Will You Still Love Me in the Morning?

by AJ Martin

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Drama Story: Sam has abandoned me after asking, "Will You Love Me In The Morning?" Then I have to run from the leaches after winning the Power Ball Lottery. Life is difficult but I have to keep moving as even my sister becomes a Buckie! Finally, I settle as 'Farmer Brown' on an isolated farm. Sometimes life is better than fiction. The story will tell.

First of all, to remind you, my name is Brent Wilson. Like I told you a few days ago, I'm not a Brad Pitt or a Matt Damon. Not an Arnie kind of guy either. Not too skinny or to bulky either.

I'm like that Joe guy I mentioned to you, who just doesn't stand out in a crowd. Or in that dance hall with bar attached, or perhaps it is the other way around, I still have no idea why that beauty, yeah, Sam ... Samantha ... latched onto me and twisted my heart to a setting it has never seen before.

Well, actually, now I do know, but you'll get the idea as I continue my story. Back then, all I knew was I wanted to dance with her. She took the reins and off we went playing my heartstrings and body strings. She took me on to a 'Higher Plane' than I've ever been on before.

Right, she's the one I told you about and our one night stand. Well, it wasn't an entire night because as I told you, when I woke up in the morning, she was gone. No note. No lipstick on the bathroom mirror, not even a "C-Ya" scribbled on my my right palm.

Hey, pay attention here! I know that a girl writes her TELEPHONE number on your palm. Like I said, not her number OR a "C-Ya" anywhere. Sorry. I get a little testy.

It's early in the morning and I haven't had a chance to even pour my first cup of coffee. It's brewing. I can smell the coffee.

Yeah, I do wake and smell the coffee all the time in the actual sense and in the ethereal sense too. So, my first thought that life changing day when I woke up and thought, "Yes" to her question, "Will You Love Me In The Morning?"

Patting the cold side of the bed next to mine, I knew two things. Sam was not in bed next to me and ... she hadn't been there for a while. The third thing I realized is that there was no coffee to smell. She wasn't up getting me breakfast.

Before dawn, I had reached over to the warmth snuggled next to me, confirming I wasn't sleeping alone. It was skin I was touching so Chloe hadn't jumped up to replace Sam. She, Chloe, has her own bed and for the most part, sleeps there. Except during thunder storms and then she's under the covers with my arm around her.

Sheesh! Get a life! Remember!!! I told you I had a dog. My BITCH I told you. 'Chloe!'

OK! Sorry again. I'm just a little extra testy today. I've gotta box up that attitude and send it away somewhere. I'd address it to 'Blue Balls' in Pennsylvania Amish Country, but I think with a name like that, they don't need any more attitude.

I've experienced 'Blue Balls' which Sam had me wringing myself for several days after that scorching sex we had. I told you about our first time. Although I didn't tell you that right at the point of orgasm she purred. Everything about her vibrated and the "OooHuunnHaaa" that she gasped was soft and deep.

I had been bringing her slowly up the stimulation ladder, a rung at a time. Building to a final release and then the fireworks. But I get ahead of myself here. That first sex with her was the best I'd ever had and she did know how to treat a guy!

I know I didn't go into a lot of detail the first time I told you this story. We didn't really know each other. I guess we DO now, but, well, we ain't buddies yet.

Ha, buddies. "Buddies!" I've never had a 'Buddie' and given the United States Army's definition, I don't really WANT one. Yeah, I spent my stint in the Army. My company's Drill Sergeant made that clear. You know that you are told to never volunteer. He made that clear during our first hours under his tutelage.

He had us all stand by the ends of our bunks and told us that he needed a 'Buddy.' Now, before I had gotten in the Army, I knew the credo, "Don't EVER Volunteer," not for anything, not for nothing! So when he asked for anyone that wanted to be his 'Buddy' raise their hand, two guys, who didn't seem to have it all there anyway, put up their hands.

What followed was, to say the least, memorable. He told them to come over to him. He was speaking in a nice friendly, non-threatening voice. "Come here, you two," he said.

Then he looked at the rest of us. He told the two standing before him to get on their knees, which they did. In a spectacular movement he took his riding crop and 'Knighted' each one with a tap on their shoulder. The two guys were beaming. They had been affirmed!

Then Sarge told them to rise and face the group. Their smiles fell when he asked them if they knew what a 'Buddy' was. In a little bit of fear, they started to turn their heads back to him and got an instant 'Thwap' on their butts from his riding crop. They each yelped at the impact. It was more from the swiftness of the correction than any pain, but it scared the Bejezzers out of them, and of course, the rest of us.

Then he went on to tell us that you don't volunteer for anything. "These two didn't know what a Buddy is and they quickly volunteered to be my 'Buddy.'

"A friend is someone who goes to town on a Overnight Pass and gets two blow jobs."

Continuing, the Sarge told us, "A Buddy is someone who brings one of those Blow Jobs back for you!"

Two more quick swats on their butts and then in the deep growl we began to love and hate, at perhaps an unreachable intensity of 120 decibels, told his two new 'Buddies' to "Get the FUCK back in line!"

So let me change what I said to you about not being a Buddy, 'YET!' Hey, we ain't FRIENDS yet. That's better. But there is a familiarity as we have talked before. So, let me get off from my little side track and return to the subject at hand. Sam and Sex!

Oh, I can't resist. That little phrase, "Sam and Sex!" joggled my mind with a laugh. I hope you have seen Adam Sandler's run with Drew Barrymore in the film "50 First Dates." He found himself on the far side of Hawaii in a little eatery whose breakfast specialty was 'Spam and Eggs!'

That didn't sound too delicious. Strange and yet, perhaps edible. But not too appealing. On the other hand, the breakfast I was yearning for that first morning after finding her gone was my dream breakfast, "Sam and Sex!"

I hope I don't get too personal here, but I have to get this out in the open. Sex with Sam was the best. I was down there with my tongue lapping up her flowing juices as I said. I had her paper thin inner lips stretched to perfection.

Her body was vibrating and the staccato pulse of her breathing pushing out that deeply erotic "Ooo-Huunn-Haaa." Each syllable in a slightly different tone. It reminded me of a steam engine, starting up an incline.

Each puff of the engine deeper and slower, surging toward the peak. Then at last, reaching the crest, exploding into a rapid string of shrieks with the whistle blowing success.

It was at that moment that I brought her to her peak that I moved into her. Put myself deeply into her and felt the silvery inside of her vagina. Letting it wrap around me. I thrust into her as she orgasmed and she let out a series of soft pulsing, "Eee Eee Eee."

Now she had me hard from our kissing and how she had manipulated my sex. Her fingers had touched me and pleased me in ways that I never experienced before.

I told you that as we kissed, standing there in her Coral colored underthings, she had unbuckled my pants. Yes. My sort of large buckle had clanked onto the floor causing her to giggle. I'm glad it missed my toes too.

But, she knew all of my hot spots. Where they were and how to tease them. When she first reached down there, she slid both of her hands beyond what most women would think was the target, either my pecker or my balls. No, she slid over all that and went deeper. Deeper to that area just behind my scrotum and pressed. Four fingers; index fingers and second fingers of each hand.

I went right on my tip toes as she lifted. I hummed into her mouth from the pleasure as she made little circles there. Oh, boy. That felt so good.

Of course, the pressure my balls were getting from her palms was great too. Balls are strange bed fellas for guys. So much pleasure and so much pain can emanate from those two orbs.

Anyway, she was raising me to nice heights and she shifted her hands. It took a while for me to figure out what she did to me and perhaps I'm wrong but it was two things at once. She must have grabbed me, in her hands. My balls, one in each hand, separated them and squeezed. Except that she used her index fingers to stroke that rift between them.

I didn't realize before how sensitive that coarse thread of skin that joined both halves of my scrotum was. The pleasure from stroking that rough flesh there was great.

As I said, the gentle yet tough squeeze of my balls was another pleasure center that helped surge more blood into my penis. It felt like it was rock hard to me.

When she lifted her hands just a little higher and pressed her palms together, encasing my penis, I could tell my shaft was the hardest I'd ever known.

I didn't want to come off in her hands so I lifted mine to her breasts and started massaging her flesh. When I concentrated on her nipples, her hands slowed and I began my assault on her.

I slipped from her grasp as I cupped her sex and then lowered myself. Her panties went along for the ride as I fell to my knees in front of her. My tongue searched out the dimple at the top of her cleft and I lowered her onto the bed.

Readying her for my entry, I stretched her innermost skin to it's fullest. I took my tongue all through her cleft, from the large dimple at the bottom of her cleft, to the top one, harboring her pea sized center of pleasure.

Just as she neared the peak of her pleasure, I inserted two fingers and drummed against her 'G' spot. Her sounds went up an octave. I lifted up and grabbed myself, guiding my shaft into her.

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