Sgt Rock, American Soldier

by JackassTales

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Violent, Military, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sergeant Jonas Rockwell is a decorated military leader with a weakness for pussy. Who else but ‘Rock’ could find himself in a military engagement where three pussies fall into his life in one day? Cock and pussy cum fly when Pfc Jessica Simpson [19], Congresswoman Caroline Carter [38], and Lieutenant Debbie Dawson [22] cross paths in a war torn land.

From JackassTales: Readers, let me begin by saying this; I have the highest respect for our American fighting men and women. Hopefully, I won't offend any of them by dedicating this story to their bravery and sacrifice. This story does not depict any actual person or event. To any 'real' soldier reading this; please forgive me for any inaccuracy in describing weapons, vehicles, tactics, etc. Best wishes and good luck to you all.

Sgt Rock, American Soldier

Sergeant Jonas Rockwell heard the annoying static of the field radio in the outer room of his command tent. He paid little attention to the clamorous chatter emanating from the device. Better things occupied his mind. At the moment, the sergeant had his two hands full of soft, smooth, female ass. Pfc Jessica Sampson was sitting astride his prone body and was riding his cock with the wild passion of a berserk banshee warrior.

This female soldier was a true warrior in deed and fact. Sergeant Rockwell himself had already sent in the documentation requesting a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for the 19 year old lady. He also requested a promotion for her. Jessica had earned her stripes in the field of armed combat action. She had stood toe-to-toe with every other fighter under Sergeant Rock's command in battle after battle against the insidious insurgents.

Orgasmic fire was building inside the sergeant's testicle sack. Jessica's sweltering-hot pussy was dripping vaginal juices all over the cock buried deep within her cunt. Suddenly, the woman began squalling, "Oh goddamnit Rock, I'm cumming again! Oh god, it feels so good! Fill me up with your big, bad boy and all its cream! Oh shit, my pussy loves your cock!"

Despite the fact that he outranked the private, Sergeant Rock obeyed her demanding orders. His fingernails bit savagely into her ass flesh and he thrust his hips upward to meet her downward plunges. His hard, swollen shaft penetrated deep into the woman's steaming hot vaginal home.

Jessica's pussy muscles latched on and pulled him in until his shaft bottomed out and his belly slammed into hers. Cunt and cock fought a furious battle in a race for orgasmic release. Rock jack-hammered his meat in and out while Jessica's slippery-wet pussy rode his long, hard cock intruder with an insistent, insatiable lust.

With Jessica's female cum spraying his loins, Rock let loose his cunt-hungry 'dog-of-war'. Volcanic fire erupted and his cock spewed forth pressurized streams of molten cream into the woman's vaginal honey pot.

Rock grunted and groaned with guttural, animalistic moans. Earth-shaking, cock-quaking orgasms viciously shook his body and violently rattled his world. This experienced, well-disciplined soldier wasn't a screamer, but the young female private fucking him was driving him near the edge of losing his ability to keep his orgasmic ecstasy quiet!

Private Sampson had no such disciplined restraint. Jessica screamed aloud as another round of unrestrained, untamed, multiple orgasms grabbed hold of her feminine form and carried her to blissful oblivion. Her nude body shuddered, her breasts swung round and round wildly, and tears welled in her eyes.

Rock grabbed the well-rounded, grapefruit-sized tits and steadied them in the palms of his calloused, battle-worn hands. No sense in letting the girl hurt herself with those dangerously dangling globes of gloriously erotic female mammary mounds.

Sexual exertion and the 100 degree heat inside the tent caused stinging, sweaty perspiration to flow as freely as the male and female juices joining this man and woman's bodies together. Paying no attention to the desert's heat, Rock and Jessica continued to orgasm and spill cum until every drop of sex fluid was drained from their bodies.

At last, the young private squealed one last time and then collapsed onto her sergeant's body. She lay there gasping for breath as her heaving bosom rose and fell with the rhythmic, labored breathing of the man lying beneath her.

Pfc Jessica Sampson wasn't one damn bit sorry about fucking her sergeant. Hell, she knew as well as he did that they were violating the military code of conduct! Fuck the code, fuck the rules, and fuck the 'men' who made them! She wanted a cock in her cunt so she got one. She didn't give a shit that the man she'd just fucked was old enough to be her father. Sergeant Jonas Rockwell was the strongest, healthiest, and most robustly virile man she ever met. God help her, she'd fuck that man anytime and anyplace of his choosing!

A loud, persistent voice interrupted the sexually sated couple's orgasmic afterglow reverie. Spc John 'Sparks' Johnson was the squad's radioman. Sparks hated bothering his sergeant at this time, but circumstances demanded he take the action. Stepping further into the tent, he repeated, "Damnit Rock, I said that there's a radio call for you! I wouldn't interrupt, but it's the goddamn Colonel and he'll chew my ass off if I don't get you!"

Without letting go of the woman in his lap, Rock sat straight up in his army cot. He gave Jessica an impassioned kiss on her lips, fingered her soaking-wet pussy, and whispered, "Thanks gal, I need that. Jessie babe, you've got the sweetest pussy in the whole damn company. I know you've heard me say this before, but girl I'm going to keep on saying it every time I fuck you. Girlie-girl, that's some mighty fine feminine meat you've got there between your legs!"

Jessica giggled, kissed her sergeant, and huskily replied, "Well Sir, your meat is mighty fine, too, especially when you smother it with your hot, creamy, cummy gravy! Yes Sir, I could make a meal of your meat and gravy three times a day and six times on Saturday and Sunday!"

Rock kissed Jessica once more, slapped her ass, and threw her off him. The two quickly dressed and exited the sergeant's sleeping quarters. As the private waved goodbye, the sergeant picked up the field radio's handset and said, "Go for Sergeant Rockwell."

The distinctive 'whirlybird' sound of a helicopter's whirling blades could be heard loud and clear in the background as Colonel Ross Blake's gruff, no-nonsense voice spoke, "Rock, I'm bringing in a couple of people with me on the chopper. One is your new shavetail and the other is the Rep we've been hearing the scuttlebutt about. Get your squad together and meet us at the LZ."

The transmission abruptly ended and Rock slammed the handset down on the radio. The sergeant wasn't a damn bit happy about this particular turn of events. His mind deciphered the colonel's coded message. The 'shavetail' was the new second lieutenant he'd been expecting and the 'Rep' was a United States Representative who was coming for an inspection.

Sparks was the one only close enough one to hear Rock's heated verbal outburst, "Goddamnit, I don't have the time to break in another green, baby-face lieutenant! I just sent the last one home in a body bag along with two good soldiers his inexperience and bravado got killed. And, damnit-to-hell, I don't need the aggravation of babysitting a fucking congressman out to take some pictures and get his name in the papers!"

Despite his irate tirade, Sergeant Jonas Rockwell did his duty. He grabbed up his battle gear, opened the outside door to the tent, and ordered, "Corporal Jones, round up the squad and tell them to 'saddle-up'. We're hitting the road in ten minutes."

The caravan of three Humvees and one Stryker armored carrier reached the LZ two minutes before the chopper landed. Rock deployed his squad in a defensive perimeter. The helicopter's backwash sent a whirlwind of stinging sand and debris into the face of the ground soldiers. Rock heard his corporal's voice shouting, "This is a hell of a way to make a living, ain't it Rock?"

The sergeant's mood immediately lightened up. His friend had summed up the war in one short, succinct statement of fact. But hell, Rock was in his element. He was a career warrior and armed combat was his chosen profession. He loved it, he lived for it, and he wouldn't change a thing! Rock smilingly answered his friend's question, "Yeah Bob, it's a hell of a way!"

The chopper sat down and the rotor blades slowly spun to a stop. Doors slid open and several uniformed figures emerged from the belly of the airborne beast. Rock recognized the deep-wrinkled face of the colonel, but the identity of the Lt and the Rep was indistinguishable.

As Rock approached the chopper's passengers, a hint of recognition crossed his mind. This battle-hardened soldier swore under his breath, "Goddamnit-to-hell, both the Lt and the Rep are females!"

And so it was. United States Representative Caroline Carter was the 38 year old junior Congresswoman representing Kentucky. This Republican politician was on a 'fact-finding' mission. She wanted to find out for herself whether or not this war was justifiably necessary. Second Lieutenant Debbie Dawson had no such noble intentions. This 22 year old recent graduate of West Point was following orders and doing her duty as an officer in the United States Army.

When Colonel Blake was close enough, he saluted Rock, and began making quick introductions between the sergeant and the women. He told the congresswoman that the sergeant was to be in charge of her security while she was visiting. He told Rock that the Lt was his new commanding officer.

Sergeant Rockwell was not listening to every word being spoken by the colonel. He was too stunned. His eyes were playing tricks on him. He stared intently at the attractive female lieutenant standing before him. The young officer came to attention and saluted the sergeant. Unconsciously, words spilled from Rock's mouth, "Goddamnit Debbie, what are you doing here? I haven't seen you since ... since..."

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