Birthday Gift

by obohobo

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Desc: Sex Story: "Hey, she's not the same Polly that you used to knock off years ago, is she? Didn't she marry your brother?" "Sure did, and now he's given her back to me."

Wednesday 14th April 2010

"Happy 30th little brother. The big three-O deserves a present that is rather different to our usual gifts. I know that traditionally we exchange presents that are pretty useless, presents that make us smile, sometimes they even bring forth a burst of laughter, but within a day or two, are discarded. Occasionally a gift is so stupidly humorous, we keep it for a few months to show our friends but even then, it is thrown away long before the next birthday. I wonder how long you will keep my present this time and if you will laugh, smile or groan?" he paused for a long while. I stood slightly behind him and nervously waited and watched for his brother's reaction, not at all sure I liked the idea but I'd agreed to it. "Rory, this is my gift to you this year." Taking my hand he led me to his brother, "Rory, my wife Polly." Abruptly he turned, walked to the car and drove off, leaving me on the quayside and my two suitcases sitting on the tarmac in the car park.

Neither of us anticipated Leonard's swift departure and for a short time, Rory stood dumbfounded and I felt tears forming in my eyes in case he rejected me. I needn't have worried. He quickly got over the shock and his arms clasped me in a hug and his lips found mine. "This is a more welcome present than his usual ones," he laughed, "Let me put your cases in the launch and then we'll go into the café out of the wind, and have a mug of tea and you can explain what brought this about."

Effortlessly he carried my belongings down the stone steps and deposited them in the little motor boat that would take me to the old barge moored half a mile or so down river, the boat that has been his home for many years.

"Two teas please, Betty, and meet Polly. She's likely to be in here with me for a while."

"Yeah, like a week, or maybe two if she's like all the others." Betty had a huge grin on her face. "Hey, she's not the same Polly that you used to knock off years ago, is she? Didn't she marry your brother?"

"Sure did, and now he's given her back to me."

My blushes would have lit up a dark room but fortunately a crowd of workmen came in wanting meals and Betty left us in peace. The noise level in the small room rose so we couldn't hold a conversation and I drank my tea and thought back to my teenage years whilst Rory kept his hand on my knee.

I'd had other boyfriends before meeting Rory but he became my first serious boyfriend, serious for me but not for him. While I kept to him exclusively, he dated other girls. It came to a head one weekend when I'd arranged to meet him at his house before going to the cinema, only to find Leo alone there. "Sorry, Polly, Susan came round and he went out with her," he apologised. I wasn't even late. When I burst into tears, Leo offered to take me out.

The two brothers are totally different in character. Rory is dominant, forceful, sexually exciting and demanding and always wants to 'play the field'. Leo is quiet, reserved and unimaginative when it comes to sex. Boring. Nevertheless he's a gentleman and always behaved correctly towards me. I wanted Rory though and kept seeing him as my steady and he did indeed have fewer girls on the side, but when, near the end of our time at university, I mentioned marriage, he forthrightly and unambiguously told me, "No. One girl isn't enough for me at least for the foreseeable future." On the rebound, I turned my attentions to Leo and dated him through my last months at university.

Rory lived with his parents at the time but had the use of his grandfather's 85 ft. Thames sailing barge, the 'Anna May', long ago converted into a houseboat but now bereft of its sails and spars, still able to move at a stately 10 knots under its the power of its twin diesel engines. As well as this he had his own little sailing dinghy which I went out in several times. At university he studied Marine Biology and afterwards obtained a post with the Society for the Protection of the Marine Environment (SPOME). His grandfather died and left the barge and an allowance for its maintenance to Rory and he's lived on it ever since. Although old, the interior is well furnished and nicely equipped with most modern conveniences.

I obtained a degree in accountancy but only worked for nine months before marrying Leo. What a mistake. I soon found out that he wasn't the dominant male that I needed, in fact he was an utter wimp, a gentleman but a wimp. We didn't go anywhere, we rarely had sex; we were more like an elderly stay-at-home couple. As I became more and more bored and frustrated I frequently, disparagingly, compared him with his brother. Leo apologised but said I knew the sort of person he was when we married and he couldn't be the demanding man I thought I wanted. Despite this I remained faithful to him and now, sitting in the café, I wondered why. I recalled the argument we'd had a week previously about our lives, or at least, I argued and he sat back and largely said nothing until I again unfavourably compared him to Rory. "I ought to have married him, at least I'd have some excitement in my life."

After a long silence he looked at me with sadness and said, "Well if that's how you feel, I'll give you to him." He left it there and refused to answer any of my questions as to what he meant but I couldn't get the remark out of my mind, although he never mentioned it again until he woke me early on the birthday morning. "Get up and pack what you'll need to live with Rory for a while. We're meeting him on Bleston Quay at ten o'clock. It's his birthday and you will be his present. We'll see how long he keeps it this year." Of course I knew of the tradition of useless gifts and until now, he'd culled joke shops and Internet sites specialising in absurd presents, but I couldn't believe he'd put me in that category. For almost the first time since our marriage he acted forcibly and thrust aside my arguments that he couldn't do that to me with, "That's what you wanted and if he discards you after a few days, you can come back here and live a normal life." He thought our life normal!

On the drive to Bleston, I looked forward to seeing and being with Rory again but I also worried as to the reception I'd receive and more particularly, did Rory already have a woman living with him? If so, would I have to play second fiddle to her? How would he treat me? Would I be his slave? We'd played master and slave games when we'd been together but only for an hour or two and for fun, now I might have to live a slave's life 24/7. Could I stand it or would I want to return to Leo and his so-called normal life?

"Time to go. We can't talk here." Rory interrupted my thoughts.

"Hey, Rory, I just remembered," Betty yelled above the noise, "Happy birthday, how old are you? Forty-five? Was she your present?"

The clamour ceased and all the workmen turned in our direction and I wanted quietly disappear but Rory took it in his stride, "You could say that."

"You going to unwrap her here?" one of the men shouted.

"Not with you lot around! See you Betty." With that we headed for the launch.

We paused at the top of the steps and as I watched the waves of the river Blest lap against the stonework, I again wondered if I'd, made the right decision. Rory sensed this. "You do realise, Poll, that once you get into my boat, you are mine until I wish to get rid of you. You will be my personal harem slave. I won't maim you but there will be times when I shall punish your misbehaviour or refusal to do my bidding. If you cannot accept that, say so now and I'll phone Leo to pick you up and you can resume your life with him."

Zipping my coat tightly against the chill April wind and clutching the handrail, I made my way down the slippery steps.

"This is my cabin with the nice large bed which I'm sure you remember from all those years ago. You'll sleep in here unless I have another woman with me then you may either sleep with us or in the cabin next door depending on our mood. You can store all your stuff in the other cabin because you won't be wearing much when you're with me and you can throw your bras and knickers away because you won't be wearing them." His speech and other comments he made whilst giving me a tour of the barge, made it clear that there would indeed be times when he'd treat me as his harem slave and he further reinforced this when I'd put my clothes away, by ordering me into the saloon. "Time for me to unwrap my present. Don't I get the 'Happy Birthday' song from you?" and we laughed at my effort at singing.

Slowly he undressed me and as each area of flesh became exposed he kissed or massaged it until I became very aroused and would have willingly opened my legs and allowed him to fuck me. Instead he wanted a blowjob. I suppose that is a slave's life; it's not what I want that matters but at least I had more sexual excitement in an hour than I'd had for the last few years. With the generator humming in the background and the electric heater on low, I didn't need clothing and enjoyed him playing with my tits and squeezing my nipples. Wondering what he would do if I refused but at this stage not wishing to find out, I knelt between his legs, opened his flies and fished out his already hard prick. For a short while I gently massaged its meaty length and mentally compared it with my husband's smaller one but a touch on the back of my head reminded me to open my mouth and take it in. In my boredom at home, I'd often resorted to watching porn on the Internet, seeing actresses seemingly sucking men with great enthusiasm, and I tried to imitate them. I sucked and rubbed his prick and either his balls were already on a hair trigger or my performance was better than I thought, for he quickly shot his spunk into my mouth.

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