Joining the Club

by DaddysSickSecret

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Rough, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Stan was dragged by coworkers to a night on the town. Kiki went club hopping with friends. Neither expected what happened when they got there. Membership has its rewards.

Useful Definations: Cosplay - dressing up in costumes not on Halloween. Frequently associated with the Anime/Manga world. Bishonen - "beautiful boy" and reference to male characters who are as pretty as girls and often mistaken for them Bishie - slang for Bishonen Maid Cafe - Japanese cafe where the waitresses dress as french maids

It was a cool night but most of the girls in line were still wearing mini skirts and micro tops. Most of the guys were the stylish kind and wore tight pants with designer shirts. I walked the line looking for the right pair. Newbies. Singles. Trying too hard.

I'd found Her - a pretty little cosplay kid dragged to the club by her hip, trendy, boring cosplay friends. But I hadn't found Him yet.

It always had to be one of each. They didn't have to arrive together even though they almost always left way. Some pairs even came back, became regulars at the club. There was a pair like that in line tonight. They had nodded to be polite but generally ignored me. They knew you never got picked twice.

I heard a group arrive and bitch about the length of the line. Seven of them - three girls, four boys. One was dressed in off-the-rack suit pants and a white button down shirt. Promising. I followed them to the end of the line. The others talked incessantly; he never said a word.

I walked the line one more time. Cosplay girl was looking miserable as her friends discussed all the hook-ups they'd had inside. They were lying, of course. They weren't members - only members got to hook-up in the club.

I went to the front of the line and signaled the doorman that I'd made my choices. He'd call the owner's office while I gathered my prizes and got them ready. I smiled as I headed back for the boy. I had a good feeling about tonight.

I found the group again. Fifty more people were in line behind them. It was going to be a busy night.

"Hey." I approached the group and eyed them appraisingly. "You all together?"

"Yeah." One of the girls seemed to recognize that I worked for the club but the other two snickered at my appearance. I was used to it. It helped actually. "Quiet, you guys!" The smart one admonished.

I'm tall and thin, with long hair and slightly almond eyes. Manga cute; most people at the club called me 'Bishie' and I tend to foster the image by wearing men's clothes and women's makeup. Androgynous by design.

"You." I stepped as close as the rope line would let me to my candidate. "This is what you club in? What, you come straight from the law firm?" I sneered.

"Aw man!" One of the guys whined. "I knew we wouldn't get in 'cause of you!"

"Look, I — sorry." My candidate sighed. "It's ok. I'll take a cab home. You guys stay. It's cool."

"Yeah." I nodded and opened the rope. "You need to get out of line. Come on." He started to turn the other way as I closed the line. "Hey, Law Boy, this way."

"Wait, what?" One of the idiots with him seemed to start to catch on. "He's getting in? But what about us?"

I shrugged. "You're in line. You'll get in eventually. Come on, Law Boy. We've got to get you into something else."

"I — uh..." He hesitated. "But what about my friends?"

I shrugged and headed to my girl. Behind me, I heard his friends badgering him into following me. He caught up before I got to the cosplay girls. He introduced himself I but didn't even react; no one will care about his name.

There were five of them, wearing school girl uniforms and wigs with the same page boy cut but in five different colors. Mine was wearing pink.

I pointed to her and waved my finger up and down. "This your idea?"

She blushed. "No."

I opened the rope. "Come on."

The other four squealed and moved forward. I stopped them. "Not you; just her."

"But we're together!" The blue one insisted.

"Her." I insisted. "Not you."

They looked at each other. Then the green one hugged her. "Kiki! Go!"

"We'll see you later." The purple and orange ones giggled.

Kiki paused for a moment and then stepped out of the line. I closed the rope and headed for the door.

"Hi, I'm Stan." Law Boy said behind me.

"Kiki. Hi."

We paused at the door where the cashier handed me a key. "Law Boy, what's your friend's name?"

"All of them? Frank Wallis..."

I cut him off. "There are six with Wallis, three and three. There are four that look like her. No charge." He nodded. "Show the man your ID kids." There was never any problem with ID. They could have been six or sixty. Once I selected them, they were getting in.

I took them inside and through the door immediately to the left. The inside door always catches people off guard because it was painted so that it was nearly invisible. Behind us, the inner door closed and the main club opened for the night.

We went up a narrow staircase and turned a corner. There was an elevator and I pushed the up button. The key was for a room on the fifth floor.

So that's where I took them.

It was a large simple room. Both the left and right hand walls were lined with cherry wood closet doors. The back wall held an ornate full length mirror. Above it was a blinking red light.

In the center of the room was a king-size matress. There was a quilted cover protecting it but no sheets or blankets. There were no dressers, no chairs and no doubt why you were in this room.

I locked the door.

"This is a very simple offer. The owner of the club would like to watch you two fuck. If you say yes, you will receive some compensation. If you say no, you will spend a rather embarrasing evening here."

Both of them turned bright red at the word 'fuck'. Law boy shook his head. "I-I-I-uh, I should go."

"You both stay or go together. If try to leave without playing the game, you will regret it." I pushed a button on the wall to the left of the door. "If you are saying no, select a garment." The doors smoothly rolled open and revealed a staggering aray of bad club wear. "You may keep what you select but a member of staff will escort you the entire evening. He or she will be carrying a paddle."

"Why?" Law Boy managed to ask. I gestured to the closet. Every item had a large exposed area for the posterior and the words 'spank me' above it.

Pink Girl gasped. Law Boy turned pink. "I - uh - I - uh -"

"We should go." Pink Girl blurted out.

"If you leave, there are staff waiting for you." I said mildly.

"Are you threatening us?" He said, finding some bravado.

"Yes." I replied.

Law Boy glared at me. Then he took Pink Girl's hand. "Come on. We're getting out of here." He pulled her unnerved form to the locked door. "Open this! You can't keep us here!"

This was a common response. I calmly reached up and tore the collar of my shirt. "Agh! Stop! What are you doing to me!" I yelled. There was a tap on the door in reply. "That was a security officer who will swear, under oath, that he heard me cry for help and when he got the door open, he found me being brutally raped by two people."

"But - but -" Pink Girl sputtered. "I can't stay! I'm still a..." She looked away as I grinned.

I glanced up at the red light. "Oh I think the owner would pay double for that!."

Law Boy stepped protectively between she and I. "Leave her alone! What the hell are you?"

"Oh how sweet. A hero." I ripped my shirt further. "No don't." There were two raps on the door. "Three strikes, you're out." I cooed. And then I waited.

No one had said no yet. Not to me.

I tore the shirt almost in half, revealing my tiny tits under a lacy training bra. Puffy pecs or flat boobs? I saw the look of confusion cross both of their faces.

"Think of what your friends will say when the police take you away." I stepped closer to them. "Think of your jobs when your pictures appear in the paper. Club employee attacked." I dropped my voice a bit. "Don't you think she's pretty?"

"That..." His voice squeaked and cleared his throat to try again. "That has nothing to do with it."

"I picked her because she was so hot." I caught her eyes over his shoulder. "I did, you know. It's always the innocent ones. The shy ones. They are the ones that scream. When they cum, the whole building cums." I stepped in closer, causing him to step back, pinning her against the door. "Don't you want to see that pretty pink pussy she's hiding? Don't you want to push your big hard cock inside that warm wet pussy?" I pushed my crotch against his and rubbed. He was hard, whether he wanted to be or not.

I moaned softly. "Oh yeah. I feel it. You wanna fuck. Don't you? Don't you? Say it." I gasped and moaned in his ear. "Say it."

"I-I-I'm not ... I don't ... I haven't..." He sputtered and shook as I rubbed my body against his.


"Two virgins?" I stepped back. "You have to stay; the owner will be more than generous. You won't be untouched for long if you go to prison." I tore the shirt completely. I opened my mouth to scream but Pink Girl rushed forward.

"Please! Don't! I'll do it." There were already tears brimming in those sweet brown eyes.

"Ohhhh. Angel. Don't cry. You're going to be very happy you stayed when this is over." I looked at Law Boy. "You can try to leave again, Hero, and make this angel cry. Or you can stay and make her feel like a Goddess. I will have fun either way. Your choice."

He glared at me but he was visibly panting. He wiped his hands on his pants leg. "What do you want me to do?" He practically snarled.

I gestured to the red light. "Smile for the camera." I hit the button and the closet rolled shut.

Pink Girl began to weep and Law Boy swore.

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