Doing Missy in the House
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Rough,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Carl and Missy are brother and sister, and they've become very lusty intimate lovers. Carl normally fucks Missy where no one is anywhere nearby, but one night Carl wants his younger sister's pussy so bad he can't wait. He gets what he wants at that moment.

(Note to readers: based on Missy and her brother. See my stories for other encounters between these two hot lusty siblings. TL)

Carl and his younger sister, Missy, had been actively fucking for several months. But, Carl was a very lusty and a very insistent young man in his early twenties, and when it came to whatever sexual pleasure and pursuit he wanted to experience, Carl was determined to have it. One of the things Missy had always known from the first time she finally got Carl to acknowledge that he lusted for her and wanted her to have sex with him was that there was no way she could ever fuck with him in their family's house while anyone else was at home. She and Carl had fucked in her bedroom one afternoon while their parents and their younger sister were all gone. She couldn't believe he'd been bold enough to come to her and then insist that she get naked and fuck him in the house -- even though everyone else was gone to town at the time. That was more than enough to show Missy that it could never happen while anyone else was anywhere near. Missy was not only very arousable and very vocal whenever she and Carl were having sex, but when she approached orgasm and then started to climax, Missy became a very loud moaner and there was no keeping her quiet as she got off.

Missy could hardly believe it one morning before daylight when she was awakened in her bed to find Carl standing there naked, with a big hardon and the head of it at her lips as he woke her up. He wanted an early morning blowjob, and Missy realized she would have to suck him off before he'd go away. It wasn't that she minded giving him head in the morning, but she did find Carl's boldness a bit surprising. She'd quickly wrapped her hand around Carl's large thick erection and then took the head in her mouth and stroked his hard meat while she also sucked him off with the hotness and pressure of her wet mouth on his raging cock. She'd love how much cum he spurted down her throat as she eagerly swallowed and took his entire jism load and loved every single drop of cum.

Most of the time Carl and Missy fucked, he'd given her instructions to meet him out on the farm in an out-building where he and Missy could be naked and where he could literally fuck her and let her squirm and scream all she needed to and wanted to. Carl and Missy had fucked countless times, and she'd always figured that was where their couplings would definitely have to take place.

Assumptions can sneak up and bite you and Missy found that out late one night after both she and Carl had gone to bed in their separate rooms and everyone in the house was in their bedrooms as well. Missy didn't know the exact time, but sometime after midnight she was lying there in her bed awake when the door to her room opened and a dark figure entered and shut the door. The person came over to her bed and Missy instantly knew it was her brother Carl.

"Carl, what the fuck are you doing?" Missy whispered loudly, amazed that he would come to her room.

"What do you think I'm doing, Missy?" Carl said as he jerked her sheets back and reached down to grab her tits through the material of the sleep shirt she'd put on. Her B-cup tits felt really good and as Carl stood there beside her bed, feeling her up, Missy could see that he was totally naked and his cock was jutting up hotly from his crotch. "I'm going to fuck you, Missy, you stupid bitch," Carl said as he let go of her tits and pulled her sheets down and off of her body completely.

"No way, Carl. You know you can't fuck me here in the house; there's no way I can keep from screaming when you get that monster-sized cock of yours inside me and start pound the hell out of my tight pussy."

"Fucking keep your damn mouth quiet, Missy," Carl ordered as he let his right hand move down between Missy's splayed legs and his hand found her smoothly shaved wet pussy. "Spread your legs, bitch," Carl ordered and Missy tried to pull his hand away from her crotch and get him to leave her room.

"Missy, stop it. I'm not leaving and you are going to fuck me right now. Shut up, and spread your legs, Missy," Carl ordered and he moved up on the bed with his nineteen-year old sister and he ordered her to keep quiet while he guided the head of his cock in between her legs as he prepared to mount and fuck her.

"No, Carl, this can't happen. I'll fuck you, but you can't do it here in the house. Someone will hear us, Carl, no, please, no," Missy begged.

"Missy, shut the fuck up," Carl said in as loud a voice as he dared, and he reached up, cupping his strong left hand over his younger sister's mouth as he used the strength of his body and his powerful legs to spread her thighs and he quickly moved in between the vee and felt the thick head of his cock touch the wetness of her exposed cunt.

"No," Missy tried to protest as she felt Carl's cockhead touch her pussy lips and then she knew Carl would have his way with her like he always did. She tried as hard as she could to push back, to protest and to get him to quit this crazy plan. It was useless; Missy could feel the overpowering strength of Carl's body and she could feel the hotness of his large cock as thethick head of his erection relentlessly spread her tight cunt and she felt her brother's hardness penetrate her pussy and move inside several inches before he stopped his first inward thrust of this fuck with her.

Missy tried to protest, tried her best to get Carl to stop before his penetrated her any further and before she knew the sensations and the hot lusty pleasures of him fucking her with his large hardon took over and she began to moan in sexual ecstasy and total abandon as he brought her to multiple orgasms. It was no use and as Missy moaned and tried to protest, Carl's hand covered her mouth and he was determined to take her and pleasure himself before he stopped. He immediately withdrew his cock until only the head of his hardon was still inside Missy's hot tight pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck yeah, Missy, shut up, bitch and take this big hard cock, girl," Carl ordered as he kept his hand firmly over Missy's mouth, knowing if he removed it, she would cry out involuntarily and they'd have the rest of the house out of bed to see what was going on.

"OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Missy moaned as Carl began to thrust his hardon in and out of her wet tight cunt. He loved fucking Missy, even though he talked mean to her and he dominated her and forced her to give him what he wanted, he loved to fuck her and shoot his cumload deep inside her hot sexy cunt.

Carl pumped his cock in and out, in and out and he knew time was an issue, so he really threw one hot fuck to his sister. She began to moan and he knew she was on the verge of an orgasm. He kept on drilling her cunt, and she exploded in an orgasm as he kept his hand firmly covering her mouth.

In only about six minutes, Carl had fucked Missy through two hard orgasms and then he could feel his own approaching. He kept her quiet as he pounded his hard meat into her cunt and then he knew he was going to spurt, so he slammed his cock fully inside her and held his cock there as he balls emptied another big load of his cum at the mouth of Missy's young womb.

"Ahhhh, yes, baby, you did good," Carl said. He wanted to take her again, but stopped at one for the meantime. But, now that they'd done it, he knew he could fuck his sister and no one else was the wiser.

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