A Good Life

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Romantic Story: A simple man returns home from Iraq to be met by divorce. His anguish and healing are covered as he continues his life and finds new love.

Ahhh I sighed as I sank into my patio chair. I dearly loved this time of day-especially here at home. It was so quiet and peaceful sitting here on my patio drinking coffee. I could hear the birds chirping and see them flitting about as they lived their lives to the fullest. It was Indian summer, my favorite time of the year. I was still able to wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts. I relaxed in bliss as I watched the sun come from behind the large hill east of my house and silhouette the 70 plus year old trees in my yard and along the stream that chuckled merrily on its way past my home and yard. It was so peaceful looking out across the stream.

My mind drifted back to better days as I recalled my childhood living, working and playing around this place. The land was so much a part of me. This farm had been in my family for well over 100 years and I hoped it would be in the family long after my death.

I remembered the hours I spent in the old swimming hole just down from the corner of the yard. So many of my friends came to swim and play that at times my mother thought she had a day care rather than a family. How many meals had we cooked on the built in grill beside the ole swimmin' hole, then eaten at the nearby table? How many kisses I had stolen while sitting or lying on blankets alongside the stream?

My mind drifted on to Susan, my first female friend and years later my wife. I felt a tear course down my cheek at the memory. My teeth grated and my stomach clenched in anger once more when my thoughts moved from her to my Best Friend Timothy. The three of us were inseparable back then. He and I vied for Susan's attention for years until I won out and we became a solid couple.

I cried silently at the memories as I felt the emptiness inside, the overpowering lonesomeness of having the large house and 600-acre farm to myself now. My farming, investments and other interests could not fill the void left when my family was torn from me. I asked myself once again what I had done to cause this?

As I remembered the pain a cloud obscured the sun streaming through the trees and I felt the first chill of fall-a chill as deep and soul destroying as the one I now carried inside.

Here I was, alone, age 35 and newly divorced, my children Jessica, age 11 and Alexander, age 10 wrenched from me by an unfeeling court and my ex-wife and ex-friend. Would this have happened if I hadn't remained in the Reserves and been called up for the last Iraqi war? Was that the cause of my losing my family or would Tim have won out in the end anyway? I knew over the years Susan was becoming more and more unhappy with her status in life but to do this? I knew she wanted to be the wife of a more prominent man but that just wasn't who I was or could be. I thought surely our love would carry through.

I sighed and got up for another cup of my morning elixir, my special mix of coffee I brewed daily, rain or shine. I knew dwelling on my problems didn't solve them but what was a man to do? I came back to my sanctuary and sat once again to look across the creek and over the south field. I loved to watch my cattle feeding on the lush grass as the fog rose off the creek and hung in the morning sun partially obscuring my view.

The gentle lowing of my animals and the sounds of neighbor's tractors were relaxing to me. I thrived on the happy sound of the water rushing over the rocks in the rapids just before entering the deep hole we swam in. I was as at peace as I could be considering my recent divorce.

I sighed and settled back to once again remember happier times. My parents and their loving rambunctious ways, the laughs and parties we had here in this back yard. Ahhh, times had been so good, so carefree as relatives and friends laughed and played, swimming in hot weather. I could almost feel Susan behind me, then realized never again would I feel her walk up behind me on this patio and place her hand on my shoulder as she bent to kiss me. Never again would I feel her slender body shuddering in orgasm as we made love in this yard or our king sized bed. Shit! Another tear slid down my cheeks. I have to get a handle on myself.

The happier times were so intertwined with this yard and home. I remembered the summer Susan first refused to skinny dip with Tim and me. The summer we realized she was a really different and, perhaps, exciting creature. We tormented her unmercifully that year and the next. At the time romance wasn't in the cards and as we each grew up some we began dating others. Susan would sometimes run around with me, sometimes with Tim but I didn't think any of us considered that dating her. Finally the summer after graduating high school, I began dating my friend Susan.

At first, it was just taking my friend someplace for fun and companionship because we both were between significant others. One day my parents were gone and Susan came over to swim. We played and dunked each other like we had when we were younger, then, while wrestling in the creek her top came off. She gasped and I just stared. I finally tore my eyes from her beautiful breasts and looked her in the eyes. Her face was crimson but there was a strange look on her face. We slowly leaned toward each other and I delivered a gentle kiss.

I don't know how long we held each other and kissed but by mutual consent, and without a word, I led her from the swimming hole and into the house. We stopped several times on the way for more kisses and touches. Susan would let loose with that special giggle of hers when I would touch her on one of her "secret" places. Finally, we were standing and kissing in the entrance to the hallway when Susan giggled once again and pushed me back from her. She ran down the hallway and into my bedroom with me right behind her.

When I got to the bedroom Susan was standing by my bed and facing the door. Her perfect breasts standing proud and capped by the most beautiful hard nipples I had ever seen. Her chest was heaving slightly from her short sprint and, I suspect, her arousal. I walked toward Susan while staring at her delectable breasts and the deep crimson hue above them. She smiled at me and pushed her bottoms down.

I stopped as I saw my first pussy. It was so exciting, so mesmerizing, and so beautiful. I was panting and my young cock was so hard! My heart was beating rapidly and I was scared. What do I do now? What if we get caught? I walked to her and we drew each other into another tight embrace as we kissed again. I felt her pushing my swim trunks down and helped her free my cock.

Susan kneeled down and took me into her mouth. Her small hands looked perfect and felt so good on my boner. She was good; so very good. I felt myself nearing orgasm and I guess she felt it too because she stood, then climbed onto my bed and lay on her back, knees up and spread as she looked me in the eyes and licked her lips.

The excitement and fear I would do something wrong or hurt her were almost overpowering. Susan led me through the most exciting and heavenly afternoon. I can still almost feel her clasping cunt and it's silky smoothness. The smooth comfort and heat of her lubricious cunt still call out to me. I was a typical kid. I didn't think about birth control until well after the act but when I groaned and said, "Oh, shit. I forgot the rubber!" Susan smiled and caressed my face.

"Don't worry John. I'm on the pill." She said. I didn't even think until a day or two later that that obviously hadn't been her first time.

I was so hurt when I next saw her and she admitted Good old Timothy had copped her cherry almost a year before. She looked at me in surprise when I got upset and said, "John, I'm not a slut or an easy piece but so what if that wasn't my first time. So what if there were two before you. Does that matter?" I decided it didn't matter to me then but now I wonder if it should have.

At the end of that summer, we went to the local Junior college and were an item for the first year. In the summer I felt the pull of the world and gave in to my secret fantasy. I had always dreamed of the military so I enlisted. I did my time and came back home a Sergeant.

Susan remained in college while I was gone. I had tried to get her to promise to wait for me but she had only smiled and caressed my face as she said, "Oh, John. You know how much I love you. How could you think I would ever forget you?"

I had written to Susan for almost a year before she wrote and told me she had met someone and wanted to date him. After my 'dear John' letter I never heard from her again and I lost contact with her. I heard she had dated the guy she dumped me for and several others but I had not bothered to keep track of her otherwise. After all, we were through.

I was walking down the street the second day I was home and saw Susan. I remember how my heart fluttered when I recognized her. When I called her name her face lit up with that wonderful smile I remembered. The whole day seemed brighter as I watched her smile and chatter at me. I felt myself weaken, as she would touch my arm to emphasize some point she was making. As I had walked up to her I checked out her left hand. Oh, God I remember thinking. No rings!

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