Blind Sided

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Petting, .

Desc: : A wife about to retire gets caught cheating by her husband. The discovery and aftermath.

Well, today I found out I was like hundreds, no thousands of other poor schmuks who couldn't see the signs their wife was cheating on them until they ran head on into it. Like many poor cuckolds I can see the signs now. You know, hindsight is 20 20.

My wife Ann and I are your average middle age couple. The only major difference is we made some good decisions when we were young and were going to be able to retire really early. I retired from the military when I was 48. She was 52 now (I am now 56) and was planning to retire also. We had plans to travel and visit the children (both of whom where career military men also) and just generally enjoy life and each other until death do us part. Now, I am not so sure. I strongly suspect divorce and possibly jail will part us. It is all I can do not to kill the cheating bitch and her lover.

I had noticed about three or four months ago that Ann seemed more withdrawn than she was normally and was a little less interested in sex. Now, like many older couples we had reduced the frequency of sex as we aged but we still had intercourse around three times a week. About three months ago she had started to resist my advances occasionally but I accepted her reasons-she was stressed out thinking about retirement and the headaches of training her replacement. She also played the menopause card. Reasonable you say? Well, I thought so.

I decided after doing some research about couples that I could help her with her feelings by being more loving and working on the relationship, by spending more time with her and being more loving and supporting. All I got for my efforts was an accusation of being too clingy so I backed off.

We live about 37 miles from the town she works in so I didn't get to her office much or into town itself very often. The few times I did go into the office, I could tell why they really didn't want her to quit. Ann was the receptionist as an additional duty. Her primary duty was cashier and computer system specialist. Ann worked in a large brokerage firm and loved it. The customers loved her-boy, at least one of them really loved her I was to find out. Every time I was into the office, she was joking and laughing with the customers-especially the males. Ann has always been friendly so I didn't think too much about this at the time but, remembering back, I did notice one particular man who seemed just a little more of a friend the few times I saw her talking to him.

I usually made it into town every ten days or so and dropped by her office when I did. I decided to make a special trip into town one day, thinking I would take her to lunch and try to cheer her up so off I drove. I made it a point to arrive just before her lunch hour and parked beside her car so I could catch her. By the time she was 15 minutes late for lunch I decided to go into the building to find her-maybe she had stayed in today. When I walked through the front door, her assistant looked up and her face turned white.

"Jim", she exclaimed. "Whatever are you doing here?"

I told her I was just thinking of my darling wife and decided to come to town and take her to lunch. If anything, poor Wendy looked a little more upset and then she brightened up. "Jim, you just missed her," she said. "Ann left for lunch at 1 p.m. like she usually does."

Well, this just didn't click with me and I said "No prob. I'll just pop back to the break room and harass her for a while."

I started to walk back to the break room and Wendy said "Jim. She isn't in the office, she went out to lunch like she usually does."

I stopped and started to ask Wendy what she meant because Ann has taken her lunch to work for years. She either sits in her car or the break room and reads while she eats unless she occasionally does go out because she forgot it or something. Now I knew she hadn't gone out because I had parked by her car. As I opened my mouth to ask Wendy, things began to make sense. I felt sick to my stomach, but still I didn't want to think about the possibility.

I just turned and started to walk out. As I left I told Wendy to let Ann know I was there and I would see her at home. I returned to my truck and moved it back into the parking lot where I could see the door to the office and Ann's car. Ann usually takes lunch from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. so I only had about 20 minutes to wait if she was on time. As I sat, my fear and anger began to build.

Two p.m. came and went and I still hadn't seen Ann. Finally, about 2:30 a newer model Caddy drove into the lot and pulled up beside Ann's car. From where I sat, I could see into the car and the passenger door. The woman inside the car leaned toward the male driver and they had a long, lingering kiss, then the door opened and I saw Ann!

My anger spiked, then I got sick. She was wearing her shortest mini skirt and a see through blouse I just loved. As she slid out of the car I was even further surprised to see she had on no underwear and her blouse was unbuttoned to her waist. I could see her beautiful breasts wobbling from side to side, unencumbered by a bra. She immediately opened her car door and sat down. I watched her move from side to side and change back into the clothes she worked in. I now knew why her car was parked so far in the back of the lot! I did wonder why she didn't just change somewhere else but...

I followed the man in the Caddy until he reached what I supposed was his house, and then copied his license and the address. I watched as he walked to the front door and went inside. He appeared to be just an average middle age man like I was. What did Ann see in him? Why did she dress as she did for him and not me any more?

By the time I got home I was seething. I spent the afternoon calling old friends, calling in favors. I was going to get to the bottom of this and fast. I had several old friends agree to come as fast as they could to help. Most of them had known Ann while we were in the military and just couldn't believe what I had told them. We would see.

When Ann got home that evening she looked slightly guilty when she came into the house. Before I could say anything, she said "Oh, Honey. Why didn't you tell me you were coming to take me to lunch? I am so sorry I missed you. I had gone to lunch with one of my favorite clients. Her husband died about 4 months ago and she is so lonely I have been taking lunches with her off and on since."

As she finished her "excuse" she walked to me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek then said, "I feel so sticky and sweaty I just have to have a shower. Back in a minute honey." She then went into our bedroom and closed the door. I heard the shower begin to run and sat down to wait and think. My first thought was why did she close the door. We are not shy around each other and use the bathroom with each other in it, we dress and undress around each other. We even sleep nude so why hide herself today?

I know, I know. Why didn't I follow her into the room and see what I could find? I truly don't know. I suppose I was still in shock. I began thinking and realized she now went straight to the shower from the garage every Tuesday and Thursday and had been doing that for several weeks. Could this be what I thought it was? It had been a long time since I had been able to get any pussy during the middle of the week and I couldn't remember a Tuesday or Thursday tryst in months. Hummm.

After these thoughts passed through my mind, I rose, planning to go into the bedroom and check things out. Alas, I was too late. I was walking down the hall when Ann came out with an armload of clothes, headed to the laundry room. I saw the outfit she had worn that day and a pile of underwear but without making a scene I couldn't check anything so I just walked by her as if I were going to the bedroom myself.

My first friends began arriving Saturday. I told Ann I was going to fish with some of the guys and threw my tackle into the truck and took off. I got no comment from her and was surprised because she used to ask when I would be home. I wondered if she cared any longer. As I left I looked at her face and she seemed so sad.

The first two friends to arrive had worked for the Army Security Agency. I could really use their expertise and was so glad to see them as they passed through the arrival gate. They walked up to me and Joe reached out his hand for mine. "God Colonel. It is so good to see you again. I sure wish it could be a more pleasant reason but..."

The handshake turned into a hug, then I turned to Doug. He said nothing but we shook and hugged also. "Well, come on," I said. Let's get your bags and get you to your hotel. I have rented a three-bedroom suite for all you guys. Sam should be here later tonight. He is driving so we should have enough wheels. If not, I will rent another car for you all."

Joe had been my Sergeant Major and if it could be done electronically he could do it. Before he retired he obtained a BS in Engineering and was working for the government still doing secret stuff. Even I didn't know any longer. As we walked toward my truck he said, "Colonel, I."

I cut Joe off. "Joe", I said. We are both retired and I like to think we are friends. I'm Jim to all of you men now and I'll bust your ass if you don't call me that!"

Joe and Doug laughed and held up their hands in surrender. "OK, JIM", Joe said. "I have some really small, really good bugs and transmitters in my bag. Did you get the package I sent you that had the receiver and recorders inside?"

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