Escape From Singapore

by Sirdar

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Historical, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tony finds himself trapped in Singapore and the story is how he escaped capture and survived the war

This is a story based on historical events and dates although the main story is fictitious. I served in Singapore and I visited Rangoon in Burma shortly after the war, and saw for myself some of the atrocities that were committed by the occupying Japanese. I was in Singapore to see the Japanese loaded on to the ships to return to Japan. One ship I remember well was the SS Satsu Maru. We loaded the prisoners on until there was no more room. During the war the Japanese dropped small garrisons on to Pacific islands, and left them to live off the land. When efforts were made to repatriate them years later they could not believe that Japan had surrendered and very often attempted to fight their rescuers.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I have done in writing it.

I joined HMS Squirrel a shallow draft gunboat working out of Singapore as the Leading Signalman in November 1941, which with other similar gunboats were engaged on regularly patrolling the East coast of Malaysia. I was very happy to come to Singapore as I personally was glad to get away from the continual Atlantic convoys, so a surprise drafting to Singapore was a lovely surprise. At the time it seemed like a golden opportunity to have some relief to get away from the nastiness of war, and the devastation caused by Hitler's marauding U Boats on our convoys and the dourness of war time rationing, plus the nightly bombing of England. I had been slightly wounded in the fighting in Crete, and following my return to the UK and my subsequent promotion to leading Signalman, I had to leave my crack Tribal Class destroyer for this new posting, as I would have been surplus to the establishment.

The passage to Singapore on a trooper had been a sort of holiday in a way, seeing new places, meeting new people and not being tied down to watch keeping duties, but of course on arriving in Singapore, I soon found that the gunboat was a big change from a Tribal class destroyer, but after the initial shock I soon settled in, and began to enjoy the more relaxed life of coastal patrols, which included visiting local Malaysian communities, followed by a short rest periods in Singapore to refuel and reprovision, with the chance to enjoy the night life for a few days and then back again for another patrol.

Life in Singapore at that time was so different from the cold bitter winters of the Atlantic and escort duties, of seeing ships sink of losing friends and the bombing of the cities and food rationing. Half our crew were local Chinese or Malays, recruited locally. When the Jap's attacked Pearl Harbour in December most British people were glad that America had at last joined in the war, but the partying and night clubbing in Singapore still went on, even when the Japanese invaded Malaysia, and Singapore came under threat they refused to take the war seriously. But the complacency of life was soon shattered as the Japs swept through Asia and down through Malaysia to the very doors of Singapore.

Life had been good for me in Singapore, as one of our Chinese ships company quite soon after my arrival had introduced me to his sister. His sister Lin was a very special lady, and it was not long before we became romantically attached, and started an affair. I went out with Lin whenever I could, her name in Chinese means 'Beautiful Jade.' Lin was a very pretty, and a very intelligent girl. She was a teacher at a local school, and she spoke perfect English with a slight accent, she was however extremely shy.

One night she said. "Tony will you be able to look after me if the Japanese come to Singapore." I told her "Lin darling I think I am in love with you, and, if you marry me I think there is no doubt I can get you out on one of the ships for evacuees, if the worst comes to the worst they will surely arrange for garrison personnel's families to be evacuated."

Then she surprised me when she said to me the following evening. "Tony you really don't think a Chinese girl would marry, or enjoy making love with an Englishman. Is that what you are frightened of, and is that why you have never made a pass at me. I love you too, but I don't want to wait any longer I want you to make love to me please now tonight.?"

Without waiting for my answer she started to undress, looking at me for my reaction, yet she continued to undress until she was stood in front of me in nothing but a pair of snowy white panties. She had not been wearing a bra, I realised then that no-one would know as Chinese girls are not normally renowned for large breasts, and as she normally wore a leather jacket anyway, no-one could ever tell. She was beautiful, but I had appreciated her companionship and did not want to spoil it by making a pass at her and risking upsetting her. I was in no doubt that I loved her dearly.

When she was undressed she went and lay down on her bed, and as she lay on her back, her hands under her head just looking up at me. Her breasts were small but she had lovely firm nipples that seemed to be extraordinary long and hard. I quickly undressed and walked over to the bed. She just lay there, and I knelt down on the bed, and fondled her left breast, while my mouth went to her right breast. The nipple was hard, it was so different from anything I had experienced before.

As I did so, her hand grabbed my cock which was now in an advanced state of excitement. Then one hand went round my neck, pulling me away from her breast her tongue boldly started exploring my mouth, in a long exotic kiss.

She looked up at me. " No need to rush darling is there, I presume that you can stay the night?"

"Of course I can! " I said and went back to kissing her.

I was almost intoxicated by the perfume she was wearing, it was very strong and very erotic. Slowly I ran my hands down her beautiful body, pulling her close to me and covering her with kisses as I went. I barely got to licking her when she sat up, and pushed me back on to my back as she straddled my body. Her hand went down and guided my cock into her waiting pussy.

She gradually sat down on me and I felt my cock pushing up into her warm wet love tunnel. We started moving together, and I knew that I could not last very long. She seemed to have incredible muscle control and I felt as though I was being massaged and milked all in one. We came together in one long mix of passion.

"Well Tony dear that's just for tasters. We have the whole night ahead of us.

For the few weeks after that, whenever I was in Singapore we had a regular and very satisfying love life. I asked permission from the Captain to marry her, and as I was over 21 the navy agreed, and I arranged through the padre to get her a passage to Australia in the event of Singapore falling. It was on the 11th February that the situation became so critical in Singapore that we decided that we should marry immediately and get her evacuated.

Our patrols gradually got involved in the war by ferrying troops or taking supplies in after dark to beleaguered garrisons. We had seen at first hand the atrocities that the Japanese had carried out in some of the villages that we had visited after the Japs had been there. Whole communities were butchered. Women were raped and then killed. Soldiers that had surrendered had been beheaded, so I was in no mood to let Lin stay behind.

I quickly arranged the wedding details with the padre, and that morning on a trip to GHQ I made a diversion and called at her school, to tell her the news of our impending marriage arranged for later that day. We were so happy that we were to marry, and I had arranged for passage from Singapore to Australia for her. We arranged that she should meet me later that afternoon for the ceremony, but fate took a hand and I had only just left her school and walked about fifty yards down the street when without warning of any kind, the bomb struck with a direct hit on the school. My whole world collapsed around me. My future wife Lin was dead, and I was devastated.

I was sent to the sick quarters at HMS Terror the naval base for initial treatment with a large gash in my arm, before being transferred to a military hospital at Changi. By then we knew the causeway had already been blown, but now, I had to begin to worry about my own situation. We soon realised the Japanese had found few problems in making it on to the island. On the Johore side of the island, they could virtually walk across to the island at low tide. I had also learned to my dismay that my ship had left without me during my absence in hospital which left me rather "pissed off" to say the least.

In the hospital we would gathered round the radio every day to listen to the news. But on the 13th of February we listened with growing alarm. The news of a possible surrender was now being mentioned. Many of the troops were very despondent, as they had already experienced the atrocities for themselves, and were now in fear for their own lives, which was also supplemented by the stories of wounded troops coming into the hospital, who were all saying that the radio was not telling the whole truth. The situation was much worse than the public were being told.

We were also being assured that in the event of a surrender the Jap's had agreed to treat us according to the Geneva convention. As I stood listening to the news I was joined by an Australian Lance Corporal whose name was Trevor. He was due to go back to his unit shortly, but the talk of surrender had made him determined not to attempt to rejoin his unit, as he did not know where they were, or how many of them were left alive.

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