Merrily, Laci and Me

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: A twisted little tale.

"She what?"

"She wants me to set up a gangbang for her. She wants me to round up ten or twelve guys and then she wants them to fuck her until she can't get them up anymore."

"Has she lost her mind?"

"No, she just wants a baby."

"That doesn't make sense."

"Sure it does, at least to her. That's what she is going for. She wants the gangbang at her most fertile time of the month. She told me to make sure that all of the studs have brown hair and brown eyes like you so that you won't even think twice about it when the baby arrives."

"It won't work and you and I both know it."

"Yes, but she doesn't."

"You going to do it? Set up the gangbang I mean?"

"Sure, why not? It might be fun."

"Might be fun?"

"Why sure lover, you don't think I'm going to set it up and go and lock myself in a room, do you? I'll get her ten or twelve and get six for myself."

"God Merrily, you can be such a slut."

"I know sweetie, but that's why you love me, isn't it?"

If you had told me ten years earlier that I would eventually find myself in the situation that I was presently in I would have laughed in your face. Ten years ago I didn't have a kinky bone in my body. I was a quiet, shy kind of guy and I rarely dated, not because I didn't want to, but because I never could summon up the courage to ask any of the girls I liked for a date.

All that changed one night when I attended a bachelor party for one of the guys I worked with. I had never been to one before and I had no idea of what to expect. I'd heard lots of stories of course, but they were all so way out that I could never believe any of them. If any of the stories were true it certainly seemed like Harry's wasn't going to be like any of them. There was a keg and before the party was an hour old there were poker games going on at two tables and four guys playing Double Pinochle at another. Another hour went by and then there was a knock at the door. Paul, whose apartment it was, got up and went to answer it. He opened it and an almost totally naked redhead strutted into the room. I say almost totally naked because she did have high heels on. She walked into the middle of the room and looked around at all of us.

"Okay, who is the idiot getting ready to waste his life by getting married?"

Everybody pointed at Harry and she pointed at him and said, "Okay you, over here and sit down in the chair."

Paul had known what was coming and he had already pre-positioned a chair for the purpose and Harry moved over to it and sat down.

The redhead looked around at all of us and said, "My name is Merrily and I don't do the lame ass striptease that most strippers do at bachelor parties. I believe in telling it like it is and I'm here to tell Harry that getting married is stupid and I'm going to show him why."

She moved in front of Harry, cupped her 36D tits and said, "Once married you can never touch tits like these again, unless of course your wife has melons like these." She snapped her fingers and Paul set another chair down just in front of Harry and merrily stepped up on it, spread her legs and pushed her lower body forward until her pussy was only inches from Harry's face.

"Look at the pussy Harry. Lean forward and take a deep breath and smell the heat pouring out of it. Once married Harry, pussy like mine will be a thing of the past for you. I fuck all day, everyday when I can Harry, but you will be down to twice a week in no time. Twice a week Harry; Tuesday and Friday or maybe Monday and Thursday or it could even be Thursday and Saturday, but still twice a week Harry. You will be at twice a week while I and thousands more like me are sucking cocks, taking it up the ass and fucking up a storm with single guy's everyday. Guys like you used to be Harry, before you got married."

She got off the chair and kicked it aside and then she knelt down in front of Harry and reached for his zipper. She pulled it down and reached inside to grab hold of his cock and then she brought it out. It was stiff and Merrily looked at it and then up at Harry's face and smiled.

"Oh baby, it is such a nice one. It is almost too nice to deprive the rest of us girls the pleasure of it."

She bent forward and kissed the head and then ran her tongue down the length of the underside and then back along the topside until she was back at the head. She looked up at Harry and smiled and then she swallowed him right down to the base. You could hear the, "Oh my Gods" echo through the room. One second she was smiling at him and a tenth of a second later Harry's seven inches had completely disappeared and Merrily's chin was buried in his pubic hair. She held him in her mouth like that for almost a minute and then she slowly pulled her mouth off him until it was empty.

"Can your new bride do that? I know a hundred girls who can, but you will cut yourself off from them when you say, "I do" especially if you mean it when you take your vows. Want to see what else you are going to miss?" She turned to face the group, "I need a volunteer."

Every hand there shot up in the air, except mine, and the bunch of them crowded forward leaving me standing alone with my hands by my side. She looked right at me and said, "Yes, you'll do, you'll do nicely" and she walked toward me, took me by the hand and pulled me up in front of Harry. She brought the second chair back in front of Harry and then told me to stand still.

"I'm going to do everything sweetie, all you have to do is stand here."

She slowly undressed me from the top down. First she took my head in her hands and kissed me. I felt her tongue dart into my mouth and she worked at me until my knees got weak. Without breaking the kiss she unbuttoned my shirt, worked it off me and let it fall to the floor. She broke the kiss, looked into my eyes and smiled.

"Steady baby, be steady for me."

She kissed me again and then broke away from my mouth and then her mouth traveled down my neck, across my shoulders and down to my nipples. She nipped at the left one and then kissed it and then her mouth traveled across my chest to the right one and then she did to it what she had done to the left. While she licked, kissed and sucked on my nipples her hands were working on my belt and my zipper. I felt my trousers fall to my ankles and she squatted down on her heels and her mouth traced a pattern from my chest to my belly button. She stopped there just long enough to swirl her tongue in it and then her mouth moved farther down as her hands pushed my boxers down to join my trousers in a puddle around my feet. Her hand reached for my ball sac and she drew her nails lightly over them.

"Step out of your pants baby" she whispered to me and then while I did it her mouth captured my cock. I felt her tongue swirl around the head and it felt so exquisite that I thanked whatever Gods there might be for letting me have the previous night. I had spent the night with a call girl and she had drained me and that is the only reason that I hadn't cum in my shorts when Merrily started on me and why I didn't explode as soon as her mouth captured me.

She took her mouth off my cock and told me to step backwards and sit on the chair. I did it and she went to her knees in front of me, looked up at me, smiled and said, "I'm impressed. Most men would have blown by now" and her mouth swallowed me again. She sucked my cock for a minute or so and then she stood up and moved forward to straddle me. Using her left hand to hold her left breast to my mouth she used her right to guide me into as she sat down on my cock. She was looking straight into Harry's eyes as she raised and lowered herself on me.

"You won't be able to do this once you are married Harry. Think sweetie, do you really want to give up the opportunity to do things like this?"

I was moving my mouth from tit to tit and trying to hold still while Merrily rocked away on me. She lowered her head and kissed me and when she broke the kiss she moved her mouth next to my ear.

"Sorry baby, I had no idea that you could last so long. Most men would have been done long ago, but I've been hired to do a job baby and I have to get to work. I'll give you one more minute and then I'll have to move on."

I started humping up at her in a desperate attempt to get off. She gave me almost three minutes before saying, "Sorry, baby, I really am" and then she lifted herself off of me.

After that it became your stereotypical bachelor party. Merrily fucked Harry twice, blew him once and then fucked every man there who wanted a piece of her. She looked over at me from time to time and I could read the expression on her face, "Why aren't you here?" it said, "Don't you need to get off?" But I stayed away from her and just watched as she worked her way through the guys. When it was over and everyone was dressed and ready to go she surprised me and everyone else in the place when she said:

"Thanks guys, it was great" and then she walked over to me and said, "You're with me sugar. Let's get out of here and go where we can have some fun."

I was in a virtual fog as she took my hand and led me away. Once outside she asked, "Where's your car?" I pointed at it and she said, "We'll take yours and come back for mine later." In the car she slid over next to me and went to work on my zipper while I was starting the car. She got my cock out and then said, "Try not to kill us sugar" and she went down on me. We had gone all of three blocks before I let off a blast that should have taken the back of her head off. She stayed with it and swallowed every bit that I had to give before sitting up and tucking me away.

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