Weekend Work

by Prince von Vlox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Rachel works weekends at Hubbard & Assoc. She doesn't like it, but admits there are some benefits to the job. A LOT of benefits.

"I wish you didn't have to work today," Jack said. His arms went around her as they kissed.

"Unfortunately customer service is a 24 hour a day business." Rachel kissed him back, and then leaned her head against his chest. "At least I don't have to work nights."

"True." He brushed the dark hair back from her forehead and gave her another kiss. "Lunch?"

She thought a moment. "Sure. 12:30?"

"I'll be out front."

She gave him one more kiss and then headed inside. She really didn't like working on the weekend, but there was this one customer they had that insisted on it, and it was only for one day of the weekend. The story was that their own employees had objected to the hours, so they'd outsourced it to Hubbard & Associates, and probably laid off the employees who'd objected. At least she had a job.

Getting in to the offices was always a pain. There was security in the lobby, keycard access in the elevator, and security at the door to the offices. It was a highly competitive business, and you didn't want people interrupting things.

Once in the door she shucked her jeans and panties. Saturday was a 'casual' day at Hubbard, and that meant she could wear a tee-shirt instead of a nice blouse. She kicked off her shoes in favor of the sandals, flip-flops actually, that everyone favored. You might be nude from the waist down, but the carpet held staples that could cut up the feet.

She took a towel and spread it across her chair. Then, with her morning coffee in hand, she donned her earphones, read through the latest memos and emails, and then finally logged into the Call Center System. She didn't have long to wait.

"Good morning," she read off the screen in front of her, "Geithner and Turney. This is Rachel, how may I assist you?"

She glanced at the clock as she read that last. It was her first call, but break couldn't come too soon.

Ms. Hubbard had insisted that nobody man the phones for more than two hours at a time. And at least the company had generous breaks. Rachel could remember one company she'd worked at; they gave you 10 minutes, which was barely enough time to go to the bathroom. Here you had 30 minutes, and 90 minutes for lunch. Of course the downside was that your regular day was longer, but Rachel agreed with most of her co-workers, it was worth it.

She met Tom, another Customer Service Rep, on her way to the break room. "Bad day?"

"Somewhat. I think I'm catching all of the cranks."

She slipped her arm through his. "Well let's forget them for a while."


She left her coffee cup in the break room and followed Tom into the room next to it. Two of the cots were in use. She settled on one of the empty ones and pulled off her tee-shirt. Tom pushed up her bra before she could remove it, and his mouth zeroed in on her breasts.

"Silly," she murmured, "give me a chance to get undressed."

"Too eager." He pulled back, though, leaving her nipples wet and aching. She dropped her bra on top of her tee-shirt. By then he'd removed his own shirt, and as she lay back he began kissing the inside of her legs.

Tom was one of those unappreciated geniuses: he'd learned to give head, and took a lot of pleasure in doing so. He kissed and nibbled his way up her inner thighs, She stroked his cock while he did so, when she could reach it, but when he reached her core it slipped out of her hands. Instead, she grabbed his hands, holding him to his work.

"God, you are so good with that thing," she murmured. He'd slipped two fingers into her while his tongue bore down on her clit. Fiery and chills alternated as he lapped. She closed her eyes, gasping as the sensations flooded her. This had to be her second-most favorite thing to do.

Tom knew how to wind her up, and she came all too quickly—she'd rather have drawn things out. But finally he kissed his way up her heaving tummy, detoured briefly on her mounds, and then settled in against her, his lips and tongue tracing heated little circles around her neck.

She could feel his hardness against her thigh. She wanted it, but she was willing to wait, willing to hold onto his tight bottom and really strong shoulders. Tom knew what he was doing, though, and lifted himself up enough that he could reach between them and guide his cock into her.

This was what she liked even better than getting head. He slid into her wetness with a clever thrust. She felt his balls against her bottom, and smiled and gave him a kiss. "That's so good," she whispered.

"You are so tight." He began to move, stroking every fiery nerve in her channel, and giving her a full-body massage at the same time. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling herself up on him. It was like getting massaged inside and out at the same time.

She'd already come once, it didn't take that long before she was crying out her rising passion into his shoulder. Her whole body convulsed around him, spending and deliciously plugged at the same time.

He wasn't far behind. He began to speed up, and then his body went rigid as he squeezed and stopped breathing. She could almost feel the twitches deep insider her as his resistance crumbled and he came.

They gradually relaxed, grinning at each other foolishly. She kissed, and then hugged him. "That was so good, just what a girl needed."

He kissed her back, and for a few moments they cuddled, holding on to each other as the tension drained away. Finally they had to slide apart to make room for the next couple. Rachel felt wild and fluttery, still turned on, and all charged up. Tom was tired, and slumped slightly against her.

After a quick wash in the single-person shower, and a hug as a thank-you, they had to part. She was still slightly bemused by the sex, and when she carried her steaming cup of coffee back to her desk she just sat there for a few seconds, drifting.

She'd hired in three years before, first working at the north satellite offices before accepting a job that included weekend work in the main offices. The north satellite had been just like the customer service department she'd worked in before for a cable provider: small cubicles, constant calls, and the feeling of being a small cog in an impersonal machine.

The 'undress' code and constant sex were a surprise. She'd surprised herself by adapting, and then growing to like it. Sex had never done that much for her before she'd started at Hubbard. Oh, she'd gone to bed with a few boys, but it hadn't been at all what her girlfriends described, or what she'd read in the magazines. She'd liked the closeness, and being held, and putting up with a hard dick was just what she had to do.

During her interviews for the job at the main office she'd felt an unfamiliar itch between her legs. It almost exactly described what she'd read in a couple of trashy novels, enough so that she got worried. Everyone knew those stories were just that, stories. But she'd been ... horny. That was the only way to describe it. And she'd gone home and done something she hadn't ever done before, she'd masturbated.

Oh, she'd touched herself down there from time to time, but she'd felt dirty doing so. Girls didn't do that, despite what she read in the magazines. Boys, now, boys were a different story. Everyone knew they had a physical pressure. Their balls were always producing semen, and they had to get rid of it on a regular basis or they'd suffer pains. But a girl didn't have that. So when she lay on her bed in her darkened bedroom while changing, and her fingers had dipped down there, it was a surprise. And so was the relief. Things had gotten really tense, and then she'd relaxed in a rush of feeling. Later on she figured out she'd had an orgasm.

She rubbed herself to one the next day, two, actually. She'd been put in a room with several other people and they'd taken part in the call rotation. She'd been told it was to see how they handled the more important calls that weren't routed to the satellite call centers. When she'd taken a break and gone to the bathroom she'd been surprised at the tingle that went through her when she cleaned up after peeing. That never happened. But she had a few moments, and her fingers had lingered, rubbing, cautiously at first, and finally has fast as she could.

She'd come, oh how she'd come. When she came back to her senses her hand was still between her legs, those legs were clamped together, and she was hunched over slightly. It'd taken a couple of minutes to put herself back together, but that night she'd done it again, exploring this new element in her life.

After a week of working in parallel, she'd been offered a spot in the central offices. The partial-nudity was a shock. She couldn't recall ever exposing so much, even in gym class in high school. But nobody seemed to mind, and she found the sight of all of those men to be a tremendous turn-on. And then she'd discovered the rooms next to the break room, and how they were used.

There were four cots in those rooms—there were three different break rooms—and employees used them to have casual sex with each other. In one way it was a relief. She didn't have to masturbate in the restroom two or three times a day. Instead she had men who could satisfy that particular itch, and they did so quite enthusiastically. She also decided part of her problem with sex was that the men she'd gone to bed with hadn't known what they were doing. These men did, and they demonstrated that knowledge quite eagerly.

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