Tramp Stamped Ass, Hero's Soul, and a Lover's Heart

by JackassTales

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Gabrielle Garrison is a female veteran returning from a wartime conflict only to find herself embroiled in a battle for love & lust at home. An old flame is reignited leading to seduction and fornication. Can she possibly overcome the odds and succeed with this second shot at love?


The light fog added moisture to the air. The coolness of the night wrapped around her like a wet towel, sending a shiver up her spine. She was lucky she knew the area so well, or she could have easily become lost. She looked through the trees at the house where he lived, slightly smiling at the one candle burning in the kitchen window.

Part One: Seductive Arrest

Gabrielle Garrison was a woman on a mission and neither cold, fog, or wetness was going to deter her from its swift completion. Reaching in through her police uniform's foul-weather coat's unbuttoned lapel, Gabby felt the reassuring comfort of the unyielding, metallic weapon holstered there. Pulling the gleaming revolver out, she studied its polished form glinting in the muted midnight moon. One by one, she counted the six chambers each loaded with a deadly .38 caliber hollow-point lead projectile.

Right on cue, raindrops fell with their pitter-pattering rhythm sounding strangely unfamiliar to ears which had spent the last three years in arid desert environs. After another shiver, Gabby pulled her hat over her head full of hastily-combed, flaming red curls. Holstering the pistol, the determined twenty eight year old woman steeled her nerves, stepped out of the trees, and decisively strode up the blue slate walk towards the kitchen door.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the towering structure known as Garrison Manor cowered Gabby to the point of making her quake in fright. The three-story, multi-winged Victorian mansion towered over the surrounding estate like some feudal castle would loom over its fiefdom. If this were indeed a feudal dominion then Richard and Elisabeth Garrison were its monarchs and their only son, Bradford, was its prince.

Coming to this place as the twenty year old bride of Brad Garrison, Gabby soon found herself facing a future full of uncertainty and trepidation. The new Mrs. Garrison was made to feel unwelcome as an inferior specimen for a daughter-in-law because of her station in life as the penniless orphan granddaughter of the local police chief.

Brad loved her in the beginning, Gabby had no doubts about that. But, this was back when he still had balls! As this young woman's college lover, he filled her cock-hungry cunt with his hard, horny penile meat every chance he could get. Gallons of seminal fluids flowed out of him and filled her vaginal void. The man's proposition of marriage was eagerly accepted with a spur-of-the-moment elopement quickly following.

Two years was all it took before the Lord and Lady of the manor had their pampered son browbeaten into submission. In effect, they emasculated him with the same surgical precision a surgeon would use if castrating a man's testicles. Dehorned and, for all intents and purposes de-balled, he stood by offering no resistance as his mother and father drove his young wife from 'their' house and 'their' home. Never once did it cross their minds that this was also 'her' home!

The month Gabby left this house was filled with notable events. Not only did she loose her marital family, but her elderly grandfather's life was lost in the call of duty. She picked up her university diploma alone and without a single guest in attendance. Instead of bemoaning her fate, this resolute woman took her eight years of high school and college ROTC training and her Criminal Science degree and enlisted in the United States Army as a shavetail Second Lieutenant. Following in her grandfather's footsteps, she became an officer in the Military Police. Within months she was policing war torn streets in locales stretched around the world. With stubborn determination and devotion to duty came swift advancement in rank. Decorated and cited for leadership and bravery, Gabrielle Garrison passed through the ranks from First Lieutenant into Captain then Major before enemy gunfire put a sudden halt to her career.

A gust of wind tried to brush Gabby off the slate sidewalk where she stubbornly strode. A twitch in her side reminded her of the jagged wound which had nearly taken her life only a few short months ago. With that third tour in Iraq, she knew she was probably pushing her luck, but hell she didn't have to answer to any man, so push it, she did! Okay, so she lost her army family, home, and career, but after recovering from her wounds, she received a job offer from a most unexpected place. Being most- eminently qualified for the position, she took the job in her hometown.

Stopping at the kitchen door, Gabby trembled. Unconsciously, she leaned over and rested her forehead against the glass-paned door. Six years was a long time. In point of fact, it was a whole world and a lifetime of pain gone by! Damn the waste and loss! Damn you Bradford Garrison for the lost joy, the lost love, and the lost dreams for a bright, happy future!

A movement from inside the kitchen caught Gabby's ever observant eye. A man clad only in an oversized bathtowel was stirring embers in an enormous stone fireplace. Recognition came instantly along with remembrances of times past. Indeed it was Brad and the man was performing a ritual which he and his young bride had used to do together. If unable to sleep, the loving couple would have a hot shower together, wrap themselves in soft bathtowels, and then have hot chocolate in front of the kitchen fire. The final step of their ritualistic sleep remedy was to throw down their towels for a bed, lie down with their loins conjoined, and then make sweet passionate love together.

Without her mind's permission, Gabby's eyes furtively searched the kitchen for sign of 'another' woman. Was she jealous? God no, impossible! Even though her eyes found no other, this woman's betraying eyes transferred their attention to the man himself. Yes, he was still the same tall, well-built, ruggedly handsome creature from years ago. Yes, his towel still tented out so far as to give the impression that it might be casually thrown over a fence post!

Wetness formed between Gabby's legs. After all these years her body still reacted as if she was the eighteen year old virginal freshman he had deflowered at his off campus apartment. She knew there was no fence post under the man's towel, but the magnificent hunk of meat he had there was plenty big enough to fill up even the stretchiest of elastic pussies to the bursting point. God, he had filled her pussy with it enough times that she ought to be just the woman to know! Oh glory, what she wouldn't give to have it inside her vaginal wetness right now!

Shaking her head to break the bedeviling spell which had been cast over her, Gabby stepped away from the door and allowed a cool mist to blow directly into her flushed face. As she often did when confronted with a challenge, she spoke aloud to herself. "Police Chief Garrison, get hold of yourself!" she commanded. "You are not here to play pattycake, tiddlywinks, or roll-in-the-hay with Bradford Garrison! You are here to arrest him!"

Having steeled her nerves, Gabby stepped back to the door and without looking in through the window glass she rapped the doorknocker several times. Her heart leapt as a shadowy walking figure dimmed the kitchen light. The door opened on creaking hinges and a melodious, familiar voice spoke, "Yes, who is it?"

Gabby stood spotlighted in the overhead backporch light. This courageous woman's determined resolve was shaken. The spirited speech she had prepared for this occasion escaped her lips unspoken and fled from this battlefield with the haste of a coward fleeing from a fight! Her betraying female eyes lingered too long on the swollen terrycloth mound between the standing man's legs. Using great effort, she forced her eyes away, but still they continued to study a firm abdomen and a chiseled chest. At last they stopped and gazed in awestruck fascination at the ruggedly handsome features of her former lover's face.

"Gabrielle?" Brad's startled voice quizzically exclaimed. Other than speaking her name the man could speak no more words. Instead of speaking, he moved. Flinging the heavy door open, he rushed out into the night, scooped the woman up into his muscular arms, and danced out into the cool, misty rain.

Stunned, but not really surprised, Gabby grabbed onto the trunk that was her former lover's neck and hung on for dear life. As she spun her around and around she recalled that some of this man's most endearing qualities were his unexpected impulsiveness, his outlandish behavior, and his unbridled passions. With her world revolving as a blur, she at last heard a few more words, "My love, my heart, you've come back home!"

With those words came a crush of impassioned lips. Why she allowed them to kiss her, Gabby had no earthly answer! Why she kissed them back, only God in heaven knew! Whether it was earthly mischief or heavenly magic at work here it seemed to matter little to these aroused kissers. Lip-bruising kisses were exchanged in a frenzied battle for dominion over hearts and souls. Saliva-wet tongues dueled and teased then poked and prodded inside oral cavities in a well-remembered, much-rehearsed contest of mouth copulation.

Finally, Brad Garrison sat the woman in his arms back down on her feet on the cold, hard stone porch floor. Inadvertently, his impetuous rain dance had loosened his bathtowel covering and his entire loin-covering outfit fell from his waist and landed at his feet. Although not embarrassed, this man knew the gentlemanly thing to do would be to pick the wayward garment up and return it to its proper place. Following propriety's dictates, he grabbed the towel from the floor and began wrapping it back around himself.

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