Blind Sided--the Ending

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Ann resumes her affair with Warren. My discovery, investigation and life thereafter.

Well, my friends join me in my sadness and listen to the rest of the story, as the great American Paul Harvey would say. Those of you who read Blind Sided know of my sadness and anger as well as my decision to try and save my marriage when I caught my wife cheating shortly before she retired. We entered marriage counseling and worked on fixing the problems in our marriage-or at least I thought we were trying to fix the problems.

For several months things were rough but after her retirement and an excellent trip around the southeast we were becoming more comfortable with each other once again. I still had feelings of mistrust and from time to time I checked up on Ann when she went to town. I decided that in the event I had to reinstate the divorce proceedings I had started when I caught Ann straying I needed to better my position.

As time progressed, I developed a "gambling habit" and on the advice of my accountant, I carefully documented my "losses". I would deposit large checks in casino's and gamble at the high stakes tables, making sure the camera's caught me there for long hours. I would, however "rat hole" almost all my chips and cash them in a few at a time, stockpiling the cash. I rarely lost much and in fact, many times a trip ended with me a net winner. Even if I got my room comped, I usually managed to get a bill showing I had spent a wad of money. It is amazing what a good tip from a good customer can get from some desk clerks!

In fact, over the year from deciding to give my marriage another chance, I managed to "lose" all our free savings or I paid it in "Salary" to my friends for their help in the first investigation as well as this ongoing one. My friends of course kept enough to pay their extra taxes then sent the rest to my overseas bank accounts. I took many "expensive" trips and spent a large amount of cash. In fact, I even managed to get Ann to agree to take some of her 401K out to help us meet expenses when I overdid the gambling. Most of you probably wouldn't be too surprised to find I had developed a very large account in the Cayman Islands now would you? Of course, Ann doesn't know this does she?

We never did without but maintenance of the cars and house that could be delayed was delayed so things took on a seedy look. I had a slowly deteriorating look that could have been caused by a man deep in depression over his problems. All the while I was moving money and losing money in the stock market I was watching my dear wife. After my friends had returned home, I kept the surveillance devices in place so I know just when Ann's "friend" Warren began to make yet another run on her and I tracked her slow slide into cheating once again with the bastard.

This time, I decided she would be history and left as nearly destitute as I could leave her. I fully intended to make dear poor, lonely Warren suffer too.

Ann's fall from grace began so slowly I don't know if she was even aware she had taken Warren's bait. About three months after I caught her, my phone tap picked up on a call from Warren. He was calling Ann to apologize for letting things get out of hand and causing her trouble. He said the last thing he would ever do was knowingly cause her pain.

Warren told Ann he had gone to grief counseling after I had caught him with her in his home. He told her his counselor had made him realize how he had wronged her and set her in place of his dear departed wife. He told her he so much wanted to make it up to her and remain her friend. He begged her to just see and visit with him occasionally. To my short-lived relief, Ann told him NO in no uncertain terms but Warren was a predator. He knew which buttons to push and how to play the game.

Over the next two months Warren's calls became more frequent and Ann went from being stiff and almost rude to him to visiting and caring, even loving in her conversation. Now some of you may be thinking by now that I was a fool to do nothing. You would be right if I had not done anything but after the second phone call from Warren, I began talking to Ann, letting her know our marriage wouldn't survive another tryst and that if I caught her cheating either physically or emotionally I would make sure she left the marriage as nearly destitute as possible and her lover would be ruined economically and physically if at all possible.

Ann looked at me with fear in her eyes, as she turned white as a sheet. "Oh, Jim", she said. "After last time I could never in a million years do anything so sleazy again."

As his phone calls became more numerous, Warren began to ask Ann to meet him for lunch to reminisce. I finally decided I needed another face-to-face discussion with the asshole so I went to town to take care of business. I had to sit outside his house three days before I could follow Warren to a location where we could have our discussion. I wanted witnesses, yet semi privacy. Finally, I managed to catch him in the local mall and slammed him up against the wall.

"Warren", I said. "I believe you are bothering my wife again and I want it to stop. If you keep it up you will find you have bitten off a lot more than you can chew. Now drop it and you may be able to live the rest of your life in comfort." He was still spluttering as I jolted him against the wall once more and walked away.

This may have been a tactical mistake but I felt I had to do it. When I walked into my home a couple of hours later I ran into a verbal whirlwind. Ann met me at the door screaming at me for being an untrusting bastard and a bully. I may have misjudged good old Warren. He had called Ann and told her I had accosted him in the mall and threatened him. She said "Jim don't you ever do something like that to me again. I was so embarrassed. I know you don't think much of Warren but he suffered such a devastating loss. He is working through his problems and grief and now you may have caused him a set back. How could you be so cruel?"

She turned and went into the kitchen and I heard some slamming and banging and dishes rattling. Ann came back into the den putting on her coat. "Your supper is on the table. I am going to town to see Wendy."

I stood there a minute then grabbed for her arm. Ann dodged me and said, "Keep your hands off me. Or were you planning to rough me up like you did poor Warren?" As she said that, she almost ran out the door.

I followed her and as she got into her car I asked, "When are you coming back?"

Ann looked at me a minute then said, "When I get here." Then she started the car and left in a billow of dust.

I stood there a moment then shook my head. I couldn't believe how this day had turned out. I had to hand it to Warren though. He had played his hand better so far than I had mine. I went back into the house and began making calls to the old team. I knew now I had to see where this was going. This time we didn't let Ann know they were there and I made my contacts with them from my office or if a face to face was needed I waited until Ann was asleep and met them outside away from the house.

Over the next two months Ann began to go shopping more and met "the girls" after work more often. We did follow and most of the time she did meet the girls but only for a short time. Usually after visiting with her friends a short time, she would call Warren from a motel phone using a phone card or visit with him. We got more pictures of him as the new seduction progressed. At first it was just friendly visiting, then she allowed touches, then caresses, then an intimate supper, sometimes with dancing afterwards.

Warren was always careful. If Ann pulled away or acted upset, he was contrite but he kept up the pressure. Finally, came the first gentle kiss, then more and more kisses. Throughout his seduction I would make warning comments to Ann but all I did was make her angrier. She just did not want to admit to herself that I knew or that Warren was working her. I never knew which it was.

Finally disaster struck. One of the small consulting jobs I still had going required me to make a two-night trip. I couldn't get out of it and my stomach was in knots knowing if Warren found out I was gone he was sure to make a move.

Did I call it right? Not only did he make a move, he hit the ball out of the park, then managed to rub salt into the wound. I don't know how he managed it but he found my business e-mail address and e-mailed me the picture that ended my marriage and, ultimately killed him. The first morning after I arrived, I checked my e-mail when I got up to see if I needed to respond to anything before my first meeting.

That fateful Thursday morning, I got an e-mail from someone I didn't know but the title was interesting and the mail address was from my ISP so I opened it. The subject was telling in itself. It was "It Wasn't Too Big a Bite for ME to Chew. You lose."

I opened the message and felt the bile surge. Here is what I read:

"Hey loser: So far I have been able to chew everything just fine. It is a really tasty tidbit too. So glad you were wrong about it being more than I could chew. I sure am glad you couldn't keep control of or satisfy this little crumpet! LOL"

There were 7 attachments and you have probably guessed what they were-pictures of Ann and Warren. I don't know how he managed to get them but they were very clear and showed both their faces well as well as the specific acts they were engaged in. One was of Warren eating Ann's cunt, one of him kissing and nibbling her breasts, one just of them kissing, one each of him with his cock in her cunt, ass and mouth. The final picture was of Ann laying in OUR bed obviously exhausted, hickys on her thighs and cunt lips, breasts and neck. She had sperm draining from all her holes and splattered around her body.

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