Rich Man, Poor Man

by woodmanone

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Is being rich worth losing your soul and beliefs?

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Rebecca Colman was the bright and shining star of our college class; forever out of reach of mere mortals. She was the "impossible dream" written about in the song. She was a person that you looked at and just knew that cruel fate was telling you "eat your heart out, boy", because you can't have her. At least that's the way it looked and felt to a "working class" guy like me.

She had the classic good looks of the stereotypical California hard body beach bunny; except we were in the Midwest. Tall for a woman at 5 feet 9 with blond hair, big brown eyes, and a body that you could bounce quarters off of. Rebecca's clothes, makeup and hair style were typical of the idle rich who had nothing better to do than groom themselves and party.

I'm James Riley O'Connor, usually called Jamie and met Rebecca in college; in unusual circumstances. She was 21, the queen of the elite social click, master of her domain, a bit of a wild child, and excessively rich. I don't mean like very well to do; I mean like her dad buying the school and firing everyone if things didn't go well for his little girl. That's an exaggeration but not by much; Rebecca, or I should say her father, had a lot of money.

Mr. Colman had gotten into a few "dot. Com" companies at the beginning of the upward surge. He was smart enough or lucky enough to get out just as they started their decent back down to reality; sometimes just hours before the company began its downward slide. His net worth was somewhere around 30 million dollars. That's a lot of money by anyone's standards. I should explain Mr. Colman's and therefore Rebecca's monetary status to show how bizarre it was that Rebecca and I even met.

I was 25, a little older than most college seniors because I had worked for almost three years as an auto mechanic in my father's garage before I enrolled in school. It was at my dad's urging that I went to school; he wanted more for me than just being a grease monkey. I agreed with him; I was a good mechanic but it wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I wanted to pay my own way in college, that's why the three year stint working with my dad. The only thing I accepted from my parents was free room and board for the three years before leaving for college; that's a lot when you're trying to save money. In addition, when I started classes I worked three nights a week and two weekends a month at the UPS loading dock so I could continue my education. I didn't take a summer vacations but took a reduce class load and worked full time through the break.

It was around midnight and I was on my way back to my room after work. I was taking a short cut through the common area between the dorms and heard noises coming from the BBQ Ramada between two of the buildings. I'm no hero but I didn't like the sounds coming from the ramada. Of course I had to see what was going on and walked over to investigate.

A college campus is one of the most dangerous places in the country for young women. The instances of rape and/or sexual assault are very high per capita. I guess the three "men", and I use that term very loosely, decided that our school had to uphold that ranking. They had a young lady on her back spread eagle on a picnic table in the ramada.

One of the guys was standing between the girl's legs, spreading them apart and the other two each held an arm. They were trying to keep the girl's mouth covered to keep her quiet but one or two screams escaped. Actually she wasn't screaming so much as she was calling them names and cussing at them.

The two holding her arms were squeezing her breasts and the one between her legs was dodging her kicks and trying to get her panties off. The young lady was very limber and every time he let go of a leg to reach under her dress she would pull her leg up to her chest and then kick at him. From the looks of his face, she had already connected a couple of times. Apparently he decided enough was enough and drew back his fist to beat her into submission.

"I don't think the lady wants to play anymore, guys." My statement and my appearance startled them and they stopped to stare at me. "Why don't you let her go and hit the bricks before this gets nasty?"

"You can't stop us so stay out of this and you can have a turn when we're done pal," the one between her legs said.

He just had to call me pal; I hate that. "Do you really thing I'm going to just walk off and let you guys rape her? I'm telling you guys to let her go and get out of here. If you don't I'll have to show you that three doesn't go into one, the hard way. Believe me you won't enjoy the lesson."

I was running a colossal bluff trying to con them into leaving. I'm no martial arts guru or bad ass street fighter but I couldn't let these sexual deviants molest the girl. The guy was right, I probably couldn't stop them but I had to try. The smart thing would have been to call the cops on my cell phone except that by the time they got there the girl would have been raped; I wasn't going to stand around waiting for the police. Sometimes you have to step up even if it means getting your ass handed to you on a platter.

I told them to let her go again; the two holding the girl's arms let go and started toward me. When they freed her arms, the girl didn't just lay there. She grabbed a double handful of hair of the guy between her legs and was trying her best to give him a Yul Brenner haircut. He was yelling, trying to get her hands out of his hair, and calling her a bitch among other choice names.

The two advancing on me turned to see what the yelling was about and gave me the opening I needed. I kicked one in the groin and hit the other one with a short right to the side of his face. He went down like he had been hit with a baseball bat; I must have caught him just right. I turned back to the first one but my kick had put him out of commission.

I'm not a small guy at 6 feet 1 and about 195 pounds but the guy holding the girl was huge. He must have been about 6 feet 4 and better than 225 pounds. I needed an equalizer to handle him so I grabbed the heavy metal cooking grate from one of the BBQ grills in the ramada and advanced toward him.

The big one had finally pulled the girl off him, losing a lot of hair in doing so. He had the girl by the throat and was getting ready to punch her lights out. I hit him in the back with the heavy grate and as he turned toward me I used the grate to hit him in the throat; his jaw was my target but whatever works. The behemoth went down in a heap and just to make a point I kicked him in the family jewels.

The "poor victim" jumped off the table, stepped over to the giant on the ground and started kicking him in the face and head. I felt that she deserved a little pay back and let her get in a few shots before I pulled her away. I released the girl and started to call the police.

"Please don't call the cops. I don't want the publicity," she said.

"But these assholes tried to rape you. Don't you want them to be punished?"

"Looks to me like they have been punished pretty good." She pointed to the three guys lying on the ground. Two were unconscious and the one I had kicked in the crotch was moaning, curled up into a fetal position. I could see her point and shrugged my shoulders. As I did she walked over to the one that was moaning, kicked him in the head, and then did the same to the other one.

"Thank you, I don't think I was going to convince them to stop. I'm Rebecca Colman," she introduced herself. Other than a torn blouse and breathing a little hard she seemed unfazed by what had almost happened to her.

"Yeah, I know who you are. I'm Jamie O'Connor," I answered.

"I know it's a lot to ask after what you just did, but could you help me get home? I'm a little shaky right now."

My truck was on the other side of the campus so we walked to the main street and caught a cab to her apartment. Rebecca Colman wouldn't be caught dead living in a common dorm; she had an apartment in a very exclusive and expensive building. I told the driver to wait and walked her through front door as the security guard opened the entry way for us.

"Thanks again Jamie. Things could have really gone bad if you hadn't ridden in on your white horse to save me." Rebecca leaned over, kissed me on the cheek, smiled, and got on the elevator.

I nodded at the guard and got back into the cab for the return trip to my dorm. Damn, I hoped I had money to pay the cab fare. When we got to my dorm, I asked the driver how much I owed him. He told me that the security guard had paid the fare including a large tip. I guess he was used to paying for cabs for Miss Rebecca Colman.

The next morning on the way to class I heard on the radio that three men had been found unconscious in a ramada on campus. They claimed that they had been jumped by a gang of men and were victims of a random act of violence. I laughed out loud after hearing the news broadcast; they were victims of a non random act of payback.

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