Taking Advantage of My Little Sister-in-law

by A Purvversion

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Incest, InLaws, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The story of how it came to be that I fucked my 14-year-old sister-in-law could be told in many more words than this piece here, but the truth is that it all boils down to a devious and calculated mind, and a couple of nights. As with my other stories this is strictly a stroke story with no redeeming value.

The story of how it came to be that I fucked my 14-year-old sister-in-law could be told in many more words than this piece here, but the truth is that it all boils down to a couple of nights.

Obviously in the nearly two years after I first married one of Stacy's older sisters, a lot happened that led to the sex, but there was nothing really that could be written to hold the readers interest.

From the first day that I was introduced to Stacy I was taken with her. I guess that being 22, fairly attractive, in good shape, and just out of college made me attractive to her as she ended up with a monster crush on me that really opened the door to the rest of this story. The tale between us started out with the customary stares and giggles from Stacy when she was only twelve. Everyone knew that Stacy had a crush on me, though we all just dismissed it as youthful infatuation and I always played the responsible, collected, don't encourage it, not affected by it husband.

My wife and I tried to get out at least once a month, to do dinner and a movie. For the first six months after our son was born, we didn't get out. When we decided to resume our 'date nights', we picked my sister-in-law Stacy to baby-sit little Cletus, even though she wasn't even 13 at the time. We just figured that she was responsible enough, and if my mother-in-law was needed, she was just a couple of blocks away.

It became a steady ritual on the third Saturday of every month for Martha and I to get out. Because most times we didn't get home until after twelve, it also became part of the norm that Stacy would always end up spending the night sleeping with my son in his bed.

On one of those Saturday 'date nights', shortly after our son turned two, my wife and I returned home earlier than usual. Stacy was still up, watching the TV in the living room. The baby was sleeping in his bed, which has sides to protect against falling out.

Martha invited her sister to watch the TV up in our bedroom with us and Stacy happily agreed. I think they both felt guilty because they didn't get together enough since our marriage.

Stacy came into our room in her robe, after Martha and I had readied ourselves for bed. In fact, we were already in bed with the TV on when my sister-in-law arrived. I don't know who decided or if it was just by happenstance, but I moved over toward the center of the bed to make room for the youngster. She innocently removed the robe to get into bed, and it took all of my willpower not to pay total attention as the youngster was wearing one of my own old t-shirts as a nightgown.

With the three of us lying on the bed with me in the middle watching this movie, it seemed as if it might be a talk-a-thon between the sisters with me in between, but my wife soon dosed off, leaving Stacy and I to finish watching the movie alone. As much as I was taken by the youngster's beauty, and knew that she had a crush on me, I would have never even considered saying or attempting anything with the youngster, being absolutely too terrified for fear of being executed by my wife's entire family. That doesn't mean that I wasn't fully aware that the young beauty was there. I sneaked peaks and allowed my nose to appreciate her presence.

With Martha now sound asleep, Stacy and I continued to quietly just watch the movie. After a while I got bored with the movie, being too aware of Stacy lying so close to me, wearing only panties and my old t-shirt. As my testosterone levels were obviously rising, I laid back and closed my eyes, trying to avoid seeing her, but being very conscious of her presence. Still I couldn't avoid thinking of her, which was what I did until I eventually dosed off.

Later that night I woke up lying on my side with my wife behind me and Stacy in front of me. She was sleeping about halfway down the bed with her back to me. Instead of turning right back to sleep I was once again aware of this young beauty, and I had one of those moments of inspiration. Pretending to be asleep, I innocently began moving my leg as though to get more comfortable and brought my foot up and placed the top of my foot squarely in the crack of my young sister-in-law's sweet little bubble butt. The feeling of my foot nestled between these 14-year-old cheeks, nestled where her thighs joined, ended up giving me an erection of steel.

Soon, Stacy stirred. In retrospect, I suppose it was the contact of something foreign in the soft indentation where her ass met her legs that woke her. Sensing that she might be awake, I simply continued to pretend to be innocently sleeping. The youngster lay there for a moment, not moving or doing anything, and then she actually pressed her ass back against my foot, and amazingly, began flexing her cheeks, almost like she was grabbing at my foot with her ass.

My cock, already hard, now almost hurt because it got so tight feeling. I couldn't believe what Stacy was doing. Then, even more surprising, she reached behind herself and gently pulled the back of the t-shirt up past my foot, so that all that remained between my foot and her ass was her panties. The warmth and firmness of her flesh was incredible.

My heart was beating wildly at what was happening. I was actually debating with myself whether to move my foot, but before I could get up the nerve to do so, Stacy moved again. This time she simply got up and left the room to go to sleep in my little son's bed.

I was so painfully hard that I had to get up and get off in the bathroom dreaming of fucking that incredible ass. I couldn't help but to later wonder if maybe Stacy had done the same, once she got to bed by herself.

In the morning, I didn't expect her to say anything and she didn't. Thankfully, she acted as though nothing had happened.

That seemingly nothing episode was the watershed event for me and although nothing more immediately happened, I began thinking of the youngster quite a lot. On her next two baby sitting stints, it was all that it could be to avoid letting Martha see me ogling her sister, but that doesn't mean that Stacy didn't notice. She did. I could see it in her eyes. Hell, she even blushed once when she caught me looking directly at her crotch.

It was almost three month after that night when Martha reminded me that she was going out with her older sister and their best friend that coming Friday, something that had been arranged months earlier to celebrate the friend's birthday.

I had been thinking and yes, plotting, so when she gave me this reminder, I gave a surprised, "Oh shit."

"What's the matter?"

"I told Pete Romano and Tommy Cuddahy I'd meet them after work and we'd have a night together."

"Damn Ray. You knew that I was going out. I've reminded you a couple of times."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. I just forgot. Damn it!" I paused and then, ever the martyr, added, "No big deal. I'll cancel out with them."

Martha nodded and went on working on opening the mail. Then she suddenly said, "Why don't you just have Stace come over and watch Cletus?"


... I waited for affect, as if I hadn't thought of that and then said, "Do you think she would, on such short notice?"

"Awww, for her fav-wit brother in law?" my wife teased. "I don't know if she'd do it for me, but I'm sure if you called her..."

"Yeah, alright. Can I help it if I'm a hunk?" I teased back then asked, "Would you call her and ask her?"

"Yes. What time will you be home? Or should I tell her she should just count on sleeping in the baby's room?"

"Yeah more than likely," I said.

"I don't know if I should trust the two of you being alone without me," she said, laughingly. Then added, "I'll give her a call as soon as I'm done with this stuff. I just have to file a couple of bills."

Thus it came that Stacy came to baby sit Cletus on Friday. Martha stayed until my sister-in-law arrived and then left to go out with her other sister and their friend.

I had told my wife to tell Stacy not to expect me, as I probably wouldn't be home until after midnight.

All I did was stay a couple of hours later in work, catching up on some of the crap that I always put aside. After that, I stopped at a restaurant to eat, putting myself in a mellow mood by polishing off a bottle of Chianti.

I got home just around 9:30 PM. I thought I'd find Stacy either in my son's room or watching TV in the living room, but she surprised me. I called out to let her know that it was me and she responded, "I'm in here," from my bedroom.

I opened the door and looked in. Stacy had already put Cletus to sleep in his bed and was watching television on Martha and my bed with the lights off. From what I could make out she hadn't switched to her nightwear. She was still in her sweater and jeans.

"Hey, how are you?" I said.

"Is anything the matter?" she asked, concerned.

"No, everything's fine. Just didn't stay out like I thought we would. I was too tired," I told her, then said, "Don't get up ... you can watch whatever you're watching."

"You don't mind?" Perfect, I thought. Better than I could have planned.

"Nah. I don't know why I'm so tired, but you're not going to bother me watching that. I'll probably be asleep before I'm on the bed," I kidded.

As Stacy turned her attention back to the TV, I grabbed my pajama bottoms from the dresser and took them into the bathroom where I stripped and put on those bottoms, purposely not wearing any underwear beneath.

Coming back to the bedroom, I padded my way to the bed. Stacy's illuminated face looked at me as I then took up my usual spot in bed, which happened to be laying down, facing her.

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