Eye Opening Trip No 2 the Aftermath

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Jim's life continues after his divorce. He discovers some things about Ann and finds a new love.

The first few months after my divorce went by pretty painfully. I was morose and unsure what to do with myself. Many times something would happen or I would see or hear something and I would think I have to remember to tell Ann about that. Then it would hit me. Ann didn't live with me any more and we weren't talking. I had no one to tell 'that' to. I am sure my boys got tired of me calling 'just to check in' but they didn't say anything.

A couple of months after I divorced I noticed a lot of the divorced or widow women in town were making it a point to talk to me when we met. If I went to the café for lunch or supper and one or more of them were there I was invited to join them. If I was at a table by myself and one of them came in they asked if they could join me.

I didn't want to be a total recluse or be accused of being anti social so many times I had a dining partner. Some of those conversations resulted in a date or at least a visit to one of our homes. Several of the women were nice people to have as friends but I just wasn't interested in any of them romantically. I did bed two or three of them and boy was that a mistake. The morning after they seemed to think they could faintly hear wedding bells.

I had gone to some of the local functions like spaghetti suppers for the rural fire department or other civic organizations and enjoyed them. I even went to three or four of the Senior Center dances before I decided they weren't for me. I met several nice women there but no one special. I had missed two dances in a row and began getting queries from the older women about why I wasn't coming to the dances any longer.

One 'Lady' in particular was a royal pain. I had danced with her some at the Senior Center dances I had attended but had no real feelings for her. She was sort of 'rough' but at the same time fun to talk to. Doris cornered me in the café one lunch hour and I couldn't get her to shut up. I heard all about her two deceased husbands and one divorced husband. I knew more than I ever wanted to know about her health and her children. Finally, in order to get away from her I promised to meet her at the local Senior Center that Friday night for the bi weekly dance.

Came the night of the dance I drove up in my trusty old powerstroke and she was standing outside the door waiting on me! I walked up to her and she smiled and grabbed me in a clench I could hardly break. Before I could get away from her she had landed a long kiss on my lips. She had tried to french kiss me but I didn't let her tongue into my mouth.

Doris pulled back from me and looked a little hurt. She asked, "What's the matter Jim? Don't you like to kiss?"

I was floored by that question. Hell, I had known Doris for years but we had never been friends. We were just speaking acquaintances when we would meet somewhere in town.

We had never been on a date and she was wondering why I didn't give her a good kiss? WOW! I finally mumbled, "I'm not much into public displays of affection Doris. Sorry."

Doris brightened a little at that statement and said, "Oh, A little shy are you? Well, don't worry after a few more of these dances you'll get over that honey."

Well, let me tell you about the Senior Center dances. I really got my eyes opened at them for sure! This evening was worse than the three other dances I had attended. Doris pulled me through the door and as we walked past people she knew she made sure to remind them who I was and told them, "We're here to show you all how a dance should go."

Doris led me past the refreshment table and the chairs straight to the dance floor. We had to dance the whole set before I could even sit down or get a drink. Occasionally one of the other ladies would cut in on Doris and I could see the sparks fly. Almost every one of the women I danced with invited me to do something with them or go somewhere with them or to come to their home sometime.

I now knew what some of my older friends had been telling me about the dances was true. They had said it was a 'Male Meat Market' and I could see it was. There were probably three females to every male and us poor guys didn't get a chance to rest! I swear I had so many female hands on my cock they rubbed a hole in my jeans!

I had been told any man that could get it up could get all the pussy he could handle at the dances. All they had to do was take Ladies up on their offers. I now know this from personal experience. I let Doris talk me into going home with her that evening. I swear I thought we were only going to visit and have a nightcap. The dance didn't allow liquor or beer on premises. When she found out I liked port she insisted I come home with her and sample a bottle she had recently purchased.

Boy was that a night to remember. I sat on her couch and was relaxing when she brought our port out. When she bent over to hand me my glass I looked up to thank her and got an eye full. She had unbuttoned her blouse and tied it under her breasts. She had no bra on and one of her tits was hanging out.

Doris saw me looking and giggled. She turned away and sat her glass on the coffee table. I watched while she nonchalantly put her breast back into her top. Next she bent to pick up her glass and sat beside me, our hips touching.

Before I was half done with my port Doris was leaning to me for kisses and rubbing my cock. I finally thought what the hell and began to reciprocate. When I began kissing her back she took that as a victory and unzipped my fly, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my cock out.

She looked up at me, smiled and jumped from the couch and kneeled between my legs. Before I could say 'Jack Robinson' Doris hovered my rod into her mouth and did a damn fine deep throat on me. Like they say, when rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it. I didn't find Doris that sexually attractive but I was horny so I just let it happen. Damn could that old broad suck dick! She had me on the edge in no time.

I began tensing up and thrusting. Doris looked up at me and pulled my cock from her mouth. She stood, grabbed my hand and pulled me toward her. As I got up she said, "Let's move this to the bedroom now."

I followed her like a sheep to the slaughter. We got to her room and she undressed us both then lay across her bed, legs spread. Her old cooter was drooling. I slowly moved toward her as I watched her fingers dip into her cunt then pull up her slit to rub her clit.

She saw me watching her and said, "I'm ready honey. You gonna give me some of that cock or just stand there watching? I have condoms in the side table if you want one."

Well, come on guys what was I to do? I grabbed a condom and put it on. I crawled between her legs and slipped my cock into her dripping slot. Doris was a pretty good fuck. She was wild and uninhibited. The way we both raced to our climax and exploded it was obvious we were in desperate need of sex. It was three hours and two orgasms later before I got out of there. I was well fucked and very tired before Doris let me go home. Even as I was leaving she was trying to get me to stay the rest of the night with her. She seemed insatiable.

The next week, I could hardly show my face in the coffee shop (café). All my male friends would see me and begin laughing. They would make a smart ass comment about the new meat at the Senior Center or would say something like "How's it going Stud?" A lot of the unattached women redoubled their efforts to get me to take them out. I think I got a feel for how a young and beautiful woman must feel at a fraternity party!

I think Doris had people watching for me because most of the time when I went into the café for lunch or dinner she would show up shortly after and take a seat at my table. She had turned into a stalker. One day she even asked "Jim we've been seeing each other for quite a while now. Wouldn't it be handier if I just moved into your place?"

I sat there in shock and said, "No Doris. I don't think that would be too good an idea. You have your own home and we really don't know each other well enough to go that route."

Man was that a mistake. Doris looked at me a minute and she began crying. She said, "You SOB. You're just like all the other men aren't you? You take a woman to bed and get what you want then to hell with her. Is that it?" She pushed her chair back so rapidly it turned over and she stormed out of the café in a huff.

I just sat there stunned trying to decide what had just happened to me. I noticed all the talking and laughing had stopped in the café and everyone was staring at me. I was so embarrassed I just left the rest of my meal and got out of there. It was two days later before I could make myself go back.

When I opened the door the next time I got up the courage to try dining in the café again you could hear the volume of the conversation drop. One of my better coffee buddies pushed a chair back from the table he and another of our friends were at. "Here Jim. If you're not too big an SOB you can sit with us," he said.

"Very funny asshole," I told him as I took my seat.

Jerry had been a widower for several years and he laughed at my comment then said, "Don't let it bother you too much Jim. Doris pulls that with every man she sleeps with if he doesn't keep coming back to the well for more. She actually dumped a glass of water in my face when I told her it was over."

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