bit salty. With my mouth full of Don, looking up, his face is contorted and he is rocking on his heels, moving his cock back and forth in my mouth while I suck. Sucking my bro isn't really that bad. Just as I'm getting into the swing of things, he stiffens, grabs the back of my head, and pushes his little cock into my throat, nearly gagging me. Then his shaft pulsates, this is the first of many of his ejaculations I enjoy. His cum is hot and thick, the taste takes a bit of getting used to. But from that first time sucking his cock, I'm hooked.

All afternoon the residue of his ejaculation left an aftertaste in my mouth, a taste I become addicted too.

When mom and dad returned home that night all is well. At the dinner table, both Don and I stare at each other with stupid grins on our faces. During my bath that night my thoughts are about Don, and the desire to have him bath with me again so I could suck his cock.

Later the shower starts, it has to be Don. Just the thought of water running down his body dripping off his cock creates a funny feeling between my legs; even my bum-hole starts to twitch. The fact is I want more. The sensation of his finger in my asshole while he was tonguing me sends tingles through my body. The shower stops.


The tone of my voice is loud enough for him to hear me in the bathroom.

"Is that you, Darlene?"

"Yes, could you bring me a drink when you are done?"

"Okay, it will be a few minutes."

As he moves about finishing his shower, exhilaration runs through my body. Will he do anything when he comes in? What will he be wearing? As my mind plays tricks with me, I realize my finger is at my pussy playing with my clitoris, wishing Don would suck it. Quickly lowering my blankets, then lifting my nightie so the first thing Don will see is my pussy; now dripping with my love dew in anticipation. Then the bathroom door opens and closes, my body is trembling.

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