Regaining Her Virginity

by Prince von Vlox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A virgin at Hubbard & Associates seems impossible. Ally has to regain her virginity, at least enough for the wedding night with her virgin husband Brad.

Allysin Townson dropped her bra on the chair and stretched out on the bed. She eyed Stuart's cock hungrily. This was break, so they didn't have much time for foreplay. Stuart knelt between her legs. She ran her hands over his shoulders, and then reached down to help guide his hard length into her.

"Like that?" he asked, grinning. Ally had hissed and arched her back when she'd felt the blunt head against her opening.

"Every time." She drew a settling breath. "What are you waiting for?"

He chuckled, and then pressed forward. "You are so tight. How do you do that?"

She hooked her ankles against his thighs and tried to pull him deeper. " ... been exercising the muscles down there." He was all the way in, and after a pause, he began thrusting. She matched him stroke for thrust, trying to drive herself up on his delicious hardness.

He shifted his weight, trying to go deeper. She ran her hands up his chest, playing with his nipples, so flat, so different than the ones she was used to. She could feel his strong shoulders flexing and tensing as he moved.

She pressed up into him, twisting and clutching, making him feel even bigger. Everything had narrowed town to just the two of them. No office, no constant phone calls, just his hardness plundering her wet body, filling it, taking her higher and higher. She clutched his arms, trying to hold on to the moment, to ride that familiar rising, to delay the peaking where everything came down to a white hot moment of incredible tightness.

And then she was through, one surge after another pushing her out the far side. She felt him speed up, to drive into her with a new-found urgency, and then he stopped, quivering, his body shaking as he shot his essence into her depths.

They grinned at each other as they relaxed, traded a few kisses, and even drifted a little. All of the tensions and arousals of the morning were gone, wiped away in those few seconds of heavenly bliss.

She ran her fingers through his hair. "Um, that was good. Wish we could go again."

"Me, too." He bent slightly and tongued her nipples, first one, then the other. "I didn't get a chance to play with the girls."

"Maybe some other time."

He got the hint and slowly pulled back. She made a noise when his deflating cock slid out of her. "This is the one part of sex I don't like."


"It's over, but I want more." She reached between her legs and stroked his wet, wrinkled length. "I wish..."

"Wait until the next off-site, and then you'll have another one all ready for you."

"And you'll have all the pussy you can handle."

"And more." He chuckled and got off the bed. "C'mon, time to clean up."

Ally got her blouse and bra and followed him into the mixed gender restroom. There was only room for one person at a time in the shower. That didn't used to be the case, but people were taking so long cleaning up as they fooled around, that nobody was getting back to work on time. She did her business, cleaned up with a quick rinse in the shower—today she took a little more time than normal to wash—and after drying off, followed Stuart back to their department.

"Feel better?" Jasmine asked as Ally spread a towel across her chair and had a seat.

"Much. I think I've got sex on my brain right now."

Jasmine laughed. "And why is that? This is Hubbard & Associates, girl. We have sex on the brain every day." She looked up as a guy stopped at her desk.

"Doing anything for break?"

"I wasn't until now." She got up, looking over her shoulder at Ally. "Have fun, girl." She walked off, her bottom swaying provocatively, her hand resting on the guy's bare butt-cheek.

Ally stretched. Her whole body felt alive. There was nothing like a good climax to straighten everything out, and put the day's problems in perspective. She sighed happily, logged onto the computer, and pulled up the first financial report.

Jasmine was back about 15 minutes later, her face glowing, and her body moving with that unconscious liquid motion of a woman who'd just gotten laid, something common to every woman at Hubbard. She settled into her chair with a happy sigh, stared at her screen blankly for a few seconds, and then logged on.

"When do you see Brad?" she asked after a bit.

"We're having lunch today," Ally said. She checked the clock. "In about two hours, well, 12:30."

"Any... ?"

Ally shook her head. "He thinks I'm a virgin."

"In this day and age?" Jasmine laughed. "Where has he been?"

Ally shrugged. "My whole family is that way, and so is his. A girl has to be a virgin when she gets married."

"And when did you lose it?"

"My Junior-Senior Prom. I think pretty much every girl in school did that night. At least that was the gossip around school."

"And your mother didn't figure it out? Mine knew about 10 minutes after I got home."

"I didn't spend the night, if that's what you mean. When the time felt right, we went upstairs to this room, and things went from there. We forgot all about the dance, and had to hurry to get dressed in time to go home." She laughed. "I got a lot of flak for kissing him goodnight, but I didn't care."

"You shouldn't have. You'd done a lot more than kiss."

Ally nodded. "Yeah, I know. But I couldn't ... Jaz, what do you show for Broman Insurance? These numbers don't look right."

"Let me see." Jasmine accessed the account and began checking. "You're right, those numbers don't add up. I mean, they do, but ... Let me check something."

Ally got busy, too. Their job, at least this morning, was to double-check the billing statements before they went out. IT had made a change to the program over the weekend, and they'd found all sorts of problem since then.

Fifteen minutes before she was to leave to meet her fiancé, he called, having to postpone. His boss had called an impromptu 'working lunch' to go over some numbers. He'd try to get free, maybe they could have coffee or something, he was sorry, but...

Ally blew a lock of hair off of her face. "Darn."

"Problems?" Jasmine asked.

"Brad had to cancel," she said. She gestured at the hanger behind her desk. "And I bought this really cute skirt to wear."

"Maybe tomorrow."

Ally sighed. "Yeah, I know. But the wedding's this weekend, and I wanted to go over any last second things with him."

"Plus you just wanted to see him."

"Yeah, that, too." She looked at a couple of guys standing in the aisle. "I guess I'll have to console myself."

"Be quick about it girl, you look like you could use some."

Ally nodded absently. Stuart had only taken the edge off. In the last hour she'd started squirming, a clear sign that she needed it. There was something about working at Hubbard that made her, well, made her horny. After a couple of hours of steady work, all she could think of was sex. Rumor had it that there was something in the air. Perhaps, but then maybe it was just all of the half-naked people.

The dress code at Hubbard was like no other in the city: everyone was naked from the waist down, men as well as women. Everything was out there for everyone to see. That alone was enough to get people worked up. And the story was shortly after the dress code got so ... informal, people had started doing it on their breaks. Hubbard had had a reputation of being a sweat shop, but in the last few years that had changed. Nobody would admit to why, but the constant casual sex had to be part of it.

She'd hired in three years before. Hubbard did Third Party Call Center, being the Customer Service Reps for 27 different companies. She'd started as a Customer Service Rep, but soon moved to Accounting & Finance, the reward for all of those night classes she'd taken. That had meant she moved to the central office, and the dress code and sex.

She'd resisted at first, an aunt had told her repeatedly that a lady did not give in to her base desires. But that resolve had lasted less than a week.

Her parents, her entire family, thought she was a shy, retiring virgin. Her first experiences that prom night had opened a whole new world to her. She was a little pickier than the other girls at school, she didn't jump a guy's bones just because he had a cute smile. She'd also been a little more careful; getting some weird sexual disease was almost common at school, but she'd thought it showed people weren't thinking. She most definitely wasn't the inexperienced girl in her parents' dreams, but someone who not only knew what she liked, but had spent some time trying everything out so she was sure.

That first week in Accounting had been almost torture. The men were so ... obvious. She found herself staring hungrily at every dick in the place. She'd worn out three sets of batteries for her vibrators—she'd have to hide them from her new husband—before it dawned on her what was going on in the break room. Since then she hadn't looked back.

Now, feeling the familiar itch between her legs, she walked up to Chet, one of the network techs. She ran her hand over his butt. "Doing anything for lunch?"

He turned, his hand going to her hip. "I might be persuaded to take my lunch here."

She pressed forward a little. She could feel his dick against her thigh. It seemed to twitch at the attention, and she smiled up at him. She'd been with him before, so she knew exactly how it felt when it was hard. She could feel the moisture on her thighs. Her body did, too.

"What are we waiting for?"

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