Blind Sided--the Ending

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2010 by SW MO Hermit

Romantic Story: Ann resumes her affair with Warren. My discovery, investigation and life thereafter.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

Well, my friends join me in my sadness and listen to the rest of the story, as the great American Paul Harvey would say. Those of you who read Blind Sided know of my sadness and anger as well as my decision to try and save my marriage when I caught my wife cheating shortly before she retired. We entered marriage counseling and worked on fixing the problems in our marriage-or at least I thought we were trying to fix the problems.

For several months things were rough but after her retirement and an excellent trip around the southeast we were becoming more comfortable with each other once again. I still had feelings of mistrust and from time to time I checked up on Ann when she went to town. I decided that in the event I had to reinstate the divorce proceedings I had started when I caught Ann straying I needed to better my position.

As time progressed, I developed a "gambling habit" and on the advice of my accountant, I carefully documented my "losses". I would deposit large checks in casino's and gamble at the high stakes tables, making sure the camera's caught me there for long hours. I would, however "rat hole" almost all my chips and cash them in a few at a time, stockpiling the cash. I rarely lost much and in fact, many times a trip ended with me a net winner. Even if I got my room comped, I usually managed to get a bill showing I had spent a wad of money. It is amazing what a good tip from a good customer can get from some desk clerks!

In fact, over the year from deciding to give my marriage another chance, I managed to "lose" all our free savings or I paid it in "Salary" to my friends for their help in the first investigation as well as this ongoing one. My friends of course kept enough to pay their extra taxes then sent the rest to my overseas bank accounts. I took many "expensive" trips and spent a large amount of cash. In fact, I even managed to get Ann to agree to take some of her 401K out to help us meet expenses when I overdid the gambling. Most of you probably wouldn't be too surprised to find I had developed a very large account in the Cayman Islands now would you? Of course, Ann doesn't know this does she?

We never did without but maintenance of the cars and house that could be delayed was delayed so things took on a seedy look. I had a slowly deteriorating look that could have been caused by a man deep in depression over his problems. All the while I was moving money and losing money in the stock market I was watching my dear wife. After my friends had returned home, I kept the surveillance devices in place so I know just when Ann's "friend" Warren began to make yet another run on her and I tracked her slow slide into cheating once again with the bastard.

This time, I decided she would be history and left as nearly destitute as I could leave her. I fully intended to make dear poor, lonely Warren suffer too.

Ann's fall from grace began so slowly I don't know if she was even aware she had taken Warren's bait. About three months after I caught her, my phone tap picked up on a call from Warren. He was calling Ann to apologize for letting things get out of hand and causing her trouble. He said the last thing he would ever do was knowingly cause her pain.

Warren told Ann he had gone to grief counseling after I had caught him with her in his home. He told her his counselor had made him realize how he had wronged her and set her in place of his dear departed wife. He told her he so much wanted to make it up to her and remain her friend. He begged her to just see and visit with him occasionally. To my short-lived relief, Ann told him NO in no uncertain terms but Warren was a predator. He knew which buttons to push and how to play the game.

Over the next two months Warren's calls became more frequent and Ann went from being stiff and almost rude to him to visiting and caring, even loving in her conversation. Now some of you may be thinking by now that I was a fool to do nothing. You would be right if I had not done anything but after the second phone call from Warren, I began talking to Ann, letting her know our marriage wouldn't survive another tryst and that if I caught her cheating either physically or emotionally I would make sure she left the marriage as nearly destitute as possible and her lover would be ruined economically and physically if at all possible.

Ann looked at me with fear in her eyes, as she turned white as a sheet. "Oh, Jim", she said. "After last time I could never in a million years do anything so sleazy again."

As his phone calls became more numerous, Warren began to ask Ann to meet him for lunch to reminisce. I finally decided I needed another face-to-face discussion with the asshole so I went to town to take care of business. I had to sit outside his house three days before I could follow Warren to a location where we could have our discussion. I wanted witnesses, yet semi privacy. Finally, I managed to catch him in the local mall and slammed him up against the wall.

"Warren", I said. "I believe you are bothering my wife again and I want it to stop. If you keep it up you will find you have bitten off a lot more than you can chew. Now drop it and you may be able to live the rest of your life in comfort." He was still spluttering as I jolted him against the wall once more and walked away.

This may have been a tactical mistake but I felt I had to do it. When I walked into my home a couple of hours later I ran into a verbal whirlwind. Ann met me at the door screaming at me for being an untrusting bastard and a bully. I may have misjudged good old Warren. He had called Ann and told her I had accosted him in the mall and threatened him. She said "Jim don't you ever do something like that to me again. I was so embarrassed. I know you don't think much of Warren but he suffered such a devastating loss. He is working through his problems and grief and now you may have caused him a set back. How could you be so cruel?"

She turned and went into the kitchen and I heard some slamming and banging and dishes rattling. Ann came back into the den putting on her coat. "Your supper is on the table. I am going to town to see Wendy."

I stood there a minute then grabbed for her arm. Ann dodged me and said, "Keep your hands off me. Or were you planning to rough me up like you did poor Warren?" As she said that, she almost ran out the door.

I followed her and as she got into her car I asked, "When are you coming back?"

Ann looked at me a minute then said, "When I get here." Then she started the car and left in a billow of dust.

I stood there a moment then shook my head. I couldn't believe how this day had turned out. I had to hand it to Warren though. He had played his hand better so far than I had mine. I went back into the house and began making calls to the old team. I knew now I had to see where this was going. This time we didn't let Ann know they were there and I made my contacts with them from my office or if a face to face was needed I waited until Ann was asleep and met them outside away from the house.

Over the next two months Ann began to go shopping more and met "the girls" after work more often. We did follow and most of the time she did meet the girls but only for a short time. Usually after visiting with her friends a short time, she would call Warren from a motel phone using a phone card or visit with him. We got more pictures of him as the new seduction progressed. At first it was just friendly visiting, then she allowed touches, then caresses, then an intimate supper, sometimes with dancing afterwards.

Warren was always careful. If Ann pulled away or acted upset, he was contrite but he kept up the pressure. Finally, came the first gentle kiss, then more and more kisses. Throughout his seduction I would make warning comments to Ann but all I did was make her angrier. She just did not want to admit to herself that I knew or that Warren was working her. I never knew which it was.

Finally disaster struck. One of the small consulting jobs I still had going required me to make a two-night trip. I couldn't get out of it and my stomach was in knots knowing if Warren found out I was gone he was sure to make a move.

Did I call it right? Not only did he make a move, he hit the ball out of the park, then managed to rub salt into the wound. I don't know how he managed it but he found my business e-mail address and e-mailed me the picture that ended my marriage and, ultimately killed him. The first morning after I arrived, I checked my e-mail when I got up to see if I needed to respond to anything before my first meeting.

That fateful Thursday morning, I got an e-mail from someone I didn't know but the title was interesting and the mail address was from my ISP so I opened it. The subject was telling in itself. It was "It Wasn't Too Big a Bite for ME to Chew. You lose."

I opened the message and felt the bile surge. Here is what I read:

"Hey loser: So far I have been able to chew everything just fine. It is a really tasty tidbit too. So glad you were wrong about it being more than I could chew. I sure am glad you couldn't keep control of or satisfy this little crumpet! LOL"

There were 7 attachments and you have probably guessed what they were-pictures of Ann and Warren. I don't know how he managed to get them but they were very clear and showed both their faces well as well as the specific acts they were engaged in. One was of Warren eating Ann's cunt, one of him kissing and nibbling her breasts, one just of them kissing, one each of him with his cock in her cunt, ass and mouth. The final picture was of Ann laying in OUR bed obviously exhausted, hickys on her thighs and cunt lips, breasts and neck. She had sperm draining from all her holes and splattered around her body.

I was furious. I was so angry I was shaking, trying to decide how to respond when my phone rang. I answered without looking at the caller ID only to hear maniacal laughter, and then the connection was broken. I looked then and saw the caller was blocked. I was sure it was Warren.

I was still sitting at the desk trying to get control of myself when the phone rang again. This time I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Joe. "Yeah?" I said.

Joe began talking, saying: "Jim. I'm afraid we have a problem. We followed Warren back to your place yesterday evening and" I cut him off.

"Joe. The asshole just e-mailed me some pictures. Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Oh. Damn Jim. I'm so sorry. What now?"

"Well, I'm going to finish this business meeting, then me and Warren the asshole are going to war while my dear wife fights her way through the divorce. As soon as we get off the phone I am going to call my attorney to get him working on the papers again. I will tell him to expect you and your info and I will send him what the asshole so obligingly provided also. This should be a slam dunk, then it's payback time."

I really don't know how well I did the rest of the day and I am sure the job wasn't up to my usual standards but I did get through it.

When I got home, I expected to see Ann but, somewhat to my surprise, all I found was a letter and most of her things missing. The letter was somewhat of a surprise. In it, Ann said, "Jim. I can't live with the man you have become. Not trusting me is bad enough, but when you pick on a poor old man who only wanted a little compassion, you have gone too far. I have left for now. Please think about our life and get your emotions back on track. If we are to ever have any chance of growing old together, you have to get over this irrational behavior. I have told you I love only you, yet you continue to belittle my friends and distrust my attempts to show them a little compassion. Jim, this isn't like you and I really don't like the man you have become."

I stood there in shock for a moment, and then shook my head in disgust. What had happened to my wonderful, level headed wife of 34 plus years? Did she not know Warren had sent me the e-mail or did she not care? If she knew, why had she worded the letter as she had? Where was she?

We looked. Oh, how we looked. Somehow both Ann and Warren had managed to get away from our surveillance. The boys said they did not know where their mother was. She never answered her phone, and then the shit hit the fan. I was served divorce papers citing mental cruelty and abuse. She used my attack on Warren as documentation of my dangerous nature. I was served restraining orders even though I didn't know where she was. This was unreal. Rumors started percolating through the community about my arrogance and how Ann and some of her friends feared me.

I counter sued, citing adultery. We couldn't get a location of course but kept searching for Ann and Warren. My friends once again returned home, leaving me to veg out. I did sink into a sort of a depression, not caring any longer about my small business. I fixated on finding Warren and Ann.

One day, I was sitting in a small local café/bar/coffee shop when a very well put together brunet walked up and sat with me at my table without asking. This is pretty common here but usually you only sit with someone you know unless all the other tables are full and at this time of day, most of them weren't.

She looked at me a moment, then, when the waitress came up said, "Two Newcastle please." Then she turned back to look at me.

"You look like you lost your last friend and I think you really need that Ale. Eleven a.m. isn't too early for a good drink when you really need one and I am afraid you are going to need one pretty bad in a few minutes. You don't know me but you will. I think we can help each other and at least I think I have some information you will want to know. At least you will want to know it if you are Jim Foster."

I nodded that I was indeed Jim Foster then said, "I'm listening."

This young goddess didn't say anything else, only picked up her purse and took out her phone. She dialed a number and said, "I've found him and he's not as bad as the others. He doesn't know what hit him or how but from what I have found out so far, he is fighting back better than most have. I even think he managed to protect most of his assets."

"What the..." I spluttered as she hung up her phone and looked me in the eye.

"Later. Finish you beer then how about we go someplace quiet and more private to talk."

I don't know why but I just sat there and looked at her as we drank our beer. When we were both finished, she paid and stood, walking out ahead of me. "Follow me. I'm in the white Navigator."

Unnaturally for me, I was speechless. I just followed her, and was really surprised when she took off like she knew where she was going. She took me straight to my home and stopped. As I pulled in behind her I saw another Lincoln-this one an MK LT sitting in my driveway. As we walked around the house I saw an older version of her sitting on my patio.

I followed her to the back where she sat in one of the grouping of chairs, then looked at me. "I bought the first round." Was all she said, as she leaned back and crossed her legs, smiling at me all the time. They were fine looking legs I might add.

In shock I walked into the kitchen and brought three more Newcastle. As I was passing them out I stopped a moment in shock. She hadn't asked what I drank when she ordered and Newcastle isn't a popular drink where I live. In fact, they only keep it on hand for me. Occasionally one of my friends I have converted to it will request a Newcastle but not often. It is not even listed on the Menu. How had she known to order it?

After I sat down I stared at the two ladies a moment, then as I started to open my mouth the older one spoke for the first time. "My father went through what you are facing two years ago. He couldn't handle it. He committed suicide. I am Amanda Wills. This is my daughter Melissa. We have spent thousands of dollars on research and investigation. We have a story to tell you and we hope we can be of mutual assistance. That is if you are interested in breaking Mr. Warren Houser."

For the first time since I got home I managed to talk. I grinned and said, "Oh, you could say that is one of my primary interests at this moment. Unfortunately he and my loving, soon to be ex wife have disappeared. Can you help with that?"

"Well, yes, and no. We don't know exactly where they are at the moment but we know where he goes a lot so, with a little luck and some investigation we can manage. Finish your beer while I get some papers from my truck. You need to see them before we talk much more. What you have found in this little hick town isn't even the tip of the iceberg."

I sat and watched her glide around the house before I turned my attention to her daughter. These two women were truly beautiful but no longer than I had been around them I was impressed with their confidence and intelligence as well. They didn't seem to know it or act like most beautiful women acted. I was staring at Melissa's legs. I, admittedly was trying to see farther up her skirt than was polite. When she caught me, she grinned.

"Ah, Ah, Ah. You're not even divorced yet. Now keep your mind on business and NOT monkey business."

"I'm sorry. You know as beautiful as you two are that any man is going to try and get a good look if he can. I do try to maintain proper social decorum but sometimes ... well, anyway, I'm not dead yet and I'd have to be dead not to gaze at something as beautiful as you and your mother. I won't cause problems though and I wouldn't even if we weren't probably going to work together."

As I was finishing my statement Amanda returned with a briefcase. She handed it to me and said, "Here. Review this, and feel free to look at the electronic files also if you wish. Come on Melissa, quit distracting Jim and help me fix some supper while he reviews what we have. We can answer any questions he has after our meal."

I was shocked at her audacity, then decided not to make an issue of it as some pictures stapled to five 3/8" thick files caught my attention. Each file had a beautiful woman engaging in sex with Warren with her name written on the tab. The top file was evidently Amanda's mother.

I spent the next 45 minutes scanning the folders. Warren moved frequently and each time he moved he collected a stable of women he serviced. Some he talked out of money by either convincing them he would divorce his wife and marry them or just by getting them to "invest" in some of his sure things. His M.O. was the same. Befriend them then turn them against their husband much as he had with Ann.

The only change in his method this time was that his wife had died while he lived in our area. Her final illness and death were a financial godsend to him in this case. He had managed to get 4 other women in addition to Ann on the hook here in our area. Women you wouldn't believe too.

In addition to Ann, he was bedding the Methodist Ministers wife, the wife of a city Councilman, the Wife of a prominent attorney he had met when she volunteered in the hospital and a woman he met at the country club. As far as could be determined none of the women or husbands knew of any of the others (except, now for me).

Amanda and Melissa had a list of 17 other women from other towns Warren had lived in that he had seduced, most of who were divorced. I was amazed. I was also trying to put together a plan of attack. What, exactly did I want to happen to Warren or for that matter to Ann? Would my wants and Amanda and Melissa's coincide? We had a lot to talk over. Where to start? About then, Melissa called me to supper.

I walked into my kitchen and stopped in amazement. It smelled better than it had in months. I walked into the dining room and was amazed once again. There were mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and fried chicken. These women were amazing.

As we ate we got to know each other better and I found out they had suffered from the fallout of Warren's affair with their mother. Amanda had been married but Warren had managed to convince her husband she was cheating and he had broken up Melissa's engagement. He apparently wanted to add them to his harem and thought it would be easier if he were able to console them. They lived in a small town and from then on, the only men they could attract thought they were sluts and only tried to bed them, not marry them. Instead of move, they took the money they got from Amanda's father's estate and her divorce and began their crusade against Warren.

They had apparently managed to keep close enough track of him to thwart his plans for some women. They had managed to help save some marriages even after Warren managed to bed the wives by convincing their husbands they weren't totally at fault.

I told them that wouldn't wash in my case and not to try it, then showed them all the first file of evidence, told them all I had done trying to thwart Warren and my failure to do so. When they read Ann's parting letter to me they were in total shock. They couldn't understand why Ann took Warren's side so fully and said so.

After supper, we adjourned to my office where I set up a conference call with Joe and Sam. They explained everything to them and we asked for their help in the campaign. We convinced Joe and Sam to let us pay something for their services and told them to let us know when they were to arrive at the airport so we could pick them up. We decided we would work out of my home and all stay in the guest rooms. The ladies insisted on sharing food costs and they said they would cook if we men helped clean. I agreed.

We took the rest of the night off and sat and drank and visited. No longer than I had known them I felt an affinity for them and a longing to get to know them both better. I found myself staring at them and a time or two I caught each of them watching me with a questioning look on their faces.

Two days later, on a Thursday we were supposed to pick up the guys at the airport but I got a call from my attorney. The hearing for our divorce had been moved up to that day so I couldn't pick them up. Melissa volunteered to pick them up with her Navigator and Amanda came to the hearing with me. She planned to try and follow Ann when she left if at all possible. We felt this would be the best chance because Ann didn't know her.

When my attorney and I entered the court room Ann and her attorney were both there and, to my surprise Warren was seated right behind them. When he saw me he looked my way and smirked, then mouthed "I win again asshole". I lunged toward him but my attorney grabbed me and held me back. I glared at Warren as he chuckled. I saw his attorney look at me and make a note.

My attorney said, "Jim. Control yourself. They are trying to make you respond violently if possible to make their case stronger. What you just did was damaging to our case and if you do more it could do major damage to the outcome of the divorce or the settlement."

As the hearing progressed, Ann's attorney presented their case supposedly showing my insensitivity, domineering attitude and cruelty. They even tried to show I was a cheater by bringing up my incidents in Iraq and using innuendo against me. They presented "evidence" showing I flirted with women at the coffee shop and was probably having affairs with them. They even had witnesses to my attack on Warren in the Mall and a doctor's report from when I attacked him in his the first time.

Finally when our turn came to present we systematically attacked each of their points and I thought came out pretty well. We couldn't do much about my attack on Warren the first time as it was pretty much he said, she said and the medical records but in the mall we managed to get one of the witnesses to admit I hadn't really threatened Warren, only told him to keep away from my wife before he bit off more than he could chew. When I was asked what I meant by that, I grinned and said if you had to ask that, you obviously didn't know my wife and weren't married. That got several chuckles from participants in the hearing. I then said, "I merely meant that a happily married woman would not put up with his crap and he should be careful". I don't know if the judge bought it but he looked thoughtful.

There was pandemonium when our turn came to support our counter suit. All my original evidence was pretty much useless because I had dropped the first divorce and we had entered counseling. We told the Judge we were setting up the background, showing Ann had not acted in good faith when we went to counseling and I think we scored points when I showed with the wire taps she began talking with Warren so shortly after the first "affair" and even when we were still in counseling.

Ann was surprised when my attorney began presenting the later evidence. For some reason she had never considered I would continue watching her (or spying on her as she saw it) after she had agreed to quit seeing Warren and we were in counseling. We presented recordings of my attempts to talk with Ann and her letter to me when she left as well as Warren's e-mail to me.

The best part of the whole day though was when my attorney presented the e-mail Warren had sent me the morning after he first nailed her in my bed. Apparently Ann had no knowledge of this. She got angry and tried to attack Warren there in the courtroom.

After she had been calmed down and subdued she sat crying and looked at Warren while he sat grinning. "How could you Warren? I thought we were friends. How could you do this to me?"

Warren laughed and said, "You stupid cunt. You weren't even that good a fuck. If your old man hadn't gotten so macho and made his threats I probably would have been gone in a couple more days. If I hadn't wanted to get even with him for his attitude I would have done you a favor or two in bed then cut out." As he said that, he got up and left the courtroom leaving a stunned and crying Ann slumped over the table in defeat.

The judge gave a 15-minute recess. When we returned he called the Attorneys and us to his bench to find out where we stood now. Ann wouldn't look at me and refused to answer. I told my attorney to proceed with the divorce.

The Judge sat a moment thinking then said, "I am amazed by this case. Never in my practice have I seen a supposedly intelligent woman so taken in or so brazen in her adultery for that matter. I find in favor of Mr. Foster. Divorce granted on grounds of adultery. Property settlement is as Mr. Foster proposes: Mrs. Foster keeps her 401K; Mr. Foster keeps his pension and the Family Farm that was his before the marriage. Mrs. Foster gets the small vacation house on the lake. All other assets will be split evenly.

I was happy. That meant they had bought my "gambling losses" and accepted the supposed fees I paid my friends as legitimate so I had managed to shelter nearly half our assets. Even with that though, Ann would get about $175000 excluding the Lake House. I didn't feel too bad as I got the majority of the property yet Ann did have enough resources to live if she was careful. Ann looked at me and through her tears I could see she was saying, "I'm sorry. So sorry."

I turned and walked away glad that part was over, and then decided the fat lady hadn't sung yet. I reached into my brief case and took out the folder I had made up on Warren's local conquests. I walked up to Ann and said, "Ann. I am so angry with you I can't think straight and after all I tried to do there is no way we can stay married or even friends but you weren't the only woman Warren used. Here is a copy of a file I am sending to some local men outlining more of Warren's evil ways."

I stood back as she read the names and looked at the pictures then gasped. I walked away as she sank down into a chair crying once again. Did this make it all better? No but knowing Ann I suspected she would contact some of the women and form some sort of support group.

As I walked out, I saw that Amanda and her vehicle were gone. I assumed she was trying to follow Warren. At least I hoped so, yet what could we do to him? As much as I wanted to physically hurt him I didn't want to get locked up. I needed to think so I returned to my home to discuss it with my two friends that I hoped Melissa had gotten there from the airport.

When I walked around to the patio I found all three of them well into my good hooch and feeling no pain. Melissa looked at me and asked, "Well, how did it go?"

I looked at her, shook my head and walked toward the house to get my glass and bring the bottle outside. As I passed her I said, "Gimme a minute." I saw her watching me with concern as I passed.

I washed my hands and face then gathered the items I had went into the house for before I returned to the patio. I know my voice broke several times as I told them of the days events and that the Judge found in my favor, awarding me the divorce for Ann's adultery.

As I was finishing my spiel my two boys and their wives came through the house and onto the patio. They looked at me and Paul asked what had happened. By then I couldn't go on. I just looked at him and shook my head. Melissa looked up and said, "Why don't you all come into the house with me and I'll fill you in. Your Father just finished telling us and I don't think he needs to go through that yet again."

All five of them walked into the house and left me with Joe and Sam. I just sat there staring out over the yard and pool while we drank. Finally Sam said, "Damn Jim. I just never would have believed she would do anything like this or that it would end like this. Hell, I've known Ann over 30 years and she just wouldn't..." then his voice trailed off as he, too began looking out over the yard as I was.

After a few moments Joe said, "Well, we going to drink all night or get down to planning for the rest of the Asshole's life? A short, unpleasant one too I hope."

We all sighed, then I said, "Hell, we don't even know where the bastard is. If Amanda can't follow him I don't think I want to spend a hell of a lot of money beagling him out. Let's just throw out a few ideas tonight, then hit it tomorrow or whenever Amanda comes up with something. I sure wish someone was with her."

One thing we did decide that night was to contact the other 4 husbands involved here in our town personally and the ones out of town by mail giving them everything we had available so if we did do something to Warren there would be more suspects. Besides, we thought some or all of them might want to help!

I took on too large a load of some 18 year old Glenlivet that night and faintly remember Joe and Sam guiding me into my bedroom. I was sick shortly after they left me and barely made it into the master bath. After I had heaved out my guts I was trying to stand at the sink when Melissa came into the room. Boy did I get a lambasting. You would think we were married the way she lit into me.

"You damn men. Why in the hell do you get so drunk you get sick then expect help getting over it? Here, give me that." she said as she grabbed the washrag from my hand and began wiping my face.

She looked into my eyes and saw the tears. She gently wiped them from my cheeks and whispered, "Shhh, I know. Now let's get you back to bed." Then she kissed my tears gently.

I let her lead me to my bed and cover me with the sheet. Later that night or early the next morning I heard Melissa and Amanda talking. They were standing at the foot of the bed and Melissa was reporting on the evening. I was sober enough to be embarrassed when I heard her telling her mother how drunk I got and how she had to help me. Before they finished I drifted off into a deeper sleep again.

The next morning I woke and needed to piss really badly. As I started to get up I realized I was cuddled up to a really warm, really soft, really beautiful woman and my arm was around her, my left hand cupping her right breast. My normal morning wood was nestled nicely up against her fine ass. As this was sinking in, I realized not only was she naked as was I (I normally sleep nude) but that I had another naked woman nestled up behind me and her bullet hard nipples were boring into my back.

I wondered how the hell this had come about, then I wondered how I could get up and piss without waking them and letting them see me. I then sort of laughed at myself. At least Melissa had seen me last night as I remembered her helping me clean up after I visited with Ralphie.

I guess my moving had wakened the ladies because Melissa rolled, turning to face me and smiled before gently kissing me on the lips. I started to say something then she put her finger on my lips and said, "Shhhhh."

About then I felt Amanda rise up to lean on her elbow and she planted a gentle kiss on me left ear. I felt a soft breath then heard her say, "Later."

I watched in awe as both ladies threw the covers back and walked unconcernedly toward the bathroom. Melissa went toward the master bath and Amanda toward the guest bath in the hallway. Neither had bothered to grab a robe. GOD they were beautiful. They looked more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Melissa came back into the room shortly after I heard the toilet flush and water run in the sink. She looked me in the eye and blushed, then put her robe on, saying as she walked toward the door. "Coffee on the patio as soon as it is done, then we will have breakfast about 9 hon."

As soon as she was out the door, I ran toward the bathroom. I stumbled as I remembered her calling me Hon then I went on and took care of business. I dressed in shorts and short sleeve shirt, commando and hurried toward the back of the house. By the time I got there Amanda and Melissa were dressed similarly (I could see nipples through their tops and assumed no panties). I could hear them giggling as I walked into the kitchen.

I felt like I blushed a little then I stammered, "Ladies. I uh ... I didn't ... Uh, well, if I got out of hand last night, I'm sorry. I..."

They both began laughing and Amanda said, "Hush you. I know you woke while we were talking in your room and so we left you. We went back to our room to finish the talk. Later I got up to use the bathroom and Melissa was gone. I went looking for her, thinking maybe you needed more help and I found her cuddled up like you were this morning sleeping. I must admit I stood there quite a while thinking, then decided why not? We all lost something and probably needed some cuddling so I got into the bed behind you. If anything, WE took advantage of you. Now we don't want to hear anything else about it. Got that?"

I licked my lips and said, "Yeah, I guess." Then I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed for the patio and the glorious sunrise.

I hadn't much more than settled in when the two ladies came out, followed shortly by Joe and Sam. We all drank coffee in silence. I was thankful all five of us felt the same need to quietly enjoy the morning. My eyes did begin to tear up as I remember the many mornings Ann and I did the same thing. I dearly love to greet the morning in silent companionship with a close friend or lover and our coffee. I know the ladies saw the tears form and I smiled and shook my head at them. They frowned then both nodded slightly.

After our coffee, Amanda and Melissa got up and went into the house, telling us they were going to make us a "real" breakfast. I hoped I knew what they meant because I remembered telling them of my favorite breakfast and calling it a "real" breakfast. It was wheat toast, dry, Western (Denver) Omelet, hash browns and sliced tomato with, of course, more coffee.

They hadn't been gone long when Melissa came running out of the house. She screamed, "Come here, quick. Well, come on, hurry." She then turned and ran back into the house. As I neared the door, I heard the television and we all three got into the den in time to hear the announcer say, "Once again folks authorities have arrested two local women for the murder of Warren Houser. Apparently Mr. Houser had affairs with the women and caused their marriages to end when he maliciously sent one of the husbands an e-mail with attached pictures of him having sex with the other man's wife. Both women are in the hospital because of injuries received during the murder. As more develops we will keep you informed."

As we watched, they showed a picture of Ann's car slammed up against and part way through a hotel wall with Warren showing pinned underneath the vehicle. There were some bricks and debris on the hood and the front windshield was broken out. Ann was slumped over the wheel and it looked like the Reverend Sullivan's wife slumped in the passenger seat with her.

We all stared at the TV as the announcer continued to drone on. "Eyewitnesses say Mr. Houser was leaving the hotel with his clothes after checking out when the Foster vehicle drove by on the street. They heard the tires screech and saw the vehicle backing up then turn into the parking lot. Mrs. Foster was still accelerating when she hit first Mr. Houser, then the Hotel. It was obvious she intended to kill or injure Mr. Houser, hence the charges that are to be filed for murder. It has come to light that during Mrs. Foster's divorce she and Mr. Houser, her former lover, had words. He apparently told her the only reason he had the affair with her was to hurt her husband and this is assumed to be the reason she killed him."

Needless to say, we never did get breakfast. We just sat most of the morning drinking coffee and dodging phone calls. It seams everyone in town and the area had seen the news or heard of the "accident". My boys and their wives showed up in mid afternoon. We were all speechless and the boys were in even more shock than Joe, Sam and I. None of us could believe Ann would do something like this.

The next day my old friends decided to go home and I took them to the airport where we parted with some relief that the mess was over with and some sorrow for what we had been through. We all promised to see one another soon and to stay in touch.

My boys stayed the night with their families, and then returned to their duty stations, again promising to keep in touch. Amanda, Melissa and I had a quiet evening, going to bed early. The next morning I woke to voices and noises of cooking in the kitchen.

When I wandered into the room both women were there drinking coffee and sitting, talking in their robes. "Good morning," I said as I poured my coffee.

I started to sit at the table, and then said, "If you don't mind, I'm going outside again. You are welcome to join me or not."

The ladies looked at me, then each other. I felt my heart begin to sink then as they said they would join me I felt my face light up with a smile.

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