Tough Shit Max!

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: An odd little tale.

I got up to go to the bathroom and I noticed that the bedside clock read 3:15. The light from the full moon was coming in the window and it showed her long blond hair fanned out across the pillow. She had kicked the sheet off and the little dangly thing that was pierced in her skin at the navel reflected the light of the moon across her flat stomach as if from a prism. I gazed at her clean shaven pubes and then at the half inch nipples on her 34D cup breasts and wondered how in the hell we had we ended up in bed together.

It started in the tenth grade when my assigned seat in English Composition was right next to Maxine Barber. Maxine, she preferred Maxi, was sixteen going on twenty-five and she wasted no time in letting the rest of us know that we were nowhere near being her equals. She hung with the seniors and was a cheerleader and that made her just so much better than the rest of us lowly sophomores.

Mrs. Harbauer was a no nonsense teacher and as far as she was concerned whatever she said in her classroom was 'law' and that was the name of that tune. We were halfway through the semester when she broke the class into teams of two and assigned each team a topic to research and do a seventy-five hundred word paper on. Lucky me, I was given Maxine as a partner. Maxine promptly protested being placed with me and Mrs. Harbauer promptly let Maxine know where the bear shit in the woods.

Well! You couldn't tell Maxine what to do so she solved the problem by not working with me at all which did not bother me in the least because Maxine's attitude toward her peers sucked and I didn't want anything to do with the bitch anyway. So I set off on my own, did the research and started the on the paper. The paper was almost done when Maxine found out that the grade on the paper would count as sixty percent of the final grade for the course. No paper meant that Maxine would fail the class and that would lead to her being dropped from the cheerleading squad because of failure to maintain a 'C' average in all of her classes.

Suddenly Maxine decided that not all sophomores were losers and that I just happened to be one of the winners. She came to me and wanted to know what I wanted her to do as her part of the paper. I laughed at her and told her that her name would not be appearing on the paper. I told her that I had done all the work and the paper was three-quarters typed and she could kiss my ass and go back to running with the seniors. That kind of set her back on her heels. She was not used to being told no. She said a few unkind words about my parentage and stalked off.

The next day she was back apologizing and then she asked me what she could do to get her name on the paper.

"You don't have that much money Max."

"I don't like being called Max."

"Tough shit Max."

"Come on Henry, there must be something I can give you to put my name on the paper."

"I don't like being called Henry. I prefer Hank."

She was on the ragged edge of giving me back my "tough shit" when she caught herself.

"How about we go out on a date or two?"

I laughed.

"Come on Hen ... Hank, help me out here."

"I have no reason to help you Max."

"Would a couple of hand jobs change your mind?"

I laughed at her again. "You can't be serious Max. I can do that for myself."

"Can you give yourself a blow job?"

"No, but so what?"

"How about head for my name on the paper?"

I did not want to put Maxine's name on the paper, but I wasn't stupid. I was like every other guy my age — I wanted sex! I was not a virgin — hadn't been for two years — but pussy wasn't all that easy to come by when you were sixteen. I'd gotten some, but not near as much as I would have liked. Maxine wanted her name on the paper? I'd just have to find out how bad.

"A blow job won't do it Max. The price is two dates with you to take place on the two days prior to when the paper is due."

Her face lit up and then I gave her the rest of it. "And on both of those dates you will suck my cock and give me your pussy and your ass."

"No fucking way!"

"Okay, your choice" and I walked away and left her standing there and as I walked I wondered what she would do next as the paper was due in one week.

Two days later she was back. "You have me over a barrel Hank. I guess I'll have to do it, but I have something going every night for the next week. How about we do it on the sixteenth and seventeenth?"

I laughed and shook my head no. "Tell me something Max. Why would you want to put your name on a paper prepared by some one as dumb as you think I must be? The sixteenth and seventeenth are a week after the paper has to be in. Once that paper is turned in I have no leverage and when I tried to collect on the debt you would laugh at me and tell me to piss off. It happens before the paper is due. If you have something pressing for the two nights before the paper is due pick any other two days. Just make sure that they are before the paper is to be turned in."

She was looking at me with pure hatred in her eyes and I laughed and said:

"You know what I really should do? I should find out who the next girl on the junior varsity cheer squad to be moved up to varsity is and then see what kind of deal I can cut with her to see to it you get bumped of the squad so she can take your place. Yeah. I think that's a hell of a good idea. See you around Max" and I turned and started to walk away.

"Okay, okay, you win. Tuesday and Wednesday of next week."

A wise man once said, "When it comes to pussy there is good and there is bad and the worst I ever had was wonderful" and that was true when it came to Maxine. Her blow jobs were half hearted, but I enjoyed them anyway especially since it was Miss Better Than Thou who was giving them to me. She pretty much laid there for the two times I pounded her pussy, but I could tell she was making a huge effort not to give me the satisfaction of seeing her respond. It was a different story when it came to her ass. She got really active when I pushed my way up her dirt road. She yelled and screamed and tried to pull away, but I wasn't about to let that happen. When it was over she said:

"You are a real bastard Henry."

"Hank not Henry. I don't like being called Henry."

'Tough shit. You are still a bastard."

"Maybe, but this bastard will see to it that you get to stay on the cheerleading squad and every game I go to I'll see you there and know that you wouldn't be there if it wasn't for me and you know what? Every time you look up into the stands and see me there you will know it too. You may hate it, but you will still know it."

I turned the paper in and got a B+ on it and it would have been an A if I would have spent the two nights I spent fucking Maxine on proof reading.

The semester ended and I celebrated my seventeenth birthday on the first day of summer vacation. I got a job with a landscaping company cutting grass and I spent my days working and my nights running with my buddies. One night we were in Harry's Malt Shack and Norm Prince said:

"Did you hear the latest? Maine Barber is pregnant. She told Dick Spaulding that he was the daddy and he told her to piss off. Then she went to Bert Ellsworth and told him the same thing and he laughed at her. I wonder how many other seniors nailed her and could be the daddy?"

Billy Holbrook laughed and said, "Almost all of them would be my guess."

The next day when I got home from work I saw my dad's car and a car I didn't recognize in the driveway. I wondered what was up since my dad didn't usually get home that early.

When I went into the house I found my parents and Maxine and her parents sitting there. I started for my room and my father called out:

"Get in here Hank."

I walked into the room and he pointed to a chair and said, "Sit."

I sat down and my dad said, "We have a situation here that needs to be taken care of. The young lady is pregnant and she says that you are the father."

"Bullshit! Oops, sorry for that, but it is garbage. She told Dick Spaulding that he was the father and he told her to get lost so she went to Bert Ellsworth and told him the same thing and he laughed at her. She went to a couple of others and got the same treatment. She has been spreading for most of the seniors for the last year. No way am I the father of her baby."

"Did you have intercourse with her Henry?"

"Yes sir."

"Well she says that you are the father of her child so there it is."

Sixteen was the age of consent in our state so it was as shotgun of a wedding as there ever was and my dad turned the basement into an apartment for us. Our first night as a married couple Maxine said:

"I'm sorry Hank. I didn't want this any more than you."

"Then why did you tell them that I'm the one who got you pregnant?"

"Because they were yelling and screaming at me and all the guys I'd had sex with had told me to fuck off and die and I had to tell my parents something. Besides, it could be yours. The timing is close to being right."

I shrugged and said. "This is totally fucked."

"We will just have to make the best of things Hank" and she started to unbutton my shirt.

"What are you doing?"

"Making the best of things. We have a marriage to consummate."

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