Sharons Slide Into Depravity

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A teasing, ultra sexy flirty wife samples her wild side and loses her marriage.

I was setting under the canopy, slowly dieing from my despair. I watched the casket holding my lover and friend being lowered into the cold ground. I wondered why I was destined to go through life without a loving wife and companion. Why was I denied the happiness others took for granted? As I considered once again the end of my loving relationship with a wife, my memory was drawn back to my first wife Sharon, my first and strongest love. Would things have been different if I hadn't loved her so much I wanted her with me at every opportunity? I didn't know.

I felt my eyes tearing up once again and I wondered if I was crying for the wife I had just buried or for the loving wife I had lost because I wanted to make her, us, happy with exciting, on the edge sex. I moaned and bent forward as I felt my oldest daughter Samantha put her arm around me and hug me to her side. Why me?

I still remembered how I lost my first wife and my part in that sordid affair. As I let Sam hold me to her I went, once again, over all the pictures and tapes I had been provided to document Sharon's slide into depravity. A depravity I wanted so badly to blame on her and her alone, yet one that I had a key part in initiating.

It all began when Samantha was a precocious girl of eleven. She was really beginning to lord it over her brother Sean, age 10 and the baby of the house Twila age 7 when I convinced Sharon to accompany me to a training seminar in Los Angeles. My beautiful Sharon was so wild and sexy and I loved her so much I couldn't bear to be away from her for any length of time. This was only the second time in our 12 years of marriage that I would have been away from her over night (excluding her hospitalizations when the children were born) and I just couldn't make myself accept that.

Sharon had always been a flirt and tease. I don't know if that was what first drew me to her or if it was just her beauty. Sharon was 5'10" of pure sex. She was so slender at 135 pounds and 36 C breasts you couldn't keep your eyes off her. Her womanly butt topped the most perfectly shaped legs you could ever imagine. She always wore such sexy, revealing short skirts and low cut thin tops that no male of any age could ignore her. She even got most of the females to notice her too. If she had decided to participate there is absolutely no way she would have failed to win the Miss America or, after we were married, the Mrs. America contest. Her wit and intelligence along with her ready smile and love of life made her the most exceptionally beautiful woman in the country.

Sharon wasn't a "party animal" but when we went out with a few friends or to a social function, she couldn't restrain herself. She loved to dance and interact with people and had never met a stranger. At first I had worried about this because when she was in "party mode" she would let her dance partner go as far as he wanted in public. I don't know how many times I caught her letting them kiss her or feel her up through her clothes. At first I was insanely jealous but over time she proved to me that it was only her natural teasing nature that she let loose. She knew when she was on the edge of doing something totally inappropriate and would gently break away from all the males clamoring for her attention and come to me. She would touch me and look into my eyes, then plead with me to take her home right then. I knew I had to take her home to keep her from going that final distance and giving herself to a man other than her loving husband.

These times she teased so blatantly always resulted in us going home and having mind-blowing sex. It seemed each time was better than the last. Sharon never allowed herself to flirt and tease unless I was there to rescue her and take her home to my bed. As I came to understand this side of her I fell into the trap that was to lead to our downfall. I began to think if sex with her could be so outstanding after her playing the field near home where she had to be more proper, what would the sex be like if we were far away from home where she could become more adventurous without fear of our families and friends finding out about it?

That, my friends was my contribution to the break up of this perfect marriage. I wanted a solid week of that kind of sex, uninterrupted by children. I wanted to be with my sexy exciting wife and to watch her tease and flaunt her wonderful body before I took her back to my room and loved her to exhaustion. I made the plans to get this pleasure.

The night I had to tell Sharon of my trip I brought home a dozen roses. I told her of the trip and handed her the roses, then held her as she cried, missing me already. I held her to my chest and calmed her down then I told her about my brainstorm. I asked, "Why don't you go with me? I have already got your parents to agree to watch the children while we were gone. This could be like a second honeymoon."

I said to her, "Without the children and over 2000 miles from home you can act as immodest as you want. You can wear revealing clothes and drive all the males over puberty into a sexual frenzy."

I watched as her eyes began to glisten and I heard her breathing deepen. She pulled away from me and looked into my eyes, then said "Oh, honey. That sounds soooo good but I just couldn't. You know how wild I get here when I let go. I might get into real trouble if I don't have you and all our friends and family to force me to control the sexual demons that I have to fight almost daily."

She said, "I am just too afraid I would go too far if I am somewhere where I can totally let go."

I pushed it and begged her to go. She finally decided to think about it and gave me a short kiss, then said, "I'm going to shower."

I started to follow her to our bedroom but she smiled and said, "No Honey. Please wait here until I come back down. I need to think about this in private."

I heard the shower cut off finally, and then looked up a few minutes later to see her come into the living room. She was dressed in nothing but a see through crotch length nightgown. I could see her thighs glisten with the juices of her sexual excitement. I heard the smacking sound of her cunt as she straddled my knees and slid herself onto my lap facing me. Her face was glowing and her eyes sparkled as she bent to kiss me. I still remember how my heart leaped when she said, "OK John. I will go with you but on only one condition. I am totally in control of what happens. All I want from you is your willing tongue and stiff prick. Well those things and your support to help me control my urges. I will leave you and come home early unless you promise I and only I control how far we will go. If you can't agree to this, I will stay here and you can go alone."

Oh, how sorry I am that I so senselessly agreed with her demands.

The day of our flight, I was so surprised and sorry to see how she dressed. She came out of the bedroom wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt. When I asked her why she was dressed so poorly she frowned and looked at me. She reminded me I had agreed to her demands that she was in control of this part of the trip and if I wasn't going to live up to my agreement she would just stay home.

Well, naturally I quickly agreed she was right and helped her take the rest of our bags to the car. Our flight had a two-hour lay over in Columbus, Ohio. After we had deplaned, Sharon took her carry on bags and leaned to me, giving me a slow, sensuous kiss then whispered "John. I'm going to the rest room. Be right back."

I watched her walk away from me and had to adjust myself as I began thinking what I was going to do to that so sexy ass when we got to LA. I was staring out the window at the planes when I felt someone sink into the seat beside me. As I was turning toward the seat I smelled the most wonderful feminine smell then Sharon leaned into me and gave me a short kiss on the cheek.

As I turned fully to Sharon, I gasped and my cock inflated immediately into the strongest erection I had had in weeks. Sharon had changed out of her jeans and into an outfit I had never seen before. She had on a really short black mini skirt and a black see through blouse. There was definitely no bra because I could see her perky nipples tenting the top. Within a very few minutes I knew she had on no panties either because I had slid my hand up her thigh and felt her oh, so wet pussy! I was in such a sexually excited state it felt like a year before we were once again in the plane and on our way.

After arriving at LA we picked up our luggage and went to the car rental desk. I couldn't help but notice the men watching Sharon. I even saw one or two walk close enough to look down her loose fitting top and gaze at her beautiful tits and engorged nipples. My cock would twitch each time. All I could think about was getting her alone and making slow sweet love to her.

As we drove out of the airport Sharon completely unbuttoned her top and asked me to put the convertible top down. I told her I didn't think I should with her top undone, as it would blow too much. She looked at me with her angry look and asked me if I remembered her conditions? I still hesitated and she turned to the back and began pulling her jeans and sweatshirt from her bag.

After they were in her lap she looked at me once more and said, "Last chance. The old dull me or the sexy me? You only get this one more chance and whatever you choose you live with the rest of the week."

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