Love's Labor Found

by Big Ed Magusson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: It had been a long hard August and Dave was fortunate to have two sexy chauffeurs welcome him home for a needed Labor Day weekend break. Except, given the problems in his friends’ relationship, Dave’s labor wasn’t done….

The Dog Days of August were finally at an end. Dave let out a sigh as he stepped off the jetway. He was finally on the journey home. It felt like he'd spent more time on business trips than in Colorado during the past month. After doing a quick mental calculation, he chuckled and shook his head. He had, and it wasn't even close. It'd been over six weeks since he'd spent three consecutive nights sleeping in his own bed.

And the days he'd been home hadn't been all that great either, he realized as he trudged down the concourse. Not with both his air conditioner and his car giving out. He'd managed to replace the former but was still shopping for the latter. Fortunately, it had been a school vacation. With no teaching responsibilities, Jennifer had all but moved into his place and happily shared her car for those few days he was in town. The growing connectedness in their relationship was the saving grace for what had been a brutal month.

He couldn't help smiling, thinking of her. Was it absence that made the heart grow fonder? Or just that the separations made their reunions so smoking hot? He was definitely looking forward to this one. She'd promised to keep their Labor Day weekend clear of chores, tasks, and other responsibilities. She'd also told him, in a honey-laden voice, to take his vitamins because she had 'plans' for him.

He was definitely looking forward to it.

Of course, he mused, it wasn't all fire and passion. So much of their growing bond had simply been the little things. Lounging around the house. Planning menus and getting the groceries. Simply meshing their lives together.

He smiled. Meshing. It wasn't the most romantic word in the dictionary, but it was certainly the most apt. And somehow it seemed effortless this time.

This time. He shook his head. It felt like it had always been "this time." He had to work to recall memories of Claire, even though it hadn't even been two years since their divorce. Maybe it was just that he already had so many more happy memories with Jennifer. Or maybe it was that he was just happier.

He smiled again. 'Happier' certainly made a difference. All the travel weariness and all the frustrations of the past month seemed to slough off as he headed toward where Jennifer waited to drive him home. Seeing her smile at his return would make it all worthwhile.

Of course, what he did see as he exited security caused him to burst out laughing. Jennifer stood behind the rail, looking every bit like a sexy chauffeur in cap and sunglasses, holding a sign that said "Dave 'Superstud' Mackey." His eyes widened as he realized their friend Jen stood next to her, similarly dressed. A quick glance down confirmed that, yes, their tight skirts ended mid-thigh, showing plenty of bare leg below.

Even a simple ride from the airport was an opportunity for exhibitionism for these two.

Jennifer saw him and waved. He hastened to the rail, leaned across, and kissed her hard. He pulled back when she dropped the sign.

"I think you're happy to see me," Jennifer said, her smile full of mirth.

"Absolutely." Dave flicked his eyes down her body and grinned. "I'm always happy to see you."

Jen cleared her throat. She'd retrieved the dropped sign and was looking expectantly at Dave.

He smiled. "Good to see you, too. Though I'm kind of surprised." He leaned in for a hug.

When they pulled apart, Jen grinned and shrugged her shoulders. "Jennifer asked me to drive."

Dave looked a question at his girlfriend.

"You'll find out," she said, "soon enough."

He chuckled. "Well, I can wait. But first we have to get my bag."

"You checked it?"

Dave shrugged. "I would've had to gate check it in Rochester and I didn't want to lug it through O'Hare..."

Jennifer just shook her head in amusement and turned to Jen.

"How about if you go get the car and meet us in that spot?"

Jen nodded and waved as she said, "Later."

"That spot?" Dave asked Jennifer as they walked toward baggage claim, arm in arm.

"You'll see."

Dave didn't ask more, and they talked of his flight and her day. But as they waited for the luggage conveyor belt to start, Jen's presence returned to his forebrain. It was Friday night, after all, a time that Jen normally spent with her boyfriend, who was nowhere to be seen.

He decided to ask. "Where's Will?"

"With Austin. They were going out drinking."

Dave's eyebrows rose. Will didn't usually spend time with his older sibling, and wasn't particularly into barhopping...

"Everything okay?" he asked.

"With his brother? Yeah, Austin's good. With Will and Jen ... not so good."

"Oh. Anything in particular?"

Jennifer let out a long sigh. "It's the same thing. Just the most recent round."


August had been rough for all of them, Dave mused. Even with his limited time in town, both Will and Jen had sought him out individually for his advice. Their dilemma was simple—what were the bounds of monogamy for them? It was the answer that was hard.

There was no doubt that his friends loved each other. And in many ways, they had meshed, just like he and Jennifer. But they both retained fiery independent stubborn streaks, which is why they were stuck.

Moreover, what had happened over the Fourth of July in Breckenridge had made Will cautious. He said he'd gotten past watching his girlfriend give his best friend a blowjob, but he didn't want anything like that to happen again. He wasn't even sure he wanted her flashing other guys anymore, fearing where that might lead.

And his change of attitude infuriated Jen. She'd said that one of the things she'd loved about Will was his enjoyment of her exhibitionism, and she didn't see why that should be curtailed. She also didn't see what the big deal was about going a little further with guys either, as long as they were the right guys. She loved Will and didn't he know that? She didn't want to walk away from a relationship with him, but she didn't see why they had to be so limited in the sexual games they played.

But even being stuck, they hadn't disengaged. Dave and Jennifer had gotten together with them as a couple twice in August and they put on the outward appearances of being happy. Dave knew they were still talking too, and while it was difficult and emotionally painful, they were being civil as they did so.

"So," Dave asked, "if it's just the most recent round, why is she here?"

Jennifer sighed. "Will and his brother decided to make it a 'guys only' night and she didn't want to be home alone. I thought there'd be no harm in her coming along."

"Won't that put a crimp in your plans?" Dave added enough innuendo to his voice to make his intent clear.

Jennifer grinned. "Not necessarily. She can always watch. Or join in."

Dave blinked in surprise. He trusted Jennifer to keep the 'joining in' under control so that no one got hurt, unlike last time. But at the same time, the thought of going over that line stirred his blood.

"So what's the plan for tonight?" he asked.

Jennifer gave him an enigmatic smile. "You'll see."

He quietly chuckled and wrapped his arm around her for a hug. They continued to hold each other until his bag bumped and thunked down the conveyor belt onto the luggage carousel. Dave wrestled it out and then turned to Jennifer, silently waiting for her 'what next.'

She motioned for him to follow, which he thoroughly enjoyed, admiring her ass in the tight skirt. However, they crossed over to the East side parking garage instead of the nearby West one. The less-used one, Dave mused.

Which it truly was, particularly on the lowest level. Dave stepped out of the elevator and laughed. The only car visible was a classic Rolls Royce. Jen leaned against the front bumper, still in her chauffeur cap and glasses, smiling.

"Where," he said between guffaws, "where did you get this?"

"I found a place that rents them," Jennifer said. "Since your car died, I thought you might enjoy a ride in something special."

"Maybe even a test drive," Jen teased.

Dave let go of his bag and gingerly touched the Rolls. He smiled at the ladies and ran his hand over the bumper. Then he stood back, admiring the car. Jen, meanwhile, took his bag and moved to the trunk.

"Thank you," he said, meeting Jennifer's eyes. "This is a surprise." He looked back at the car.

She slid forward and squeezed his side. "I know you're not big into cars, but I thought, with all the work you've been doing, just once you deserved to ride like you were rich."

He smiled and nodded.

"Hey, can you help me back here?" Jen called from behind the car.

Dave and Jennifer released each other and strolled back. Jen was bent over, leaning into the trunk. His bag was already inside.

"What do you need?" Jennifer asked.

"I need Dave to admire my ass before I stand up."

Dave cracked up laughing and Jennifer rolled her eyes. Jen wiggled her hips expectantly. While her skirt had ridden up some, she was still decent enough for public display. But that didn't prevent it from being a great sight.

She just has a great ass, Dave mused. "Truly impressive," he said, "truly impressive."

Jen straightened up, smiling. "Glad I came."

"Did you notice the lack of panties?" Jennifer asked.

Dave chuckled. "I thought the lack of underwear for both of you was a given."

Jennifer grinned. "You might have to check."

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