The Gods Invade in 2012

by sonyaesperanto

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Desc: Science Fiction Story: A hypothesis with scenarios about what would happen if aliens really were coming to invade us in 2012 and what is it going to probably be like.

Author's Note:

This is not one of my usual stories as this story is not an erotica. This story was written for people who are in the school of thought that long time ago humans were created by space aliens from another planet and that these being worshipped an ancient gods throughout the world by all ancient cultures, from Egypt to China to South America.

Some believe that one day these alien gods would return to us and even some like the author Erich Von Daeniken (author of Chariots of the Gods) believe that these alien gods would return to us as early as 2012, rationalising the view as to why 2012 is significant in the Mayan calendar (popularised by the book The Mayan Prophecies which further inspired the 2009 film of the same name).

I am sure some of you know these ideas because of the 1994 Roland Emmerich film Stargate and all its tv series spin offs (personally I preferred the movie to the tv series which I thought ruined it).

As for what these gods looked like Zechariah Sitchin, author of the Earth Chronicles series, said that they resembled human beings but were as tall as 9 to 10 feet. According to some (and I won't mention David Icke) they were reptilian-humanoids, which were the source for all our Dragon legends and tales of winged beings or serpent gods (just think of the old 80s tv series V The Final Conflict).

In my story I decided to go with the idea that these alien gods were reptilian humanoids like the aliens in V The Final Conflict.

Now the thing about this story is the concept of "what if we really were created by space aliens and what if they did return to us in 2012?" You, my fellow readers, would have to decide for yourselves as to how would you feel if the scenario in this story did come true, as this story illustrates a scenario of what could happen.


Chapter 1

Rogan was sat inside his flat in Bristol, West of England. He lived on the second floor of a three storey building. He had a lounge, a kitchen with a dining table, a bedroom and a bathroom. Rogan lived alone. He was a man who didn't give a shit about anything.

Rogan was 42; physically far fitter than anyone in Britain half or a third of his age, never been married and never had children with any woman, stood at 5'8, bald (he used to have jet black hair but not anymore), the color of his eye iris as green as the leaves in Sherwood Forest, ran an Internet Cafe with his Jamaican business partner Jose, enjoyed thinking about nearly everything in the world and had no problem with loneliness.

He was not close to any of his relatives so had no idea what they were up to.

It was 9PM and he was sat down watching television. He was watching the BBC1, watching the latest news. It was snowing hard outside and Christmas Eve was 3 nights away. It was 21st of December.

The world is not going to end tonight and many morons believe that today is the last day on Earth, Rogan grumpily thought to himself.

He knew about people buying into the Mayan Prophecies about the world ending in Dec 21st 2012, but not him. He was a sceptic. The news report mobs of people in many parts of the world going crazy over the Mayan Prophecies.

God Damned Fucking idiots, Rogan thought.

He grabbed his can of beer from the floor and started sipping from it.

Suddenly the image of the BBC1 changed. He was now seeing an anchorwoman live.

"This just came in. Worldwide there have been reports of UFOS hovering over the skies of many world capitals ... Beijing. Cairo. Lima. Man more capitals..." the anchorwoman spoke.

"What the fuck????" he asked himself.

Am I hearing things, Rogan thought.

One moment he was watching the BBC1 and the next moment there was no signal. He quickly got up, grabbed the remote control and started flipping channels. All the channels were out of signals.

UFOS? Is that true? Are we being invaded by aliens? He thought.

This was a shock to Rogan. He was familiar with everything that people had brought up about aliens whether they were real or even visited us once and created the Great Pyramid or the Nasca Lines in Peru or many other ancient wonders.

Rogan heard a knock on his front door. He got up and opened it. It was his Pakistani neighbour from downstairs. Khaled. Khaled was a second generation Pakistani-Brit and was half Rogan's age. Khaled lived alone too.

"Did you watch the news?" Khaled asked Rogan.

"You mean about the aliens and UFOs? Hard to believe. I don't know if this is some government agenda or this is an inside job, like 9-11," Rogan proposed, chuckling.

Rogan heard all kinds of conspiracy theories before, including one about 9-11 being an inside job heralding the entire world for a one world government. He didn't buy really buy into such things.

"Do you have Internet in your house?" Khaled asked.

"No," Rogan responded.

"Come downstairs to my place," Khaled suggested.

Rogan went to Khaled's flat via his lounge. Khaled turned on his laptop on his desk and went online. He was opening up some sites with videos attached on them and many of these videos were recorded from cell phones, like what I reporters did for CNN.

Rogan gasped. He was now watching a video that took place in Pakistan. He was watching entire buildings being vaporised by what looked like laser cannons that came from what looked like a spaceship.

"The War of the Worlds," Rogan said to himself.

"This is not funny. This is not some stupid Hollywood movie. This is all really happening," Khaled scolded him.

There was a knock on Khaled's front door.

"I'll get it," Khaled said.

A minute later both men were joined by their third neighbor. His name was Krycek. He was a Blond Russian guy who was also half of Rogan's age and lived above Rogan.

"I am going to show you the video what happened in Pakistan and many other places," Khaled told Krycek.

"So your tv had no signals to huh," Rogan sarcastically said.

Khaled showed them both all the videos that website had and of course videos from "youtube". They saw videos taken by amateurs. They saw people running away from spaceships devastating things with their lasers. They saw flying machines resembling the ones from the Terminator movies flying around killing fleeing people below them. They even saw giant robots, not much different from that Hollywood movie Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, and very large out-of-this-world battle tanks, like the ones from the Star Wars movie; blowing buildings up, killing off entire combat military unites trying to fight them with primitive human weapons.

"So we are being invaded by spacemen?" Krycek asked both other men.

Krycek spoke in broken English.

"That is what we are being led to believe," Rogan chuckled.

"Don't be an idiot. You saw the videos. No government or military on Earth has such technologies to do all that. You saw the spaceships. You saw all the ruins. The governments would do this to their own people. If they have this already they would not do this by surprise. Military coups are all done right on your face, like Burma and like North Korea," Khaled lecturing a cynical sceptical Rogan

"I remember a guy from Azerbaijan who wrote about such things. He now lives in Israel but he said that we were created by aliens from a tenth planet in our solar system and that one day they come back to come and enslave us," Krycek telling the other two in a serious tone.

"You mean that knucklehead Zechariah Sitchin," Rogan said to him.

"Yes that's the one," Krycek smiled.

"If he is a knucklehead then how come everything these people said is now happening for real," Khaled shouted at Rogan.

"So what is the next thing they are going to do to us," Rogan said to Khaled.

It should have been a question but wasn't. he wanted Khaled to tell him what he thought was going to happen.

"They will kill some of us and our governments would surrender control of the planet to them," Krycek told Rogan in a serious friendly tone.

"That is fucked up. You guys never wondered that maybe President Obama, President Medvedev and the other world leaders won't resort to using nuclear warheads," Rogan cynically pointed out.

He wasn't sure if this was really happening as he felt he was now in some bizarre reality, like the Twilight Zone.

"That is a good point but another man said that the aliens would orchestrate their takeover of the world by having spies within our governments," Krycek said.

What Krycek said just now scared Rogan. Rogan believed his Russian neighbour was right. If they were so advanced they wouldn't simply invade and not expect us to fight back.

"I know all this stories and alien conspiracy ideas and not just from that nut David Icke. A guy from Texas said that there is a strong possibility that our own governments are working with these aliens and that they would be the ones ruling over us for these aliens, you know, like concentration camp guards in Poland," Khaled enlightening them on what he knew.

"I know the stories too. They won't kill us. They would spare us so that we can once more become their slaves to toil in some African mines and of course fuck all our women as if they were prostitutes," Rogan said it in a sarcastic tone.

This is really happening. My God. Wait a minute. I don't believe in a God. Now I am wrong. There is a God but he's an alien too, Rogan thought.

Deep down all 3 men weren't sure what to do. This was all happening very fast. They knew the stories about space aliens and that these space aliens were the gods of old. They didn't know whether to run or what to do next.

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