by Matt Moreau

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A very patient husband is challenged like nobody ever was!

"Are you sure you're okay with this, Mickey," said Rona. She was watching my eyes very carefully. "I mean if..."

"I think so," I said. "But, I'm still concerned about it affecting our marriage."

"Baby, that is the one thing that you do not have to worry about at all. If anything it will add sugar and spice to it, not the other way 'round," she said.

For the record, I'm Mickey Iverson. I work for Stanley Construction. I'm a site foreman. The work is hard some days, but the pay is very good. My wife is a tech at a local clinic. She's the lab person that messes with your blood. Good job she has too. Between the two of us we do right well economically.

Rona and I have been married for nineteen years. I'm forty-five to her forty-one. No kids, she had an accident in high school and pretty much wiped out her female plumbing. But, we have a mess of nieces and nephews, and we fawn on them.

Our love life up till the telling of this story had been great. Well, that's my opinion; others might beg to disagree based on the evidence now available.

My wife had laid it on me the week before last that she was concerned about the deterioration of our sex life. She was right of course things had gotten stale. And, bearing in mind how hot to trot we both had been early on in the marriage; well, one had to wonder. At any rate, after some time thinking it all over she approached me.

We'd considered a number of alternatives to fix our flagging libidos, but had come up nil. But then, apparently out of the blue, she'd brought back up a fantasy of mine: watching her get it from another man—surreptitiously.

"I don't think so, babe, too risky. Something like that could mess up our marriage bad," I said.

"Mickey, I'm nervous too. Neither of us has ever been in a situation like this, and maybe it won't work out; but we should try it at least once; dontcha think," she said.

I didn't like it, but we decided to sleep on it and talk again.

It was true that watching another man do her had long been a fantasy of mine, kind of a common one I knew; but I had never been keen on actually living it out. For the very good reason that the very thought of it, let alone the reality of it, was frightening.

At any rate, we'd discussed it, chewed on it, digested it, and finally—at her very pushy urging—decided to give it a go. There had been just two stipulations. One, if either of us felt uncomfortable with the situation that it, the fantasy, would suffer a quick and unmourned demise. And two, that it, again the fantasy, would not be allowed in any way shape or form to impact our own love making except in positive ways.

Howard Tyler would be here in twenty minutes. Tonight was the night.

"How are you feeling, honey," she said.

"Okay. Nervous as hell, but okay," I said. She nodded, gave me a peck on the cheek, and pushed me into the closet, locking it from the outside. The lock was to keep Howie baby out not me in. I could easily get out by breaking the mirror.

My cloister was our walk-in closet. We had installed a mirror in the door that was also one-way see through glass. I would be privy to everything that went on in the room but invisible to those on the other side.

From inside my hideout I watched her finish dressing. Black mini dress, fluffed out dark hair, ruby lips and nails, eye work that was simply dazzling, and her smell—enslaving. Oh, and no underwear. Howard was sure to appreciate her efforts.

I heard the doorbell ring and watched as Rona headed out to answer it. I settled in. I knew that she would probably entertain him a little out front before she brought him in to the bedroom for the main event. I was wrong, she entertained him for an hour; I was not happy at the delay.

Finally they came in and Rona came to the mirror on the door and pretended to adjust herself. She mouthed me a kiss and smiled.

As she turned back to him, he took her in his arms and kissed her softly, almost elegantly. She returned his kiss.

He pulled back from her. "This time will be better, baby," he said. "We'll have more time." I started at that. What did he mean, "this time"? She planted a kiss on him smothering any further words on his part.

His hands began to caress her neglecting no part of her. I watched as he slid the zipper at her back floorward; he peeled the little mini from her shoulders and smiled at her nakedness. Only her high heels remained; she left them on.

"He felt her buttocks and slipped his fingers into her crack obviously feeling the softness and heat of her anus. At this particular intrusion, she looked a trifle concerned. But, his kisses that smothered any demur on her part.

Dropping to her knees, she unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. More or less surprisingly, he was wearing no underwear either. His cock sprung free, hard, and eight inches long; she rescued it and began stroking it slowly. She looked up at him, smiled, and took it into her mouth. I was witness to her swallowing his cum. This bothered me, as she had never allowed me that privilege; we'd talk. Oh yeah, we were going to have plenty to talk about already and they had hardly started!

Over the next two hours he took her two times and got an equal number of blow jobs for his trouble. The grand finale almost caused me to burst through the mirror of my closet prison. She took him in her butt. She had strenuously forbidden that to me both while we were going together and since our marriage a period of twenty-one years. I was seething, but I held myself under control—and it was more than a miracle that I was able to.

To her credit she did send a worried look in my direction as he took her that final time. She had to know that I was not happy.

Clearly this was something long planned, and that with me totally out of the loop. At that moment, I was weighing my choices: accept what she'd done, divorce her, kill them both. All three options were on the table.

A half hour after her butt screwing, she was ushering him out of the house and into the night. She returned two minutes later letting me out.

"I know what you're going to say, dear," she said. "We didn't plan it; it just happened." I paced back and forth trying to get my bearings. I was almost apoplectic. She took me in her arms and I was so horny that I decided to fight my battles at a later time. I needed release.

Sloppy seconds or not, I was going to fuck her. She was still naked and I was too seconds later.

I took her missionary style, she seemed a little listless, but I laid that off to all of the calorie burning earlier that evening. I repeatedly and ruthlessly rammed my very turgid six inches into her very soppy cunt without concern for her pleasure; I figured she'd gotten hers already. I came in a gusher, well, you can imagine.

I asked her to suck me off. She smiled and took me in her mouth, but as I was about to cum, she stopped and told me to take her doggey style. I stared at her.

"You swallowed him!" I said. I was still pissed about her taking him in her butt, and about his remark about this time being better than—something; and of course her swallowing his cum and never having swallowed mine.

"Okay, if it means that much to you," she said.

"What!" I said. "What did you say? He gets—and I get—" I rolled off the bed and picked up my clothes and started to dress. "Don't let me bother you, dear wife."

"Honey, what's the matter? I'm not denying you anything, really. Stop that dressing and come here. Come on, please," she said.

"Tell me, Rona, what did he mean when he said that, "This time would be a lot better," I said. She paled. I knew then, right then, for sure. This was not the first time. She'd been doing him, but for how long.

"Huh? I don't know what you're talking about," she lied. "Just come here and let me make it right by you, okay?"

I continued to dress, but more slowly. I kept my eyes on her. I knew she was feeling the heat, and my talking would just make it easier for her to dodge the bullet. Still all things considered, her next words stopped me in my tracks.

"We've been doing it for the last couple of months," she said. "Last week, he and I talked. I told him I couldn't continue to cheat on you anymore. He suggested—well—what we did here tonight."

"He knew I was in there then didn't he?" I said. She looked down. Fucking-A, talk about being humiliated.

"No alimony and you keep your hands off of my retirement. You can have everything else including the house," I said. Her head snapped up.

"What! You can't mean! I mean this was your fantasy. You wanted this as badly as I ever did," she said.

"Do you remember our deal, Rona? No neglecting our own sex life, do you remember that, Rona?" I said.

"I'm not neglecting you. I'm not," she said.

"You already have. You sucked him off and you wouldn't me," I said.

"I will suck you off. I wasn't turning you down. I just wanted you to take me doggey style first," she said.

"Tell me, Rona, were you going to let me have your butt tonight? Or were you going to be too exhausted?"

"Oh, and I almost forgot. Where in any of your plans was anything said about you fucking him for two months behind my back!" I said.

"That was a mistake, and I am hoping by owning up to it that you will forgive me." She said. "And, yes, if you want my butt of course I want you to take me there. I'm not denying you anything. I am a little tired, okay, and that is the truth; but I will do anything to make you happy—anything!"

"Who is Howard exactly anyway?" I said. I was fishing.

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