First One

by White Wolff

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A horny but innocent boy and his friend's sister.

"Of course I have." I lied in response to my friend's question about seeing a girl's tits. Sammy Chaplain was a lucky bastard. He had two sisters, two years either side of our fifteen years. He had, or claimed to have, seen both of them naked from the waist up. He dismissed Kelly's as not much different than ours, but maintained that seventeen year old Pam had the full monty. From what I'd seen when she wore a bikini, I couldn't argue, and that had been over a year earlier.

Having no sisters of my own, Pam was the only 'big' girl that I came into regular contact with and her tits had provided me with more than one wankfest. The nearest I'd got to seeing them bared was in a skimpy bikini top on the couple of times she'd deigned to join as at the swimming baths. I was also certain that she knew exactly the effect her bikini had on me and her brother, to say nothing about every other male there over about eleven.

"Whose?" Sammy demanded as we both sat on his bed.

"A gentleman never tells." I said trying to portray a dignity I sadly lacked. I had read somewhere that keeping quiet about your conquests was hugely appealing to girls, especially the majority trying to maintain their reputation. Of course keeping quiet was easy when said conquest was fictitious, it also prevented the need for making things up about a topic you knew only in theory.

As usual our discussion became louder as we both stuck to our guns. Part of our friendship was based on the ability to argue like mad without any real animosity. To keep him from asking too many difficult questions and to try to maintain a very dubious high ground I told him I didn't believe him either.

We were almost shouting when he described how he'd spied on his elder sister in her bedroom. Once again, with a morality it is easy to hold when it's not you being tempted, I said loudly. "That's not nice, I would never do that."

Just then we both heard something on the landing and instantly we shut up. Not in time though, as the bedroom door opened and a very angry Pam stormed in.

"Spying on me you little creep, just wait until Dad gets in and see what he says about it." She screamed at her brother louder and shriller than we'd been.

"Sorry Sis, I didn't mean to. Don't tell Dad, he'll kill me. I'll do anything." My brave friend said cringing behind me.

A look of sheer malice appeared on Pam's otherwise pretty face. "Anything?"

He nodded eagerly.

"Okay. As a test, I want you to run an errand for me."

"Sure Sis, anything."

"Stay there, both of you. Don't move and don't talk." She ordered before leaving the room.

Just a few seconds later she was back with a fancy little carrier bag. "Inside here is a bra that Mum bought for me. It is the wrong size. I want you to go to Dorothy Perkins in town and exchange it for 34C."

His sister knew exactly what she was doing by sending Sammy on this 'errand' and how hard it would be for him. I could almost feel the heat as my friend's face got redder and redder. Hell, I was blushing and I didn't have to go. I could see that he wanted to argue and was trying to work out which was worst. Deciding that it was his father's wrath he got up and took the bag.

"You coming?" He asked me hopefully.

"Not a chance!" I grinned, my blushes receding.

Hearing the expected answer he ran off to do his chore. I got up off the bed to make my way home.

"Did you mean what you said?" Pam asked me once Sammy was out of sight.

"About what?"

"About not talking about girls and not spying on me."

I thought quickly how best to answer and decided honesty was easiest. "The first certainly and the second ... well I hope I could resist but you are ... hmm..." I couldn't finish the sentence but Pam got my meaning.

"Well at least you are honest." She laughed. "Are you going to tell me who it was?"

Taking a second or two to work out what she meant, I also realised that Pam had been listening for a while. "Can't!"

"Can't or won't?" She asked cleverly.

"Can't, because as you've guessed already, there isn't anyone." I answered taking a great interest in my feet.

"Thought as much. Yet you still wouldn't spy on me?"

"I'm sure I wouldn't." I replied before adding bravely. "Not that I wouldn't look if it was really accidental."

"And how would you expect that to happen?" Pam said grinning.

"I wouldn't as me, I was talking about if I was your brother."

"So if I was, say, in my bedroom and I hadn't closed the door properly, then you'd look?" Pam was enjoying her teasing and the embarrassment it was causing.

After a prompt, I tried to answer. "I guess I would look then but I wouldn't hang around."

"Shall we put it to the test then?"

All this talk about catching a glimpse of a girl's breasts would normally have me erect but the way the conversation was going all available blood was up around my face. How could I answer that.

Taking my silence as not a no, Pam went into her bedroom leaving the door partly open. I had no idea what she planned to do but I quickly stepped back and turned away.

"I'm just taking off my blouse." She whispered.

'Shit' I thought, this is the first chance to see a girl's tits for real as she added. "Now my bra."

"You like them then?"

"I told you that I wouldn't look and I haven't.' I answered hoarsely.

I heard a giggle. "I haven't been able to tempt you then."

"It's so hard, but I'm doing my best.'

"Yes, I'll bet it's hard Wolfie." She giggled louder making me even more uncomfortable because she was so right.

A few seconds later the bedroom door was pulled fully open and Pam came out. Instantly my gaze went straight to her breasts. Disappointingly but expectantly they were covered up, or at least mostly. She was still wearing her dark blouse but now only one button was strategically fastened. The bra was no longer there and it was impossible to miss her nipples protruding from the material.

My jeans were getting more uncomfortable by the minute as my erection continued to grow.

"My tits not nice enough for you then?" Pam asked with the assurance of one who knew the answer.

"They're beautiful." I stammered. "Sorry, I mean you're beautiful ... but I try to keep my word."

"And that includes not talking to anyone?" She asked as her fingers played with the one fastened button.

My mouth was suddenly too dry to talk so I just nodded.

Without warning she undid the last button and moved her hand away. I gulped. In reality I couldn't see that much more than when it was fastened, just an inch or two of the valley between her breasts. It was easily the most erotic thing I'd ever seen, even on the few pornos I'd managed to watch. I was mesmerised and it was only Pam's loud laugh that made me look away and at her face.

"Looks as if you do like them after all." She said.

"Now, I need to get changed for a shower."

I nodded and started to head down the stairs.

"No need to go, you can watch if you want but I warn you now, god help you if you tell anyone."

She returned to her room, once more leaving the door partly open. She turned to see me standing by the open door and said firmly. "Stay there and just watch. Don't open the door any more than it is."

I was more than happy to obey.

She went to her dressing table and sat brushing her hair, occasionally checking that I was still there and not cheating. After a while she stood up and with her back to me, very slowly she let the blouse fall to the floor. I admired the feminine shape of her body, especially the way it tapered at her waist. She began to do something else with her hands but I didn't really pay any more attention to that part of her body. I just stared at her back and gasped each time she turned just a little to the side. Even from these rapid glances, I could tell that her tits were firm and need little support.

Pam then sat down in front of her mirror. For the first time in my life I was looking at real, if reflected, tits, nipples and all. She once again started to brush her hair and as she lifted her arms her breasts stuck out proud. I watched, entranced, as she stopped messing with her hair and moved her hands to cup her breasts. I could see clearly her protruding nipples as she squeezed herself. I wanted to squeeze myself but was scared to touch my cock for fear of coming instantly.

Pam then stood up and walked towards the door. The gentle sway of her breasts had me memorised and it was a good job she knew that I was there because there was no way I could have moved away. She acted like I wasn't there right up until she opened the door wide and looked straight at me.

She made a very delayed movement to cover herself. "Oh Wolfie, I didn't realise you were here." She lied.

Deciding that she was playing some sort of game I joined in as best I could. "I'm sorry Pam. I was just passing and saw you." I began before ending with the truth. "Once I'd seen you, I couldn't tear my eyes away."

Pam seemed pleased with what I'd said but surprised me when she told me it was time for me to go.

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