Princess Leia Meets Princess Aura

by Oberon

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Star Wars/Flash Gordon crossover fanfiction

Emperor Ming of Mongo and Klytus, his most trusted underling were inside his private meditation chamber. The goateed man sitting behind the computer console had been in deep meditation for a good number of hours, but what he sought continued to elude him as if deliberately trying to frustrate his will. He considered satiating his desires with one of his concubines, but he didn't find that thought particularly appealing at the moment.

"Klytus," Ming intoned, "the day is filled with such overwhelming, relentlessly tedious, dullness. We are bored."

The simple, concise statement reflected his mood and required no further elaboration. He was bored, terribly; in dire need of some diversion - any diversion to provide him with some sort of amusement. More often than not, when Ming was bored he sought out an obscure body in the farthest reaches of the galaxy to toy with or simply obliterate. The urge only came occasionally and in most cases the extensive natural disasters and eventual destruction of the world he chose would curiously coincide with ancient native prophesies of global Armageddon. Just as frequently, his close confidant was there by his side to suggest an alternative to arouse his excitement. Stoically, Klytus stood vigilantly by his Emperor's side. He was dressed in a flowing black robe and cowl, his face almost completely obscured by a metallic silver mask except for two piercing, steel-cold eyes that stared out from inside. Klytus had seen the Emperor in this mood enough times to know instinctively what would raise his spirits.

Toward that end, he offered a suggestion to alleviate his boredom, "Perhaps a plaything to relieve your all-consuming boredom, Your Majesty?"

Klytus noticed his Emperor's countenance brighten somewhat at his suggestion. The tall man turned slightly in his direction and Klytus moved forward to the console. He pressed a small button and a screen miraculously appeared on the wall, taking up virtually the entire space from one corner to the other, floor to ceiling high. On the huge screen appeared a vast star field comprised of extensive number of galaxies spanning a seemingly insurmountable distance. As if at random, Klytus pressed another series of buttons on the console and the screen's computer enhanced and enlarged a galaxy situated toward the lower right hand corner. Klytus repeated the process with the southernmost section of this sector and so forth until the screen was filled with a single solar system. Finally, he zeroed in on the fifth planet from the sun.

"There's an obscure body in the ZX-823454 system that may provide some amusement, Your Majesty," Klytus spoke as the screen repeated the process yet again until the chosen planet filled the entire screen; lazily rotating on its axis in the endless blackness of space. The planet was a murky grayish color, giving an impression of being absolutely devoid of all life or animation. There was something about the obscurity of the dead-looking planet and its immediate surroundings that reinforced the Emperor's presently weary disposition as it just hovered there and rotated unceasingly; the blue sun casting a dim glow on its surface. The Emperor stared silently at the screen for quite some time before he responded, "How dreadfully dull this world appears..." Then, he was suddenly struck with another thought. "Tell me, Klytus," he queried. "Are there signs of life on this world? Advanced, sentient beings who might prove a danger to Us?"

Klytus knew the Emperor asked in the hopes of an affirmative answer, for if there were inhabitants of this desolate satellite they might decide to travel through space and discover the source of their impending devastation and meet their doom at the hands of its benefactor. Nobody passed through the doorway from the universe into his domain and lived to tell the tale; their fate - as well as that of their world - forever remained a mystery. Klytus looked up the pertinent information about the world on a nearby readout, gathering the data before addressing his Emperor. "The indigenous life forms of the planet - known as Dagobah to the inhabitants of its section of the galaxy - are primarily primitive creatures, Your Majesty. However, we've discovered a handful of intelligent beings have inhabited this remote planet for a small number of their years. Two of these them in particular have recently acquired a, shall we say, rather unique power they've learned to use to their advantage. They refer to it simply as... 'the Force'," Klytus finished with detached interest.

"So," said the Emperor turning, his sense of curiosity apparent in his changed tone. "This 'Force'? It enables these beings to accomplish feats alien to their kind? Interesting," he reflected, then spoke up again. "Do you believe Our hand and that of the great God Dyzan would be recognized by these creatures? In all likelihood would they respond accordingly?"

"Most certainly, Your Majesty," Klytus agreed. "Surely they'd provide an entertaining diversion should We decide to, ahem, play with their home a while. Shall We probe their minds, Your Majesty?"

"Why not, my dear Klytus?" came the answer; the Emperor's interest growing exponentially. "Proceed."

Klytus pressed a series of buttons. Machinery came to life and invisible waves of energy reached out across the cosmos, traveling light years until they reached their intended destination where they sought out the brain waves and biorhythms of the intelligent individuals of the remote world of Dagobah. The images quickly returned through the channel opened across the vast reaches of outer space, revealing themselves on the gigantic screen as a montage of images as from a dream; blending and twisting in upon each other as the Emperor and his underling watched intently. The images that caught their attention in particular were those of an epic struggle recently waged between a vast empire and a rebel alliance including an image of a man clad all in black armor with a frighteningly grotesque breath mask. "Hmm," Klytus intoned with profound interest as the images of Lord Darth Vader flickered across the screen, "now HE showed promise..."

Fleets of enormous military vessels and a sizable space station laying waste to an entire world replaced the figure in black. Those images in turn were replaced with a host of others, including a young woman who was apparently in a position of importance in the political order of their section of the galaxy. An image of this woman in some award ceremony merged with another of her, inexplicably dressed in what closely resembled a harem girl's uniform. The Emperor and Klytus shared a wordless exchange as if considering the same thing as her picture was overlapped by another, and then another. The pictures incessantly exploded on the screen; the entire history of the apocalyptic conflict between two sides vying for control and freedom, until they finally ceased, leaving the Emperor and his underling with a clear impression of the identity of the two inhabitants of the planet Dagobah and its importance to the new democratic government they were instrumental in forming. But petty politics were, after all, of very little interest compared to the challenge they posed and the opportunity for an exciting game.

Now familiar with the beings occupying the distant planet, the Emperor announced, "My dear Klytus, soon we shall see whether either or both of the Skywalkers are worthy of Ming the Merciless. For the moment, I prefer to play with my toys before I annihilate them." Emperor Ming's private chamber echoed with his mocking laughter and that of Klytus as Ming leaned forward to work yet another series of controls. Unseen by the normal human eye, bright crimson waves of pure energy lanced out and struck the orbit of Dagobah, causing various natural disasters to occur on the planet as its orbit slowly shifted closer to the center of the solar system. "Most impressive, Your Majesty," Klytus chuckled as they watched as the surface of the planet buckled and erupted in molten magma as the chaos they were creating come alive on the screen right in front of them; earthquakes, tidal waves, floods and torrential storms filled the screen as they threw back their heads and roared with laughter.

As things were, it wouldn't be long before there was a response...

"General Kala. Single occupancy spacecraft of unknown configuration approaching from beyond Hawkman City."

General Kala approached the view screen. A tiny spacecraft of alien design was approaching from afar through the Sea of Fire which lay beyond the Hawkmen's floating castle A rather unexpected development, that much was certain, but still expected to happen around this time.

"Shall I blast it to atoms, General?"

General Kala turned to the lieutenant of Ming's Imperial fleet and withered him with a single look. She remembered that Klytus and Emperor Ming himself advised her an unannounced arrival would happen soon, leaving express orders to ensure any strange spacecraft be safely transported to Mingo City. "Negative. Secure a tractor beam on the craft and land it at these coordinates. Tell the Emperor and Klytus we have a visitor."

Silently General Kala watched as the tractor beam caught the small craft and guided over the landscape of Mongo until it was brought down approximately a mile from Mingo City.

In spite of her present predicament, Princess Leia Organa found Mingo City breathtakingly beautiful.

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