Wife's Fun
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, Cheating, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, BBW, Big Breasts,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Story about my younger wifes first time with another man, and how I got to enjoy part of it, and then was shocked at the end of it.

Well first of all, I want to say that having a younger wife is fantastic, specially one who wants to find out more about sex and to experiment.

My wife is younger than me, well let's say very much younger than me, as I am in my early 50's and she is in her early 20's, 5'8" with 44D's on her, and she loves sex as much as any red-blooded male does.

Well we have discussed the issue of sex many times and since she was a virgin when we meet, she has only been with me, no others in her life. Oh there was the occasional guy who would try to cop a feel or try to get her into bed, but most of them were not really what you would call "a good experience" on her part.

We have had a somewhat open marriage, as she wants to try a few different things and she has had the pleasure of giving a friend of mine a blow job but she wants to try more and have sex with someone else.

Me, well I have been "allowed" to help out an ex girlfriend of mine with her needs one time and so it's kind of even now as to what the score is, and I am bi so things could get interesting if they work out.

But back to the story, since you have put up with all the usual background information.

My friend does want to spend more time with her, but since he is a truck driver, he does not get around here that often, but he is welcome anytime he gets in the area to stop by and visit. He knows this very well as she makes it very clear when they talk.

I came home one night and turned into the driveway and low and behold there was a truck there. Yup Doug was in town and over at my place. Many thoughts were going though my mind as I walked into the house, expecting to find something going on.

Yup I was right, I was greeted at the door by my wife who was naked and excited, as she had been surprised by him when he pulled in. She usually is naked around the house, and today had been no exception with her doing chores wearing only her panties as she said.

She heard something and seen him backing into the driveway and she was so happy to see him that she answered the door as soon as she shed her panties.

I looked at her and could tell that she had been being played with as she was wet and her nipples were sticking out as they had been playing while waiting for me to get home.

Well I wasted no time getting naked and we all headed for the king size waterbed so that we could play. I got on the bed on the left she got into the middle and Doug got on the right side of the bed. She rolled over onto her back and Doug wasted no time moving up to start licking and sucking her dripping pussy as I moved up and presented her with my 6.5 inches of cock to start sucking on. She eagerly took it into her mouth and started to work it into her throat for one of her fantastic blow jobs that she gives, while she started to moan and move with each lick on her clit by Doug.

I could tell that he was going to town on her as she started moving more and starting to shake with her impending organism. Did I mention before that she can cum and cum several times, each time more "active" than the last one, well she was on her way to heaven as she put it with him eating her for all it was worth. I could smell her get wetter and more excited as she started to cum the first time.

She reached up and grabbed my ass with one hand and pulled me deeper into her throat while using the other hand to try and get Doug to lick her more as she bucked on the bed.

I was watching her let loose her inhibitions as he ate her, and she was enjoying it. My wife was having a fantastic time with the 2 guys who were taking care of her sexual desires. And of course I was getting a fantastic blow job in the process.

She continued to buck and move as he kept licking her clit making her cum several times before I finally shot my load down her throat during one of her massive organisms which she has from time to time.

She was bouncing around the bed so much that she finally had to clamp her legs around Doug's back to keep him down there licking her pussy during the organisms, which he was giving her. I counted at least 4 or 5 of them before I managed to pump my cum into her throat and then she started the rolling organisms she has when she is really enjoying it. I pulled out of her mouth and flopped onto my back while watching her wild moves.

He was doing all the right things and I knew that as soon as he stopped eating her, she would ride him like no horse had been ridden before until she got what she wanted.

But I was in for the shock of my life as she commanded me to move over and start sucking on Doug to give him some satisfaction since she was getting all the attention from his tongue.

Well all I could do is start to spin around on the bed and head for his cock, when he raised up enough for me to slide my head under him and then his cock was hunting for my mouth while dripping his pre- cum heavily out the end of his 8 inches of man meat.

I opened my mouth and started to lick the tip of his cock when it waved by my mouth and he took the hint and on the next swing past, it started into my mouth. Now I am no expert at cock sucking but I can hold my own and that is a result from a few experiments over the years since my teen age years.

He kept licking and sucking her pussy, while his cock was working down into my throat trying to bury it all the way into my mouth. I kept working on it as it finally reached its goal and slid into my throat with is balls resting on my chin. I could feel his cock moving in and out of my throat as he set up a slow fucking motion. My wife gave a huge moan and started cumming again and finally gave the biggest scream as he continued to lick her clit. I could smell her juices and the sound of her really letting loose of all inhabitations. Over and over she moaned and praised his licking skills as she finally finished.

She moved out from under his mouth and quickly spun around to kiss him with a deep French kiss to reward him for doing a great job.

I kept working on his cock, like a good person would to give him the pleasure that I was ordered to. Since he was no longer licking her pussy, he started to roll over onto his back and I dutifully followed with his cock in my mouth, until he was laying on his back, and I was bent over him sucking his hard cock. Up and down I went on it, at times sliding it almost out of my mouth to lick around the head as he reached down and started to guide me with his hands on my head.

I felt the bed move as my wife got up off the bed and started around the side of it towards the end of the bed and finally out of my sight. I heard a few noises but did not know what was happening, but soon I found out.

My wife had removed the camera from the tripod in the corner where we keep a camera mounted all the time, and the red light was on the camera as it moved into my view, focused on me sucking on his cock. She told me to smile for the camera as Doug took a deep push into my throat and here I was on camera with 8 inches of cock deep into my throat and a look of bliss in my eyes as I was enjoying the act of sucking my friends cock in front of my wife and on video for anyone and everyone to see.

"Damn it, he's a great cocksucker and I want a copy of this video" came the comments as I was busy deep throating his man meat in front of my wife. She just laughed and commented "oh you will get a copy of the video, and more of me and him" she said as she continued to video the action.

Suddenly he grabbed my head with his strong hands and pushed me down as he started to cum in my mouth. "Here's your reward, my cum in your mouth and you better swallow it" was his comment, as his cock started to pulse and spray his hot sticky cum into my mouth and down my throat. He was putting out so much cum that it started to run out the corners of my mouth around his cock, and my wife was zooming in on it as it started to show on my face as it dripped out around the cock. "Damn it, he really is swallowing it", was the comment from my wife as he continued to empty his balls out.

Finally he let up the pressure of his hands holding my head down and my mouth came off his cock as the last squirt shot from the end of it, and my wife got it on video as it hit me on my cheek just below my left eye. I could only fall over and roll onto my back as I was trying to catch my breath from all the swallowing I had done, it felt like he shot a gallon or 2 of cum down my throat.

"Man that was great, but when and what do I get to fuck" was his comment as he laid there on the bed with his cock still hard. He reached down and fisted his cock and started to work it a bit to keep it hard.

My wife just turned around and set the camera on the edge of the dresser and said" You get my pussy, and I want you to fuck it deep and hard, and fill it full of cum' we can make him lick it out when you are done" she said as she climbed onto the bed and moved over toward him; spreading her legs as she laid down on her back.

"Honey get the camera and film all of this" was her command as she got ready to be fucked by my friend. I climbed off the bed as Doug moved into position, and I grabbed the camera as he commented to the camera.

"Here comes the prize, you get real hard cock in your pussy and I am going to ride you like no one else has" as I moved into position, his hand was holding his cock as he kneeled above her filming his cock as he started to rub it up and down her wet entrance to her pussy. "You ready for this" was the only question as he pressed it up against her entrance of her pussy and started to push his cock into her.

I watched though the viewfinder as his cock began the trip into her pussy as she was being fucked for the first time by some other cock then mine. It inched in and out of her slowly getting deeper each stroke, until I could not film it anymore as there bodies where touching with 8 inches of cock in her pussy as she was filled, as his cock head bumped her cervix.

"OH GOD, I feel it all in there and its so big" was the comment from my wife as she locked her legs over his and tried to pull him deeper into her.

He started a slow fucking motion with her, as he worked in and out of her, and I continued to film the action as he worked up speed. Every once in a while I was able to see is cock sliding out and back into her as they were entwined in the passion of fucking.

I moved the camera down and zoomed in to catch the images of her pussy being fucked as he picked up the pace. In and out his cock went, with her pussy lips being spread open and sliding up his cock as he pulled out, and then he pounded it deep into her again.

I shifted the camera to her face as her eyes were closed as he relentlessly pounded his man meat into her pussy. I could see her face react each time he hit bottom in her, bumping against her cervix.

He picked up the pace and grunted that he was about to cum, as she tightened up her legs, bucking up against each of his downward strokes trying to get him deeper in her. Suddenly her eyes popped open as his cock finally worked into her cervix tightly wrapping around the head of his cock, and he groaned, as he started to cum deep in her womb, filling her full of his hot cum.

She was moaning and bucking during this as he had reached a point where she was in total arousal and sexual ecstasy as her fertile womb was being flooded with his hot baby making cum.

He collapsed upon her as he continued to pump his cum into her and she wrapped her arms around him and started kissing him with deep French kisses, as she savored the afterglow of the great fucking she had just had.

I was filming all this, and of course I was super hard and horny from watching all of this happen to my wife. She had finally had her "other man" part of her fantasy and I could tell that she had enjoyed it. And of course I know that he had enjoyed it as he rolled off of her and I managed to get the camera down to the junction of her legs as he cock popped out of her pussy along with a trail of cum running down her thighs to the bed below.

He flopped onto his back, and took a deep breath and looked at her as she leaned over and kissed him again.

I shut off the camera and set it down and moved around the bed to get on beside her, when she told me to stop and to go get the chastity device (a hot pink CB3000) which she makes me wear from time to time so that she can exercise her control over my sex life, and as I got it fro the drawer and brought it towards her, she told me to stop and to put it on.

Reluctantly I did as I was told and unlocked it and started to install it on my cock, knowing that I was not going to get to fuck my wife with that on me. But little did I know what was planned.

As I finished installing it on my cock with both my wife and Doug watching, I slid the lock though the locking pin, and looked at her before locking it. She just smiled at me as she wiggled her finger commanding me to come closer to her which I did. She leaned over and took the lock and spun it around and closed it, locking my cock onto it with a solid click. She took the key and started to laugh as she said, "I am going to go with Doug for 2 days and I do not want you to play or jack off, so you will be locked up till I get back"

I stood there with my mouth open as she started to get up off the bed with him following shortly behind her. I watched as a bit of cum run down her leg from her freshly fucked pussy, and as he started to get dressed she continued with the instructions to me.

"You will clean the house and do the laundry and all the other chores till I get back. Then you might get out and get lucky"

"OK" I replied as it soaked in what she had told me. My wife was going to go off for a few days, with my friend who had just fucked her basically silly, and filled her with his cum.

As he finished getting dressed, he said he was going to go start his truck, and that he would be right back. She walked into the bathroom as he left and sat on the toilet and asked me if I had any questions.

I really did not have any, as I knew what me being locked up was going to entail, and the only questions I had was about how long and where Doug and my wife were going. I knew what the sleeping arrangements would be as there would be a lot more fucking than sleeping if I was correct in my assumptions.

She finished using the bathroom and stood up and came into the bedroom where I was still standing, and walked up to me and reached out and grabbed my balls which were hanging out of the chastity device and lightly tickled them, and then she kissed me and told me "Miss me, but I will be back soon. Enjoy watching the movie till I get back. LOVE YOU" as she kissed me again and then walked out of the room naked to the back door, opening it and running out to his truck, where he was waiting inside. As she reached the door and started climbing up, she hollered back" don't worry, all my stuff is already in the truck"

She sat down, turned and looked at me, blew me a kiss, and then shut the door as he drove out the driveway.

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