Tim and Nita

by sonyaesperanto

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Anal Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Mind Control Story: Tim, from German Slaves, continues his story

Author's Note

This is a spin off story that takes place after the events in my last story GERMAN SLAVES. Don't read this story if you haven't read my earlier story yet. Like Part 3 of that story, everything is told and seen from Tim's point of view. Tim is a German-American who became a slave to his ex-girlfriend who is a Persian-American.

A week had passed since my Mistress gave me some freedom back and allowed me to become her boyfriend again. She no longer called me hurtful names and I once more enjoyed the relationship we had in the past, as boyfriend and girlfriend.

We were holding hands inside a mall, headed upstairs to where the Cinema was. As Nita and I were still holding hands we saw the posters of the movies that were playing.

"Wow cool. I wanna see that," I said to her.

I was looking at the poster for The Fast and the Furious Part 8. I felt Nita tugging at my hand. I looked at her. She was smiling.

"I wanna see this," she told me, pointing to Sex and the City Part 4.

I sighed. The last thing I wanted to see was some stupid girlie movie. I then had an idea.

"Hey Nita. How about I watch Fast and the Furious 8 and you watch your movie and we meet out back here," I suggested.

Nita's face changed. She stopped smiling and started looking sad.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I want to catch it with you. I mean you're my boyfriend right and you love me right," Nita cried, a bit louder.

"Nita is it ok if you catch this movie alone?" I asked.

"No. Tim I want you to catch it with me," she cried.

"But Nita you know I don't really like Sex and the City. I mean imagine if I dragged you with me to go watch some action flick that you hated," I protested.

"You know something Tim. You actually couldn't drag me to go watch a stupid film that you like but I can force you to watch a film with me," Nita angrily shot back.

Nita shot me a wicked look.

"I told you before that I would treat you a lot better but I always have the final say," she smiled wickedly.

I gulped. I forgot that I still had to obey her.

"Look. How about if I pay for your ticket and food and..." I quickly offered but she cut me off.

" ... you can pay two tickets for Sex and the City, pay for our food, watch the movie until the end, paying full attention to it unless I want to speak to you and apart from that you are going to keep your mouth shut until I speak to you," Nita threatened.

We went inside the cinema. I paid tickets for two and bought all our food and drinks. Nita can be so selfish, forcing me to watch a film with her that I don't like. The whole time the movie was on, I was watching it, hating every moment of it. Nita was watching the movie, holding my hand but sometimes oblivious to my existence.

The movie lasted 3 hours but to me it seemed like an Eternity in Hell. When the movie was finally over I was so happy.

"That was such a good movie. I'm glad you caught it with me Tim," Nita looked at me lovingly.

She kissed me on the lips.

After the cinema we went to a McDonalds to eat. We found a corner to sit by ourselves. I saw so many college students and even high school students eating and drinking and socialising.

Ever since I was Nita's slave I always stayed at her place. I haven't been to my own student accommodation room in a long time. I missed my place. I also haven't had some free time or personal time for myself. I was always with Nita.

She gave me an "order" which I had to obey automatically. I couldn't speak to her unless she told me to and I only spoke (since the time at the cinema) when she wanted me to.

I just looked sad while looking at my cheeseburger. I had no appetite.

"Honey you haven't touch your food. Is everything alright?" Nita asked me.

She looked concerned me. I shook my head.

"Are you upset because I made you watch the film?" she asked.

She started looking a bit more annoyed.

"You know if you are angry with me just tell me and tell me exactly what is bothering you," Nita said it sarcastically.

"Well you won't let me speak any time I want to speak. You told me to keep my mouth shut unless you speak to me," I said it in a low monotone.

"Ok Tim. You can speak anytime you want to speak. I'm sorry I told you to shut up. You made me angry earlier you know that. If you didn't make me angry I wouldn't have been so hard on you. Tim I just want you to know this. I am being very nice to you considering that you are still my slave, that I own you and that I have stopped forcing you to call me Mistress and that I stopped humiliating and physically abusing you. I am not far away from making your life a living Hell ... again," Nita said in an angry tone.

I gulped.

"Yeah now you are scared ... Timmie-boy. I give you some freedom and here you are being ungrateful," Nita said.

She moved herself and her seat away from the table.

"Tim come here," Nita pointed over to the spot between herself and the table.

I got off my seat and walked to the spot she pointed at.

"I want you to bend yourself over the table," she commanded.

I saw many people whom I recognised as college students staring at us.

"Nita..."I wanted to say but she cut me off.

"Shut the fuck up and do as you are told," she ordered.

I didn't speak anymore; just bent my front upper body over the McDonalds table. Then something happened, something that shocked me. She pulled my jeans down but not my underwear.

I could hear customers around us murmuring.

"My God, isn't that Tim, the college football quarterback," a male student from college said.

"That Nita is a real bitch. She always gets what she wants and now I really believe it when they say she can stoop this low," cried a voice from a female student.

"Tim you have been a bad boy and now I am going to punish you," Nita cried.

She spanked my ass really hard.


It hurt a little bit but if it wasn't for me being a jock I think I would have felt far more physical pain.

"What the hell are you losers looking at? He is my boyfriend and I can do whatever the fuck I want with him. He is mine. I own him the way you morons own your cell phones and I-Pads," Nita screamed at what I presumed to be people watching us.

I have never felt so embarrassed and humiliated in my entire life. How could she do something like to me ... in public?

"Ma'am I am going to have to ask you and your ... boyfriend ... here to leave," said a guy who sounded like a staff from McDonalds, and also like a Hispanic.

"Well fuck you. I pay my taxes. I'm an American. You look and sound like one of those fucking illegal Mexican immigrants," she screamed at the poor guy.

He started babbling back to her ... in Spanish.

"Yeah. Yeah you fucking spic. You know I am right. If anyone should leave it should be you. Go back to fucking Mexico you fucking spic," Nita screaming like Hell.

"Leave him alone you Persian bitch," screamed a female voice, someone obviously from our college.

"Don't you ever call me a Persian bitch you inferior bitch. Fucking Ajam whore. My ancestors ruled the world when your ancestors were barbarian savages who couldn't read or write. Huh. My ancestors owned your ancestors. I can buy you and sell you and perhaps your entire family," Nita screamed back.

Nita laughed cruelly at her own words.

"I thought you were a nasty bitch. I was wrong. You're an evil bitch," the female voice shrieked ... with fear in her tone.

"You are as evil as Xerxes. The movie 300 is right about your people..." muttered a male voice.

"Fuck you dipshit. Don't ever speak about Xerxes like that. Xerxes' blood is superior to yours ... Ajam. I have Aryan blood. I am from a superior race that ruled over four continents and our empire was larger than any other in history. My blood is superior to yours ... fucking mongrel," Nita screamed at the last guy who spoke to her.

Tim could hear the last guy crying. Nita broke him easily with her taunts.

"Ok that's it. If you and your boyfriend don't leave I am going to call the police," muttered someone who probably was the manager

There was silence for five minutes.

"Get up and pull back your pants. We're leaving this dump," Nita ordered me.

With that she spanked my ass one more time ... in public.

We went back to Nita's place. By 7PM she cooked us dinner and we sat and ate at the dining table. She realised that she forbade me from expressing myself, so told me I am free to do so again.

I was eating hungrily.

"I knew you'd like my cooking. Damn those morons at McDonalds," Nita chuckled.

I didn't want to think about McDonalds again because of what happened today. College students who were present today are going to remember her spanking me in public.

I had to remember that Patrick and Albert and Sasha were still in the same position as I was and sometimes I saw them in college, with their Mistresses.

"Honey slow down," Nita smiled.

I slowed myself down and so I stopped eating.

"My God I can't believe I spanked you at McDonalds. I was spanking like you were a little boy," Nita laughed.

That whole thing today did not bother her at all. She really was brave and ruthless.

"You know that you made me Mommy angry today. But don't worry. Mommy still loves you," Nita said in a loving tone.

A part of me wanted to have time for myself. I wanted to go back to my own home, my student accommodation.

"Nita, could I go back to my place for a while?" I asked.

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