Depression, Obsession, and Possession

by A Purvversion

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A guy catches his wife 'in flagrante delicto' with one of her co-workers. After their divorce he goes into a depression. When he finally begins to snap out of it, he realizes how much he had been neglecting his daughter. This story takes a bit of time to develop. For readers who like a quick fix, this might not be for you.

A special thank you to Nitely for finding those many things that an author often misses even after much scrutinizing. My only concern is that if our mothers were right, he may go blind trying to HANDLE this editing. In addition, it should be noted that this is a massaged version of 'Taking His Daughter's Cherry' once found on the internet. Because the author (Marie Attwood) can't be located, it is hoped that she approves this version, which has a younger girl than hers.

When the end came to their marriage, Spence was devastated. Until he caught her in the act, he didn't have the slightest suspicion that Marge was being unfaithful. Her later revelations to him were even more shocking. Her reason for admitting to it all was to bring the marriage to a complete end. In truth, although it was sex that drove her to cheat, the fact that she did so caused her to initially feel guilt and to eventually hate the marriage itself.

Marge admitted to Spence that she had been with other men frequently during their 14 years together and over the years it was sometimes unbearable to be around him and their 12- year-old daughter Angelina, knowing she was being unfaithful.

After actually seeing Marge with that guy, and then hearing from her how she'd always been oversexed, Spence wondered if there was some point where he should have noticed. Thinking of their years together, he remembered back to those very early times together. Hell, they couldn't have been married even six months when she was gushing to him how much she loved his cock. Marge had been a virgin when they married, but she had become so cock loving for him, that he used to wonder if she had ever had another, would she have felt that way for his. After all, he wasn't overly big, and very early on in their marriage, it seemed as if she couldn't get enough of his cock.

In fact, thinking back, he recalled that it was actually Marge who volunteered to give him blowjobs and have anal sex; he didn't institute those things. He had always thought of such sexual acts as 'not for nice girls' to do, and he was somewhat reluctant to do them with his wife. However, Marge actually insisted that she wanted to, and indeed, it turned out that she loved doing both.

He remembered how she gushed that she now understood why her mom was a slut. At the time, her words shocked him, because he had only known his mother-in-law as an everyday housewife type person. He learned otherwise through Marge, who had spied on her mom many times while growing up. Mrs. Lupino apparently was 'friendly' with a few of the deliverymen, and was a truly good neighbor to a couple of men. And those were the ones that Marge knew about. She told Spence that her mom was like a wild women with those guys, often so loud that Marge was sometimes afraid that her mom would be heard from outside the house. That Marge's dad never found out was a wonder.

After Spence and Marge were married and she was so much into sex herself, she told him about her mom and kept repeating how she now understood why her mom was the way she was.

Spence guessed that his young wife's sexual needs were coming from her genes, but he never thought that just because his wife seemed to be oversexed that she would eventually cheat on him, though in hindsight he most certainly should have been on the lookout. After all, she certainly seemed to have a lust for his cock right from the beginning.

Although Marge had been cheating on him for years, it wasn't until they had been married for 14 years that he found out.

She had been having an affair with a younger man from her office for several months when he stumbled upon the truth. She had called home one evening and left a message on their answering machine saying that she would be about two hours late getting home from work, as there was a project that she almost had finished and wanted to complete before she left.

Spence thought nothing about it. His wife was that way about everything. Once she began something, she would sink her teeth in and finish it as quickly as possible, no matter how long it took.

She had been on the project for a couple of months and he just assumed it was Marge's obsessive nature that was keeping her at the office; spending a lot more time there than at home. He'd be lucky to get a 'Good Morning' and a quick kiss and she would be gone, leaving him to make sure that Angelina got to school, before he himself went to his job.

So it was that on that Friday, Angelina asked him if she could do a stay-over at her girlfriend Jeannie's, her 12-year-old neighbor and classmate. Spence said okay, and when his daughter said that she'd be going to Jeannie's house right after school, he realized he wouldn't have to get home right after work to be with her. He usually had to pick her up at his mother-in-law's house.

Free from any obligation, he decided that he would surprise Marge with dinner in her office. After he was finished at his place, he went for a couple of drinks to kill some time. Then he stopped by their favorite Chinese take-out place and picked up several of the dishes that his wife liked. Trying to time it so she would be about done with the extra work, he got to her office about 7:30 PM and the security guard buzzed him in.

(The funny look the guard gave him as he said good evening didn't register until he thought back on it on the following day.)

Until he drove straight into the wall of reality, Spence never suspected a thing. He had loved his wife and had from the first moment he had met her. He thought that they had a nice marriage and family. Yeah, they had their minor squabbles, and yeah, Marge was often irritable, but things were better than in most other marriages, he thought. They weren't rich, but quite comfortable, and Angelina was a true joy, who'd soon be in high school. The future looked nice with their daughter aiming for college and someday marrying. When Spence thought of such things, he'd smile; joking himself that old age, naps and playing with their grandchildren was just around the corner.

As he rounded the corner in the hall leading to her office he had visions of Marge just wrapping up her work and smiling at him. She'd thank him for dinner and say she was starved and glad he thought to come down. He'd take her in his arms and kiss her with all the stored up passion of the last few months. They'd eat and head for home where he'd run them a bath, light a few candles...

Until that night, he was such an incurable romantic. The events of that night cured that in him forever.

Humming a happy little tune he reached his wife's office and opened the door. It was at that moment that his world exploded into millions of tiny sharp pieces that cut his life apart and lodged in the walls of his heart; ripping it to shreds, etching the scene permanently on the back of his eyelids.

For months afterward, every time he closed his eyes, the scene was replayed in his mind.

Marge was draped over the back of a chair that had been drug into the middle of the room. She was completely nude except for a black lacy garter belt and black stockings that had a line of embroidery up the back. Directly behind her, leaning forward and pressing into her, was a naked man, whose arms were around Marge. He had a firm grip on one of her full breasts that were dangling over the back of the chair; pulling her nipple and twisting it. He was pumping his cock in and out of Marge's willing ass as she gasped and groaned. As the guy grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her head back, a loud moan escaped from the delicate curve of her throat as he slammed his cock into her ass again and again.

What happened next seemed to happen in slow motion. Spence still remembered it that way. In disbelief, he groaned, "Oh God no," and dropped the bag of food on the floor. He can still clearly see the boxes popping open and the rice spraying into the air and falling grain by grain on the carpet.

At the sound of the crash, Marge turned her head and saw him standing in the doorway. He watched her expression of pure lust change to one of fear and desperation. She pushed away from the back of the chair, throwing the man that had been mounted on her back across her desk. Her laptop computer slid off the edge and several of the keys popped out as it struck the floor on its corner.

Standing there in shock, Spence looked at the man sprawled on her desk; he was trying to recover, his dick sticking straight up in the air like a flagpole, much bigger than his. He couldn't help but to wonder if that was the reason his wife had done this.

As Spence turned, he saw Marge take a step toward him, her breasts jiggling, her nipples hard and red and swollen from the pinching and the sucking they had just received.

He couldn't breathe, he couldn't think, he needed to get out, get fresh air. It seemed like and unreal dream that he would wake from any minute to find his wife asleep, curled warmly against his side. Temporarily mindless, he staggered down the corridor and slammed his hand against the elevator button, and waited, gasping. Just as the doors finally opened, she grabbed his arm.

Anger flared, hurt ripped through him. Without thinking rationally at all, he turned to her, grasping her with all his strength by the arms and shook her. "Don't - ever - touch - me - again - you FUCKING BITCH! Don't come home! Don't call! Don't do anything! Just - get — OUT - of - my — FUCKing - life!"

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