Twilight: Jasper & Alice

by sonyaesperanto

Caution: This Fan Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Vampires, BDSM, MaleDom, Safe Sex, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Story: Twilight Fan Fiction. It is a far post-apocalyptic future where Jasper and Alice are the only ones left in the world and Jasper is out for revenge against Alice for having broken up with him and the result of him having been tortured by other vampires who came between them.

Author's Note:

The characters of this story are based on the hit vampire novel/movie series Twilight. This novel was written by Stephanie Meyers and has a strong fan base (mostly females and even some males).

I am a fan of any vampire literature of any concept, regardless if it is a love story or a normal horror story or even social arte farte or sci fi.

As for why I wrote this story was because I liked some of the characters in it. Not Edward and Bella, but other characters. The story focuses on a vampire couple named Jasper and Alice.

As for any of you who are not familiar with the series Twilight, basically it has its own concept about vampires. They stay forever young, possess supernatural strength and stamina and drink blood (not necessarily human but animal ones).

However they do not sleep, can walk out in broad daylight, can swim under water and have diverse individual abilities similar to the mutants in X Men and are nearly as invincible as Superman. They also bear no fangs in their mouth. They are not shape shifters like Dracula. They are not allergic to garlic and a stake through the heart would not work since their skin is as tough as Superman's.

As for this story itself it takes place somewhere in a far post apocalyptic future. Humans, werewolves and most of the vampires are long gone. Only Jasper and Alice remain. Now originally Alice has the mutant power of clairvoyance but in my story she has lost that ability. Although many fans of this story loved it for its romance, in my story Jasper and Alice broke up a long time ago and are now immortal enemies because they fell out (something like why people get divorce).

Jasper and Alice are all alone, except for the remaining animals like in that Will Smith movie I Am Legend.

So I hope you, my faithful readers, can enjoy this story as a post apocalyptic story with social implications but if you already are a Twilight fan, please read this as a Jasper/Alice story, not a Bella/Edward/Jacob one.

As for what also influenced me to write this story was the graphic novel Hulk: The End, where the Incredible Hulk (hope I need no introductions for this fictional American icon) is the only person left in a post-apocalyptic future and the only enemies left he had to fight are the roaches who also survived the Third World War (a terrible nuclear war).

Alice crouched down while being on top of the head of the Statue of Liberty. Down below she could see the water. As for the city of New York itself it was a dead city. As for the statue itself it was rotting like the Sphinx in Egypt.

Too bad the humans are gone. I really liked them and this even used to be the biggest city in the world, Alice thought.

A long time ago a virus had killed off the entire human population, leaving virtually no survivors. Alice never fed on humans as she liked them and still retained a lot of her human emotions that she had before becoming a vampire.

Alice was a pale attractive blue-eyed Brunette. Long time ago she had a family. They were vampires. They died a long time ago. She and her ex-partner were the only ones who remained. They were a couple for a long time until they fell out over many issues and it came to the point that they both could not stand each other anymore.

Eventually they getting aggressive with each other and started fighting each other physically. Jasper nearly killed Alice but she kicked him in the balls (vampires can hurt each other the way humans can hit each other) and fled as fast as she could.

Her boyfriend's name was Jasper. He was a vampire since the American civil war. He was tall and Blond. He was also a military man too.

She sought refuge with another vampire family whom she knew. They said they would protect her from him, in case he came looking for her.

Unfortunately for Alice, a Vampire War broke out where all the remaining clans fought each other to the death. Alice survived and she had not seen Jasper in any of the Vampire battle feuds. She assumed that he was dead and had not seen him die.

It sucks to be the last vampire, Alice thought.

The Atlantic Ocean below her looked promising. It was full of marine life.

Even if I jump down below I know I can't end my life, Alice thought.

Vampires, unlike human beings, are incapable of committing suicide. They could only be physically killed by other vampires. As far as she knew, only she and the animals remained.

The werewolves died a long time ago too, she thought.

If there were any of them left they would have tracked her down but so far no one came looking for her.

After the last humans had died out, Alice walked the Earth and swam the oceans to see what the rest of the world looked like. All she saw were rotting corpses which animals fed on. Cities around the world were empty and full of cars and long abandoned buildings.

She had been to Asia to see the Great Wall of China. She walked the icy plains of Russia and even fought with a couple of Siberian wolves who proved no match for her. She travelled to Egypt to see the Pyramids. When she saw the Pyramid of Giza, she said to it, "I guess it is just you and me now honey."

Now she was back in the good ol USA. Once a world superpower and now dead like Ancient Rome. Like Mesopotamia.

While Alice looked down below, all of a sudden she felt very uncomfortable. All of a sudden she felt as if something dangerous from the past was right behind her. Alice slowly stood up and turned around, only because she was curious as to what it was and also that she had never had such feelings like this in a long long time.

"No. No. It can't be. Am I dreaming this? Am I imagining this??" Alice blurted out loudly.

If she had a heart beat, she would be having a heart attack right now.

I am not alone, Alice thought.

"I have been on your trail the whole time. I knew you weren't aware," the other figure said.

It was Jasper. He stood seven feet away from her. His well built. His blond hair. His angry bitter eyes.

"I ... I ... I thought you were ... dead!" Alice cried.

She thought he was dead. She wished he really did die, as she was afraid that he was going to hunt her down and kill her violently.

"No my dear. I was only hiding. But hey look on the bright side. Now you have someone else to talk to," Jasper joked.

She could see it in his eyes. He still had grievances against her. His eyes looked cruel. His smile was wicked.

You broke up with him long after all the Cullens died, she thought.

"Aren't you going to come here and give me a hug?" Jasper asked.

"Jasper. Look I have nothing against you anymore. I have been all alone for a long time. I now know what ultimate loneliness really means. I do. You won't believe this but I am really glad to see you," she said.

A part of her was glad that she was no longer all alone. A part of her did still care for him.

"Are you saying this because you are afraid of me," Jasper cried out sarcastically.

She did not like his tone at all.

"Oh come on Jasper. I am just shocked. I am shocked to see you of all people. I mean it is literally just you and me," Alice cried.

He was right. She was afraid of him. She knew what he was capable of. He was tough, calculative, aggressive and always wanted everything to go his way and be the boss of the relationship.

"I know you are scared of me," Jasper chuckled.

"What?? No. I told you I am just shocked," Alice said.

"Then why don't you come and give me a hug then!" he chuckled bitterly.

Because he knows that I am afraid that he is going to kill me and he could really do it too, she thought.

"Alice. You broke up with me. I loved you and you broke up with me. Do you know how angry that made me," Jasper cried angrily.

Yup. She knew how angry that made him. He killed 1 million people all over the country. The media said that there were wild animals loosed and that they were all lions and tigers that got snuck into the country illegally as there was no other explanation for why a million people died within a week in the same fashion.

"Jasper you got aggressive and bossy and wanted everything done your way. I was supposed to be your girlfriend but you kept on treating me like a slave. When you wanted to be by yourself it was ok but if I wanted time for myself you got angry and violent. You wanted us to go Pakistan and Central Asia and Africa where violence and civil wars were going on. I wanted nothing of that. I wanted to be somewhere more peaceful," Alice cried out in defence.

"And so you just ran from me," he screamed.

"You were hurting me. What else was I supposed to do?" she asked.

"I told you I was sorry. I begged you to come back to me. What did you do instead. You got the American Nomads to beat me up. You saw them chain me up. Did you think that they just brought me to another place where I would have taken a long time to break out my chains and learn the errors of my ways,2 he screamed.

The American Nomads were the Vampire Clan who took her in when she ran from him. He came for her and when two male members told him that she did not want to see him, all hell broke loose. Jasper pushed his way through but the rest of the male members came and they all beat him and chained him up. Alice begged them not to kill him but just send him away to another location where he would have spent a long time learning the errors of his way.

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