Girlfriend Becomes Obeying Slave

by sonyaesperanto

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, BDSM, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: This is a story that takes place in Germany. A Persian/German woman failed to be there for her boyfriend`s birthday celebration and as a result must make it up to him, including by offering him the one thing she had denied him for so long: her ass for fucking, further resulting in her becoming mentally weaker and becoming more subservient to him and less independent.


Reinhardt eyed the woman in front of him. She was much shorter than his girlfriend, whom he had been cohabiting with for over for years. She laid her back on the bed and was an attractive Brunette at her mid 20s, and was probably Eastern European too.

"Now I want you to turn around and lie face down," Reinhardt ordering the young prostitute.

"Yes sir," the prostitute meekly replied.

The prostitute turned her body and face around and laid face down on the bed.

She was perfect for this, Reinhardt thought.

Reinhardt often hired prostitutes such as these and mainly for two things: their hair colour and for anal sex, which his girlfriend denied him for so long.

Reinhardt was tall at 6'6; as muscular as an athlete, 35 years of age, cropped blond hair, striking blue eyes, pale as a Raphaelite and had short temper too.

The prostitute gulped. She knew and heard from all the other girls what Reinhardt was like. Very rough. Uncaring. Insensitive. But not just the way he treated the hookers but also that her pimp did say tat he had seen him beat up other people (and local clients) many times outside on the streets her pimp said that the "other guy" looked scared before and after he got totally bashed up by Reinhardt.

Reinhardt walked to the open box that was next to the bed. He took out the things he needed and used them to tie up the prostitute's wrists and ankles to the posts of that bed. He had also taken out a ball gag and roughly placed it on the prostitute's mouth and tied it around the back of her head really rough.

"There. Now you look nice and lovely," Reinhardt patting her ass really hard. The prostitute breathed heavily under her ball gag. If she had not been a prostitute, she would not have allowed herself to be on this situation but life was just cruel.

The prostitute was all tied up spread-eagled but faced down.

Reinhardt started stripping off his clothes, climbed the bed and laid his humongous frightening body over the more fragile looking prostitute.

Reinhardt roughly thrust his cock into the prostitute's sensitive asshole. The prostitute jerked her tied-up body and tears instantly flowed down her eyes. She was in extreme tormenting pain.

"That's right bitch. I got you for an hour and for an hour, I will call you Margot," Reinhardt pulling at her short brown hair, then licking her cheek sadistically.

With one hard thrust up her asshole, the prostitute's mind was sent into extreme agony, as her body was enduring the beginning of an hour's worth of pain.


The prostitute was still tied up, sobering as she faced the bed.

Reinhardt's sperm was oozing out of her bruised reddened up ass.

The room door was open and Reinhardt paid the pimp, just outside the doorway.

"I really did a job at her," Reinhardt looking at what he had done to the prostitute. Her ass cheeks looked really roughed up.

"She'll be alright. I mean I am ok with you bruising up their asses since you pay a good deal of money whenever you come here. You always want Brunette or even pay extra for any of the girls to have their hair dyed just for the day they have to meet you and having your way with them," the pimp counting his Euro bills.

"What is gonna happen with her?" Reinhardt asked.

"Oh just a good bubble bath will ease up that bruised asshole of hers," the pimp chuckled.

As Reinhardt started walking away, the pimp called out to him.

"Guess this Margot is some bitch who has done you a lot of wrong huh."

Reinhardt ignored the pimp.Reinhardt had anal sex with other female friends of his but he really wanted to have it with the one woman he loved and if he could not have it with her, he would hire hookers and pay them a lot of money just to let him indulge in his fantasy, that he is not fucking their assholes but that of the woman he truly loved. As for the pain he caused them, he did not care since it was not Margot he was hurting but these bitches.



"So where we am I meeting up with you all tomorrow?" Margot asked Reinhardt, as they both lied under the blanket in their bed.

"At TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) at eight sharp," Reinhardt had his arm around Margot.

Thursday night was Reinhardt's 36th birthday and all their friends were going to be there. Margot was going to meet up with all of them straight from work.

"You know which TGIF right?" Reinhardt started fondling with Margot's hair.

"I know which one," Margot starred back at him in that darkness.

Margot was as attractive and as Brunette as her Persian mother (her father was German); 33 years of age, bit more tanned, had brown-green eyes, slim, 6'2 and was also Reinhardt's partner (and love of his life).

"You sure you don't want me to get you anything for your birthday?" Margot asked.

"Well there is only one thing I actually want from you," Reinhardt smiled under that darkness.

Margot knew what it was but she had never done it before, thinking how painful and degrading it would be.

"Oh please can we get off that subject. I mean I would have sex with you but not that. That would be like asking me to have sex with a dog or something," Margot upset that he still wanted it after all these years.

Reinhardt angrily let go of Margot and turned around, facing the other side of the bed.

Margot went over to him and started patting his back, knowing that she had made him upset.

"I love you Reinhardt. You know that," Margot was trying to be as loving, fearing that their relationship could come to an end for something as stupid as anal sex. They broke up once because of it but neither of them could live without the other and so got back together again, and also decided to live together.

"What is it with you? What's your problem? I love you and would do anything for you and yet you won't let me just have it, at least even once," Reinhardt was really upset.

Reinhardt got up from the bed and walked towards the bedroom door.

"Because I don't want to have your dick up my ass. It's painful and degrading," Margot cried.

"You are so arrogant and proud. I am your boyfriend and you are letting your ego get in the way. I love you. I am not doing this to say that I am in charge. You think if I did it with you that I would just do it without taking your comfort into account while I do it." Reinhardt started bitching up.

Reinhardt opened the bedroom door, walked out the bedroom, closed it behind him and switched on the hallway light.

I don't want to have anything up my ass, Margot thought.

"You know many of the other women let their partners fuck them up the ass. Why not you? I mean it is normal and people regularly do it" Reinhardt called out from outside the bedroom door.

Margot heard footsteps heading away from the door.

Margot laid inside her bedroom, in that darkness.

I don't want to lose you again, Margot panicked in her head. But anal sex was something else. She had never done it and some of her girlfriends told her about their "painful" experience.


Margot was still stuck inside her office. She was doing some paper work until she heard someone knocking on her office door.

"Come in," Margot not turning her eyes away from her paper work.

The door opened. There was a young office girl with short Blonde hair and a pixie look.

"Afternoon Rosaline. What is up?" Margot looking now to the doorway.

"Bad news. Boss is having a long meeting in about twenty minutes," Rosaline sighed.

"Meeting?" Margot was both curious and afraid.

"It's about retrenchment," Rosaline cried.

Margot gulped. She knew that the credit crunch that the world was facing affected every major company on Earth and that people were getting fried left and right. She prayed that she was not going to be one of them.



Reinhardt was sat down with four guys and six ladies. All of them friends of both Reinhardt and Margot.

"Hey Hardt it's already eight. Better give her a call," one of the guys suggested, as he looked at his wristwatch.

"Yeah better do that," Reinhardt agreeing in annoyance.

Reinhardt took out his I Phone and started ringing Margot's cell phone number.


Margot opened her car door with her car key and got inside. She put on her seatbelt and started the car engine. The car engine started humming. She saw the time on the car.

Oh shit, Margot thought. She just remembered to be at TGIF. By 8PM. If it had not been for this serious meeting, Margot would have been there much earlier. For her man's birthday.

The meeting was so long and all of them had to turn their cell phones off.

One the bright side she still had a job. Some of her friends were unlucky, as they got laid off work, joining thousands of unemployed Europeans. She then took out her cell phone and saw that 3 missed calls. All from Reinhardt.

Shit, Margot thought.

She tried ringing Reinhardt's cell phone. He wasn't picking it up.

He must be mad at me, Margot thought.

Margot drove out of the car park and headed straight for TGIF. By the time she got there, she parked her car and walked inside TGIF. Once inside, she tried spotting for Reinhardt or any of their other friends. She saw none of them.

A waitress dressed in TGIF working uniform approached Margot.

"Excuse me ma'am, are you waiting to be seated?" the waitress asked Margot.

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