Peeing Tom

by DaddysSickSecret

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, First, Masturbation, Squirting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ok, everyone has a hobby. Mine involves video cameras and yellow water. And nobody knows but me. Well, almost nobody.

My office is right next to the basement bathroom.

It's a small office building - 6 stories - and there's two bathrooms on every floor except down here. It works out ok - there's only fifty or so people who work here. But I was stunned to find out how many people come all the way down here just to go.

I'm a glorified file clerk. My company does e-storage and most of the firms in the building use me for their archives. Most of the time, they can access whatever they need. Occasionally, they email me and I send back whatever file they can't access on their own. On a periodic schedule, I backup their files. Works for me, works for them, everyone's happy.

I used to spend 80% of my day playing video games. Now I watch homemade videos.

It really did start by accident. There's a woman who works on the 6th floor. She came down after lunch one day, about a year ago, and ran into the bathroom. I heard a lot of noise but didn't realize what was happening until I stepped into the hallway and saw that she hadn't closed the door all the way. She was peeing - a lot - and looked like it felt good too. Got my pecker up in a hurry to see her.

I stepped back into my office before she saw me and whacked off right there, standing in front of the door. That wasn't really a first time or anything. But it was my fastest finish ever, thinking about her.

After that, I checked the hall anytime I heard someone in the john but I never caught anyone else with the door open. Then I'd think about seeing her and whack off again. Really, I had seen her reflection. The mirror tilts down so instead of seeing her face, I saw the bottom of her shirt and the line of her closed thighs. But I could hear the piss pouring into the water and hear her sigh of relief and satisfaction. It was so intimate, so private. Just her and me alone, not really sharing but secret. Like she did it just for me. Still, my memory was getting a little stale.

So I figured it was time to apply a little technology to the problem. It was no trouble finding the stuff I needed. And the programing was pretty easy too. I set up a remote capture site at home using the T1 line I already owned. And storage was no trouble since I had more memory than I knew what to do with.

The problem was installation of the on premises camera. I wanted it on the door because that's the image that got me so worked up. But to be at the right angle, it would be completely exposed and that would be bad. I could place it under the sink; it would only be recognizable if you knew to look there and what you were looking for. And with the amount of dust there, it wasn't going to be found while anyone was cleaning! But all I'd see are knees. I couldn't get a glimpse of beaver.

The best spot was the one I didn't want to think about. Inside the bowl. I mean, yes, the camera was supposed to be fully submersable and yes I could put it under the rim but it was a toilet bowl!

After about a week of trying to think of a better idea, I gave up and bought a pair of heavy duty rubber gloves.

I waited until late one night, after most of the building had gone for the night. Only me, Gus the custodian and the telemarketers on four were left. I got the thing adheased so that the only way to see it was to pretty much put your head in the bowl and get your hair wet. If it slipped, I was out a small bundle. I figured if someone found it, I could claim to be outraged at the invasion on privacy like everyone else. Then, I used the facility to see whether I'd wasted my time.

The image was a little grainy and there was no sound. A shadow appeared over the seat. Then a pecker and a hand appeared - my pecker, my hand. The piss streamed past the lense is a smooth line for a few seconds and then it stopped. There were a couple loose drops when I shook then the pecker and the shadow moved. A moment later, the light went out.

That was good enough as a test shot but I would have to wait to see if it had been worth all the effort. I could either watch the live feed or review about four hours of recorded video. Older viewing pleasure was auto written to the permanent storage at home.

When I got home, I checked the memory drive. From here, I could access the live feed and the full history. I found my sample and another guy about a half hour after I left. It must have been Gus because after the flush, a scrub brush swept past the lense. He kind of cleaned the bowl, flushed again and flipped off the light. I fast forwarded through but the light stayed off. So, I deleted everything so far and got on to my usual night activities - chat boards and WoW.

The next day, I listened carefully for the sound of someone using the bathroom. Twice it was someone washing their hands - on the tape all I got was a partial shadow over the bowl.

But after I came back from lunch, the door was locked.

"Occupied!" A woman's voice sang out.

"Oh! Sorry," I called back.

I went into my office, closed the door and locked it. I brought the live feed up on my screen. But she was already gone.

I scrolled back and caught myself moaning. There were a dozen people on the tape!

I skipped over the guys. I could delete them when I got home. The women, however ... Them, I savored.

Full beaver shots. Hair, lips, everything. One was actually shaved. I got so jazzed up, I whacked off twice in a row. With one hand I scrolled through the video of four yellow beavers and with the other I popped out two handfuls. Luckily I had some napkins in my drawer. Now I keep a giant vat of those wet wipe things. Much faster clean up.

More guys use this john; I delete most of them. There's a couple guys I kept for shits - one who's so small, he's not even thumb sized and one guy who's always down there who's like the length of my arm. I'm not into guys but that's kind of stuff you don't see every day.

The women usually come in after lunch. A bunch of them are shaved which is nice because I can see every thing. I don't watch lunch real time most days because I like to scroll through the vid and whack off three or four times in a row.

When I get home, I delete the guys, the dead air and the dumps if I can see them. Most of the time, the chunks fall out of the shot which was a damn lucky break! It's just beaver, sitting there, pulsing sometimes as they push. If I can get a nice freeze frame, I add the beaver shot to my screen saver slideshow. Some nights I just lean back and whack off to that. Beaver after beaver right there, just for me.

There are some especially good vids. I caught a couple guys whacking off in there. I didn't delete those but they were not in my slideshows. But I'd never seen another guy go at it and actually, I picked up a couple new techniques.

Twice I struck gold - beaver teasing. Both times her finger blocked most of her slit but I think it was the same girl. She sat there with her legs spread wide so that there was plenty of light and rubbed her button. I had my pecker in my hand and rubbed with her. When she sprayed, it was clear not yellow and I shot so hard, it hit the back of my desk. The second time, she appeared, was later in the same week and when she sprayed, she didn't get up; she waited a minute and then rubbed out an encore.

I struck twisted too. A couple girls were on their periods and I saw exactly how you put in a tampon. Their piss was more red than yellow and while the one kept her fingers as far away from herself as she could, the other's fingers were dark red when she finished. It was gross but I found myself re-watching it and whacking off to that one a lot.

It took a little more than a year, but I finally gathered almost eight hours of pissing beaver. And everyday I was getting more. I had to keep a bottle of hand lotion at the office and at home to keep from rubbing myself raw.

I was beginning to wonder what I should do with all these vids when I got an opportunity.

I had to go provide a little tech support for the lawyer on three and was up there longer than I meant to be. When I came back some kid was leaning over my desk staring at my screen. I could only see one of his hands but I was willing to bet where the other one was.

"Hey!" I yelled.

He damn near jumped through the ceiling. "I wasn't doin' nothin'!"

"Yeah. This is a private office who are you and what do you want?" I turned off the screen and denied us both my beaver collection.

"Uhm... ," he had to think before he could clear his head enough to answer my question, "oh, right. We just moved in on the fifth floor and they said you do IT stuff. My boss wanted to know if you could come up and talk about stuff."

"Yeah. Sure," I waited and when he realized that was all I was going to say, he shrugged, mumbled something and left.

A moment later, I heard the bathroom door shut. It was the pervert in me that turned on the monitor and switched to live feed. Sure enough, there was a hand abusing a dick. I switched to my slide show and abused myself.

When I was done, I turned off the screen and grabbed my basic sales packet. There are only three or four offices per floor so when someone new moves in it doesn't take long to figure out who.

The kid stepped out of the bathroom as I was locking my door. He smiled sheepishly as we both waited of the elevator.

"That's some kind of screen saver you've got," he said finally, "where'd you get it?"


"I, uh, don't suppose you could dup it for me?"

"Maybe," I hadn't thought about copies. I needed to see if there was anything identifying on it first.

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