by Sirdar

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Desc: Sex Story: The story of how a young girl trapped her teacher into helping her battered mother.

It was a Saturday morning and I was sat relaxing in the conservatory at the back of my house, enjoying the warmth of the Autumn sun through the glass and reading the local newspaper spread out on the conservatory table, when I heard a tap on the glass and the door opened, and in walked Sue a young girl who was a student of mine at school. At first I did not recognise her as she looked absolutely stunning, she was wearing a little make-up, and she was wearing tight stone washed jeans and a tight white short which showed off her young breasts, straining against her shirt buttons. She had on a pair of fairly high heeled red court shoes which made her inches taller. She was wearing some cheap red earrings and a small nose stud. Her blonde hair was tied at the back of her head with an elastic band...

I asked "Hi Sue what can I do for you."

"Sorry Mr. Nash but I was trying to get away from two lads who were being a nuisance. I hoped I could stay with you for a few minutes until they give up and go away."

"Of course you can, but would you like a drink, you look a bit exhausted?"

"Oh yes please."

I knew that she was about 15, years of age, a sexy looking natural blonde and popular with her fellow students, especially the boys, although I had heard nothing bad about her. It was rumoured amongst the faculty that the family had some domestic problems, as her father was having, or had previously had several affairs and was quite brazen about his activities.

In a way I was glad of some company, not being married or having a current girl friend. I got her a drink of coke, and we got to talking quite freely, and fairly on a whole range of subjects. Quite soon I got to understand more about her domestic life at home. As we talked she came and sat down next to me on the bench, so that she could put her drink on the table. I had to admit that having her so close, and with her body occasionally rubbing against me was causing me a few problems.

Sue told me that her father was a long distance lorry driver who worked a couple of continental routes and he made no secret of the fact that he was having numerous short affairs with a number of ladies who lived on his regular routes. He was quite a ladies man and he seemed to like young married women. Her mother believed that he had already got one lady pregnant, or at least so she had been told through anonymous letters she had received. As a result of his behavior their marriage had broken down sexually, and her parents hardly spoke to each other in the house without fighting when he was at home. Which was not very often these days.

Both her older sister Jill and her, had tried to get their mother to break out, and get a boyfriend, and to live her own life, as she was still young and very attractive. But her mother still had a misguided sense of loyalty to Sue's father, mainly because of the two children, and she was frightened that if she had an affair it would get found out, although Sue was convinced that her mother was now being severely tempted and just wanted a nudge in the right direction from the right man.

She then said that she had indentified a young man who was not married, he had a good job and who would be ideal for her mother, although he was a few years younger ... She thought that if they could introduce him, and get them to become lovers, then eventually her mother would have the courage to break away from her unhappy marriage.

"That's a pretty dangerous thing to arrange". I told her. "You just can not manipulate peoples lives like that. Anyway you would miss your father wouldn't you.?"

"No way I hate the creep" Sue said with venom in her voice.

Then Sue said with a sudden change of subject. "Mr. Nash why are you not married?"

"I have never met a woman who would put up with me." I told her. "Perhaps Sue I am waiting for you to come of age." Realising it was a stupid thing to say as I saw the look in her eyes as she considered my response.

It was about then, that I realised that Sue had moved closer to me, so our bodies were touching on the bench on which we had been sitting.

"Oh I think that would be so nice." She said

Then suddenly without warning her arms were wrapped round my neck and she was kissing me passionately on the lips. I struggled gently to pull away, but she was quite strong, and I must admit that it was not an unpleasant experience, being kissed by an attractive young teenager, then I realised that her hand had found its way inside my trainers and was fondling my cock.

Now I know this was the time when I should have stood up and pushed her away, but I am only human, and suddenly. I knew that I really wanted to make love to this beautiful girl and damn the consequences. Nevertheless I protested a bit, but Sue said "That was a lovely thing to say, and who is to know what we do Tony dear, what we do when we are all alone, I am no virgin and I am on the pill?"

By now she had me thinking the same way, and I gently with a little trouble from the fastening slipped one hand inside the top of her jeans and massaged her teen aged tummy, and now I was taking the initiative. With the other hand I undid her shirt and lightly cupped one of her breasts. I leaned in toward her and for a minute or so, we kissed, tasting each other's breath. Then Sue leaned forward and kissed me, giving me a mouth-open, French kiss which took me by surprise and which I found myself responding to.

She was so sweet and willing and I quickly realised that all her actions indicated that she was quite sexually experienced. Her breathing was getting faster and shorter, and now she was taking the initiative. So trying to take the initiative back, I unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down so I could get at her pussy I slipped my hand right under her panties to her groin and found a small patch of hair on her pussy.

She gave a little moan of approval as I stroked her pussy lips. They were already very wet and I was inhaling the scent of tender, sweet young pussy musk, surely I thought one of the most wonderful scents in the world.

Sue stood up and we both undressed in silence, and together we sank down on to the carpet. We were soon in the 69 position and she took my cock in her mouth. After a few minutes she turned round and straddled my thighs, carefully she took my cock and guided it into her pussy. I sank all the way deep inside her despite my size. I felt a big thrill up my spine as those wonderful sensations started working in my body, as our bodies locked together in a passionate embrace, and our juices mingled, giving us the unique sensations that only sexual contact can give a person...

As she had told me she was no virgin, but she was very tight -- both of us were now very wet with our juices so it went smoothly. I grasped her buttocks and fucked her slowly, pulling out just as slowly, so the head of my cock would scrape the tender, sensitive insides of her tight little pussy.

Slowly, several times I did this, and then I picked up speed, beginning to fuck her faster and faster ... then

I slowed down again, grinding around deep inside her, my balls pressing against her young butt cheeks, her back arched hard against me, and she was moaning and making loud noises of contentment.

That movement felt so good that I could feel the cum start deep inside me and slowly, steadily, move in waves along the way, up from my balls and through my cock and then spurting inside her sweet young pussy unprotected, raw, my cock now so deep inside her I could feel the pressure on my balls as she, too,

came, her little buttocks pumping against me, moaning into my shoulder, her heels pounding on my ass.

As we slowed down and I gradually came back to my senses, I realised that I had probably made a very big mistake, and that my whole teaching future now relied on her complete discretion. If she talked no-one would believe me. I would be condemned out of hand.

"Tony that was wonderful and darling I need a promise that it will not be the last time that we make love." She said as she sat her young naked body, with my softening cock still locked inside her on my lap.

"Darling Tony it would be nice to go to your bedroom, and we could fuck again only much slower." she said as once again she started to kiss me very passionately on the lips. Without waiting for my answer she stood up and grabbed our clothes, and boldly took my hand and pulled me gently towards the back door into the house. Once in my bedroom, we made love again, and again, then I had a passing thought it occurred to me that we had left the back door open, but I let the thought slip from my mind as our love making was entering a new more passionate phase of unbridled passion.

It was about mid afternoon that hunger caused a halt, and we showered, then Sue took over and insisted I rested while she made some lunch ... As we finished lunch. Sue turned to me. "I don't know whether you have twigged yet, but you are the man we have chosen as Mummy's lover."

I laughed at first not taking her seriously. "Why me?"

"Well you are single, although you are a few years younger than Mummy. You are definitely good in bed, and you are a nice kind man and I think that you are a hunk and some girl is going to snap you up soon unless we do something about it. Anyway, Mummy thinks you are really cute, or so she said when she saw you at the school open day, and of course you should be aware that you have just fucked her underage daughter, who is also one of your students."

I sat there shocked as I looked across at her smiling face. "Are you threatening me with blackmail young lady"

"Yes Tony dear if necessary. So what is your answer?"

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