A Teenage Crush

by The Purvv

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Pregnancy, Teacher/Student, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An 8th grade student falls for her teacher in more ways than one.

From that time two years earlier, when Leon Hackett had begun teaching in their school, most of the young female students thought that he was a hunk. Some, like 14-year-old Laura Channing, had a crush on the history teacher. Although she didn't tell any of her friends, Laura actually fantasized about him a lot, both mentally and physically, often masturbating with him in mind.

Leon, cognizant that he was good looking and well built, was not unaware that some of the young girls were taken by him, but he had never realized that Laura was smitten, though that wouldn't have made a difference to him. Even though he was only 26-years-old and had normal urges, Leon knew that these girls were totally off-limits.

That's not to say that he hadn't noticed Laura's beauty; the truth was that she was probably the cutest kid in his 8th grade class. Leon could not have failed to notice how pretty the youngster was and that she had already filled out more than most of her classmates. When this term began, quite frequently he found himself looking at his pretty student, but he quickly chastised himself and purposely avoided paying attention to her looks.

However, it was because of his initial attention to her that Laura fell 'in love'; having convinced herself of the teacher's interest. When Leon later began ignoring her, except for school purposes only, the young beauty made an excuse up in her head. She was already certain that he liked her a lot; maybe even loved her. She also knew teachers could get in trouble if they became overly friendly with some students and she guessed that he was afraid of the rules. Or maybe he thought she'd be turned off by his age, which she certainly wasn't.

As the school session ended in less than a month, things would have just run their course and Laura would have moved on to high school and forgotten all about him, except for the accident one Thursday afternoon after school when she tripped and sprawled forward in the school yard.

She cried out as the concrete scraped and ripped her knees. Few kids were in the vicinity and only three came to help her. Leon was on the near side of the yard and, upon seeing his student fall, he rushed over to lend his assistance. By the time that he got there, the young teen had turned over and was already sitting up on the ground.

Upon seeing a grown-up approach, the other kids backed off. By the time that Leon had reached her, Laura had raised her knees slightly off the ground and her skirt was up past her knees. Leon bent down in front of the youngster.

"You okay, Laura?" the concerned teacher asked. He could see the look of extreme pain written all over the youngster's face. Then his eyes moved to her kneecaps and saw how scraped that they were and he frowned in sympathy.

"I-Yeah, I'll be okay. Woo, it hurts!" she said bravely, wincing with tear-filled eyes.

He nodded. About to look back up to her face, Leon suddenly realized that there was a view there that he could not resist. The young girl's legs were parted a few inches. Unable to stop himself, he allowed his eyes the pleasure of looking inside those youthful thighs. His prick began to harden as soon as he saw the crotch of Laura's panties. He should have immediately stood up, but he could not make himself move.

Laura's knees were burning like hell, yet somehow the 14-year-old girl was distracted from the pain upon seeing 'her man's' eyes. She knew where Leon was looking. Embarrassed, her immediate reaction was to clamp her legs shut, but the youngster could sense by the look on her history teacher's face that his eyes were attracted to where they were looking. She forced herself to allow him his hungry gaze. The man whom she loved was gazing at her. She allowed him to stare. He had never before looked at her with such interest. She actually saw him gulping nervously.

Laura remembered that the season was almost over and that this was his first recognition of her since the beginning of the year. She also knew that she would probably never have his attention again. In fact, she may never even see him again after this year, she thought.

Leon snapped out of his trance. There was a small group of kids surrounding them. "Can ... Do you think that you can stand?" he asked her sincerely, as his eyes moved up to hers.

She nodded; pain still obvious on her face.

Leon shifted his position. Trying to move about so that no one realized what he was doing, he moved his arm into his crotch and shifted his hard-on aside in his pants, in an effort to hide the tented appearance. Then he stood and reached out his hand. Laura grabbed it, allowing him to pull her to her feet. Once standing, the young girl remained on the spot for a long moment, testing her knees.

"How is it? Do you think you can walk?" he asked.

Laura took a couple of tentative small steps and then smiled at him weakly and nodded. She had limped very noticeably.

"I think that Miss Darrin's already gone," he said, referring to the school nurse.

By now, all of the other kids had dispersed.

"T-that's all right. I'll be all right. Thanks," she said bravely.

He was about to turn and leave when he decided to go the extra step for his student. "Can I take you home?" he asked.

Laura felt a flip in her stomach. This was 'her man' asking. She thought quickly. Her friends might still be around the corner of the school waiting for her, she knew. Her heart started beating harder, thinking to herself that she would never get another chance like this again, to be alone with Mr. Hackett. Finally, she told herself that they probably left already because she was taking so long.

"Yeah -- Yes. I-I guess so," she said.

Leon immediately walked closer to her. "I'm parked over there." He indicated the direction and then took her elbow and guided her, as she walked gingerly. "Where do you live, Laura?"

"320 Sycamore," she responded, as he guided her.

When they reached his car, Leon opened the door at the passenger's side and she sat down slowly. He closed it behind her and went around to the driver's side.

Laura was excited. Her mind was racing. She made some rapid calculations and decisions. He had looked up her skirt with interest. She decided that this might be her only chance with her handsome teacher. Unless she could come up with a way, he would probably never show how he really felt for her. As her young mind calculated, the thought occurred. She had only had sex once in her life and that was forced upon her by Joey Reynolds. Would she be willing to do it with Mr. Hackett - Leon - her fantasy man?

He opened the door and sat down behind the wheel, alongside of her. He put the key in the ignition and started the car. Then he turned to say something to the youngster and his eyes were immediately drawn to her knees. Laura had purposely pulled the hem up about 6 inches above her knees, turned her legs toward the driver's side and parted them, allowing him another view up to her panties, if he so desired. He did.

'My God, ' he thought, 'Does this girl have any idea that she is showing herself to me?' His prick re-hardened to its same stiffness as moments before. He finally looked up at her face and saw that his pretty student was watching his every move. Leon smiled nervously as he looked at her. The girl's beauty was captivating. He allowed himself to spend a little too much time looking at her full lips, thinking how he would love to kiss them. As wrong as he knew these thoughts were, Leon couldn't stop them.

"You okay?" he managed to ask.

"Yes, thanks," she said.

Leon finally turned to drive -- after first running his eyes fleetingly over the youngster's budding chest. As he drove, he turned often to look at her parted legs.

Laura saw his interest and sensing her teacher's desire, she too began to feel excited. She deliberately parted her legs further and watched for his reaction. She saw that his eyes were now flickering rapidly and she knew that he was interested. She herself was a bundle of mixed emotions.

All too soon, they were at her house and he pulled into the driveway. Leon was very relieved that this was over. Although Laura was only 14, he nevertheless had been feeling a strong urge to try to do something with her. He wanted to hurry away from the forbidden temptation.

"Here we are. Let me come over to help you," he said. He got out and moved around, opening the passenger side door. Laura swiveled around and he helped her out. Again holding her elbow, he started walking her to the front door of her house.

"Where's your key?" he asked.

"No - it's opened," she said.

Then they were at the door. She turned the handle and opened it. Turning to him, she gratefully said, "Thanks."

He nodded. "You better put something on those knees. You have anything here for them?" he asked.

"Yeah-yes, I, er, think so," she answered.

He was about to walk away.

"Could- Mr. Hackett -- Do you think that you could put it on for me? I'm ... I'm scared it will burn. I won't be able to do it."

He stood next to the girl, looking down into her youthful innocent face, looking at the wonderfully full, soft, pouty lips.

"I ... Well ... I, yeah, I guess so -- sure Laura. I, er ... Let me shut the car off first," he said, nervously.

He went to the car, retrieved his keys, and returned to the house. The youngster held the front door open and he walked inside. She closed it behind them and then they faced each other.

'God, she is beautiful!' he thought.

"I'm not sure what medicine I should put on. Could you ... Do you think you could pick out what's needed?" she asked.

He looked into the girl's face and replied, "I ... Well I, er, could ... Yeah, but..."

She cut him off, "Upstairs ... At the top of those stairs, to the right, is the bathroom. There's a medicine cabinet on the wall. Ma has everything in the world there ... I'm sure there's something..."

He nodded and said, "Okay, I'll look," and started for the stairs.

Laura said, "I'll be inside the living room over there," she indicated by a nod.

As he walked up the stairs, she went in and sat on the couch. She kicked off her shoes and brought both of her legs and feet up, sitting with one end behind her back, while leaving the other end of the couch vacant. Purposely she allowed her skirt hem to rest about those same six inches above the knees. Leon was back shortly, holding a tube of antibiotic ointment in his hand. He walked next to the couch and looked down at her somewhat nervously. He knew that he should not be here like this, yet he felt a strange excitement.

"This will be good for those cuts. And it won't hurt either," he assured her.

Laura nodded and continued looking at him, making no effort to take the tube from him. "You said you'd put it on, right?" she asked softly.

Leon hesitated. God, if he did that and anyone walked in he would be fired - if not arrested. However, his cock was reacting to the thought of touching the teenager's knees. His maleness won out. He nodded. He unscrewed the top of the antibiotic ointment as he sat at the other end of the couch. He swallowed hard as he squeezed out a capful of medicine onto each of his palms.

Laura was watching him with apprehension. Her heart was pounding heavily within her chest. This was the man that she loved.

Leon reached out with shaking hands to the young girl's sore knees. Then he gently placed his palms on her and began to rub in the salve, slowly covering most, but not all of the scraped area. He pulled away while he put more of the ointment on his hands and then went to her knees again. As he was soothing the sores, Laura slowly lifted her knees up and widened her legs. As she did, she watched him.

His face took on the look of a caged animal, as his eyes became wild looking. For the third time that day, he saw the young girl's panties. Only now, it was in the privacy of her home.

Leon felt a heat rising in his crotch area and could also feel his prick begin to harden. He was unable to tear his eyes away. Almost without realizing it, his hands moved slightly off the young girl's knees and were then massaging up, about four inches higher. Then they traveled a couple of inches to the inside of the teenager's thighs, while his eyes continued looking desperately at her crotch.

By then his cock was fully inflamed inside of his pants, hurting, as it pushed tightly against the denim material. He wanted badly to move his hands up further, but he did not know if he could dare to.

Laura too felt the heat increase inside of her body as she felt 'her man's' probing hot hands and watched his probing hot eyes.

Then Leon tore his eyes away from her crotch and he looked up into the teen's face. What he now saw amazed him as the innocent beauty had suddenly transformed; a wanton lustful looking face was staring back hotly at him. Her mouth was partially open and her breathing was labored. He knew that his manipulations were exciting her. He wanted to move his hands more deliberately on her thighs but was afraid. 'She is only 13 or 14!' he kept telling himself.

Bravely, but nervously, he moved his hand up three more inches on her inner thigh. Suddenly the young girl made a strange, "Nnnnnnggggg," in her throat and, as he massaged her hot flesh, he realized that his student's spread had become wider. He felt the moisture in his pants from his throbbing cock.

He found his voice enough to nervously ask, "This isn't hurting, is it?"

"N-no ... It's not," she whispered.

Leon's hands were becoming a little bolder as he began gently squeezing on the youngster's soft thighs, which were burning into his palms. "You want me to stop?" he whispered hotly.

She shook her head and grunted, "Unh unh!"

"You, er, want ... Do you want me to, er, go further?" he asked as he concentrated his attention on the teenager's wanton face.

Laura swallowed nervously. She knew that she was reaching the point of no return but, she told herself, she loved him. His hands felt so nice rubbing her. However, she knew that if she did not stop him now she would not be able to stop herself.

"Y-yes!" she hissed.

Inside his pants, his cock spit out some juice. His hands were already pressuring downward. "How far do you want me to go, Laura?" he asked.

The young girl gathered up all of her courage. She raised her eyes to meet his. Teacher and student now stared long and hard at each other. Finally, swallowing hard, she nervously whispered, "All ... All the way!"

Leon's whole body was now aroused. Her age did not matter anymore. All that mattered to him was that she meant what he heard her say. He was having a problem putting into words what he wanted to find out. If he was misinterpreting her meaning, he was cooked.

"Laura, I, er, Do you mean ... I, er, What do you mean, hon?" he stammered.

'He called me Hon, ' she thought. 'He does love me.'

Her lips were quivering as they looked into each other's eyes and she hissed, "All the way Leon..."

Leon's prick was twitching inside his pants. His hands were rubbing gently, further up on her hot thighs, his thumbs almost at the crotch of the young teen's panties, which were becoming moist from her own excitement.

"Up here, like this?" he asked softly.

Afraid that her voice would betray her, her head nodded with small rapid movements.

Leon's thumbs were slipping into the young girl's crotch, beneath the legs of her panties. Then they were gently touching her pussy. She caught her breath with a gasp and then a small moaning sound came from her throat and he asked, "Here too, hon?" When she again nodded he added, "And more?"

"Nnnnngggg, yeahhhh, oooo," she murmured and the teenager felt her body transform from a willing participant to a needy recipient.

While this had all been taking place, the young girl had inched her knees up and Leon had maneuvered her skirt up to her hips. Laura was now completely exposed to his eyes and touch. Leon was beyond the stopping stage. This was more than he could ever have hoped. This young girl was obviously as hot as he was. He pulled his thumbs from the inside of the panties and then moved both of his hands slowly over the outside of the silk material, moving up to the elastic at the top at her hips.

"Can ... Can we take these off sweetheart?" he asked, softly.

Again, she could only nod. The youngster was so excited that she was afraid that no words would come out coherently. Her heart was pounding so hard within her chest that it felt like it would burst through. She was taking deep breaths; almost as if struggling to catch air in her lungs.

Leon gently began pulling the material off her hips, which the girl lifted to assist him, and down her legs; his fingers and hands touching her naked skin, thrilling them both. He moved from his sitting position on the couch, down to the floor in a kneeling position, and when her panties were at her calves, he pulled the youngster's legs off the couch. She turned her body accordingly. Then he gently removed the garment from her ankles.

Laura's eyes were unnaturally wide as she watched the action and then she became fascinated as Leon took the panties and exposed the inner crotch for his inspection. Looking directly into the girl's face, he brought the panties up to his nose and began sniffing the aroma within. She watched with fascination, as his whole body seemed to stiffen as he sniffed. She heard him moan, not knowing that the powerful aroma of her pussy in the crotch was such an aphrodisiac that he started cumming inside of his pants. When he felt the last spurt, he finally allowed his eyes to move away from her face.

Still keeping the panties at his face, he lowered his eyes to her pussy. The sight of the fuzz covered twat, coupled with the awesome aroma within her panties, caused Leon's cock to quickly reestablish its dominance.

Laura's whole insides were jumping from wild sensations that her body was feeling.

Leon dropped the panties onto the floor. He took one of the youngster's ankles and brought that foot up, onto the couch, leaving her other foot on the floor. He was kneeling between her parted legs, her teen-pussy exposed to his hungry eyes. He looked eagerly at the nearly short-haired mound; his prick again becoming further aroused.

Leon then placed both of his hands slowly on her inner thighs, trying not to frighten the youngster so much that she would panic. As it was, Laura was in a wild confused state. His eyes were running back and forth between her crotch and her face, while hers were nervously moving from his face to his hands, which felt so hot on her soft inner thighs.

When Laura did not recoil from his touch, he again moved his hands upward on the young girl's soft, hot, flesh; purposely advancing to the lips of her pussy. Her ass was involuntarily shifting and her body was quietly crying out to be served.

Leon's hands were then on the outer lips of the girl's cunt and she groaned, a long, low, mournful sound. With one thumb he parted the labia while his fingers from his other hand moved into her pussy, rubbing the clitoris, as the youngster continued to silently moan. He was shocked at how moist the girl was. Her body had obviously exuded a great amount of lubricating juices. This inflamed him further.

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