Amber Lamps

by Les Lumens

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Fiction, Rough, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Size, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Amber and Rachel are free of the dorm, and ready to experience college life to the fullest with a new apartment. They're trying to climb the social ladder on campus, and a mysterious package just might provide the means to do it -- and more. (Rough and Humiliation tags were included for safety's sake. They aren't dominant themes of the story)

Amber absently toyed with a lock of her strawberry blonde hair as she watched the streets pass by outside the bus window. Her stop was fast approaching, and she was psyched to finally spend some time in her new apartment.

She still couldn't believe that Rachel had conned her parents into renting it for them and moving their things. No more parents rules, and no more dorm rules. They were free to live the college life to its full extent now.

With only a block or two left until her stop, she turned from the window to find a clear path to the front of the bus. She tapped the up volume button on her music player when she noticed a wild-eyed old man with a bushy white beard and some too-cool guy with cornrows arguing a little farther back on the bus.

Just ignore them, she thought as she saw the argument growing more heated. After what felt like an eternity, the bus finally rolled up toward her stop. She stood up and headed toward the door, glad to escape.

The whole incident vanished from her mind as she walked into her new apartment building and into the elevator.

As soon as she unlocked the door and stepped inside the apartment, she saw Rachel sitting on the couch, wearing a coy smile, and holding a drink. A bottle of booze sat on the table in front of her.

Amber shut the door and both women erupted into simultaneous squeals.

"Oh my god, this is so cool!" Rachel exclaimed, and then laughed.

"Party time," Amber agreed.

Rachel put down her drink and said, "My sister sent us a housewarming gift." She then spun around with her knees on the couch and leaned over behind it.

Amber bit her lower lip and quietly moaned as she stared at her best friend's gorgeous butt. They'd discovered long ago that helping each other was a lot better than masturbating. Having to curtail those urges was one of the reasons that they were both so excited about having the privacy of their own place.

"Ta da," the brunette declared as she lifted a ridiculous inflatable man from its hiding place and sat him on the couch.

Amber broke out into laughter while tossing her backpack and purse on the table. She sat down on the couch, stroked her hand over the latex cock, and let out an exaggerated, sarcastic, "Ooo."

Rachel laughed as well and acted like she was tonguing the sex toy's ear. "The sad thing is that he's probably more of a man than the losers we've been dating."

The blonde groaned and said, "Don't remind me. I'm on the verge of swearing off men altogether."

"L.U.Gs," the brunette agreed, using the acronym for lesbians until graduation and wiggling her tongue suggestively.

Too long denied the treat, and a week without even using her fingers for relief caused that gesture to light a fire of arousal in Amber. Her friend was wearing short-shorts, and a tight t-shirt that strained to contain her breasts - the lack of a bra allowing her nipples to poke provocatively at the cloth.

Amber picked up the air-filled man from between them and deposited him behind her, letting the desire she felt fill her eyes. Rachel moaned and scooted closer, and the two women engaged in a tongue-wrangling kiss.

"So whose bed are we going to break in first? Or do you just want to do me right here?" Rachel asked as their lips parted and she slipped a finger beneath the leg of the blonde's shorts.

"Mine," Amber answered.

Clothing fell to the floor all along the way to the blonde's room.

A little over an hour later, Amber walked out of her room with a spring in her step and just the slightest tingles from uncountable orgasms still rippling through her body.

A slap on her panty-clad ass caused her to look back at Rachel following her back into the front room. "Ooo, don't start that again."

The brunette twitched her eyebrows. "God, you were a pussy-hungry little thing today, weren't you?"

"Uh huh," Amber answered, and then saw a package sitting on the table by the door that had somehow escaped her notice when she entered. "What's that?"

"I forgot about that." Rachel grinned and added, "I wonder why?"

Amber laughed and licked her lips before walking toward the package.

"There's no to or from address," Rachel said, "Were you expecting something?"

Amber shrugged. "No. Maybe the shipping label fell off. You?" When the brunette shook her head in the negative, Amber crossed the room to sit down on the couch with the package.

"Here," Rachel offered, handing her friend a metal nail file from the table to break the tape on the box.

The file tore through the tape with ease, but opening the box revealed nothing but styrofoam at first. Amber raked away the packing peanuts and gasped when she revealed an ornately carved wooden box.

"Oh wow," Rachel exclaimed, "That looks like an antique."

The blonde sat back and said, "Maybe we shouldn't be doing this. I mean, this must have ended up in our mail by mistake."

"How are we supposed to find out who it belongs to if we don't look?"

"I guess you're right," Amber conceded, and pulled out the wooden case. The whole thing was just as beautifully worked as the lid.

Rachel gave an impatient wave and said, "Well, open it."

Amber turned the bolt on the simple latch, and opened the box. Her eyes widened as she beheld the twin Arabian style lamps. Always fascinated by her namesake, she immediately recognized that the lamps were made of the translucent yellow-gold material.

The brunette reached out to touch the box and said, "They look like Aladdin's lamps."

Amber pulled out one of the lamps to look at it, and sat down the box on the couch. She nodded toward the wooden case and Rachel took out the other one.

"These must be worth like a bazillion dollars," Rachel mused as she carefully turned her lamp, letting it catch the light.

Amber sighed. "I wish we could keep them. They're so perfect. We'd probably get arrested, though."

Rachel bit her lower lip, an idea having apparently come to her. She held up the lamp that she'd been looking at, rubbed it, and said, "I wish that I had a girly-lust detector that could tell me who thinks I'm hot, so I wouldn't have to waste time guessing who's into me."

"Hmm," the blonde murmured as she decided to join in the game. She rubbed her lamp and began, "I wish I could find a hot guy with a ripped bod..."

"And a big cock," Rachel supplied.

"With a big cock that he knows how to use," Amber agreed. "One that wouldn't feel threatened by me getting hot for girls, but wouldn't think it means that he can hit on any girl he wants to share her with me." Sarcasm oozed from her voice as she said the last.

She continued, "He would treat me like a Princess, but not be all clingy when I want some time to myself. And he has to be funny, and love animals too."

Rachel interrupted, "I'm changing my wish to ditto."

Amber laughed, and then said, "Hey, I just thought of something," as she sat her lamp down on the table. She closed the wooden case and pointed at the designs on the lid. "I think this is Arabic. I could ask Wendy to translate it for us. Maybe that will tell us something."

"Oh yeah. She lived over there somewhere," the brunette agreed, recalling what she knew about the bookish redhead who had a room not far from the one they'd just vacated in the dorm.

"I'll call her."

Rachel put the lamp she was holding back into its felt-lined niche in the wooden case, sighed, and stood up to say, "I'm going to go check out Facebook and see if there are any parties going on."

Amber grabbed her cell from her purse and made the call. Only the briefest of descriptions of the box and lamps enticed Wendy to agree to come over first thing in the morning.

An odd flash of light drew her eyes toward the lamp in the case. After moving her head from side to side a bit, trying to match the angle that had caused the reflection, she pulled the lamp out for a closer look.

"Oh my god," Rachel exclaimed from the other room.

"What is it?"

"Becky blew it! Helen's status says 'pissed because her birthday is ruined, ' and Becky is apologizing!"

Amber knew that this was their chance. She and Rachel had been making inroads into the group ever since arriving at school, but Becky had a one year jump on them. Helen was the recognized queen of the most popular clique on campus, and coming to the rescue would almost guarantee acceptance into the inner circle.

"The place where she was going to have it got busted," the brunette further explained from the other room. "We could have the party here."

Amber called back, "Do you think we can pull it off?"

"Of course we can. We've got to go for it. We'd be so in!"

"Do it." Amber put down the lamp on the table next to its twin and hurried into the bedroom with her friend.

Rachel let out a quiet squeal of delight as soon as Amber stepped in the door. She pointed at her laptop screen, and Amber saw the reply from Helen saying the party was on.

"Oh god. We've got to do something mind-blowing," Amber said in a rush.

"I can get the..." Rachel trailed off and her expression turned puzzled. She leaned sideways to look around her friend, back toward the doorway.

Amber turned and started when she saw the bright golden glow emerging from the front room. She snapped her gaze back to the brunette, and both women crept toward the door.

The light was emanating from the other side of the couch. More than a little frightened, the two friends cowered in the room, peeking around the doorway. The glow intensified, and little sparkles danced within it.

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