Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, Size,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story about another girl I fucked during my time as a fast food manager. I decided to make it a separate story from my Tracy story, though you should read that one first for more background info.

Lori was my first actual hire as a fast food manager. I had been brought in to manage it immediately after the company had fired the previous one. It was just after the lunch rush, and I thought it was odd how they did it, but that is how they operated. Thus, it already had a contingent of employees.

I soon found out why the previous manager had been fired. His employees were no good, badly trained and somewhat unruly. I had to put in many hours at first, since some employees quit on their own, while others I fired as soon as I found replacements.

When Lori interviewed for the job, I was not hopeful, as she had no previous experience and was a high school dropout. But she was available for a full time day position, something I needed too desperately not to hire her. At least she had a good personality and was nice to look at, I rationalized.

Either I was a very good trainer, or Lori was much brighter than I thought, but either was my fears were soon relieved. She caught onto the job incredible well, and soon she could do all facets of the job except the books, which I handled myself. After awhile, I even let her sit in on interviews for available positions, since she would be working with them and, indeed, do much of their training.

However, Lori was not pleased when I decided to hire Tracy, the voluptuous blond from my previous story. Luckily, I proved her wrong on this one and the benefit to me was more than I could ever have imagined.

That little fuck session with Tracy had occurred on a Friday, so both she and Lori did not work again until Monday. That weekend, I thought of my experience often, especially the part about Lori encouraging the whole thing and watching as much as she could. I even managed to have a sexual session with my wife, a rarity, and it turned out to be lovemaking at that, as opposed to fucking, which she normally liked. Anyhow, it resulted in a baby son nine months later. But I diverge.

The following Monday, I was to work early as usual, when Lori appeared earlier than usual. She usually came in early anyhow, to have a cigarette before she started (yes, these were the days when you could smoke in the workplace.)

"So did you get any from your wife this weekend?" she asked. It was not an unusual question from her, as we had become pretty close friends as well as workmates, and we often compared our sexual miseries, her with her boyfriend and me with my wife.

"Yeah, we actually made love," I surprised her by saying. "How did you do?"

"Well, I tried," she replied, disappointment in her voice. "I even told him how much I loved him, but he claimed too tired. So did you fuck her out of guilt?" she continued her query of me.

"I told you, Lori, we actually made love. "And if you must know, it was great."

"I bet you did it out of guilt," she sort of laughed, but I also detected a tone of resentment or perhaps jealousy. "Right?"

"I wouldn't say guilt, exactly. I admit however, that last Friday may have spurred me on, especially the vision of you watching," I slyly added.

"You liar, Steve, you were thinking about Tracy's big tits, I bet, and the fact that she could suck that thing of yours all the way. I see you're probably thinking of it right now." She had noticed the bulge in my pants, but I ignored her statement and went back to work. "I bet you think I couldn't do that," she surprised me by saying as I walked away. I only glanced at her annoyingly.

The rest of the day was spent rather quietly; no banter whatsoever, just shop talk. Tracy had come in rather cheerfully, but she soon noticed the tone and kept quiet as well. My third employee, a single mother named Terry, hardly noticed, but she usually only worked the lunch rush, though coupons would be in the advertising mailings that very day, so I had scheduled her to work until the night shift arrived throughout the week.

I noticed that Lori had decided to work food prep with me, making sure Tracy only worked drive-through while Terry would work the front. This fast food shop only had walk up and drive-through, by the way. There was no inside seating, in other words, just some picnic tables outside.

Anyhow, it made perfect sense where we were all working during coupon week, since Lori was the best prep worker, so I don't know why I was particularly noticing. Maybe it was the few times that Tracy was lending a hand when things backed up, Lori stepping in each time Tracy might happen near me. A couple of times she was pretty bold about it, bumping one or the other of us as she announced that we needed to do this or that. "Okay, boss," Tracy told her sarcastically once, and I saw Lori mouth, "Fuck you" back at her.

Of course, and perhaps luckily, we were way too busy for the tension to develop into anything drastic. And when business finally subsided and I went to balance the lunch business, I did hear all three girls talking, eventually even giggling and generally getting along as usual. "Women," I thought to myself.

Anyhow, I did not think much of it; happy business had been so good by the amount of the deposit I was making that day. By the time I returned from the bank, their shift was over and the night shift came on. They were just leaving, all three of them still giggling as they all glanced at me, then all making sure I noticed them all stare at my crotch. "Stop that girls," I scolded to more giggling.

But I had to hurry to help the night crew, since already the dinner business was brisk with coupons. My assistant manager, Tootsie (yes, Tootsie was her preferred nickname, which my wife was not too happy about me using), had already taken charge and was working frantically preparing food and giving orders.

A little about Tootsie: She was only 17 years old when I first hired her, still in high school, but near to graduation. She was very smart, witty, and pretty. She was also a total go-getter, learning the job faster than anyone I ever hired, including Lori. Anyhow, my supervisor noticed this and was the one who suggested I make her assistant manager. I had thought about it, since she was always asking for more hours, and indeed was almost up to assistant manager hours already. But really I did not think making her assistant would be approved. Anyhow, that's Tootsie and more about her later perhaps.

The next day, I arrived early to check on supplies, hoping I had ordered enough for coupon week. Satisfied with that, I began food prep while also hoping that Lori would arrive earlier as well. I became worried when Lori did not show up at her usual early time, actually getting paranoid enough to think about calling her fifteen minutes before her shift.

All kinds of stupid thoughts flashed through my brain: Was she still upset, even though she had seemed happy when she left the previous day? Did she finally decide to leave her boyfriend so quickly that she could not tell me? Doesn't she know I need her? Thank god, she showed ten minutes before her start time. She quickly lit up a cigarette as I worked, trying not to look harried.

I had to pass her on my way to the supply shelf. "I love you, Steve," she suddenly said. She quickly added in a stream of words, "I mean as my boss. I mean you are a good boss, and I love you for hiring me and training me and for well, just being a good boss and a good person. Please don't fire me." And I saw a tear in her eye.

Here I was worrying that she might quit, and she was worried I would fire her. The emotion took me by surprise as well, as Lori had not ever appeared the emotional type. "Lori," I assured her, "I would never fire you. You are the best employee I have." She was so thrilled that she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Stop that, young lady," I reprimanded her slyly, "you embarrass me, besides the fact that it is not appropriate."

"Oh, I do not embarrass you, you devil, and, besides, you know, I actually consider you my best friend," she smiled back and gave me another peck on my other cheek. I felt so much better now, especially since she had called me devil again, one of her favorite terms for me. "Oh, time for work and no more play, you devil boss," she added playfully as she began to work feverishly, as usual.

That day went quite well, even with the larger rush at lunchtime because of the coupons that had been mailed. Lori again worked at my side in food prep as Tracy and Terry worked the front. Lori continued her playful cheerfulness throughout.

"How do you like working next to someone whose equipment doesn't get in the way?" she asked, implying Tracy's larger boobs compared to her own.

"It is equally distracting at times," I replied diplomatically, I hoped. It did cause me to notice that she seemed to purposely make her body touch mine more often than was necessary.

"Are you sure they're not in your way?" Lori teased as she reached across me to get a wrapper, pushing her small boobs against my arm. I nudged them with my elbow. "You naughty devil, Steve," she exclaimed, but worked quickly to get ahead of me to initiate more and more contact. One time as she reached across me, I reached as well and managed to give her tit a squeeze.

"That's what you get for getting in my way," I announced.

"So how's the bulge, devil boss," she now teased, "is it getting in the way as well? Maybe I need to get you laid again, this time with Terry?"

"Now who's the devil, you naughty girl?" I readjusted to try to accommodate the hard on she was producing with her words.

She did not relent, speaking more and more under her breath, "So what about Terry, Steve? She must be lonely, living with her mother and daughter, and not ever getting any. And she has bigger tits than even Tracy."

"How do you know so much about her?" I stupidly asked.

"We women talk, silly," she easily responded.

Now I had never given Terry a thought, other than the fact that she was an employee who I had easily hired based on the fact that she desperately needed work, always a factor in the employer's favor. And she had been reliable, hard-working and dependable. Sex with her had never entered my mind. Of course, it hadn't with Tracy either.

Noticing my pondering, Lori added, "I think Terry needs to learn the food line, Steve. Then all three of us will know it. When it slows, I will train her."

"Okay," I relented as soon as I heard she would do the training. "I'm sure she'll be good in no time, with you doing the training." I noticed a look of craftiness, however.

Sooner than I wanted, the lunch rush was over, and I went about the business of removing the cash from the register and to the office to check the results. The girls went about cleanup. "Thirty-three dollars and fifty-five cents, devil boss," Lori soon called out, as it was her job to count the cash remaining in the register so I could balance the books. She also brought me the register tape.

"I love you, boss," she said teasingly as she handed it to me.

"Stop that, Lori, it's not professional," I tried to sound businesslike. But she could see the sly smile on my face as I added, "I love you too, my employee." The bulge in my pants renewed.

Knowing she could not know, Lori still asked as if she did, "How's the bulge doing under that desk, boss? Would you like me to send Tracy to handle something for you? I have to work on Terry yet."

"You know you are the best handler I have," I answered I thought wittingly.

Quickly she responded, "Oh, maybe you want to seduce all of your girl employees. Maybe you should keep Terry extra time today." Then she reminded me, "After all, she is single and has those big ones too. I can wait my turn, you devil."

"Okay, okay, you have the better of me, you naughty. Now leave me so I can finish here. " I added as she left, however, "And don't send me any big ones. From what I felt, you have a sufficient amount."

"You are a devil boss, Steve," she called back. "But thanks anyhow."

By Thursday, Lori had really worked me up, continuing her diatribe about loving me and getting me laid, not bothering to ask if I was more satisfied with my wife since last weekend. Maybe she had sensed that it had reverted to her being a bitch again, as I had already made excuses not to go home during the afternoon break in business.

Added to that, she had indeed trained Terry well, letting her handle the food line next to me. Now I did realize the size of her tits, since they, like Tracy's, tended to rub against me as we worked closely. I was still not comfortable enough with her to tease her about it, however.

Then I started to notice other things about her as well. First of all, she was pretty, with a cute, button nose. Tracy and Lori were pretty, too, but I was noticing this with Terry for the first time. Okay, I'm sure I noticed it when I hired her, but now I was really noticing. Next, I noted her height, quite short, maybe only 5'1", I guesstimated. Finally, I noticed her thinness. "Damn," I was thinking, "I love skinny girls with big tits. My wife..."

"Steve, you devil boss, wake up," I heard Lori's voice. "Lunch is over. Time for you to do your books." The register was already printing the receipts, Tracy was restocking, and Terry was doing dishes at the sink, which is where I was staring at her butt when Lori interrupted.

As Lori handed me the receipt, she whispered, "Are you getting a hard-on from the sight of that tight ass, Steve?" and suddenly put her hand on my crotch, confirming the anticipated. "Devil boss," she again added. "I'll work on it for tomorrow." I hurried to the office, my cock straining against my pants.

That night it was all I could do not to get up and go beat off in the bathroom, my wife having again repelled my advances. But I resisted, finally falling asleep to the anticipation of tomorrow and what Lori had planned.

The next morning, I decided to approach the day as if I were the best husband a wife could ask for, even though she was not what I had wanted when I married her. I already knew I had settled for her, a willing bride needing a father for her children more than a husband. But it took years more of misery before that finally ended.

Anyhow, my best intentions did not last long, my cock betraying me already on the drive to work. I still tried to set myself up for disappointment, however much I thought of the desire for whatever Lori had planned to succeed. As I entered the shop even earlier than usual, I even thought to beat off right there and then, thinking that would squelch any desires during the day.

I didn't get a chance to pursue that thought, however, as suddenly there was a knock on the back door. It was so early that I thought 'robber' as I called through the door, "Who is it?" Lori's voice responded. "What are you doing here so early, Lori? You scared me."

"I wanted to make sure you weren't doing anything nasty this morning, devil boss," she replied slyly. How on earth could she anticipate that? "Anyhow," she quickly added remorsefully, "I had a fight with my boyfriend. In the end, I told him I loved you." Seeing the shocked look on my face, she quickly added, "I'm kidding, Steve."

"Thank god," I said, relieved.

"Thank god for me not telling him, or thank god that maybe I don't really love you."

"Both, Lori, both, I mean, I still hope you like me as a boss."

"Love, Steve, I love you as a boss. But what if I was actually falling in love with you," she added, "would that disappoint you too?" I could feel her look as I avoided the question and the look, preferring to walk past her to begin work.

Soon after her cigarette, Lori began to work as well, even though she would not be on the clock for a good hour yet. I decided not to tell her that, knowing she would not tell me she did not care. Besides, I think she felt pleased with herself after awhile, getting her sense of humor back and loosening up mine as well.

Soon she was playing with my sexual emotions again, streaming out blunt comments: "So, Steve, do you think I can get you to screw Terry today? Don't answer that. Do you wonder how good her tits are? She has a nice ass, don't you think? Do you wonder, as a divorced woman, how much experience she has? Do you think she has taken it in the ass? Steve, my devil boss, have you ever done that?" I turned beet red now, and she noticed. "Oh, my god, Steve, you have. How could you fit that in without hurting her? Was it your wife? Don't answer that?" I wasn't acknowledging any of her questions, though my cock was. "How's the bulge, love boss? Don't worry, I can wait."

What the fuck? Wait for what? Was she implying that she wanted me to eventually fuck her? Tracy, fine, Terry, fine, even Tootsie and Teri (another high school girl with big tits), but her, Lori? I could never fuck her. I LIKED Lori. Damn, I thought, I could LOVE Lori.

I barely heard her conclude with, "First, I need to get all these employees out of your system. Oh, my god, you devil boss, Steve, seducing all of your cute, sexy employees." I glanced at her accusingly. "Okay, I admit I am the one doing the seducing. But it's still your fault having that big thing between your legs." She giggled, "How can anyone take it there? " Finally, a knock on the door stopped her, almost. As she went to let Tracy in, she added, "Maybe we'll see with Terry later on."

With Tracy there, I thought I could relax in the office until we opened for business, but as soon as I sat down, the door knocked again. I stood up and let Terry in, to my shock. The first thing I noticed was her cleavage. She was wearing a tight, yellow tank top, and her protruding nipples indicated no bra as well.

As I sat down, my crotch newly bulged, Terry assured me, "Don't worry, Steve, I brought my work blouse. It was just so hot out already that I decided to not put it on until I was here." And she started to put it on right in front of me, my stare at her big tits not stopping until she said, "Oh my, boss, Lori is right. You are a devil." Again, my face was red.

Lori had decided that Terry had become efficient in the food line to work next to me in the food line, but just in case I disapproved, she had the ready excuse that she had cut her finger that morning while fighting with her boyfriend (sure, remind me of that too), and therefore she could not work there. And, of course, Tracy drew business with her looks.

So Terry's boobs seemed to graze my arm more than usual during the lunch rush, as my cock did the same against the counter. It didn't help that I also knew she had no bra on, so at times I actually imagined her stiff nipples against me. At one point, I imagined having to rape her if she became unwilling; fantasizing that Lori and Tracy would encourage it as well.

With those thoughts in my head and again staring dazedly at Terry's ass as she was doing the dishes, Lori again brought me back to reality. "Here's the lunch receipt, Steve, I love you, but we have plenty of time later for that." Okay, it must still be a dream, I thought, as I grabbed the register tape and went to the office.

Finishing the books, the dream continued as Terry suddenly appeared at the office door. "Let me know if you need me this weekend, Steve," Terry was telling me. I looked up, realizing that it was already 4 o'clock and Terry's shift had ended. She stood there, unbuttoning her blouse in front of me again. This time, as I stared, she only stared back at my crotch as my cock bulged against my pants.

Calculating that it would be another hour before the night shift and thoughts in my head again of forceful sex, I suddenly found myself dragging Terry onto my lap as she finished the last button. Ready for a struggle, but thankfully not getting one, I heard her say, "Oh, Steve, what are you doing?"

"This," I answered, as I drew her lips to mine, and she responded in kind by kissing me willingly. There was also no resistance as I crept my hand under her top and got a hold of her left tit. Now she moaned against my lips and we parted lips, her tongue gently finding mine. I had had tongues aggressively pursuing mine, but her French kiss was perfect.

My hand, however, was aggressively squeezing that tit, and Terry's response was to push it harder against my hand as she removed her blouse. My other hand grabbed her other tit as she raised her tank top to reveal them. My god, they were beautiful.

My lips clasped onto her stiff right nipple as she threw that top behind me, and then Lori's voice, "I see you started without me, you horny shits. Damn, Steve, she does have nice tits. How does her ass feel though?" I could have continued on my own, and I'm sure Terry could have as well, but with Lori's suggestion, Terry lifted her ass from my lap slightly, and I slipped my hand under it. As she sat, I squeezed.

"So tell her how it feels, Steve," Terry told me.

"Her ass feels great, Lori. It feels better than I imagined it, and just as I imagine yours too."

"Don't be imagining mine yet, devil boss. We have a long time before that. Now, you have to think of satisfying this horny bitch in front of you. Get her naked and make her sit on the desk, legs spread." At first, I worried that Terry would be offended being called a bitch, but her response indicated otherwise. She quickly stood up and removed her shoes, socks, pants, and panties. Then she was on my desk, totally naked and legs spread.

"What now, Lori?" Terry asked, waiting anxiously for Lori to continue the choreography, as I did the same as I smelled Terry's sexual aroma.

"Steve, check to see if she is wet." I complied and eased a middle finger into Terry's very wet cunt as she moaned in pleasure.

"Oh yes, Lori, she's wet," I replied as I inserted a second finger. I was already finger-fucking Terry as Lori told me to do the same. Damn, Terry was already squirming and wanting more, but we both waited for further instructions.

"Have you ever eaten a woman, Steve?" she asked, and I responded by immediately putting my tongue to Terry's willing clit. I felt her cum the first time when I enclosed her clit with my lips as I continued licking. I did not wait for Lori to tell me to reach up and squeeze both large tits.

Terry did not wait either when she told me, "Pinch my nipples, Steve." I did so, and she had her second orgasm.

Lori was aware that time had passed, "Steve, if you want to fuck her, you better speed things up a bit. The night shift will be here in 15 minutes. Besides," she giggled, "I want to see your big dick."

"You and me both," Terry breathed as I quickly stripped. Now naked and the girls sufficiently pleased with the sight, I directed my big, hard cock to Terry's pussy. "Oh my god, fuck me with that monster, Steve," Terry encouraged. I obliged by slowly inserting into the wettest cunt I have ever experienced.

"Faster and harder, Steve, I told you there isn't much time," Lori exclaimed, and when I heard Terry tell me the same, along with "Fuck me fast and hard, fuck your bitch hard," I readily complied.

Just as I knew I could not last much longer, especially with the fact that Lori was enjoying the show, she suddenly exclaimed, "Okay, I have to know. Terry, do you think you could take Steve's cock in your ass? You don't have to, but I would really like to see if he is telling me the truth."

Terry again moaned in pleasure against my cock, and then pushed me so hard that I was out of her cunt in an instant. During my surprise with this sudden move, Terry turned over, reaching back and spreading her ass. "Fuck my ass, Steve," she announced. Her opening expanded willingly and invitingly before me, and my cock quickly was pushing against it.

"Quick, Steve, fuck it fast," I heard them both say almost simultaneously, and I pushed it in slightly. Then, finding a willing opening, I shoved hard and buried my big cock fully. Hearing I had little time to spare, I fucked Terry's ass fast and hard. Soon, grabbing her tits hard, I thrust my cock one final time, spewing my cum deeply into her ass.

There was then a knock on the door, and Terry and I were dressing quickly. The door opened to me sitting at the desk pretending to do paperwork and Terry exiting as the night crew entered.

And although I had definitely felt like I had had terrific sex, I thought to myself, as I drove home, I was not absolutely satisfied with it. I was actually hoping that Lori had further plans for Terry and me, and even maybe for Tootsie. And then there was that slut, Teri.

And eventually, I thought, maybe the girl I wanted the most, not for just sex. Yes, I told myself as I pulled into my drive; I want Lori in the end.

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