Major Mistake

by papatoad

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Desc: Romantic Story: She left him so that she could trade up. Things didn't work out quite like she had planned.

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I wasn't expecting it, but at least she had the decency to confront me and not screw around until I caught her. I really didn't know what to say. Was I mad? Yes. Was I confused? Yes. Was I going to try and stop her? No way.

"George. I am not being unreasonable. Go see a lawyer if you feel it is necessary. The only thing that I am asking for is that you continue to pay for the kids college education. Other than that, I want nothing but my clothing and jewelry."

I just sat there holding the petition for divorce in my hands. I hadn't open it or even looked at it. What was the point? Linda had already removed her belongings from the house and I hadn't even noticed. I wasn't saying anything, but she insisted on yakking away. She did that when she was nervous. She was trying her best to look calm and in control but the steady stream of words flowing from her mouth betrayed her. I stared at the papers and smiled to myself. I think she noticed and started talking faster.

As I stood up I tossed the envelope on the coffee table.

"Just get out. I got the message. Goodbye." At least she shut up. She stammered a little as I walked to the kitchen to get a cold beer. Instead of finishing what she was going to say, my wife turned and walked out of the front door for the last time.

Ten minutes later, as I was on the second bottle, I glanced at the package she left. It was simple and clean, as she said. She also included a power of attorney so that I could sell the house. We had just taken out a second mortgage to pay the college tuition for our two sons, Robert and Glenn. If I sold the house now, I wouldn't even make enough profit to pay for the realtor's commission.

So what was it that brought twenty years of marriage to a screeching halt? An old flame; Cameron Wright was her first. Linda and Cameron were a steady couple for years before I even met her. She mentioned him often in the past and a few of our mutual friends made comments about him over the years. I ignored it. He was an old boyfriend. So what? I know now that it was more than that.

I must have been sitting for a long while, because I noticed that the room started to get dark. I knocked over three empties, as I reached over to click on the end table lamp. Then the doorbell rang.

"Damn it. Now what?" I was talking to myself.

"George. I just found out what she did. Billy said I should come over and see if you were okay." It was Linda's sister, Grace. I always liked Grace. In fact, I liked her better than I liked Linda. I must have had had too much to drink and I wasn't thinking straight. Billy was my best friend. I should have my ass kicked for even thinking about his wife that way. I shook my head as if I had water in my ears, in a vain attempt to straighten out my logic senses.

Grace took me by the arm and led me out to the kitchen. I resisted a little because she seemed to be treating me like an invalid. I didn't need any damn help.

The fluorescent lighting hurt my eyes, but I just squinted it away. How many beers did I have? I got about half of the coffee down before I realized that Grace was not saying anything.

"Feeling better now, George? Can we talk now?"

"Give me a minute. I have to take a leak." By the time I got back she had topped off the cup.

"So, Grace. Tell me about my loving wife and Cameron Wright. When did this all come about? Your stupid brother-in-law just found out about it this afternoon."

"Don't be too hard on yourself, George. I always thought that she was still carrying a torch for the asshole, even after you guys married."

"It would have been nice if you would have said something twenty years ago."

"Get real. There was no way that I was going to stick my nose into that. I was just hoping that over the years she would forget about him. The two of you seemed to get along so well."

"Grace, it was never as good as it looked. I realize now that most of the time the relationship was more platonic than romantic. I tried and tried over the years, but I could never really warm her up. Flowers, candy, and jewelry never worked. We got along and all. In fact, we rarely had an argument. I think I understand why now."

"You covered it up pretty good."

"Thanks. Can I have a few of those oatmeal cookies in the canister behind you? My stomach is screaming for something."

"So, tell me, sister-in-law. What motivated my wife to dump me?"

"I don't know if you remember, but Cameron dropped out of high school and joined the Air Force. Right after that, you and Linda started dating. Cameron was Linda's first, if you know what I mean."

I nodded and shrugged at the same time.

"A girl never forgets her first love. Anyhow, she was really pissed when he left. She wanted a family and kids. I guess you were the one who she picked to help her with that. I thought that she made a good choice. I had no idea that she was just using you until shithead got back. Hell, I don't think she even knew that he was coming back."

"So why is he back now?"

"He finished twenty years in the Air Force and retired with the rank of Major. Linda claims that he has a nice pension and several good executive positions lined up in the area to start his second career. She was telling me about this and actually sounded proud. She was gushing over this great military career that he had, as if she had been part of it. To be honest with you, George, it sounded a little sick."

"So, I assume that she is now living with him?"

"He is renting a condo in Berkshire Heights until he can find a suitable home to buy in the area. Linda is now completely moved in with him."

"How long has he been back?"

"I am not sure, but I think for about three weeks. He called her as soon as he got into town."

"So, that means that stupid George has been a cuckold for that long."

"Looks that way. Sorry."

Grace tried to fill my coffee cup again, but I motioned her away.

"I don't need any more coffee. All I want now is a shower and a good nights sleep. Thanks for stopping by Grace. Lock up and when you leave."

My sister-in-law actually looked sad for me as I walked out of the room.

I was glad that the boys were no longer at home. It would have been embarrassing for me to have to explain to them what happened. They would find out eventually, but I was hoping that I would have recovered my composure by that time so that I didn't look so pathetic.

My career choice was not that ambitious, but I enjoyed my work. I was in charge of the produce section at one of the larger supermarkets in the area. The company had been trying to get me to take a managers position for the last ten years, but I didn't want the long hours and the heavy responsibility. It didn't matter anymore now.

Bright and early the next morning I called my district supervisor and informed him that I was now ready to move up. That afternoon, I was assigned to take over a new store about ten miles from home. I spent three days training in Baltimore, and then started on my job.

In my spare time, I notified the boys of the marital situation, placed the house up for sale and rearranged all of my credit card and banking accounts. Linda's car was in her name, but the insurance was under my policy; emphasis on the word "was'.

Getting a new store up and running required a lot of my time. I didn't mind because it kept me from thinking about my personal problems. The company had things pretty streamlined, so most of the difficulties that I had were easily resolved. Corporate had a few professional store openers stay with us for the first two weeks. That was a big help. They handled the training for most of the new store employees. Half of the people were experienced and transferred in from other stores in the area. I was comfortable with the job and with my ability to do it.

In no time things had settled down. Everything was under control and running smoothly, so I had time to start arranging my personal affairs.

Since I was planning on getting a small apartment near the store, I started to get rid of everything at the house that I would no longer need. Most of it, I just gave away. There were several agencies in the area that were willing to take almost anything that I was willing to separate with. Of course the first thing to go was the marital bed. I got a lot of satisfaction out of disposing of the wedding pictures and the family photos. I did keep a small collection of pictures of the boys.

Billy called and insisted that I come over to the house the next Sunday for a cook out. He promised me that Linda would not be there. He also wanted to bring me up to date on the status of Cameron Wright; local war hero.

It wasn't much of a cook out. Billy and Grace's two teenage daughters made an appearance, but quickly disappeared. Basically, it was just an opportunity for Billy and me to chat. Grace spent most of the afternoon keeping us in cold beer and cleaning up after Billy's cooking mess.

"Okay, Billy. What do you know about Mister, or should I say, Major Wright?"

"All I know George is what he is spreading around the Veterans of Foreign Wars hall. Cameron and Linda have been coming in a couple times a week. He is all 'grandstand and glad hand.' The guys seem to eat it up, but I think they are just impressed because it is new blood. Hell, most of the guys that come in there are over sixty."

"And what is my loving wife doing while he is crowing about?"

"Linda usually just stands beside him and smiles. She seems proud to be with him."

"Humpp! She never acted that way when we were out together."

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