Eye Opening Trip 4 Jim and Ann Redux

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Story: After suffering a joint tragedy, Jim and Ann reconcile, fall back in love and remarry.

Jim was sitting on his patio enjoying his morning coffee at home for a change. He thought how much he loved watching the newly risen sun streaming through the trees and making the dew glisten. He knew he needed to start working but this was his favorite time of the morning. He could listen to the stream that bordered his yard chuckle it's way past the yard on its way to the swimming hole. He smiled when he remembered how much fun he had as a child swimming in the hole with his friends. His cock twitched when he remembered how much fun he and Vicky had now in that same hole.

Just the night before, at dusk, he had coerced Vicky into walking all the way down to the swimming hole with him nude, then skinny-dipping. They had spread the towels on the soft grass and made love until the moon rose. His knees were still sore from the hard ground under the grass but it had been worth it. Even the sock on the arm Vicky had given him this morning because her tailbone hurt from him pounding it into the ground didn't faze him. He knew Vicky wasn't really upset at him and he could see the love glisten in her eyes when she told him about the small bruise. Of course the deep sensuous kiss she gave him right after socking him didn't hurt either.

He was almost sorry Vicky had convinced him to expand the small resort and fishing camp they had purchased two years before. He really hadn't wanted the camp but the man that owned it and the farm it was on that was situated next to their place wanted to sell. He had loved that farm for years and wanted it. It had been part of the family farm originally and when his Great Grandfather died it had been divided between two boys. Now he had all the land once again in the family name.

Vicky loved people and did most of the work at the resort for the family business. In fact that is why she wasn't with him this morning. They had guests and she provided all the meals. She had to go to town for some supplies before going over to the resort to cook the meal. They had a handy man and maid hired for the rest of the work but she and Jim still managed the place, took the reservations and fed the guests.

Jim sighed and decided he had loafed long enough. He needed to get up and check on things at the resort then get busy going over some paperwork from the larger part of the family business. He had long ago given up management of the many operations they had but he was still Chairman of the Board of Directors for the family owned corporation. His two sons had retired from the military and were doing all the management now and some of the grand children were involved in lower level jobs, learning the ropes as it were. Jim still watched over things and gave advice from time to time however.

Jim was walking from his truck toward the resort office when he saw Marilee, the maid and waitress running toward him in tears. She threw herself into his arms and said, "Oh, Jim. We've been trying to get you for about ten minutes. Don't you have your cell phone on? There's been an accident. Vicky and George had a head on collision and they are both on the way to the hospital. You need to hurry. I think it's bad."

Jim felt his heart lurch and his stomach clench. He grabbed his pocket and pulled his cell from it. Sure enough, he hadn't turned it on. As soon as it was on he got notice of several messages. He was getting ready to listen to the messages when the phone rang. It was the hospital.

The man on the line said, "This is Doctor Samuels at County General Hospital. Is this James Fielding?"

"Yes it is. Doctor, is this about my wife? I've just been told she was in an accident and on the way to the hospital."

The Doctor said, "Yes I'm afraid it is. Sir we need to do some surgery right now. Your wife is in serious condition. Is it OK for us to treat her? How soon can you get here?"

I said, "Yes, do anything you have to do to get her well. As for getting there, I am about a 30-minute drive away. I'll be there as soon as I can."

Jim turned to Marilee and said, "Marilee. I have to go to the hospital right now. Vicky is really bad. They're taking her to the operating room. She has several broken bones and internal injuries. Would you please get someone to bring you more food for the guests and take care of things here? Explain to the guests what the problem is and call the family for me please."

Marilee said, "Of course Jim. Don't worry about anything and keep us informed please." She was still talking as Jim ran toward his truck and that was all he heard.

Jim ran into the hospital emergency room entrance and slammed up against the counter. The nurse looked up in shock when she saw and heard him. He saw he knew her and said, "Becky they have Vicky in here. Where is she?"

Even though it was unprofessional, Becky felt herself tearing up when she looked at Jim. She said, "Jim she is in the operating room. Go to the elevator behind you, second floor, turn right. I'll let them know you are on the way. There are a lot of papers you have to sign and fill out. Jim I'm so sorry. Now go."

The doors were barely open when Jim slid between them on the second floor. As he rushed down the corridor he could hear crying coming from the waiting room. He entered the room and saw Ann seated, bent forward hugging her knees as she cried. A preacher was comforting her. Before he could approach Ann a Nurse came into the room and asked, "Mr. Fielding?"

Jim nodded his head yes then she said, "Please come with me. I have some forms we need to fill out and we need to talk about your wife."

After he finished with the admitting paperwork Jim returned to the waiting room. Ann was still there, her eyes red with tears. She seemed so small and alone. Paul, one of their sons was with her now. There was two of the early morning coffee crowd from home there also. Jim nodded to them and turned to Ann and Paul.

Paul said something low to his mother then stood and said, "Edward and the other's are coming as soon as they can. We've called all the family. How is Vicky Dad?"

Jim just stood and stared at Paul and Ann. He said, "Not good. She's alive now but they aren't sure they can do anything for her. She is really hurt badly."

When he said that Jim heard Ann moan and begin crying again. He sat on one side of her and Paul on the other. Ann turned to Jim and said, "Jim, I'm so sorry. They said George had a heart attack. He was dead before his truck hit Vicky. There was nothing he could do. Oh, Jim."

Jim felt himself tearing up again and he reached out to pull Ann to him. He kissed her forehead and held her as she cried and shook. He didn't know how long he just held her but when he was once again aware of things all his children and their spouses were there. All at once he remembered Vicky's two boys in Colorado. He struggled out of Ann's grasp and reached for his phone.

Edward asked, "What's the matter Dad?"

Jim said, "Vicky's boys. Did anyone think to call them?" Everyone looked so guilty and they all shook their heads no. Jim finished pulling his phone from his pocket and made the calls. It was still early in Colorado but neither of the boys was home. He finally got Dirk at work and he agreed to call his brother. They would be in town as soon as they could get there.

After two more hours the doctor finally came into the room. "Mr. Fielding?" he asked. Jim said, "Yes." And stood.

The doctor continued, "We've done all we can right now. Mrs. Fielding has lost a lot of blood. She is still bleeding where we worked on her liver. We repaired the damage to her intestines and lung but ... well, there's no easy way to say this. There's not a lot of hope. She's a strong woman or she wouldn't have made it this far. All we can do is wait and see."

"Can I see her Doctor?" Jim asked.

"Yes. She's in ICU and you can see her for 5 minutes at a time, no more than two guests at once."

It tore at his heart when Jim walked into the room with Ann at his side. He had no idea how she became the second of the two allowed into Vicky's room but she was there. Vicky was so pale and was covered in bandages. She was still out but he held her hand and bent to kiss her forehead. Jim whispered to her, "I'm here honey. Please get better."

They heard Vicky sigh when Jim talked to her. She seemed to relax. Jim and Ann sat in the two chairs beside the bed until a nurse came to tell them to leave. For the next three days Jim never left the hospital. Vicky's sons and their families arrived late the evening of the accident. They were placed on the roster of visitors. Sometimes one of them accompanied Jim into her room, sometimes it was Ann. She seemed to be at the hospital almost all the time too. She was involved in making plans for George's funeral but she still found time for Jim and Vicky.

Mid afternoon of the third day Jim and Ann were with Vicky when she opened her eyes. She focused on Jim, then turned her head toward Ann and whispered, "I'm sorry Annie. He was a good man. Please ... it looks like you have to take care of Jim for me again. Don't let me down." After she said that her mouth fell slack and she relaxed. The machines began to wail and nurses and doctors piled into the room. They rushed Jim and Ann out while they tried to bring Vicky back.

Ann screamed, "NO. He's yours now. You have to get better and do it" when Vicky told her to take care of Jim again. She was crying uncontrollably when they were rushed from the ICU room.

One of Vicky's sons came up to them and asked, "Why did you scream No so loudly?"

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