Ride the Whirlwind

by Jack Spratt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Don's young life takes a drastic turn when circumstances make it necessary to move in with his natural father, the redeeming factor is meeting his sister Jordon. A strong bond develops between them. As usual a very touching love story. Enjoy.

The dreary day is a mirror of my personal feelings. Life as I knew it for the last fifteen years violently ended three days ago. Sitting in the backseat of my natural father's car my life from the prior three weeks flashes by. The tears slowly ebb down my cheeks as I travel to the unknown.

Life in Minnesota with mom and dad is great. One of the best things in my existence is Lucy my new girlfriend. She is just about at the point of letting me take down her panties. We have been close for the last two months. Last night she let me undo her slacks zipper and slip my hand into her panties. There hasn't been anything in my life that can compare to the acceleration that ran though my body touching Lucy between her legs. Fantasying for years I finally get to feel a real pussy. My finger slips into her wet slit so easily. When she starts to rub my raging hard on I feel there can't be anything better than this. That night I avoid washing my special finger so I could smell her essence while masturbating.

My name is Don Parson. At fifteen my life revolves around sports, girls and getting a passing grade in that order. However after last night with Lucy the order may change. I live with my mom and step-dad. Both he and mom had been married before dad has three children all much older then me living in all parts of the country. My real dad lives in Oregon with his new family. The three of us live in a rambling farmhouse on the edge of Moorestown. To me life couldn't be better.

My talent for hockey has me on the wanted list for a number of young girls at school. If it weren't for that I would be a wallflower like many other guys as my looks are nothing to scream about. We have a game on Friday night. Lucy stops me in the hall and tells me we are going out after the game. My cock responds with the news. That night in bed visions of Lucy without her panties flash constantly in my dreams.

Finally Friday comes with a rush. The game is hellishly rough. The only thing good about it is we win four to three. Looking at the bruises on my body would make people think I am the purple people eater. After the game I gingerly shower and am teased because of my hard on. Of course the more the guys mention it the harder it is too will it down.

"Lucy is going to love that tonight. She will have too it is the only place on your body that isn't bruised."

That is Jack my so-called best friend. The rest of the team keep it up till I am finally dressed. We do the team cheer and leave the dressing room. One of the benefits of having Lucy as a girlfriend is she is sixteen and her dad gives her his car for our dates. It is one of those older sedans with the large back seat. When I leave the arena she is out front waiting for me.

"Don, are you hurt? You took so heavy body checks tonight."

"I'm bruised but I'm looking forward to being with you."

Lucy leans over and kisses me. Her perfume fills the car with a haunting sexy scent. It is only the thought of seeing the unknown that keeps me from feeling my hurting body. Lucy is wearing a short black skirt and a pullover sweater that is moulded to her breasts. I am hoping that will be removed tonight as well. Noting with appreciation her white net stay-ups means no battle with pantyhose. My mind is wondering what type of panties she is wearing.

"You look so beautiful tonight. I love your stockings. Are they new?"

"Yes they are. I have seen them in the fashion magazines. I think they are sexy."

"You make them sexy Lucy."

She moves close kissing me. She touches my thigh causing me to wince. I really took a severe slash.

"Don, where on your body, don't you hurt?"

She blushes when I smile.

It isn't long before she pulls off the road to a well-known parking area. There are a number of turns off the main trail to park with reasonable privacy. She is a vision. Lucy gingerly hugs me. Placing one hand around her the other is on the top of her new stockings feeling the warm skin of her thigh. She just pulls me closer as my hand edges upward. When she finally ends the kiss she moves my face between her warm soft titties. My thoughts of the pain disappear as I enjoy the feeling of her ample breasts. Her nipples are quite evident through her sweater. Mouthing on one then the other I feel her lift the barrier. Even in the soft light I can see her lacy blue bra filled to capacity. Then I realize my hand is on the crotch of her panties. The heat and dampness confirm Lucy is as excited as I am. Lucy's hand is on my tent. The sound of my zipper being lowered is music to my ears. Her soft cool hand grasps and pulls my tool out into the open. This is the first time anyone other than myself has touched me there for many years. Lucy's hand feels so good. Realizing that Lucy is willing I take the biggest step of my life. Grasping her panty waistband I pull down. She lifts her bum and they are at her knees. She releases me and allows me to remove them. Putting them to my nose I am filled with her sexual scent and her perfume. What a combination. Lifting her skirt I am able to see a tuft of hair and the top of her slit. This is the first real pussy I have seen. I need to get a closer look.

"Lucy let's get into the back seat."

When she climbs over the seat I get the best view of her full beaver. It is a view that comes back to me so many times in my life in my later years. Lucy's pussy is sight to behold. With my cock bobbing I quickly follow her. She is sitting in the corner with one leg on the seat the other on the floor. Kneeling on the floor I lift up her skirt. Her luv lips are very thick and puffy. Even in the half-light I can see her dew forming on her outer lips. I wish I had a flashlight. Lucy takes my head and pulls my face against her cunt. Her moistness covers my lower face. The scent is overwhelming. Guys in the dressing room talk about eating and kissing pussy but I thought it was all talk. Being faced with Lucy's pussy I want to kiss her. Pulling back a bit I kiss her luv lips. I am reward with a surge of her secretions and the sound of her moaning. Tasting the juice I'm surprised that doesn't taste bad. With my lips covering her opening I suck like a vacuum cleaner. Lucy's ample secretions run down my throat. Then my little brain kicks in. All the articles I read tell me to concentrate on a girl's clit that is supposed to be at the top of her slit. I let my tongue do the walking. I am surprised at the size of it. The nub is protruding from the top of her slit nearly a half-inch long the size of a pencil. My lips grasp it and suck. Lucy hands are on the back of my head pulling me closer as she uses her thighs to clasp my head. A dumb thought runs through my mind, it is a good thing I am not wearing glasses. Ya, I know it is an old joke.

Lucy's body starts to tremble panicking me. What is going on? Then I realize she is cumming. I keep sucking. Her body stiffens and she lets out a tremendous breath of air then relaxes. Her fingers are running through my hair as breathing becomes regular. My tongue tries to keep pace with the continuous flow of her juice.

To say I'm excited is an understatement. My hard on is rigid needing some TLC.

"Don, that was wonderful. Girls talk about guys eating them but I thought how dirty it must be for a guy to do that. After what you did I can see why they like it? I have never felt anything like it. I really hope you liked it. I would like you do it again."

Up to the challenge I lick and suck. Lucy keeps running her fingers in my hair. Moving back I explore the beauty of her pussy. The outer lips are so thick and puffy. The moist inner ones are soft, moist and so tasty. Her opening is large enough to stick my tongue in about half an inch to a barrier. Her juice flows freely which I continue to lap up during my investigation. She is sitting/laying is such a way I can see her tight anal opening. The aperture is so smooth and inviting. Can I touch it? I look at Lucy she is comatose from the numerous climaxes so I take the chance. It feels so tight. Lucy just moans. With all the moisture seeping from her pussy it has run down over her anal aperture. A little pressure and wiggling of my finger sees the tip of my finger disappear up to my first knuckle. It is tight and warm. Lucy grunts a little as I push deeper. Soon my complete finger is deep inside her asshole. Kissing her open luv lips I start licking and sucking her clit while slowly pumping my finger in and out of her bum. Lucy's body stiffens and her body explodes with climax.

"Don you have your finger in my ass. Oh did that climax feel super. It was the most exciting so far tonight. I like your finger there."

So do I, agreeing silently never stopping my slow pumping. So of the guys mentioned their girlfriends wouldn't let them do there pussies but they did let them do them in the asshole. I wonder. My cock is hurting; my balls are about to explode.

Lucy moves her body and my finger slips out of its warm opening. She motions for me to sit on the seat. Her warm fingers are around my cock. It feels good. I watch as she plays with my foreskin moving it up and down.

"Do all boys have this?"

"No, I am the only one on the hockey team that has a foreskin. Mom told me dad had one and didn't want them to cut mine off. He apparently had a real argument with the delivering doctor. He must of won I still have it."

"It is cute. I like the way it slides up and down on your cock."

Her hand manipulations make me feel so good. If she keeps it up she will be in for another messy surprise.

"Lucy if you keep doing that I am going to cum. You know what that means?"

"Yes you will squirt. We girls talk about sex too you know. Are you going to squirt?"

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