Priscilla's Problem

by sonyaesperanto

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Priscilla is an attractive nerd who has to move town all because her younger jock brother was acquitted by the courts after having been accused of raping his cheerleader girlfriend. Later her brother discovers her secret, one that could ultimately ruin her, and uses it to blackmail her into becoming his personal slave.

"Hey why'd you changed the channel?" Priscilla scolded her younger brother Thomas.

"That show sucked. I wanna watch this show instead," Thomas chuckled, after grabbing the remote control from his sister.

Just about a minute ago Priscilla was watching a History Show on television about the Amazon warriors and their ancient corpses found in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Thomas changed the channel and now they were watching a show she didn't liked but one he liked, Wrestlemania.

Priscilla was 21; looked like the singer Cheryl Cole (from Girls Aloud) and was an intellectual student who graduated from school and had yet to enter college. She was a nerd but didn't look like one and had no glasses on. She kept her body fit and always dressed very intelligently too. She was also sending out her CVs, waiting for responses from the colleges.

Thomas was her younger brother at 18 years of age; looked like a younger version of the professional wrestler Chris Jericho, a head taller than his older sister and was a football jock.

"You win. I'm going," Priscilla left the living room, heading towards her bedroom.

They lived in a new house. Her mom was lucky enough to get it for a good price. It was two storeys. Downstairs was the living room, the kitchen, a bathroom and one bedroom. That one bedroom was Priscilla's.

Upstairs was another bathroom and two bedrooms, occupied by her mom and by Thomas.

Originally when they first moved in, she told her mom that she wanted the upstairs bedroom. Thomas wanted it too. Her mom told her that her brother had been through real hard times and that she decided to give him the upstairs bedroom.

Once inside her bedroom she slammed the door. She went to her desk, sat down, switched her laptop on and went online.

2 minutes later there was a knock on her door.

"Priscilla. May I come in," her mom called from outside the bedroom door.

Priscilla sighed, got up and then opened the bedroom door.

She assumed her mom heard the commotion downstairs and was in her bedroom, probably reading her novel or something or perhaps chatted with one of her friends on her cell phone.

"Honey I wished you were much nicer to your brother at times. I mean you know what he has been through," her mom said to her.

Priscilla's parents were divorced and both she and her brother ended up with their mom. Her mom and brother looked alike with their Blond hair and blue eyes. Priscilla had brown hair and brown eyes, taking after her biological father.

"It's not my fault why we moved town," Priscilla said.

Thomas was accused of having raped his girlfriend, a cheerleader, and it later turned out that the allegations against him were false. During the time period of the trial, the whole town was against Thomas. They weren't against him because he was a popular high school jock but also because he was an arrogant bullying asshole, known to have been bullying younger and smaller kids at high school.

When he was proven innocent later on, his mom decided that they should move town, as she felt angry for no one having taken her side and her son's. Thomas had also graduated from high school and his court case happened right after his graduation. Like his sister he too was waiting for responded from colleges about his future, most probably in sports.

Priscilla, on the other hand, was popular with the less popular kids as she was kind and nice but still got into arguments with the popular kids.

Most kids (both the popular ones like the jocks and the cheerleaders) and the average kids (like the nerds, geeks, punks, skaters and wiccans) would always say things like "I can't believe you two are brother and sister. I mean you two have nothing in common."

They never got along and never will but she had to tolerate him for her mother's sake.

"Please honey. He's your brother. He is the only sibling you have," her mom cried, as if she was about to really cry.

"Mom he took the remote control from me," Priscilla protested.

"Priscilla I don't want to hear it. I want you to go downstairs and keep him company. He has no other friends in this town and that is why he is acting like this," her mom scolded her.

Priscilla also didn't want her mom to get angry with her like and so "caved" in.

"Ok mom. Just let me turn my laptop off," Priscilla sighed in defeat.

Priscilla left her bedroom and joined her brother in the living room again. Basically they had two couches. One single couch where her mom normally sat and one for guests.

Thomas occupied the single seat and Priscilla occupied the large couch.

"So glad for you to come and join me," Thomas chuckled to her.

She hated wrestling as to her it was nothing but violence.

Her mom came downstairs to see her two children.

"Ok kids. I am calling it a night," her mom called out to them, but more to Thomas.

"Night mom," Thomas called back, without turning his eyes off the television.

Thomas was often spoiled by their mom. Firstly, because of the trial against hum. Secondly, because he was the younger child.

"Hey listen kids I am going off to bed but before I do, anyone wants a hot chocolate?" she asked, in a smiling tone.

"I want one. With whipped cream on top please," Thomas cried with excitement, now looking happily at his mom.

"No thanks mom. I have no appetite," Priscilla said to her mom in a low monotone.

"Priscilla, could you make the hot chocolate for Thomas. I'm kinda tired," her mom yawned.

Priscilla was pissed deep down but tried not to show it.

"Yeah sure mom," Priscilla said.

Her mom yawned and stretched her arms. Her mom then left them, heading upstairs.

Priscilla got up, about to go to the kitchen. The kitchen adjoined a narrow corridor leading to her bedroom and the other bathroom.

"And Pris. Could you bring me some cookies too," Thomas said to her.

Priscilla looked at her brother. He was giving her a wicked smile. He used to give her such smiles since they were kids. He was the naughty little brother except he outgrew his sister in popularity.

Priscilla gave him an annoyed look. She headed to the kitchen and made the hot chocolate for him and the cookies, placing them all in a tray. When she was done she brought it all out for him in the living room, placing it on the wooden table.

"Hey you forgot the whip cream," Thomas complained.

Priscilla shot her brother an angry look. Thomas looked equally annoyed.

"Alright I'm sorry. I'll go get it," she told him.

She went back to the kitchen and came back to the living room with the whip cream can spray and sprayed it all over his hot chocolate.

"That's much better," Thomas smiled.

"Ok Thomas. I'm off. Good night," Priscilla said to him.

"What do you mean good night! You don't have to wake up tomorrow morning for work like mom," Thomas protested.

"Do you have any new friends in this town?" she asked him, with curiosity.

"Do you?" he asked her.

"I asked you first," Priscilla said.

"Why do you ask me something you already know?" he asked her.

"What??? I wasn't being sarcastic. I mean do you hang out with other people?" she asked.

"Do you?" he asked her in return.

"Fuck this. You are not answering me," Priscilla said.

She was irritated by his response.

"Why are you being rude to me? After everything I have been through," Thomas said to her in a bitter tone.

"Ok Thomas. Forget it. I am too tired for having this kind of hardcore conversation," Priscilla said.

"You're the one being rude here. You didn't answer my questions," Thomas said.

He is such an arrogant assholic jock, Priscilla thought.

Priscilla turned around, headed towards the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" he asked her.

"To the kitchen," she responded.

"Hey while you're over there could you bring me some crackers too," Thomas said.

Priscilla fumed underneath. Priscilla only wanted to go the kitchen so that she could put back the whip cream can spray into their fridge. Now she had to bring him something else.

Priscilla went back to the kitchen and then brought Thomas his crackers.

"Thomas I hope you enjoy Wrestling. I'm really tired," Priscilla said to him in a tired tone.

"If you go I will be all alone here. I have no friends. I mean come on. You're my sister. Aren't you supposed to take care of me? I really need you right now to keep me company," he protested.

Priscilla could see it in his eyes. He wasn't joking. He looked serious and even upset.

"Alright," Priscilla sighed.

She didn't want to be in the living room with him. The Wrestling show went for such a long time that she eventually fell asleep on the couch.

Priscilla was enjoying her sleep until her brother woke her up, by tugging at his arm.

"Pris wake up," Thomas trying to wake her up.

Priscilla's eye lids slowly fluttered.

"You fell asleep," her brother said.

Priscilla didn't get up. She was still half asleep.

"Ok I'm going to bed," Priscilla responded with a yawn.

"Pris sorry I have been a jerk tonight. How about I make it up to you," he offered.

"No it's ok. Just let me rest here a while longer," she smiled at her brother.

Before she could blink her eyes again, her brother lifted up her entire body and carried her.

"Thomas what are you doing?" she was surprised.

Thomas carried her all the way to her bedroom in less than a minute. Once inside her bedroom he placed her on her bed.

"Thank you Thomas," Priscilla was grateful.

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