Revelation for Jenna

by A Purvversion

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Incest, Father, Daughter, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Frustrated because her father is so strict, this young girl takes advantage of an opportunity to have a boy she cares for over to her house on a day her father goes to town. From there her sex education begins. Strictly a stroke story with no redeeming value.

Jenna's home life was such that many would call it an old fashioned upbringing. She was expected be a good girl, not let any boy touch her and to 'save herself' for marriage; to find a God-fearing young man and marry him, and to not look at any other. Although it wasn't specifically said, Jenna knew that her father would be part of the process to her meeting that God-fearing young man whenever he felt she was ready.

These rules and teachings were intended to keep her safe from greedy boys her age who only wanted girls for their own pleasure, or so her father had told her; and he was extremely adamant about it.

Until recently, it had never seemed to be difficult living under these rules, but as the young girl began her physical journey into womanhood, her mind and body began changing. Jenna had no control over the feelings she was now experiencing or those flights of fancy she had begun to have.

She had begun to daydream about Jason from her 4th period class, after she had talked to him a few times and he had seemed genuinely interested in her. Unfortunately, Jenna knew that her father would never approve of a boy so popular; especially one whom she found out was not of her faith. Although she fantasized about Jason; how she would like to be with him and maybe become his 'steady'; Jenna figured that it could never be because of her strict father who allowed her no social life. And with him being home all the time, she couldn't even have Jason over to their house.

The situation saddened the young girl even though she tried not show it. As she and Jason became more and more friendly at school, it became tougher. He asked her out a couple of times and it was hard to explain about her father, and why she had to say no. Jenna could see that Jason couldn't understand that she had such a limited life; it was so unlike all the other kids.

It was about a month after she first began talking regularly with Jason that Jenna saw an opportunity. Although she was an obedient girl, she'd been so wanting to spend time alone with her friend.

That Sunday night, her father informed her that, "On Wednesday, I'm going to have to go into the city for a few hours; need to pick up that new washing machine. Jim's going to come with me, cause I'll need help."

Jenna simply nodded, not really grasping what he was leading up to. He then continued, "I'm not going to have any room in the truck for you; so you're gonna have to be home without me for a while. Are you going to be alright with that?"

The young girl's mind soared. She rarely had any time alone in the house for herself. The only personal time she had was in her cramped room, and she hated to be in there too long.

"Yeah, I'll be alright Dad," she said, matter-of-factly.

It was as the night moved on that Jenna began to fully realize what she might do. Her mind began spinning. This was truly her only chance to have any freedom or to do things the other kids got to do.

She'd invite Jason over to her house. Just the thought made her catch her breath that it was so bold, so against what her father allowed of her. Then she smiled at herself. Yeah, maybe she was thinking of maybe 'making out', but hey, that was all! It wasn't as if she intended to have sex and give Jason her virginity, she thought with a laugh. Her father was so paranoid! She knew what she was doing!

After convincing herself, Jenna then set the wheels in motion for the following Wednesday to have some one-on-one time with her crush like a normal teenager. Why did her father have to be so protective anyways?

The doorbell rang right on time. Her father had left a half hour ago and Jenna knew all was clear. She opened the door and Jason stood there with his messy blond hair and dimples. Her heart skipped a beat. She quickly brushed her nerves aside and invited him inside.

After their nervous greetings, she asked, "Can I get you anything?"


"Diet-Pepsi okay?"


In the kitchen she handed him his soda and then she led him out to the living room.

"I thought we could watch a movie together," she nervously said. Jenna didn't have one iota of experience with boys and could only hope she wasn't acting too oddly.

She was relieved when Jason said, "That sounds great." With that, he sat on the couch, putting his soda on the end table.

Jenna put her drink on the coffee table and sat on the couch next to Jason. Almost from the beginning of the movie, it was obvious that neither of them were really interested in it. It was just background as they talked the talk of two young people who liked each other, about music, friends and school.

From their past conversations, Jason knew that Jenna's father was a very protective minister who thought he was protecting his daughter by keeping her at home. Knowing how strict her father was and that she was never allowed out after school, he realized that this might be the first time she had been alone with a boy, and asked, "Is this the first time you have ever been alone with a guy your own age?"

With a blush Jenna nodded, murmuring, "Yeah, but my friend Sally comes over some Saturdays."

"Got to be tough," he remarked.

"I guess," she agreed.

They went back to acting as if they were watching the movie for a while before she then asked, "So I guess you've been with a lot of girls, hah?"

He paused, knowing that this could be a loaded question, yet he didn't think she meant it as such, if she was as isolated as he thought.

"Yeah, I guess. But to be honest, sometimes that's not so good either ... you know, like them being so free and all."

"What do you mean?" she asked, honestly confused.

His expression changed slightly. "Well, like, not to be rude, you know. But you are a virgin right?" he asked.

"What kind of question is ... why? ... I mean ... yes, yes I am. So what?" Jenna replied, hoping to appear nonchalant about it.

He smiled. "Don't get me wrong, I think it is great. I mean, that's like what I'm talking about ... I just ... like most girls in our school are just plain easy. All you have to do is ask basically and they drop their pants, you know?" Jenna blushed at this, and lowered her face so that he might not notice her embarrassment. He continued, "They think it makes guys like them."

"So, er, you are not a virgin?" Jenna quietly asked.

"Sorry, but no. Like I said, the girls around here are pretty easy about that stuff. Sure, it is fun; but no guy really wants a dirty girl like that who does everything with every guy," he explained.

Jenna truly had a real crush on Jason, and hated the idea that he had been with so many other girls. Still, it made her feel good that he also thought of them as dirty, all the same. Odd how their conversation had turned to sex, Jenna mused, thinking of her father's reaction if he ever found out.

Jenna brushed those thoughts aside. She was determined to enjoy her time with Jason. She was sitting so close to him that she could feel his body heat against her leg. Just then there was a kissing scene on the screen in front of them and Jenna was suddenly acutely aware of how self-conscious she felt at her own inexperience.

She was frustrated knowing how little she knew, how little she experienced; it almost made her seem as if she were a freak. She began to think of her situation and her frustration built with each thought. Why was her father so insistent that she be almost friendless? Why did he want her to be left out, when the rest of the kids at school were clearly having all kinds of fun together? It just didn't seem fair.

Years of frustration, especially stirred by those feelings inside of late, had rebellion tugging at her sleeve now. She liked Jason so much; he was the cutest boy in school; and she realized that because of her father, she'd probably never have a boyfriend she really liked.

Still, she never intended that her father would know that Jason had been here today; and Jason was sitting so close to her, so maybe they could, like, 'make out' a little?

"Boy, girls sure have problems. Sounds like I should be lucky that I'm not 'easy' like, but that gets pretty frustrating too. It sounds as if it's either too much or too little. Why can't it be like in those old movies, with one guy and one girl caring for each other?"

By then, Jason had turned to her and was looking nervously at her. He sensed that she wanted to be kissed and maybe even more, but he also realized that she was a total innocent. Now, looking into her eyes, the look in hers was all Jason needed.

Putting his arms around Jenna, he pulled her to him and slowly kissed her innocent mouth, softly, tentatively at first. To his delight, she responded, pushing her young mouth up to greet his. Purposely being a little more forceful, so that she might feel he was in control, he worked his mouth on hers, moving his tongue and pushing at her lips, hoping that she'd realize that this was a normal way to kiss.

Jenna heart was racing as she pushed herself against Jason and wrapped her arms around him. As innocent as she was, she had heard about kissing like this, so she willingly opened her mouth to receive his tongue. She immediately moaned when feelings she'd never experienced flowed throughout her being.

As they kissed, Jason's hands rubbed about her body, starting all over her back, and then rubbing up and down her sides, temporarily moving to her tummy, but then moving back around her when she seemed to freeze for a second.

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