Cher Horowitz Meets Elle Woods

by Oberon

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Clueless/Legally Blonde crossover

It was no secret at UCLA that Cher Horowitz and Elle Woods disliked each other. And Andie Anderson hoped to catch the two of them together sometime. Cher and Elle seemingly had been rivals from the moment they entered UCLA as juniors, immediately taking to competing with each other for the unofficial title of campus queen. Both L.A. residents, one from Beverly Hills, the other from Bel Air; they had never become acquainted until their debut here. Their backgrounds were equally well-to-do and reeked of affluence and popularity, but their upbringing and social circles formed their attitudes of the world around them, which was equally instrumental in forming their rivalry as the need to compete over which of them had the most toys in their lives and was thus worthier of becoming the center of attention at college.

Both were involved in campus activities designed to benefit the students at large, but for Elle's part it was about actively recruiting those who shared similar interests, while to Cher it was a means of achieving social status through involvement. This was another source of friction that simmered between them as they doubted the other's reasons for their involvement. The incentive they felt to compete began during a metaphysics class they were both signed up for the first semester they attended, then was reinforced in a fashion design class.

In the former case, a difference of opinion led to a debate between the other students in the room, with the teacher stepping in and directing its course in search of common ground between the two opposing points of view brought up by the classmates from Beverly Hills and Bel Air. The two had clearly different ideas in mind even though the professor recognized they both sought to transcend the boundaries of their public image and prove they could excel at the subject as well as anyone else. But with the debate that took place in light of their disagreement, there were bad vibes over who had more support from the class and ultimately the professor. The actual discussion that happened concerned dualism versus neutral monism, with Cher taking the position that mind and matter are separate and equally real concepts and Elle maintaining that mind and matter spring from the same concept.

The disagreement that bolstered the resolve of both women was far more socially trivial, coming up during fashion design class when they clashed again over whether skirts should end at the mid-thigh or higher up on the hips. It was Cher who then made a disparaging remark about the appeal of Elle's legs (Elle was wearing a pink skirt reaching down to her knees as opposed to Cher's shorter red skirt), to which Elle responded by raising her skirt a bit as if mocking the length of Cher's skirt, but it was obvious between them that Elle did it to show up her rival by showing off her shapely thighs. From then on it had become a may-the-best-woman-win contest between them to see who could become the most popular on campus.

Before long UCLA was abuzz with their rivalry, since they competed over everything at every opportunity. Their popularity and circle of friends, their grade point averages, and the myriad activities they arranged for other students to come and watch, the charities they supported, how much money they raised for said charities, the amount of recognition they received for their efforts. They flaunted their affluence at every opportunity that arose, going on shopping excursions and returning with monstrous amounts of extravagant trinkets to impress the other students. They as often flaunted their sexuality and fancy clothes while on campus, heading to class dressed in ensembles that commanded notice from everyone, designer bags hoisted casually over their shoulders, at times strategically showing skin to win the support of male onlookers as well.

Eventually they joined rival sororities in their bid to outdo one another. Once word was out they sought to join a sorority, every sorority on campus instantly clamored to recruit them, knowing full well their backgrounds and track records. Finally each woman joined two respective sororities, as they had to since it seemed unthinkable what might happen if they were able to join the same house. Their joining two different sororities served to augment their differences and their resentment of the attention the other got from their fan bases. Elle was considered a people's heroine, being much more outgoing and eager to offer advice or pointers to just about everyone who asked, which included many of those people that Cher's close knit circle of friends looked down upon as social misfits. Cher appealed to the bitchier, more stuck-up students on campus who considered themselves better than everyone regardless of the equal time they put into their institution of learning.

Although neither of them ever verbalized their mutual dislike, it became obvious whenever they passed by in the hallways. In the moments of tense silence that seemed to settle around the general area whenever they were in close proximity, the air surrounding them would grow thick with malice that felt tangible but regardless never surfaced outwardly. During these moments they simply flaunted their customary attitudes and moved on without speaking, regarding the other as if she was hopelessly out of her league. Elle beamed a broad smile and Cher rolled her eyes as if she was walking past a bug she'd just narrowly avoided stepping on. That was it between them, but anyone nearby knew they had a bone to pick, and with the joint activities held on campus by two or more fraternities and sororities, it was a matter of time before a confrontation occurred between them. And when it did, it seemed likely their facades would drop and the fur would fly.

Hailing from New York, and not caring much about popularity in the first place, Andie Anderson watched all this from the sidelines, growing increasingly fascinated with the constant competition between them and the animosity-filled vibes they shared when they saw each other. A major in journalism and a minor in anthropology, she had a particular interest in their ever-increasing rivalry to the point where she wondered what would happen if their paths crossed with an opportunity for it to boil over into a verbal conflict, and perhaps something more from the way they occasionally glared at each other. She decided she would have to watch for something like this to happen, since she'd an idea in mind that may prove interesting to both of them. One night alone in her room, she found her thoughts wandering to the possibility of the two rivals taking her up on her offer, and in the midst of her fantasizing she almost didn't notice her hand stealing to her naked crotch and rubbing while her other hand massaged her hardening nipples until her orgasm.

As it turned out, Andie's chance would come within the month. It happened at a wet T-shirt contest that was put on for charity by the rivals' respective sororities, one Andie attended after hearing both women would be competing tonight. She arrived late, without making a grand entrance, so as not to call any attention to herself. It was important for her experiment that it was proposed and carried out in secrecy. When she arrived the contest was already underway, and all eyes were on the women on the stage in bikini bottoms of different colors and a variety of T-shirts with icy cold water being poured on them to accentuate the contestants' nipples through the thin fabric they wore. When she got close enough to the stage to get a better view of what was happening, she saw Elle and Cher up there, being announced as two of the finalists in the contest. They stood a few feet apart from each other, not sharing one word, but Andie picked up on the bad vibes they sent exchanged as they got ready to come forward again.

It was Elle's turn to come to the front of the stage first. Her white cotton T-shirt was cut just enough so the patrons could see the edge of her navel above her pink string bikini as she moved forward, stopping just short of the edge of the stage. But all attention was shortly fixated on the front of her shirt as the water was generously poured over her chest, stiffening her nipples and the surrounding aureole as she squealed in shock at the coldness of the water, her lips hanging open in a smile that was as inviting as it was adorable. Grabbing the lower half of her T-shirt and twisting the excess water from the fabric, Elle flattened the shirt across her pert breasts so everyone could see her nips poking out from under the material as she smiled broadly and playfully bent, writhed and undulated, impressing those who wanted to see her win first prize.

When Cher was called she strutted arrogantly forward, brushing past Elle with a condescending sneer as she immediately set out to do her Bel Air-based rival one better in the seduction department. Her movements were stiff and contrived in comparison to Elle's natural, flowing motions as she posed and preened for her male supporters through the water being poured onto her shorter cutoff T-shirt, squatting and turning around to bend over and show the thong of her red bikini as it disappeared between her ass cheeks. Caressing her slender thighs, Cher moved her hands to her breasts, fondling them through her own white T-shirt, the only thing on her mind being stealing first prize from Elle Woods as she basked in the cheers from all the dudes who wanted her to walk away victorious. Capping off her performance by turning to bend over a second time, she slapped her ass with her left hand, the slap reverberating over the accompanying music.

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