Mary Jane Becomes Sex Slave

by sonyaesperanto

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Blackmail, Fan Fiction, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Spiderman's secret identity is learned and he's kidnapped. MJ's body is the ransom.

Spiderman has been New York's hero for a long time, capturing villains like Doc Ock, Green Goblin and the Punisher. But 2 villains had learned of his secret identity, Electro, master of electricity and Sandman, the villain with the power to change his whole body into sand. They came up with a simple trap to accomplish the goal of grabbing him, and demanding his red headed model/actress wife ransom him with that gorgeous body of hers. They were going to lure him to a warehouse on the docks and carefully lay their trap by decoying his attention high as a noose on the floor trapped his feet and pulled him off balance and left him dangling from the ceiling. Electro would shock him unconscious before he could do anything and they'd have him. Their trap worked as Sandman appeared on a catwalk and lured Spiderman to the trap and Electro sent him into lala land with an electrical shock. While he's unconscious they secure him to a chair with chains and remove his mask.

When MJ got home from a modeling assignment, she found a gift box lying on the steps in front of the door. She reaches for her house keys and unlocks the door then picks up the package and enters her home. Once inside, she takes the box and opens it up. As she sees the contents MJ is shocked, it is Peter's mask, with a note attached to it. The letter reads:

Hello Mary Jane, this is Electro and Sandman and we have your beloved husband. He is now our prisoner and we advise you not to call Black Cat or Captain America or the Police. We want you to come alone to Doctor Octopus's old hideout, that warehouse by the sea. You should know where it is from his imprisonment of you. (Spiderman 2 movie) We want you to wear a trench coat and detective hat...

We don't get to see the rest of the letter but we see MJ's eyes widen, looking scared and afraid. MJ moans,

"You bastards, No way would I allow you to do this to me." MJ crumples the letter, with tears flowing from her eyes. "No, I must do it, for Peter's sake." She then shakes her head, mentally disagreeing with herself.

"No MJ, Peter would kill you himself. He wouldn't want you to do it." MJ continues her internal struggle, "But I must. I must give in to Electro's and Sandman's perverted demands." MJ remembers a time when the Incredible Hulk was possessed by a mass rapist named El Dorade. He grabbed Peter and beat him to a pulp but not enough to kill him. In front of MJ, he grabbed Peter with one hand grasping his right arm and his other hand grasping Peter's left leg. He was going to tear Peter, literally, limb from limb. MJ shook her head frantically and begged him no. He said MJ had to crawl to him and gave him a blow job. A BLOW JOB FOR THE INCREDIBLE HULK, her mouth's gonna be sore from that huge tool. MJ did as he asked and had to grab the huge green cock, it was at least 30 inches in length. The rapist possessed Hulk laughed as she stared at the monster and threatened to change his mind and shove it up her ass if she didn't get it in her mouth. But she didn't have to do anything as Hulk got hit from behind by the Avengers, saving Pete's neck and MJ's reputation and health, the health of her ass and mouth that is, that tool would have ripped either location up. She returned to the present and knows she must do this for Peter.

The Docks

MJ had the taxi drop her off not far from her destination; she doesn't want to walk too far in this area. As MJ opens the door the taxi driver speaks,

"Are you sure you want to get out here, miss?" he asks. MJ gives him the fare money from her wallet and nods,

"Yes, I am supposed to meet someone here." The taxi driver took the money,

"Suit yourself, but you better have your mobile with you because here, there are no cab stands or bus stops. You are on your own."

"My friend has transport and I have my mobile." She lied. MJ gets out of the Cab and closes the door behind her. The taxi drives off leaving MJ to her fate. The truth is, MJ didn't bring her mobile nor did she tell anyone else where she is. After all, she had been instructed not to bring her mobile along so that she can't call anyone for help. Just down the block stood Doc Ock's warehouse, his abandoned lab if you want to put it that way. MJ slowly walks to the large, big doors and pushes them open, and then once inside, closes the door behind her. Electro's voice comes out of nowhere,

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