As Told to the Purvv: Mollie's Story

by The Purvv

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Husband/wife fantasizing leads to a stand-alone lesbian story that will eventually lead to a lot more.

The most important thing that your readers have to know is that my husband and I have a marriage that is totally built on honesty and trust. I realize that's what everybody strives for, but by some miracle Bill and I have somehow found the right formula.

So it was that from early on in our marriage we began to discuss our thoughts and feelings about others. In turn, that led to fantasizing in bed with each other, painting scenarios of our having sex with some hot friends and co-workers.

Most importantly, as our two children grew up, our fantasies evolved into even wilder thoughts, at first only occasionally including them and later, as Bobby and Julie approached their teen years, we were totally into them with our nightly flights of our imagination. Indeed, it seemed as if on any given night, we always had a pair of either one or the other kid's panties or jockeys or both in bed with us, so that one of us could massage the garment into the nose of the other.

That we never acted on any of these fantasies until Rosemary, was probably only because we didn't try to restrict each other from extramarital things. I know that sounds strange but we were both perfectly content that we had the other's permission. We were satisfied having sex with others simply through our nightly verbalizing to each other of our fantasies. This whole scene seemed to keep our sex activities energized. It also made each of us very aware that we were both sexual perverts, of the nice kind! With our nightly games of verbalizing while we played with each other and ourselves, it soon became apparent that we were both very open to sex and I think that we both actually hoped that the other would look for sex from another, male or female; though I don't think that either of us really thought the other would truly allow the fantasies about the kids to become an actuality.

I'm not sure what prompted us to cross the line of fantasy to reality; possibly it was because things were getting a little stale and the excitement of the real thing was something that we both were craving, but whatever the reason, once we stepped over that line it was BIG TIME!

You have to admit that we lasted a long time in not acting out any of our fantasies. Indeed we didn't stray outside our marital bed until our kids were almost teens. Bobby was 12 and Julie 11 by the time that I had my first encounter with our next door neighbor.

Rosemary was an astonishing looking girl; so beautiful that she actually seemed out of place to actually be a neighbor; looking more as if she should be a model. She was a statuesque 5'11" black woman with pitch black hair, usually crowned with small braids decorated with beads, held up by a slender neck. The 22-year-old wonder had very dark brown eyes, almost black, large sensuous lips and a body made in heaven. Her skin color was a light cocoa brown color. Not only did this girl have the perfect hourglass shape but she had outstanding breasts (36C) to compliment her figure. Breasts that, strangely enough, have a feature that each girl in this revelation has; myself included: Hard protruding nipples! If I sound envious or her you'll know why when I later describe myself.

My neighbor had moved in over four years ago as a newlywed. Within two years, she and her doctor-husband had split up, leaving her with the house. About six months after that Bill and I couldn't help but notice that the only friends that we saw Rosemary with were all girls. Occasionally, we would notice hand-holding or an arm around a waist, and a couple of times we caught a little kiss between her and a friend.

Rosemary worked in town and I mostly got to see her on weekends during the summer months, in our back yard. She was an overly friendly type and we were as close as neighbors could be without actually calling ourselves friends.

It was in the spring of my seduction that I not only felt for sure that this beauty was into girls, but it was becoming more and more obvious with each of our meetings that she wanted to experience my tiny body. At first, she just seemed to be staring a little bit more intently into my eyes as we talked. Then I felt that she was actually trying to charm me, while at the same time I could sense her eyes wandering about my body. Soon, I had fallen into this same mode and I was looking at her as I had never looked at any woman before.

Hints were dropped by each of us. She picked up on mine and usually threw a comment back which would indicate that she would be willing, but I could never get up the nerve to actually say anything that would confirm my willingness; simply because I wasn't sure that I was willing.

It was on a hot August day that I knew for sure in my head that I was going to cross that line, though the actual day was a month away. I was kneeling at my flower garden when my neighbor came out of her back door and moved back out towards where I was. It was rare for Rosemary to sunbathe in her yard, but on this Saturday she came out in a bikini; every bit as hot as the July sun.

I actually caught my breath at the sight of her walking with the gait of a model. Beautiful smooth black skin barely covered by those two tiny pieces. Her breasts looked so awesome and my eyes were riveted to those damned nipples pushing through the bra cups.

She and I exchanged pleasantries and I know that she realized my 'infatuation' or whatever it might have been. I was smitten with the looks of this black beauty. Soon, she lay on her outdoor lounge chair, and stretched out. For the next few hours I was in and out of the yard. Each time I was outside, my eyes never failed to stray to that body.

I noticed that my husband also seemed to come outdoors a lot more than was his usual way; always with a lame excuse and always with eyes flashing over to our neighbor. A couple of times he shook his head at me as if to say, "Can you believe THAT?"

That night in bed, Rosemary was the only topic of our sex talk. We had fantasized about her in the past, but that was almost always with Bill making love to her. It was over a year since I first voiced my suspicions to him that she was a lesbian. Maybe it was because she was so beautiful, but he never seemed to even accept that possibility.

Now, in the dimly lit bedroom, as we lay naked together, we were talking about her. He had just said, "God Moll, every time I was out there, I couldn't stop from looking. That girl has to have the most perfect ass that I have ever seen. I swear that if I could she would be the first girl that I'd be unfaithful to you for. I'd love to run my tongue up in the crack of that beautiful ass and I swear that I'd lap into her asshole."

Between his words, describing what he wanted to do with Rosemary, and my thoughts of putting myself in the place that he described, I know I was wet. I put my hand down between my legs and started to rub within that moisture.

"Mmmmm, me too," I whispered, which seemed to take my husband by surprise.

He rolled toward me and moved his own hand down over mine and assisted. Tonight he apparently wanted to get into my fantasy, Rosemary had him that far gone.

"You'd do it too, Moll ... your tongue up that sweet ass, licking at that brown hole, making her moan..."

His fingers took over from mine as I rolled beneath him and the heat and the fantasy and all of the years of fantasizing finally came to a head. I knew that this didn't have to be a dream. Rosemary would have me if I would have her.

"Nnngg, yeah Bill I want to, I'm -- I will -- Sweetheart, I'm going to do it with her. I'm going to eat her out, have her cum in my mouth so I can taste those juices. Ohhhhhh, yeah, Bill, Bill, yeah Sweetheart rub, nnng, Oh Honey, I'm going to have her fuck me too!!!!"

I'm sure at that point the whole picture was vividly displayed in his head and I think that he somehow knew what I was saying would soon be coming a reality. His fingers were plunging into me, simulating a cock, and spasms erupted within me as I pictured that black pussy before me. I ate it!!! And soaked his frantic fingers.

I had made a decision. If Rosemary would have me, I would dare to have my first bi-sexual encounter. Yet, at that point I wasn't 100% sure that she was a lesbian. Sure everything pointed to that, but it was never actually confirmed.

Early on the following morning, the clouds rolled overhead and the sky opened up. No hope to catch her outside soaking up the sun, yet I was suddenly determined to move forward, albeit nervously.

Bobby and Julie were in the living room watching cartoons and Bill was still sleeping as I finished my second cup of coffee. I had thought it over long enough, time to stop procrastinating. I took a deep breath, stood up from the chair and looked in on the kids. Was my mind playing tricks because I was in such a mental state or did I actually catch Bobby looking up his sister's crotch as he sat on the floor by the couch where she was sitting?

My mind was so consumed with wanting to go over to Rosemary's house that when Bobby immediately stood and sat in the nearby rocker, I immediately dismissed what I thought I had seen.

"I'm going next door to see Rosemary for a while. If your father wakes up, let him know. I'll be back in a little while."

"Okay mommy," Bobby responded. Julie continued looking at the TV as if she hadn't heard me.

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