Vampire Naked in School

by sam177

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Vampires, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, School, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Vampire Violet Williams had a hard enough time going to school during the day. Now she has to do it naked.


I so hate school! (sigh) Actually school isn't that bad. Sure there is the usual pains, consisting of the popular crowd and the cheerleaders, and the jocks, and so on. But every school has those. My problem is the Program. The Naked in School program where you have to go around naked and let everyone feel you up. The one that seems to be designed to get you to have sex, even thought they say it isn't. Of course every school has that too. It's a graduation requirement after all. The real problem is my school, Westfelt High. It's actually not a bad school over all. In fact it's a lot better than my old school. That place was a real dump! The problem is that it doesn't have night classes so I'm stuck going to school during the day.

I wish my parents had moved to Cloverdale rather than Westfelt. Their high school has night classes. But if they had, they would have had to commute an hour and a half each way rather than the fifteen minute drive they have now. Actually Westfelt is a pretty nice town from what I've seen so far. It seems to have all the things a girl needs without all the problems of a big city.

Still being a vampire and going to day classes really sucks. For one it totally throws off my day. You try going to school when your body tells you its time for bed and you'll know what I mean. Then there's the bright hot sun. I can't go anywhere without having to wear sunglasses and sunscreen. The school's pretty good about it and they have the drapes closed in my class rooms but it's still bright going between buildings, not to mention the ride to and from school on the bus.

Do you have any idea how much moisturizing sunscreen I go through in a day? A lot! Normally I can get by with one bottle a week. However that's just my face and hands. Eight ounces does not go very far when you have to cover your entire body several times a day!

I know I heal faster than normal humans but I still look like a lobster! I should be okay by tomorrow but that doesn't exactly help me now does it? Gawd I hurt all over! Being naked in school, and out of sunscreen would have been bad enough but did they have to close the gym today of all days? (groan!)


I suppose I should start at the beginning.

My name is Violet Williams and I am a Naked Vampire in School.

Today started off as a normal day. After dragging myself out of bed, I headed for the bathroom. When I was done I came out and got dressed for school. Then I went down stairs for breakfast and my morning pint of blood. During breakfast Mom and Dad wished me a good day and I wished them the same. After they left, I finished my breakfast, put the dishes in the washer, picked up my backpack and headed out to meet the bus.

The bus gets me to school in time for zero period, at 7:30. I work in the library zero period. I love books and reading, and enjoy being in the library even during my free time. Of course things are slow zero period so I get to read a lot. I was just putting my book in my backpack after the bell when the intercom came on and the Monday morning victims were announced. To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

After staring in dismayed surprise at my friend Liz, who was staring back at me, I groaned and hung my head.

Liz patted my shoulder, "Cheer up, Vi. It could be worse."

"Yeah right." I replied lifting my backpack. "I'm going to be naked and felt up all week and the odds are I'm going to be egged. How could it be worse?"

"It could be summer." She replied with a shrug.

I shuddered. I hate summer.

That's not to say I enjoy being ass deep in snow freezing my tush off but I'll take cloudy rainy days to sunny ones any day.

I sighed and said, "I better get going."

Liz nodded, "Yeah Miss Beals hates it when proggies are late."

I frowned but nodded in agreement.

Miss Beals is our school's program officer and she's very in favor of it. She acts like it's the greatest thing in the world to go around naked and be egged. Rumor has it she even tried to get birth control banned so everyone could experience the entire wonderful sexual experience. I don't know if that's true or not but she does encourage sexual activities. Funnily enough no one has ever seen her naked.

When I arrived at the strip chamber — That's the nickname for the glass room at the front of the school where all those in the program strip when they get to school and dress when they leave. — I took a seat and waited for the others. Miss Beals smiled at me and gave me a copy of the program manual to go over while I waited. I flipped through it but it didn't tell me anything new. I'd already read it since every student received one at the beginning of the year.

When the period bell rang Miss Beal took roll then after giving us a review of all the rules and regulations, as well as telling us what a wonderful experience we were going to have, - I really thought I would need an insulin shot by the time she was done. — she assigned us our partners. I ended up partnered with an elven girl named Flora since my partner was out of town and hers was sick. I hadn't considered having a girl partner but it has been nice so far and definitely has advantages.

Anyway, once she assigned partners Miss Beals cheerfully said, "Okay everyone. It's the time you've all been waiting for. Let's get undressed, shall we?" Of course she kept her clothes on.

I moved over close to the wall to try to get out of the sun and pulled off my sweater. I was just stepping out of my skirt when Miss Beals said, "No hiding now Violet or I'll have to give you a program violation."

"I'm not hiding Miss Beals. I'm just trying to stay out of the sun. I burn easy." I replied as I quickly began applying sunscreen to my legs.

My partner, Flora said, "Oh yeah, Like you're a vampire aren't you?" Then she gave me a look and asked, "How come your not bursting into flames?"

I tried really hard not to grind my teeth. I really hate that question. I gave her the standard answer, "Sun screen." And continued to apply it to my legs.

Miss Beals flipped through her paper work and a moment later said, "Oh yes. Very well but please hurry so we can get a good look at you."

(grrr) Like I really wanted them to look at me.

Then, to my surprise, Flora, who was already naked asked, "Can I help?"

I stared at her for a few moments and then glanced at Miss Beals. She smiled and said, "It is a reasonable request.

I looked back at Flora and said, "I guess."

"Oh goody!" She replied and reached for the hem of my top. I let her pull it off and then unhook my bra. I felt my face getting red with embarrassment as my breasts were bared in front of everyone. Then Flora knelt in front of me and pulled my panties down. She steadied me as I stepped out of them and then stood up.

It's really hard not to cover yourself up when you're naked in front of people. Flora took my sunscreen and after putting some in her palms began to apply it to the front of my body. She started with my shoulders and quickly moved down to my breasts. When I jumped she said, "You have lovely breasts Violet."

All I could do was blush and mumble thanks. It was a nice compliment coming from her, since she's two cups bigger than I am and has never heard of gravity. That's not to say mine aren't nice and perky but you'd think breasts that big would have a little sag in them.

I do have to say that Flora, in addition to having a very nice personality, not to mention body, also has a very nice touch. By the time she'd finished covering my breasts in sunscreen my nipples were heard and it wasn't from the chill in the room either. She moved down making my flinch when she did my tummy. (I'm ticklish.) She said sorry and continued more firmly but still gently. Then she went further down and to the sides, working her way down the outside of my legs before continuing up the inside of them. When she reached my pussy I gasped and went up on tiptoes.

"It's okay Violet. You don't want to burn your kitty." She said with a giggle as she continued to rub my pussy.

She was right of course I didn't but like my breasts she took a lot more time to do it than she really needed.

Have I mentioned how skilled her fingers are? Some how I don't think mine is the first pussy she's touched, not including hers obviously. Now I will admit to being curious about being with another girl but I never really considered doing it before then. Flora had me really considering it. By the time I asked if she could do my back, I was starting to breathe heavy and was wondering if I was going to wash away the sunscreen.

Flora agreed and moved behind me. I held my hair out of the way as she said, "Oh my, you do burn easy. You're shoulders are already pink."

She didn't need to tell me. I could feel it.

As she continued down my back I started putting sunscreen on my arms, which were also turning pink. I jumped when she started on my butt and again when she ran her fingers between my cheeks. It felt really strange but nice too.

Now I wasn't the only one being felt up. I managed to look around at the other proggies to see that all the guys were feeling up the girls but only one girl was feeling up the guy back. The others looked like they were doing their best not to run away crying. I couldn't really blame them though. I wanted to run and cry too enough though Flora did have me thinking other things as well.

When the bell rang, Miss Beals said, "Okay everyone, enjoy your first day in the program. And remember no covering up! And have fun!"

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