Wife's Weight Loss Mistake

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: : Wife decides husband is too heavy and tries to force him to lose weight by withholding sex and threatning to cheat or leave him. His retribution.

My world fell apart several months ago and after I managed to control my hurt and anger I began to retaliate against the cruel, unnecessary attack I suffered through. Like most mid aged persons I (more than my wife) have that roll of fat around my waistline. My wife Ann and I have discussed toning up and losing weight for a couple of years but c'mon. Life is good and we love to eat and drink. Finally, I hit 250 and the crap hit the fan.

Ann and I had begun going to the YMCA to exercise and had watched our diets for about four months. We both lost weight. Unfortunately, she kept losing but I first plateaued, and then regained some of what I had lost. I admit it; I didn't look "buff" like I had when we married. I am retired Army and I met, wooed and married Ann when my first wife got fed up with my career and divorced me. Ann had been a paralegal at the law firm that represented me. She said she at first felt sorry for me the way my wife treated a "genuine American Hero". She has told me in the past that she then fell in love with my "Buff Bod" and my kind, considerate demeanor.

I fell in love with her caring personality and her kindness. The icing on the cake was her trim, 38-24-36 figure on her 5'8" frame. All her attributes combined with her personality made her the most perfect woman in the world to me. I loved her more than any woman I had met before or since-including my first wife.

After I retired (at age 48-she was 42) we moved back to my hometown. I must admit, she was really angry with me for doing it and for a while I wasn't sure she would move back home with me. I was beginning to believe I was headed back to divorce court when she had a miraculous change of mind. At the time I was extremely pleased and asked her why she had not only agreed to the move but was now almost looking forward to it.

Ann told me she had called an old friend of hers to tell her about the move and that she wasn't sure she would make it with me. She said the old friend was really happy because it turns out she would be living only about 45 miles from us. They could rekindle the friendship. I gathered they had been really close during college and they would be so again.

We had never talked too much about my hometown or my relationship with people there. I had thankfully listened to friends-both within and outside of the military-when they advised me how to hide assets outside the country so when we divorced, my first wife got almost nothing. We had been married such a short time I managed to keep my pension and only got stuck with monstrous child support payments and alimony.

Thankfully, Jane (the first wife) couldn't keep her knees together and ended up pregnant and remarried within a couple of years so I not only managed to regain custody of my children, but I got out from under the alimony. It sure is nice to have friends isn't it? My friend at the pharmacy is just amazed the birth control pills he sold her failed to work-imagine that! LOL. We are both glad she never had the prescription tested! Any way, between that, and friends that followed and took the pictures necessary, she was not only married, but adjudged an unfit parent and my little family was back together and I had my revenge on the bitch.

Well, back to my story. After we had been back in my hometown for a few months, Ann began to complain about the way I now looked and we began the exercise program I described previously. A few days after I had weighed and found out I regained the weight, I came into the house from the pool and overheard Ann and her friend Carol talking in the living room. I still remember Carol saying "Ann, think about it. He looks like crap. He is pudgy and his belly hangs over his belt. You know how much better those young studs would look hovering over you slamming their steel hard cocks into your cunt. Think how it would feel. It would be like it was back when we were in college; you, me and our studs."

I almost lost it and ran into the living room to throw Carol out when I was once again stopped by the conversation. My Ann, the love of my life first built up my ego, then stabbed a knife into my gut and twisted it as she pulled my guts out with it. "Ohhhh Jesus. That's why I first fell for Jim. He was so fine and he was the best fuck I had ever had. Cock wise, he is just a little above average but he can eat pussy and fuck better than almost any one I have ever had. I still cum when we do it but watching him hovering over me almost turns my stomach. I think I am going to give him one more chance then ... well, I am not sure what, but I just can't take much more of his flabby looks. I love him dearly but I just can't take someone who looks like he does. I am going with the plan we worked out and we will see what happens then. Get your list ready because I bet you we will need it!" she said as she giggled into her coffee cup.

I stood there a moment trying to decide what to do. My first thought was to storm into the living room and kick both bitches out, and then reason surfaced in my mind. I had been respected for my planning ability in the military. I was one of the youngest Colonels in the service and really upset a lot of people when I decided to retire. I ran a multi million-dollar financial empire during my service and I still ran it. I needed a plan and I needed to be sure my assets were still protected before I began my attack. I quietly walked back to the door and closed it noisily, then walked back into the house. Ann met me in the kitchen with a peck on the cheek. I almost cried but I managed to act normally I think.

I had let some of my cover slip after returning home because many of my old friends and neighbors knew about my connections with local businesses. Neither the corporation nor I owned any of them outright. We loaned money, took small ownership positions and made "suggestions" when we felt something needed attention or changing. Ann knew many local businessmen greatly respected me and asked for my input from time to time. She knew I was a "consultant" for an offshore corporation that had some interest in many of the local businesses. She also knew I did not receive salary from them, only "perks". For example, since I passed information to the corporation about their investments, they furnished me a nice vehicle and we took trips on their account from time to time.

Ann never seemed to question where the amount of money over and above my pension came from. I had always been careful to let on I made some lucky bets from time to time and she seemed to accept that but I was going to make sure the ownership stayed well hidden just in case.

Later that night, Ann came into the den and cuddled up next to me on the couch. She laid her head on my shoulder and said, "Jim. I am worried about you. You just don't seem to be trying to lose the weight you agreed we needed to lose. I am almost back to my weight when we got married and you are still 60 pounds over. Jim, I love you to death, but I have decided I have to take some action to make sure you lose weight and get back in shape so you will be alive and healthy and we can enjoy our retirement together."

Ann leaned over and picked up a printed sheet from the middle of one of her magazines. As she handed it to me, she said, "I have written down some rules I expect you to follow to reach the goals I set for you. Jim honey, I hate to be this way but you just won't get with the program and I am forced to do it."

I took the list from her and began to read it.

1. I expect you to lose 60 pounds. To ensure you do this, there will be no sex until you began meeting goals set by me. I have based these goals on input I obtained from a fitness trainer and doctor so I know they are attainable and will not impact your health adversely. Your weight loss goal is 5 pounds a month. 2. Any week you fail to lose at least one pound you will be penalized. I will go out that Saturday night and will enjoy myself without you. I will begin searching for a new man. I WILL NOT break our wedding vows unless you force me to do so. I want to make love to a fit, healthy man, not what you have become. The more you fail to meet goals, the worse your health will become, therefore the more chance there will be that I will need to find another husband so my search will continue. 3. You can force me to have sex with you because you are larger than I am and stronger. To control this, I will promise you that anything sexual you attempt with me, I will allow some man of my choice to do, therefore, you control what goes on during my nights out. If you meet all your goals and do not attempt anything sexual with me, I will stay home or go out with you as we have in the past. If you fail to meet goals, you pay the penalty. 4. If you meet goals for an entire month, you get one day of sex-any way we have done in the past, for as long as you care to do it, up to 24 hours. If you fail to meet your goal in any given month, I will go out and search for a lover. I will not take a lover UNLESS you begin regaining weight, then I reserve the right to do so at my sole discretion. 5. If, after 14 months you have not met your weight loss goal, I will visit a divorce attorney. At that time, this agreement will be null and void.

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